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So we take elements of sources and ideas triggers that we grew up witnessing and watching and simply reformulate them into NEW versioning’s and combinations, likewise some teachings have to have been trusted to have been taken in either consciously or otherwise, given the all of time is NOW teachings and how some issues and topics do not necessarily resolve themselves with first encounters of Learnings and Lessons and so on.

I have of course recently seen Star Trek Into The Darkness, starring Sherlock actor as Khan within the alternate Star Trek time lined Universe and a chap named David Khan also wrote a book related to some ESPIONAGE like matters of cryptography and various History’s, excellent book all-round (in fact), and one that I would recommend for any student at any time, the market for such works has become oversaturated, though his is from a time when such issues were still taken seriously being from the height of the cold war.

Elsewhere I noted an Email from Joe Vitale and had a somewhat negative thought related to the chap, yes he has money and can tell a good yarn and indeed explain how you have to understand IDEAS as to like attracts like and Frequency Waves and so on, the IDEA being that you can place yourself in a money zone frequency though I still think raising Threshold and studying more than one characters philosophy can be beneficial, he boasted of being able to charge 5000 for a speech or lecture that could be gained for 19 and I of course, whilst I am aware of his work within a given market place also know that such boasts do not necessarily carry from Nation to Nation.

When we go to the Entertainment Realms and understand the Magnitude of a 7 Billion People Potential Audience, we also have to understand that you can be exceptionally FAMED within one Geographic Location (for whatever reason, positive or negative), without ever having been heard of elsewhere about the Globe.

Typically search for alien life initiatives have also coincided with talk once again of seeking out long lost and known tribal peoples within various rain forests, and a twist can of course be placed upon those initiatives also.

So this David can go and say pay me this amount and I will come and lecture you on the Lessons and Learnings that I have to preach about from the level of Awareness that I have and so on, I can also of course LIST all the qualifications I may or may not have to ACT as a CATALYST (It must be true) IDEA.

People of course often have lists of Corporate Bodies and Institutions they are associated with or can claim kinsmanship with or however though again in prejudicial judgement terms decisions related to individuals can go Any Which Way You Can in terms of TRIGGERS.

Strange though true having studied IDEAS of COMPASS and IDEAS of MAPPING, I was thinking that what then is required of course is the ABILITY to open up closed down sub-systems (those of us who experienced ACCIDENTS and-or Heavy Trauma may well be heavily shut-down to EXTERNAL INFLUENCE TECHNICIANS (again whether having positive or negative INTENTIONS).

Likewise it could well be that in order to survive excessive TRAUMA our bodies in order to REGENERATE had to go into ALTERNATE POLARITY DIMENSIONS, effectively being attuned to what we may very well perceive as Negative Engagement Topics of Debate and so on.

A Dr Who Special HIGHLIGHTED the CROSS-REALM INTERPRETATION PARADOX OF ALL TIME IS NOW, by demonstrating how an IDEA can come to Fruition via Many time streams or dimensions.

The episode had 3 Doctors within a Special Time Stream (normally they are operating in alternate dimensional streams).

The eldest of the 3 in the LINEAR time thinking, set his Sonic Screwdriver to work through some PUZZLE, that would effectively take an exceptionally long time to be calculated.  The 2nd and 3rd Doctors then checked there own Sonic Screwdrivers to see if the Solution had been calculated.

The 3rd Doctor who was the youngest within the Linear time line demonstrated that the Solution was available within his Sonic Screwdriver Device or Tool.  Although the presence of all 3 was a demonstration NON-LINEAR time lines.

Yes easy to understand the confusion and conflict.

Just keep on asking those questions!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well, Be Now 😉

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