Another Rainy Day In Hereford, England United Kingdom

So typically I have of course spent a couple of years writing this blog and also of course tqking down and writing private like notes within a collection of notepads that I have and I also early on spent some time transferring that information and data into my blog initially publically and then private as it became something of a daily RITUAL ROUTINE.

Further to that I have of course spent time studying what others have done within various fields of enterprise to separate out wheat from chaff as to cluing systems and so on. The underlying theme for myself was to become centred in the incoming data that I was witnessing and writing down and so on. Typically Holosync seemingly enables you to slow down in thinking and thoughts giving you that extra TIME to think prior to rushing to ACTION that may have previously been some kind of non-conscious AUTOMATED ACTION.

Yes we can all perhaps be demonstrated to be a mass of bubbling and intermixed sequence of thoughts feelings and expressions and so on, though likewise such things can become separated out far more easily so you can typically begin to TRUST the CROSS-HEMISPHEREIC communications and so on where previously you may have felt in some kind of self-sabotaging ALL AT ODDS WITH THE WORLD, WAR ZONE.

Further to that I have of course spent time studying BEST PRACTICE IDEAS or re-understanding and reinterpreting various DEBATING TOPICS and of course IDEAS as to what does not serve you falls away and so on.

I can of course say that folks wanting to explore the very many sources and resources and lifestyle influences that you may or may not have grown up with should keep in mind that there is not necessarily anything wrong with many of those things, though likewise if you do find yourself seemingly under siege in some fashion from some particular grouping or collective, I can do no harm to explore cause and effect, I typically of course suggested that I shut up shop to a certain extent and that is debatable as a STRATEGY though likewise given the overwhelming opposition I was seemingly facing, the most sensible option was to continue to meditate and eventually get to a level or point whereby the SHIFTING or CHANGING OF THE PARADIGM occurred for enough other peoples and persons that they themselves came to the realisation that some debates and indeed bullying strategies and tactics themselves can become futile.


Typically demonstrates the idea that you gradually move toward as it all being an inside job to a certain extent and that the programmes and thinking routines and so on are just that and can often be calculated out of in some fashion when enough awakening has occurred.

Yes the World in the Mind of the Beholder might be a better terminology though I use that simply to demonstrate that instead of getting locked into some pre learnt STEREOTYPICAL childhood or indeed adulthood INTRANSIGENCE of escape from or escape too, you can question whether you are actually answering the real genuine underlying question.

I of course am known to have come up with the idea of HETEROPHOBIA and whilst I am no longer a big TV FILM MEDIA user, I can typically state that I grew up watching many programmes that typically had portrayals or indeed famed personalities belong to gay cult groups crying Wolf as to everyone’s Homophobia, of course I think most people much like myself have not considered the counter coin side measures of thought that can be introduced because we often typically presume ourselves within our own minds to be heterosexual. This is MAN, Man has plug, This is WOMAN, Woman has Socket, and so on.

So of course the further you progress the more you come to see that some folks have simply opted for some extreme versioning of what they crafted for themselves as a “GET OUT OF JAIL CARD” though typically of course I also introduced the negative and positive implication of coin side for generic and bland ITS OKAY FOR YOU TO BE…

Yes again many a person opts for GAY at the end of that sentence as some kind of extreme make everyone else what I most FEAR about myself.

I of course suggesting It is okay for you to be who you will be or more vague non-specific positions that places the impetus on any given individual making such contrasting decisions for themselves, from within their own database of knowledge and learnings and awareness. The problem then of course that in being VAGUE you typically may be leaving people to FALL INTO ALL THE TRAPS and pitfalls and so on that you yourself fell into, I typically simply recommend the Meditation and The courses, yes they may well bring about IDEAS thoughts and feelings that you ALREADY POSSESS on some level of your life experience, though typically you do also find and create an opportunity for yourself to see events from a differing PERSPECTIVE or VIEWPOINT that you may have not previously considered whilst being in the so-called “THICK OF IT”.

The problem seemingly being that all wordings and meanings are within the mind of the beholder and likewise some folks desperately want and require REPRODUCTION of their mentality and attitude and behaviour, because quite simply they cannot CONCEIVE etc.

So such things of course take you into the realm of NATURE versus NURTURE and also of course into realising the fruitlessness of getting involved in other people’s issues, some games of black and white etc. cannot be won at the level of obsession that some folks spend a lifetime infecting others about themselves with.

So any WORD and OFFICIAL meaning can be taken in ISOLATION and have asked as to what a coin side may or may not be and if no coin side is given CREATE ONE, that is after all what many extremists have done in the first place, as a way to justify some mental health or otherwise position or other.

What else well I have been sent an email for a forthcoming Abundance for Life FEST and whilst I think I do own that course I am unsure as to whether it was a favourite or otherwise, I think it was one I was disappointed with, despite it being HIGHLIGHTED and indeed seemingly being most enticing, this typically a problem of having come to Learning Strategies AFTER having gone via the Holosync Solution route.

So I will perhaps publish details for that FEST and likewise STATE:- do not take my word on the thoughts and feelings and happiness or disappointments with such courses because AS SUGGESTED ABOVE, each person is UNIQUE and you can decide for yourself whether you believe the course to do what it says on the Cover and so on for you yourself, not this HARD TO PLEASE PERFECTIONIST DAVID.

Yes strange though true I was thinking about this NEW forthcoming Course and the diffuclty is of course that it deals with the Non-fiction realm, whereby people are geared towards best practice’s

Write spacious easy to read lines.

Perhaps contain a sub-context within your chosen topic of expertise as David has recommended.

So if you are a writing on a work dealing with your battle against this ILL HEALTH or this SOCIETAL WIDE topic or issue.

You can still contain sub context references of themes for your favourite sport or kind of films or whatever, why do that, well I do really like this IDEA that with enough sub-contexts toward a given SPORT or sequence of AWARDS within a REALM, you could embark on creating a catalogue of such works.

So you write a book on what you know about this serious topic or issue and also give a sub theme of reference for Tennis or Golf or Athletics and so on.

I still believe the IDEA to drop yourself into a given zone whether for a sport or awards ceremony across the very many World wide realms that exist can still be done through repetition and indeed crafting an IDENTIFIABLE sorted sequence of reference or inference that paces you firmly in the zone for a given favoured alternate activity.

Likewise it can do no harm to do the FESTS as and when they appear within the calendar because they too are seemingly scheduled for differing World Wide Regions and Zones and can perhaps accelerate you toward bringing those non-conscious awareness’ back online or front and centre within your thoughts.

So we all have the choice of where we place our own focus above and beyond where others may want us to have such focus and likewise we can always return to getting the questions going as to what are beneficial thoughts and feelings versus otherwise.

I was actually struggling because I still have a desire to work within the FICTION REALM And likewise have some kind of automated obvious TRANSLATOR SYSTEM BUILT IN.

Again the MODULAR SYSTEMS enable such things far more easily, though likewise entering into some areas and topics of debate has seemingly to be done despite many of us having huge blind spots or reluctances to discussion on some areas, I guess that comes down to SENSITITIVIES and many a person (for example) within my working life realm typifies a belligerent & tough Man’s man attitude or indeed Woman’s woman of taking all and anything thrown at them, though in reality what lies beneath for very many peoples and persons is still that NEW BORN CHILD desperately switching into some kind of please all and everyone for safety attitudes etc.

So I have spoken on being told I was being OVER SENSITIVE and that of course typifies that Attitude suggested above of someone who is likely to experience some SUFFERING because they have not appropriately dealt with WHAT LIES BENEATH.

Explaining such matters is of course an ongoing area of debate and can feel a waste of life after so many years given how many people come to HATE and DESPISE all and anything RELATED TO LEARNING, yes prejudice against what you PERCIEVE as a CAUSE for your circumstance again is something that requires that TURNAROUND or SWITCH OF ENLIGHTENMENT or AH-HA, this remedy will work for all peoples and persons from all levels of society and in such a fashion and way as to leave them in no doubt as to developing more empowering ways of being and doing and so on, after so many years though likewise, if making shit roll up hill is the only way to cause the realm to enter into a more prosperous set of events and prosperity consciousness then that is what must be done. Communication of course can be done across many channels and indeed circumnavigate former intransigent blockages and so on, as long as everyone is GEARED to understanding ideas that a BOOK and STORY can be begun at any point in time much like Star Wars films beginning with Episode IV rather than 1.

Another typically taken strategy within film and books is of course prequels and sequels and flashbacks to setting the scene though how might things be different if some 20 or 30 years ago during some desperate time within a Company’s History some Dozy idiot cried out for Jesus or Mohammed or Angels or a Saviour or whatever and ACTIVATED an ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE process that they thought had been answered in some Corporation stepping in, when in fact circumstance led to far greater RESULTS XX many years down the line than could have been envisioned during those moments of desperation.

Will the HERO with a thousand faces and-or know name be paying YOU A VISIT?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well!

What ever your colour creed nationality and belief system. What and how will life the Universe and Everything come to the rescue and do rescuers require a Hero themselves?

By what level and criteria judgment and so on can INTRANSIGENT unknowns come to fruition of saying


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