For One Of Those Kind Of People

So I found myself joking with a work colleague as to some labelled brand that was situated or identified upon his football shirt that he was typically wearing to work, many a sporting fan person typically builds a collection of such associated products over the years and older generation shirts often work their way down through the level of usage process.

What I mean to say is of course that new clothing wear often gradually works its way down through some chosen ranking of appropriateness and so on. So a new football shirt may make the match day and pub and banter in and around your mates and town whilst older editions typically become regular wear for household chores and work and other ideas of scales and measure related to “less than” and “more than”.

Anyway of course the humour being that some exceptionally generic and non-specific phrase such-as “one of those kinds of people” can of course typically send you mentally on some kind of search and find routine of seeking or desiring greater clarity, especially if you only heard the latter part of the conversation.

I of course typically spoke on generational hand me down like behaviours and nonsenses suggesting such things were common among next generation workers, which in my present work environment usually entails Foreign Nationals and “HEY PRESTO”, I later on in the evening or during the course of the night hear young British Workers coming out with typical same old same old patterns and nonsense, I could of course have an internal debate as to suggesting a correction though as suggested by Sam Horn within the write well, write fast, write now course BULLIES typically will bully and brand all and anyone about themselves irrespective of requests to change unless heavier handed measure are introduced, such as my take a weapon to work like days. Of course it should not have come as a shock because the young worker in question is an immediate colleague of a well-known suspected Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris type who has preyed upon all and everyone consistently for the entire duration of my working within the realm. That perhaps similar to the issue being highlighted within the Toshiba Company Scandal in Japan where a protectionist like system operates among managers and cronies and so on that effectively maintained a one directional communication system ~Very often around long term established and pre-existing relationships and Social Mafia’s”. We can of course demonstrate that better communication methods can and should be introduced so such individuals are not allowed to get away with hiding behind work environments and so on, we typically have a WHISTLEBLOWER policy recommendation from one of the major retailers that we supply with regard to product issues and I think such whistleblowing can of course be done with the Police and Local Authorities given that long term abusers often have a history of failure to respond to polite requests.

Elsewhere of course we are rapidly now heading into Summer Holiday Season for the younger generations whose school term times are officially ending around this time period.

Yes I spoke on the IDEA of having a Foundational You Collection and that typically of course involves introducing the CLASSICAL LINKS and ASSOCIATIONS for people so they can then think in terms of stepping stones from that perspective and position of enlightenment, rather than having grown up in an absolutely heavily saturated World of bombardment of sources and resources where the ability to THINK is so far underground as to not be functioning in a WISE or INTELLIGENT fashion or manner.

Now words such-as WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE do typically sound ELITIST though I would like to of course suggest that folks think in terms of multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner Style) and Multiple Wisdoms and Multiple Intransigence’s ~(something I suggested or introduced earlier this year I think).

So what is the classical model?

Well it does actually seem that all and any model has actually been crafted created and designed and so on, though typically we can of course say well if I have to exist for the next X many years then I want to be in alignment with BEST ESTABLISHED DESIGNS AND ALGORITHMS and so on, at least at the SPRINGBOARD FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL, whereby after that resetting to some basics you potentially gain greater perspectives and angles and decision making questioning strategies as to the choices and options that you desire to live your life by.

So the classical model at the most basic point typically runs through an understanding of the dynamics of created relationships between colours (typically those of the rainbow) and sound and the various 5 octave ranges that the traditional Western or European Science introduced, likewise of course when I speak as to bombardment of sources and resources, we can typically see that operating from a REDUCTIONIST STRATEGY to begin with is not such a bad thing after all.

Elsewhere given the mention above of Mr Toxic and given his favourite predatory routine I can of course mention IDEAS such as getting to a point where you can feel and know and better understand ideas presented such-as to FESS UP or indeed the favourite of Gays “He’s so far in the closet he’s in Narnia” typically my response being that Eminem reclaimed the topic of CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET with the self-penned song/rap of that title, he of course typically became famed for leaving no stone unturned in that cleaning out his closet strategy aiming prejudice at all and everyone from his point or perspective perhaps of being a “Performing Artist”, of course some folks TRAPPED within IDEAS to too “THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE” may well have difficulty in gaining and understanding those WITNESS WINDOWS upon the World that give you a kind of WITNESS position as opposed to being fully involved within all the extremism or irrational or ridiculous nonsenses and so on.

Choice and options of course something I think many (from all realms and perspectives and lifestyle choices) come to understand as well as discernment, why focus on defensive positions of being preyed upon, when you can raise threshold and maintain your own choices and ideas above and beyond those that you may WITNESS from peoples with lesser levels of AWARENESS etc.

Likewise of course Numbers as suggested previously are a somewhat World-wide phenomena that all races seemingly have some kind of representative system of understanding about and regard to, so those too in most basic building block terms of 0-9 and + – * % and so on can also be returned to again.

Elsewhere I have in recent days been through the entire Write Well Course and some of the Freebies that were given with the course, quite simply to get some of that repetition and recursion going.

Wendy Greer who is a Learning Strategies Coach made herself available on Facebook and indeed recorded some Feng Shui related exercises to go hand in hand with the course and I think that expertise and so on also strongly contributed to gaining some shifts that I may have not otherwise gained from working through that particular Modality.

Typically of course she mentioned that some folks often come up against recursive or repetitions of mental blocks and the layers issue and all the rest of those things and I think that is typically something I have run into in the sense of identifying best Strategy for Now as opposed to when I was new born or 2 or 5 or whatever life point and age I highlight as seemingly being a point of difficulty and so on.

I perhaps differ in understanding the IDEAS I myself presented of suggesting that your two brain hemispheres may be suggested to represent male and female ideas, that is itself just an IDEA though typically of course can POINT THE WAY in understanding those ideas of FESSING UP and CLEANING CLOSETS from a MATURE POSITION of chosen choice as opposed to some DESPERATE & POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS EXTREMIST SWING of IDEAS that some folk seeming go through, failed marriage, relationship or long list of such events throughout life maybe I will become extremist in declaring a new belonging to this that or the other community.

Of course I personally recommend these TECHNOLOGIES to all peoples and persons irrespective of Race, Religion, Sexuality and Colour and all the rest, though in making such recommendation I can only do so from the position that I myself have adopted of CREATING CHOICE AND OPTIONS with a slow and well thought through perspective instead of PRESSURISED BULLYING/GROOMING.

When you study all the very many options and raise threshold you generally come to see the wisdom in maintaining your own choice and wisdom from a higher place on the Mountain, though typically we can of course demonstrate that some folks within some realms WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER typically continue in the same vain and fashion as though they will never be brought to book or account for the behaviours, typically again such things are suggested as being KARMA related, though I personally think that nonsense.

You perhaps have simply not delved DEEPLY enough at the present moment and time to get shifts, because you have not questioned or followed a path laid out by those who have trail blazed before.

Anyway that enough for today, I simply write whatever comes to mind and of course mention some events whilst neglecting others, so one WISDOM is of course to never RUSH to presume you really genuinely understand what someone else who is external to yourself is inferring or meaning.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


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