Lame Duck

Yes strange though true I think anyone who understands many a sporting and tactical approach to life the Universe and Everything can understand what I mean by Lame Duck, the question then becomes one of is it true?

I will give multiple examples in a moment though typically whilst Sam Horn oft quoted Chuck Yeager in terms of there being some mysterious point or a moment of truth that separates those who get results from those who provide reasons.

So a Science Fiction version of a Lame Duck is the Character DAVROS within Dr Who, he typically in many a Story has been brought back by his CREATIONS “The Daleks” though typically was nothing more than a kind of caricature FIGUREHEAD personality for them, they typically having their own superior plans of actions and ignoring what the Mad Scientist says beyond having him available almost in some kind of ADVISORY CAPACITY much like Royalty has Church Figureheads.

In terms of a FAMILY it might be concluded that it is comparable with a Family Elder who considers themselves “Head of The Household” whether through some Patriarchal or Matriarchal Tree though again has typically been side lined in some fashion by younger Generations or indeed is possibly maintaining Focus and Concentration on issues and topics that were important to peoples and persons of Their Own, “My Kind Of People” that are typically long since moved on from as debating topics for each and every NEW Generation.

That of course not always true though many an example can be shown and indeed many a intransigent family grouping can be demonstrated to have followed those people to their own doom and so on.

Typical example in World History (for instance) is possibly Adolf Hitler, whereby had he placed some limits on his expansion plans and imperialistic German superiority and so on, a Germany based on his doctrine and mandate and so on could well have continued to exist to this day, strange though true (in my opinion and having looked at some of those CRITICAL points of the War). Many a Combatant Country was placed in a position of having NO CHOICE, as to either having to go to War or lose face and so on. So early on it can be demonstrated that he and the Nazis were indeed getting Chuck Yeager like RESULTS and it was only later when enough other bigger larger groupings joined in that much of the German Empire began crumbling.

It could well be likened to a Lake whereby Germany as Central lake had many strong Trees growing about the Perimeter through a long and well planned build-up of INFRASTRUCTURE and Strategy and so on, the further afield you went from that INFRASTRUCTURE and STRONG supply lines and so on the smaller and weaker the Trees perhaps became, lack of nourishment and also possibly TRUE POLITICAL ALIGNMENT and-or SUPPORT of those taking part such as Career Soldiers and other ESTABLISHMENTS.

So I mention this because many a Strategy for bringing down MAFIAS and so on has often involved targeting of particular GROUPINGS or LEVELS of COMBATENTS for instance, very often using an APPROPRIATE STRATEGY for a given grouping.

We saw this in NEW YORK (I think) a few years ago in terms of a zero tolerance or three strikes and your out kind of tactic being applied to low level anti-social behaviour crime, and that is perhaps typical of targeting your low level hoodlums and street drug dealers and indeed forcing a mental state change within those who often did not regard themselves as CRIMINALS, people who drive 40 MPH in a 30 MPH ZONE and so on, some mental patterns and behaviours often only changed from the GETTING AWAY WITH IT ATTITUDE of everybody does it, when more regular mainstream folks were themselves being placed in a position of FESSING UP or CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET type positions, effectively potentially a position of “STOP LYING TO YOURSELF” and STOP LYING TO OTHERS about yourself.

Another level is this one of BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, whereby in returning to the HEAD OF THE HYDRA position, of not wanting a multitude of “UNKNOWN QUANTITY’S” popping up, you leave the Head in place and chop of his Arms and Legs instead, it could well be suggested that SEPP BLATTER “OF FIFA FAME” has been left in that kind of position of being or appearing to be LAME DUCKED. A complete collection of seemingly CRIMINALISED Generals and upper level realm individuals having been rounded up by the FBI and the ORGANISATION is now WEAK in terms of COMMUNCATIONS between HEAD and LIMBS.

We all perhaps have had that whereby loss of bodily control is induced by too much Alcohol or indeed anyone who has experienced broken bones or had a stroke perhaps understands that you can be sending the SIGNAL and having those non-conscious open hand raise arm like thoughts ignored by the body part you are seeking to address and that is also akin of course to my own daughters Epilepsy whereby some mental Storm occurs and various taken for granted non-conscious communication systems all typically go berserk or haywire, that an extreme like example though again many a person has experienced such things on a low level without OFFICIAL DIAGNOSIS and so on.

So many a HEALTH condition can be experienced by many or multiple peoples and persons and typically even be well documented in folk law and common law social circles without making official STATISTICAL LISTS. One such area or CRIME is typically MUGGING or STREET FIGHTING and so on, whereby I work in a realm with hundreds of people and you hear of someone having taken a beating at the weekend, who has not actually REPORTED such events to the local establishment, and again as much as we may think such things occur within LOCAL COMMUNITIES, these things typically INCREASE among VYING COMMUNITY MAFIAS who are not necessarily local, those international communities that have sitters or RUNAWAY CRIMINALS who are unknown to the local Establishments, very often those groupings are Hell bent on Establishing themselves as the Wheeler Dealer Protectionist like racketeers for all and everything within a given Community. Of course some Wheeler Dealers are straight forward and honest in supplying goods and foods and so on from Homelands and those little bits of Hoe that can make Foreign Travel more appealing, though likewise just as Cannabis is said to be an ENTRYPOINT DRUG to Stronger Classes of Drugs, having a TRUST for some person or grouping for what you perceive as honest dealings, coud well typically lead to less SAVOURY activities, and the FRONT SEEMINGLY INNOCENT PRODUCTS are just that.

So we can ask of all and anyone as to the INCENTIVE or MOTIVATION between Thoughts, Feelings, Actions and endeavours and of course whether everything is as above board as an impression is given to particular AUDIENCES.

This can be demonstrated from both coin sides; or perspectives when Night workers come into contact with day workers during the course of working life and so on, whereby perceptions of some peoples and characters can be WITNESSED to be excessively differing when they are PERFORMING or HAVING TO HEDGE between PLAYING TO THE DIFFERING AUDIENCES.

That perhaps why a level of CONSISTENCY and CONGRUENCE (ACROSS THE BOARD IN ALL REALMS) can either come to serve someone or indeed PULL THE RUG FROM BENEATH THEM when demonstrated to be playing to particular AUDIENCE SEGMENT.

That is typically where many a person FALTERS, and why I actually think some of the newer management training courses have improved things in the grey areas of CONSISTENCY and CONGRUENCE and so on, though likewise typically when any changes are made to any procedures and practices, it does not take long for COUNTERMEASURES to appear among those wanting the “OLD WAYS” or to not have to change, typically of course FLOW or Lack Thereof can catch all and anyone out in some being BLINDSIDED fashion.

This one began with a firm IDEA and then drifted a little so I will perhaps require shifting to IDEAS of RECALIBRATION to a more empowering and life enhancing series of TRUTHS.

Many of us grew up with classic common law quotes of MONEY TALKS and BULLSHIT WALKS.

I think it is only these meditative technologies that typically bring folks to TRULY MADLY DEEPY understand where some of those lessons and learnings originate and indeed how we can perhaps plae ourselves in the MONEY ZONE whilst staying on APPROPRIATE SIDE of Law and Order and Greater Establishments.

Now in the realm of POLITICS we are seeing talk of Labour Party Disintegrations or swinging toward Extremes of the LEFT WING and that typically has occurred because many a MODERATE supporter has shifted to where they feel there MODERATE VOTE is represented, strangely the CONSERVATIVES given the recent ELECTION RESULT.

It could well be suggested that ALL REALMS can grow to rapidly and fast or indeed collapse in on themselves when provided with IDEAS as to REAL TRUTHS and ADJUSTMENTS of MARKETS and so on. The means and ways of establishing what those actually areare excessively cheap if you follw a similar path in purchasing the Technology recommendations I have on , any ORGANISATION can be asking, do we now have the infrastructure to CONSOLIDATE the shifts and changes that we have embarked upon. Instead of continuing in HITLER like expansion you want to slow down and ensure that the new ways and doctrines and teachings are operating successfully from that higher place on the hill, why draw battles and enemies toward yourself if you have built your house on SAND instead of something more sturdy and sound such as a CASTLE ON A ROCKY Mountain outcrop overlooking the surrounding plains and landscapes.

Yes sounds nice does it not, though typically few of us perhaps have the ways and means to GO DIRECTLY TO GO and COLLECT YOUR 200 or whatever the CURRENT level of Money’s and CURRENCY IS. That another Monopoly quote because the game is well crafted in terms of being a square board, I am now of to ponder on what a CIRCULAR MONOPOLY BOARD may look like and whether it would contain the same ADDRESSES, one may well of been created though I am unaware, yes a SPECIAL ROUND LONDON BOARD to HONOUR HER MAJESTY next year could well be a FANTASTIC IDEA or ADDITION to that BRAND of GAMES collection.

Yes so much of what is spoken of here is of course EXTERNAL REFERENCING that many PROFESSIONAL CAREER PATHS have to take into consideration, likewise of course you can operate within any Professional Career Realm and find that the MAP SHIFTS so SIGNIFICANTLY as to render previously lessons and learnings and so on quite simply wrong.

What does WHITEHALL and the MANDARINS therein contained (for instance) make of all this current politicking of BUDGET CUTS and CORRUPTION that we are seemingly finding more and more of as a sub context and sub theme for events within many a sub realm throughout the World at this present moment in time.

You might say that, though I could not possibly COMMENT!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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