Auxiliary Subsystems And Backup

Yes another weird and wonderful idea to get one’s head around though I do believe that some leaps of faith and imagination can do wonders for anyone at any time of life in not only empowering them to an improved life but also changing the ground upon which you walk and the esteem in which you hold yourself and so on and so forth, the ability to discern and trust and have confidence in your abilities to over come and circumnavigate obstacles and of course potentially otherwise.

So I have of course spoken on numerous occasion as to questions of existence and indeed questions of “why am I still alive” in instances of blood draining away or indeed witnessing alternate peoples and persons with ill-health and other conditions such-as Heart Attack and Stroke and so on.

Now those longer term followers can I am sure understand that all these signs and symbols and lettering’s are equivalents to various kinds of learning’s and teachings though clearly they are also kinds of programming languages and we typically learn such abilities and distinctions at somewhat accelerated paces during young infancy and indeed also distinctions between relationships between the differing sensory realms and of course how we may or may not believe such information is best processed and-or stored.

Everyone very often something of a confused and conflicting “body of evidence” and of course all body’s of evidence can have NEW Enlightenment’s at any time of life as to those eternal questions that we often grown up learning though very often struggle with making or understanding the answers too.

So anyway I figured well given the blood draining away like experience or the Heart Attack and stroke evidence, very often related to only one halve of the body and we often think and feel and hear demonstrations and examples of how the one half of the body mirrors or reflects the other half, at least on a surface level, though when you go into researching what lies beneath you do of course often only find one heart and typically whilst we do have multiple duplication’s or TWINSETS of organs some organs only come in one’s, so it could be suggested that you can survive with one of a twinset organ failing though may struggle with those areas where only one organ exists etc, though again do not take my word for it though do consider what you may or may not believe as to such things.

So yes I typically in thinking about the TRAUMA and related bodily like shut downs that occur thought well, in that case much like those futuristic like spaceships under assault and so on, we must perhaps have some auxiliary like bodily functions, we typically do not Consciously issue Heart beat commands to our heart, beat beat beat beat, beat beat beat beat, or indeed follow the classical David Beckham’s headphones falling off joke of “Breath in, breath out, breathe in breath out.

Of course we can demonstrate that many a MODEL, because human modelling very often began with thoughts of peoples and persons like myself can often be demonstrated to have so-called ideas as to backup and auxiliary systems and so on.

So when some experts speak on the issues of Threshold, it could well be suggested that those of us who suffered heavy trauma at young ages, may well have had our main online like programming system shut-down and we have spent many years running or operating from our Auxiliary or backup like subsystems, typically of course often demonstrated to be reduced or LIMITED CAPABILITY versions of the main bodily functioning’s and so on.

Yes it can be troublesome explaining such theories or IDEAS or indeed getting it across that many mainstream functioning’s, may well have healed overtime and indeed be available to us, though typically the mental or bodily pathways and mental structures of inner scaffolds have since become blocked or damaged or unused through lack of usage.

So a stimulation or an assisted meditation system that encourages mental highways redevelopment and indeed beliefs in integrative realities and higher powers can of course dig up those mental high way cave-ins and so on and indeed potentially KICKSTART up the original systems that had simply gone into some kind of HIBERNATION RECOVERY MODE.

I myself spoke on using the thought of Hibernation, to simply outlast times of being short of finance and other things, and that of course got myself thinking AH-HA so I was CONSCIOUSLY thinking Hibernation, perhaps because my previously regularly used mainline thoughts feelings and behaviour’s were somehow in STASIS or a Hibernation Mode, and I was misinterpreting the SIGNALS I was getting because I was unaware perhaps of just how much PROGRAMMING occurs to us all as a species in general.

Likewise of course those auxialiary systems are unlikely to have as high a Threshold capacity and capability as regular main stream systems though we can perhaps also think of such things as potentially being used as SUPERBOOSTERS.  So you have a regular system usage and never suffer trauma and you want to get a superbooster going and you think how can I gain or utilise the fact that I know I have SPARE CAPACITY within my bodily systems and subsystems that can give myself a short term pep up or pick me up and so on.

These things are all very worthwhile things to think about especially when it comes to understanding how much effect such things can affect health and so on.

Likewise the ability to shrug of negatives/positives (if that is your inclination) or better utilise the understanding of how electrics and magnetics and polarities and so on operate throughout your bodily heart and spirit can maximise you ability and potential to see through all the ridiculous nonsense’s and idiocies and delusions that many a person pretends and kids themselves are facts, when it can clearly be demonstrated that all such opinions are subjective, even if following objective guidelines, in layers and filters and typical the masks and shrouds and IDEOLOGIES and JOB LABELS AND TITLES that folks hide behind to make justifications for these or those events and so on.

The further I have progressed and continued to witness and write notes the more I have come to see PATTERNS AND CYCLES that can run daily and through the various TIMING SCALES AND MEASURE WE UTILISE though also through the career like zone of advancements and so on, whereby someone arrives fresh faced and enthusaisitc and then proceeds to have greater confidence than ability and then reins themselves in and so on.

No that does not always occur though plenty of people can rein those about them in, I limit and keep my input or commentary to a minimum because I do like to maintain some distance in consistency and greater knowledge’s that may or may not be applied to any given one realm.

Anyway some Appraisal like School Reports have recently being caught up with in respect of having all the paperwork dutifully available for inspections and so on, and of course we acn break down the word appraisal into constituent parts such as app raise all or app rays sall will SAUL SEE THE LIGHT ON THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS and change his name to Paul?

Yes strange though true of course, the further I have advanced and gained greater insights and knowledge the more I have seen it fully beneficial to stay on the appropriate side of greater knowledgre awareness and enlightenment stepping stones and ideas as to BEST PRACTICE and BEHAVIOUR and all the very many things that JUDGEMENTS can trip us all up with.

The self reference responsibilily does not mean you cannot help others though typically who wants peoples dragging them down when we can all get in alignment with raising constiuant parts and subjective beliefs and abilities all round.

Many of course complain about end to end manufacturing process and greater focus on smaller and smaller detail, though such practice when aligned with does enable all and everyone to “get on with it” so to speak in more improved fashion, the attention to the component and modular nature enables COURSE CORRECTION and like for like exchanges of communication and job knowledge without any one given grouping taking over or exerting to much influence whether that grouping is large or small.

So I think plaudits can be given out all round if I could just identify who it is that are staying concurrent and now and upgrading life and the World about themselves and who are determined stick in the mud’s seeking to run prior to walking or having hopped skipped and jumped into jobs and titles on a wing and a prayer or many of those other group dynamic features and qualities and attributes and values that have to genuinely be unearthed as being meritable or otherwise.

Congruent? Consistent? Operating from a more Centred place of being?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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