Congratulations To Beijing On 2022 Now Where Can I Get A Cornetto

Yes so strange though true anyone who has spent some time witnessing could well have noticed a rather large amount of pointers to the language root COR, we have of course had Corbyn for Labour Party Leadership campaign, and this being the summer Season kick-off we can of course be reminded of going to some British Coastal Resort and finding ourselves watching a Sooty Puppet Show of some description performed by the Corbett Family. Likewise I used to work for the Foot health Service and many a foot complaint involves Corns not of course to be confused with Genetically Modified Corn that can be sown and cultured about this planet, and yes corn is of course also the reference used for “OBVIOUS” humour, that is corny. Yes I could of course link the foot corn to Cornwall, a favoured classical British Holiday Destination though l these little tid bits and linkages can take time for folks to either become accustomed to seeing and going ah-ha or indeed cause the comment, David you have missed the boat Cor was last week and now we are on to shoes and Cobblers.

Yes of course Star Trek and Science Fiction vessels often also known to have Warp Core’s that require ejecting when going into meltdown (some kinds of witches known to complain of “I’m melting”, and people also of course will often not eat the apple core of core of many a fruit and vegetable that contains such workings.

So corn on the cob of course a classic favourite eat especially if you really do get to eat such things as corn on the cob though typically we all often buy the ready prepared and washed and frozen variety these days on indeed the tinned or canned versioning’s full of sweeteners and preservatives.

Strange though true of course they do say that tinned foods are good value for money and I agree though likewise, once you have had say a fresh product, or a frozen product, and then move onto preserved products you have of course the potential to become OVER FUSSY, as to the rankings and rating and scale or measure of preference for such things.

This does of course relate to various realms and indeed History as to how and why many a Preservative methodology was developed. Typically of course foot stuffs found to last better in some climates than others and indeed historically sailing ship used to carry huge quantities of basic foodstuffs in Barrels, likewise the Military and Astronaut Realms still have so-called designer preserved Food Rations, often suggested to be something of an acquired taste, though the techniques and methodologies have gone through every finer degree of Science and I think some variety has been introduced where years ago a “like it or lump it” philosophy existed as to what was available, a favourite cited example I have heard a few times is of course the American (Only in America) PIZZA ration pack for their troops, unsure as to how many flavours are provided though of course, if you do not belong to those realms and have some curiosity, I am sure many other realms such-as camping and outward bound like adventure parks and so on have taken to providing some of those foodstuffs.

Yes one can of course write and write and write though in speaking as to Cobblers and so on we can of course shift to stories of Kurt Cobain, famed & deceased lead singer of Grunge Rock Band Nirvana some years ago, and references appearing to his death scene photo’s being noted as reported upon. Elsewhere the Town Kobane also having featured over the last couple of years in terms of The ISIS and Middle-East related conflict in general, I think it was one of those places that lies as some desired STRATEGIC Vicinity like location often regarded as a grab all the major highways and infrastructures and planning locations and hills, take all the high ground.

Yes even though many a Satellite and modern warfare Airplane and Tank or other vehicle renders Historical Strategies as less worthwhile, some are still highly regarded and followed by all major forces about the Globe, some regions have of course taken advantage of such tactics by not playing fair, depending upon what side of the warfare you find yourself.

So the Vietcong for example, built huge tunnel networks beneath the jungles and that of course typically something we Brits regard as something for rabbits and not humans, even though we ourselves can point to Trench warfare and bunkers and so on within our own warfare history. Trenches perhaps regarded as differing in the sense that CONVENTIONAL European RULES operated from a tradition of Chess IT IS YOUR MOVE, kinds of thinking, whilst small groups of Rebels and Vietcong like tactics adopted a differing approach not trained in conventional Western Military Academies and so on, they will say “Oh yes we do” and cite many Legendary Historical Warriors from about the Globe whose tactics and Strategies have been studied and dissected and IMPROVISED in some fashion. Likewise when any one given grouping comes up with a Strategy that defeats the mental conventions being operated upon by the Generals and Analysts you do have to think in terms of gaining some capacity of the MINDSET of the OPPONENT.

Yes some MINDSETS are suggested quite simply through GENETICS and CORE VALUES AND TRADITIONS to not be REPLICABLE, because they genuinely do belong to some distinct Tribal Grouping. Typically an example is that we often think of Classical Egypt and Beautiful Tanned Arabs and so on, when the Modern truth is that you often have vast swathes of some sub Arab Grouping having outbred all others, typically what on my own travels I referred to as The Grey’s, yes we can say and apply and pinpoint the same CRITERIA within white Western Cultures and Societies and Black cultural groupings and indeed Asian groupings, though typically we are often BLIND to what we exist among on a daily basis ourselves (for example).

This has been demonstrated again and again via Genetic Studies that show many a Brit who thinks themselves a Thoroughbred is in fact some indigenous long lost immigrant faction or type, that they would not mention to fellow members of the KKK.

Yes of course that American’s taking things to extreme perhaps though such Mafia’s and Mason like Society’s have existed throughout World Wide Civilisations, hence the popularity of Davinci Code like Theories of Evolution and so on.

I of course known to be more interested in developing a Clue Clucks Clan perhaps CCC, given my working life realm, though typically few of us blokes can stand long term being clucked and hen pecked at, whatever status we regard ourselves as being.

Yes in fact of course we can demonstrate that both sex’ male and female often prefer spending time and carrying out hobbies and sporting pursuits and other activities that often fit into some stereotypes of the sex’s and I actually think EQUALITY DEBATES and nonsenses have RUINED many institutions.

Why cannot Men Only Clubs and Female Only Clubs and so on be celebrated and allowed to exist in some harmless fashion instead of relentlessly attacked and abused by Idiots seeking to high light some “I want to do that too” mental floor. Many an alternate Sex variation exists now of course for many activities whether sporting realms or Scouts to Girl Guides groups and so on, though likewise it does not stop EXTREMISTS of both sex’s popping there head’s up and demanding equality. My view is to point to where such equalities already do exist, so folks can hop on a plane and go and exist with people like themselves.

Of course that does not work because such whingers and whiners typically want LOCAL for LOCAL PEOPLE versions of such things. Yes I of course perhaps exaggerate, though many an international Tourist or Holiday maker has done some activity abroad and then thought, hmmn, what would it be like to do those activities and pursuits or Resort like activities within my own neighbourhood, and then of course sought out ways and means to make such things happen.

Yes getting any kind of success or indeed overcoming local intransigent obstacles can make such things non-worthwhile though you could typically of course go to places (towns and districts and cities) that encourage New Industry and so on rather than constant NIMBY campaigning.

Yes my entire and complete lifetime whenever within the Hereford Region returns to debates as to the merits or otherwise of having a Bypass, a million and one other Cities have built bypasses and then other bypasses as they have grown, though typically those promoting opposition are often taking the easy cowardly line given that Parliamentary Support and Approval and Investment is often required for such Highways and Societal Infrastructures anyway. Oh look I am sorry chaps, BUDGETARY CUTS WHAT CAN I SAY, yes this reality happens again and again enabling neither side to LOSE FACE and zero advancement of a topic that should and could have been done and dusted many years ago.

We do of course take ROAD RAGE incidents for granted nowadays since the wording was coined though typically such RAGES are perhaps what lies beneath for many peoples and persons and on many a topic and subject of debate that has been repressed and repressed into some kind of mini TIME-BOMB just waiting for the right conditions to occur to go off, much like that virus or disease that has vanished returning when the temperature increases or falls below some activation SIGN OR POINT.

Yes some progressions and indeed INTRANSIGENTS really do require shifting and moving away from in some hierarchical order of merit of what is most important within any given individuals life and so on.

This another DRIFTER of course not to be confused with Cornetto that is of course a kind of I Scream You Scream we all Scream for Ice Cream.

Strange though true Ice Cream Manufacturing and preservation techniques is often cited as being one of the GREAT Forward Steps of Society, though I think that cannot possibly be true when you look to History and the very many other foodstuff preservation methodologies that have existed beyond those unexplored regions of Earth at the Poles.

What rules & regulations and ideas and intransigents have come to fruition, what rules and regulations and ideas and intransigents are passed any kind of usefulness.

What Solution can be proffered to come up with Superwarfare tactics unbeknown to any given opponent? Yes that of course a strange question, though typically of course all societies and hierarchies and indeed Military Minded Science Fiction Novelists speculate as to the next great leap of what can we do? Typical obsessions of course with super robots and androids and genetically modified humans and the same of course is often said for Dog Breeds and Many other Animals, I know that Geneticists in Japan I think created all sorts of weird and wonderful genetically created animals to put in there zoo’s (if the internet is telling the truth), though like all peoples and persons I would perhaps want to experience such things with my own eyes as opposed to what is being shown on some airbrushed photo in cyberspace in these times where so much oversaturation of TV and Film and Movies and Video Games, has rendered the boundaries between truth and fiction somewhat difficult to identify without of course, sitting and meditating within some CAVE in some outer reaches of a planetoid near you.

And Now from Norwich it’s the quiz of the week, what would a special species look like and think like and act like?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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