So How Can You Bring Fantasy Science Fiction Ideas Too Wider Audiences

This is of course often dependent upon the realm you find yourself within and indeed how far you have progressed within your own enlightenment research and experimentation and indeed whether you genuinely require or need a foundational set of parameters and informatics to be working from.

I of course embarked on numerous activities often related to becoming once again centred within your own awareness of separating BINARY 0 and 1, which is of course again the game of black and white with numbers. The same can be said of TRUE and FALSE like parameters.

So one IDEA was related to what I called Witch Mapping and Switch Mapping and so on and that quite simply involved taking the IDEA of the United Kingdom as a TRIANGULAR BODY MAP and then finding some LOCAL VICINITY comparison point to be able to get the IDEA of zoom in and zoom out working within some kind of congruent state.

So within Hereford, I simply chose a Car Park that I traverse quite regularly and that seemingly already fits the BODY MAP MODEL.

Some may say why choose that and quite simply it was experimentation, whilst many a person experiences car parks in full flow and rush hours, I personally was traversing the route during non-peak times and I also decided whether appropriately or otherwise that the Location in particular was akin to being something of a 24 HR CAR PARK, fitting the IDEA of an INDEPENDENT REALM within the Greater City limits and so on.

Typically when note taking you can record all and anything, whether your street, or village, or town or estate and so on, though I again wanted something within my broader collection of notes that was not fully representative of a local PSYCHOLOGICAL MODEL, that many a locality can become.

The difference between becoming to locked into any one given psychology and otherwise (potentially) given the stepping stone nature of the learnings and indeed how you can do too much or indeed too little of any one given IDEA.

So I regularly recorded information that I witnessed along my route including a car park and further to that I also of coursed spoke on the IDEA of a Navigational compass and of course anyone who opts into those studies comes to understand that you can have so-called TRUE NORTH that is differing from MAGNETIC NORTH and indeed you can also designate or specify NEW COMPASS CONVERSIONS within a chosen IDEA LOCATION.

So I chose (as an example) to think of the Car Park as a BODY MAP and then have some INTERNAL COMPASS directioning related to recorded notes and what I was seeing during my passage through the environment, that was differing to EXTERNAL Compass information.

I LABELLED for lack of improved or alternate labels the internal as WITCH MAP DIRECTIONS or WM N, S, E, W and so on, this of course might also I felt be akin to a BABY within the womb where the gestation is often spent in what might be regarded as a reversed COMPASSING position. This can of course be extended by anyone anywhere for the locale that they have been born and bred within and so on. So a Southern Hemispheric born and bred individual might well find that there EXTERNAL BODY MAPPING is equivalent to a Northern Hemispheric INTERNAL BODY MAPPING and so on, again wisdom generally suggests not seeking to OVERCOMPLICATE these ideas so much as following lines of enquiry as to opposition GRID REFERENCING POSITIONS whether they are true or otherwise, I have found otherwise in the sense of SHORT CIRCUITS likely occurring whereby the data has been misread or the activity has not followed a CORRECT logical progression, so I once again found myself not utilising a sensible FEEDBACK AND RETURN SYSTEM.

You can often find when breaking down various IDEAS and MODULAR like activities that a best sequence can be established as to how you are modelling things.

So developers of Computers (for example) initially perhaps worked on CPU’S and CORES and then others came along and worked on GPU (for graphics) and likewise others joined in who wanted to work on improvements within this mathematical sector and that sound sector and eventually after much testing and sequencing of various formulations and so on it was decided that a REPLICATION of this studied MODEL is best carried out within this shape and form of fashion.

Likewise of course it is well documented that some systems are more prone to bottlenecks than others and various remedies and workarounds came about, very often through having to cut the apron strings on what went before.

The difficulty for Microsoft (as example) was that they had amassed huge numbers of Customers who wanted backward compatibility with older products, though typically research and development often demonstrated that required letting go of the older for NEW developments and technologies to firmly establish themselves.

Difficult to carry a user base with your well researched progress (for example), when you are effectively ALIENATING them from what was accepted as the norm previously. I think that the FREE WINDOWS 10 OFFER is FANTASTIC and perhaps a LOYALTY REWARD in many ways for those that have payed and payed and payed historically. Likewise I am disappointed that my WINDOWS RT SURFACE PAD is not included within these upgrade offers, perhaps I purchased the PAD on a treat myself whim (that is in fact true) though likewise would still like some further available enhancements, for the non-corporate buyers.

I actually downloaded a 3DMARK BENCHMARK tool system this morning out of CURIOSITY and found that my BENCHMARK RESULTS for the RT were actually superior to those officially given or previously recorded by other users within the database. I have perhaps already mentioned that I took a PURIST APPROACH to the PAD in not allowing HIJACKING to take place.

Many a computer and gadget I have purchased over the years has been seemingly hi-jacked by the likes of all the very many software VENDORS to the extent that they rendered my various PC’s and Laptops and so on inoperable.

Yes I could perhaps utilise removal tools though at some point the desire to simply throw such gadgets out of the window because of all the competing software’s, and start over takes hold, perhaps the non-conscious intention. So in keeping the pad pure for its lifetime, I have experienced NONE of the various FAULTS and COMPLAINTS that I experienced previously, however that does not stop myself from desiring some upgradability when the vendor itself is seemingly making such offerings to the more general Computer, Laptop, Gadget Realms.


It can be demonstrated that a BEST SEQUENCE can be established as to how to place yourself within any given zone, yes we all want REALTIME for all and every function, whether it be colour identity or sound frequency or magnetic polarity, or however, though continued research does suggest that especially for the very many SPORTING REALMS, you want to PEEL BACKwhat you know about the various events and sports in order to see what is a central core IDEA for the game or sport and what is a later add-on.

So for TENNIS for example you might say that two persons are a core requirement, that a ball is a requirement and that rackets are a requirement, or that a playing area are requirement, (yes many a game came about via extensions of children’s street games, though you do (I think) require establishing the foundation for a game and then separating thos foundation component IDENTITIES from add-on’s.

Add-ons are typically all the KIT SPONSORS, and Robinson’s have a drink between games like stuff and towel providers and ball boys and girls and umpires.

So identify CORE or PRIMARY minimum requirements and then identify what came NEXT, so you can gain greater CLARITY as to SECONDARY and TERTIARY non-core additions.

Things that make such activities that little bit more enticing or agreeable within your judgement’s etc.

Most games and sports have had all sorts of generational changes occurring though exercising you ability to IDENTIFY and CATEGORISE those Parameters across multiple realms (whether sports or other realms) can make a huge difference in becoming not only more consistent and congruent but more ACCURATE.

Likewise of course I have spoken on topics such as numbers because they are typically regarded as UNIVERSAL though likewise you still need some basic understanding of the CATEGORISATION and groupings, why does a RAINBOW run RED AND YELLOW AND PINK AND GREEN as opposed to any other alternate colour sequence, does the same happen through a GLASS PRISM (for example) or within a VACUUM of SPACE or with some deep cavern Journey to the centre of the Earth or 20,000 Leagues under the SEA and so on.

So we learn why we are all often hotbeds of confusion and conflict and then systematically work through better ways and means CLUE’ING SYSTEMS that others can understand and be OPEN and AMENABLE to utilising for themselves, I spoke on getting NUMBERS utilising the same IDEAS and FOUNDATIONAL TEACHINGS, though typically we all often have our own VERSIONING of a WRONG SEQUENCE for some issues and topics or indeed NEW information coming to LIGHT that is a very large game changer that we were previously unaware of.

I spoke previously on jettisoning all my sporting knowledge at age 17 when told I could no longer play sports and that was a bad IDEA from my perspective now, (or seemed that way, though I can now perhaps return to such activities from a position of BEGINNERS MIND.

So being open to new sources and ideas often unfortunately requires some investment, hence when you finding quality TEACHERS and so on, seeking to FLOW in ALIGNMENT and indeed understanding that some competitions are not worth taking part in and likewise that some behaviours seeming like sabotage behaviours are often short circuit that people have through an inability to express themselves in an improved or alternate fashion, few of course necessarily want to express themselves in better and improved fashion, though the longer term benefits are there for all to see when you understand or take the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with yourself from an alternate angle or perspective.

Formula One is also on this weekend and I could of course speak on wondering whether daughter Rose is going to phone her mum or family in Rhyd Lewis this weekend or indeed come out with some “From The Mouth’s Of Babe’s” clue that causes Dad to go AH-HA. Of course Epilepsy unfortunately means that she is unlikely to be a driver unless of course we can establish that her Epilepsy is controlled, she has seemingly gone through points where it seemed well controlled and then suddenly had times where short circuits have occurred, I think obviously given her now being close to full adult status and growth, that control should be easier maintained that as a fast growing child and so on.

That al a digression of course though clues can be found and developed from the strangest of ideas, I recently walked passed some folks and heard the word pervert and whilst traditionally such things are used to point at peoples and persons with sex and sexuality obsessions, as someone who has spent time growing up around medical staff nurse mum and worked in NHS and been through multiple First Aid courses and all the rest, I typically perhaps have less obsessions than folks who are perhaps overly sensitive to bodily function and all the nonsenses and triggers that such things can invoke, likewise I am sure that many a person of course who has children and parented also often comes to grow more Mature as to some issues, presuming they are not folks who have RUN AWAY from being an involved PARENT, yes we can feel guilty for having to work though one does sometimes see that many a Runaway System is operating within people fearful of being exposed as bad or non-standard comparable parents with those Perfect Editions, we are often over exposed too on TV sitcoms and Disney Channel and so on.

Yes more recent years has seen OVER EXPOSURE of the Opposite (I think) when we look to ideas such-as Shrek (pulling the rug from beneath Beauty Obsessions). So Divergence and so on exists across many realms and likewise we are all free to choose as to what we ourselves regard as our own spiritual normality and what is typically some short circuit or UNIQUENESS to any given population or Community or however.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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