So I Decided To Succumb To The Lure Of Twitter

Yes strange though true of course the last Dozen years has seen a massive explosion in Social Media Sites all promising to deliver you friends and World Wide Audiences and communications at a fraction of traditional and ancient systems.

I can of course state that in returning to Education later in life, my years at University were perhaps part of the Generation who upon leaving were going out and becoming the next wave of system builders and designers and creators and so on. The Education establishments were at the forefront of the now taken for granted “everyone and anyone can program” use computers and the technologies mentality in terms of building tools and higher level languages that were easily accessible to all comers, though I of course a few years older than many of my studying peers, whilst in Education it had never been an issue, things seemingly changes however upon returning to Hereford.

I typical of someone requiring to get a divorce, decided that the best option would be to get a quick and easy low income job at a local factory and likewise you kind of orient and veer rightly or wrongly into “what you know” kinds of patterns. So I had pub mates prior to leaving the area who were factory workers and I figured what the hell, in applying to multiple employers.

I actually initially did some door to door Double Glazing sales work, though quickly tired of the routine such business offer starter staff, mostly escalator commission based in being paid excessively lo base rate and then extras for referrals and then for referrals that lead to sales. In the numbers games terms, you either have a large population base to operate within or you go further afield, and the guys I worked with often wold go further afield because you can typically cover most of Herefordshire within a week or two of starting out.

Yes some people make a very good living as they grow in knowledge and experience, though much like a statistic I saw for job hunters (in America) you get to the stage where you celebrate someone answering a doorbell (getting a response). You then perhaps stutter and stumble when people do answer, or complain that they said no to you last week or last month and so on.

So it was lousy, and I meanwhile had one or two interviews and waited to hear back from other employers. Eventually gaining employment in what I thought would be a quiet environment that fitted some divorced with a kid specification that I had somehow pieced together.

Anyway Technology wise, I cannot remember specifics though Facebook was launched and very many a person signed up and got all excited with the new possibilities and so on. My daughter on visits sometimes required indoor activities and I thought ah-ha she can build a farm on the newly popular Farmville or do some of those other online interactive activities and likewise of course, it soon became apparent with those games that the more peoples you had playing them the faster you could accelerate your own farm growth and so on. So I thought well I work in a factory and many people must be playing similar and same games, so again I typically found one or two people who were playing and they had found others who were playing and quite rapidly it seemed that I had connected on Facebook to a million and one “Factory” and Hereford peoples and persons who were all helping each other to accelerate there game progress.

So daughter asked myself to keep games such as Farmville going in her absence and I did just that. Anyway old empiricist control freaks did not like Facebook and the new technologies because it meant peoples were communicating with each other across departments and age groupings and various factions, these people who would not necessarily have done so otherwise, and whilst much bullying and nonsense existed before hand it seemingly went stratospheric, in that many a person was spying on others above and beyond those simple reasons for having others on Friends lists.

So anyway bad experience with Facebook, I opted to reduce usage and indeed not bother getting caught up in any other similar technologies.

So now several years down the line, and having massively reduced Facebook usage, opting instead for wordpress and my blog (WordPress claim to have 24% of the global web trade and that is massive, perhaps they again one of those higher top level companies or a subsidiary in disguise).

So Twitter of course a very differing beast, according to what I read and was informed by other outlets and sources. Twitter was for “one liners” kinds of interaction’s and a never ending supply of headlines that you could pick and choose as to following or otherwise. In fact I think BULLYING and so on and bad attitudes and all those negative connotation have perhaps been highlighted more on Twitter than they ever were on Facebook, though I could not really comment having avoided signing up to many of these other services.

The Blog could have been entitled “Perkins Unplugged” or some such though that of course suggests some fame or pre-existing level of AUTHORITY on some subject matter, of course who among the potential 7 billion audience is not to know that you are an unknown in your own locality or territory and so on, think Singers such-as Robbie Williams who can afford to live Hollywood, though be unknown beyond the Take That/Robbie Williams sphere of most of the rest of the World.

So yes the technologies enable just about anyone to make a name for themselves, or create and craft some franchise or image that gains audience etc. Yes traditional mainstream establishments are also represented, as are NEXT GENERATION family members of famous peoples, though opportunities are there for those that want Fame Fortune and have an appetite for self-branding and mobility.

Anyway ever since Windows 10 downloaded, I seem to have been linking up various accounts (some used others unused, that I have across multiple providers (Windows 10 perhaps a final stepping stone to taking peoples into the land of Higher Integrative Communications Systems and CLOUDS) of course when you do link you are often asked to sign up to others etc.

So anyway I signed up to Twitter under one of my invented alter ego book like characters (that I did not pursue in developing) and then started to follow instructions for usage, a couple of hours ploughing through instruction and then adding and following all these people, left myself with Twitterwhelm, if such a condition exists.

So I am now likely to return to Twitter though strim back the lists of peoples and personalities, that I added. The service seems to operate differently on differing devices depending on whether I use an app or regular website login.

So I do not know how my experimentation will go, though can of course simply witness and monitor without taking part, (aside : I used to be good at one liners, though writing lengthy blog articles has made that the norm so will have to find some happy medium perhaps). Much like most or many of those I added simply using Twitter as a quick sales pitch or pointer to other sites.

So What else is going on?

Well today is of course the Anniversary of the “Alice In Wonderland, White Rabbit”, “Princess and The Frog and the Arabian Knight Movie Director” stories.

Though in Obituary terms this weekend has been quite busy, I seeing multiple references to an author whose work I read “Oliver Sacks”, predominantly as part of my research, he covering realms and topics of mental health and awakenings and so on.

Likewise across the pond we have the death of Wayne Dyer, he also another author I have read in recent years, though more as a “how to” guru within my studies.

We are also seeing the death of Wes Craven famed director of Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, the former film interestingly I think for Johnny Depp early film career appearance, another interesting piece of TRIVIA is that the actor who played FREDDIE KRUEGER (whatever the spelling) was also a star of an alien invasion TV series entitled V. They were invading reptiles harvesting humans as food, and the series grew its own relative sized cult following. Why do you say this, well the big FUNNY is that the FREDDIE GUY joined the human resistance and became a kind of Alien Vegetarian, and of course got to appear more as his own appearance perhaps than otherwise.

There was another famous death obituary that I had intended to mention, though it slipped my mind as I was writing, I shall probably see a report later again on one of the very many outlets as news seemingly travels around the various clock and time zones that we find ourselves existing within. So I had not intended to focus on Celebrity death and obituaries, though that was really what was trending for myself on multiple links and so on.

Yes I can also of course see materials as to Miley Cyrus and MTV awards, though strangely actually opted to not bother following many major Stars and Personalities, I will perhaps check out a block or group of such characters at a time and see who is genuinely appealing and who is simply “been there, done that, worn the T-Shirt” and so on.

Yes this blog stayed uninteresting for good reason, with occasional spicy seasoning, though likewise as said previously, whilst it can be fun to play and fun to debate, you really can be better of simply once having explored your own inner taboo’s as to thoughts feelings and so on, simply direct things in more inspirational directions, in terms of the questioning strategies.

So will I be publishing my Twitter details, well they can probably be hunted down easily by some folks, though likewise I am simply making decision as to whether the site has any viability as to my contributing or indeed learning.

So I may or may not publish a link or identifier at some point, though at present am simply seeing what the shape of the landscape is, and whether or not to continue of course probably depends on the choices I make as to whom to follow or indeed otherwise.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

A New GTLD is What I Really Really Want

So yes anyone who goes and research’s internet naming rights and brands and indeed what is going on at present with ICANN will see that the 6 bodies that are allowed to issue Global Tier Level Domain names (GTLD’s) and there lower level brands and current internet providers are adding additional tier level string modifyers, yours for this yearly or monthy sum and so on.

So where once we typically had .com

And then moved onto

Now we are at a point where City and Brand identifiers have been added over the last year or too and many a Corporate enterprise (such-as Amazon) has its own .amazon range of pointers and directions to their websites and so on. (Much like Directory Listings from telephone books and of course the more modern name for databases).

So I thought ah-ha cut out the low level reseller service providers and see what I could create myself and typically ICANN has process upon process that Corporations and Business and individuals have to go through in order to be enabled and allowed to use particular designations, the process and obligations and financial side of things typically perhaps scares individuals such-as myself of, hence such processes being carried out by larger organisations who then allow and enable portal and gateway kinds of access to end users, for

At present for instance if I go to an end user service provider, you will find tags such as .London or .uk or .restaurant and so on and I think that whilst they are being made available now, a very long process has been worked through in order to guestimate what the business realms and so on might require, and indeed my service provider for present sites typically asks for a extra £1 or £2 per month to utilise the new tier level string identifiers and so on.

So I thought what I really want is

Now .david is available according to ICANN (at least in registry terms)

And .hereford is available according to ICANN (at least in registry terms)

Though .uk is of course a reserved Country specifier, that we have to purchase via those companies that are already legally allowed to utilise and sell Country designations.

So of course the likelihood is that eventually some local trade or tourism entity might decide that having a .Hereford string could be quite useful, though like most smaller cities and so on, raising the funding and going through the various processes for such things can take time and indeed why would you do that unless you were going to get some kind of return on the investment.

So local Hereford organisations that want .Hereford would likely want some specialist company that deals with and knows the ins and outs of the ICANN like awarding bodies so that such processes and so on can be rubberstamped.

Likewise of course given how few top level domain companies exist, and how many higher level resellers exist, you want as much exposure campaigning as possible and typically many of the competing companies do in fact agree on the general “roll-out” of many such tags and identifiers and so on, typically you will see the same tags and labels on competing websites because the success model is often built on so-called Feedback and return models.

As an aside, I purchased My Surface RT several years ago and as suggested I love my little All-in-one pad/computer to bits, though the RT variant did not take off and has limited support and the Surface range was changed and adapted as consumers gave various feedbacks. In fact when you look at the ranges growth you see that the Surface 2, also was fairly ignored by the public though by the time Surface 3 was released Feedback shifted and people started declaring that the Surface 3 was fantastic and award winning and so on. (I mention this because Surface 4 is said to be appearing in the near Future (and if I could just raise the funds for some new gadgets, I would in all likelihood given my positive experience with the pad jump to a later generation version).

Anyway returning to the labelling issue of course, you will see special offers gradually appearing in hoping to entice business and start-ups to purchase all the very many string identifiers available for a given website.

Most of us perhaps started out perfectly happy with .com

Though typically all those .net and .org and country codes and so on are often offered as packages.

Many companies can afford such things, where most of us perhaps feel that apart from greater directory listing capabilities, some of those things will disappear rapidly.

Who genuinely wants to have to type, every time they are seeking to narrow down some search criteria or get themselves noticed beyond some local listing directory or phone book.

Especially If you can just have a .uk and so on, likewise that perhaps for many a person the appeal of FACEBOOK and TWITTER and other database held communities such-as Linkedin whereby most of the work and so on is all done for yourself.

So we are constantly fed and told that we need or want these things though when you stop and step back, you very often come to see that you do not actually want need or require the directory listing or indeed possible abuses and so on that can come about via very many a social network.

Yes whether you are pre-threshold raising or post-threshold raising I have come to see again and again that many an auto-pilot for many a sensory system often reverts back to getting sucked into issues and topics and behaviours that are not generally of any benefit to anyone apart from those doing the sellng.

So we can all complain about this that and the other topic of high-lighted debate and we can all step back and WITNESS and reframe topics and issues from a more enlightened position though likewise I do think that words such-as awareness and enlightenment and spirituality and science and politics are often banded about so much that genuinely having good positive and uplifting and rewarding guidance versus alternatives is of course troublesome.

So yes even those with awareness have a tendency to hide behind status quo’s and crowds and so on and given some of the hostile and bizarre reactions on some topics and debates you do wonder what processes are genuinely beneficial to decision making choices and what are just PERFECTIONISMS or IDEALS that fail to live up to the expectation of insatiable appetites of consumerism.

I keep looking over and over again seeking to identify where new TRENDS might be taking World-wide populations (think on what you know of industrial revolutions and rebellions and wars) at present I think I am still struggling to see any significant markers and as is typical, I am of the impression that whilst the Western Powers have typically rushed to remove many of the primary and secondary business sectors within the Western World, to second and third World populations, we still have some demand for those things and indeed replacing INDUSTRY with SERVICES is a troubling topic, because we are already and it can be widely seen massively oversaturated with 3rd party like service sector enterprises and start-ups that are all about feeding consumerism without genuinely CREATING any new Industrial age.

Yes some service sectors such as Tourist related Hotels and restaurants and so on are great, though likewise some famous for being famous personalities are seemingly leading followers into a form or shape of WITNESSING (watching TV and MEDIA) that is non creative and non-interactive and so on.

Yes some brain sectors are said with stimulation to be better for creativity activities and indeed some would argue that self-marketing and so on is taking your future into your own hands, though likewise given the “everyone is an actor/actress” model it an surely be netter to remain focussed upon topics and enterprises that are going to put money on your own table and food in your own belly rather than feeding some actor/actress machine that whilst possibly entertaining does little to remove the rush to ill thought out judgments that typically come to bite us all in the derriere potentially in later life.

Drifting one again I shall say TTFN

You’ve Never Heard of Icann?

So once upon a time, various Military and Science Institutions gradually developed computer communication system networks as the backbone of there own internalised spectrum of communication arrays very often in secret or in small clusters of researchers trying out a something new hypothesis.

Now eventually a British chap working in Europe, Tim Berners-Lee  came up with a design schematic for what later became popularly known as the WWW, though the hard truth  was that much of the backbone and infrastructure already pre-existed and many of the breakthroughs were about all the assorted and independent systems effectively communicating with each other, much like each Country in the World sending a representative to the New Atlantis appearing mid-way across the Atlantic and finding that no-one could use the language they already new.

Digression: Many a person who has taken up the Technologies I recommend has come to see that we do of course have multi-layered thought patterns and cycles across our various sensory input ranges and indeed very often, whilst we all “kind of knew” these things to be inherent within ourselves, very few technologies actually give you physical shifts and changes in awareness to be able to harness or choreograph and coordinate your internalised systems in such a way as to have a major overhaul and reboot.  The idea that mental patterns and thoughts and feelings and repetitions of actions are set in stone does of course serve some folks better than others.

Those who promote choice alongside usage of these kinds of Technologies is genuinely (in my opinion) few and far between, many a person becoming successful as some marketing and communications expert (as each and every person is), very often working from long held intransigent positions as to societal wide beliefs and indoctrinations and indeed believing what external opinion says about them and so on.

So when I first “Officially” studied Hypnosis/NLP (for example), in this instance meaning going out and purchasing products and books related to those wordings and labelling, that was not of course taking into consideration that we spend our lifetimes already going in and out of assorted and very many accumulated TRANCES and indeed the building blocks learnt in childhood as to appropriate LINKAGES and ASSOCIATIONS to make between LABELS and IDENTIFIERS and the differing sensory CATEGORISATIONS and so on.

So returning to ICANN, the reason I mention them is that ICANN is the officially agreed upon organisation that allows and enables companies and people to have the names and website addresses and so on that they apply for generally on a first come first served basis.

Does that matter?

Well originally when the Organisation was created as the Overarching Umbrella Organisation, peoples and persons who speculated upon the future took the gamble to purchase very many a famous logo brand name website and in fact many such purchases turned out to be worthless, because major corporations and companies often had deep pockets and could afford litigation (in some cases) or quite simply to use a stock market listed company name or however.


Well as I have stated on many occasions, and indeed is widely reported within various media, very few Mega Companies and Conglomerates exist as the daily household brand names that we know them for.

Mass production for example in the food processor industry means that foods supplied to differing supermarkets all originate within the same factories, who simply very often change labels packaging or recipe ingredients for a particular brand or indeed mass produced computers and gadgets often originate in very few factories in China, again simply changing to a designated design schematic or brand requirement.

So why am I harping on? Well this week I have found myself deciding I require setting up a new website, and typically whilst I can have little to complain from current provider, I thought I might INVESTIGATE the so-called chain and see if cheaper or better deals could be had.

Those interested in such activities can do so with ICANN, though I myself once again came to see that most companies that we are bombarded with advertisements for “buy your website, hosting, setup a business site etc.” are very often either major companies reinventing themselves or lower tier level resellers.

Resellers typically having portal gateway like functioning to pre-existing automated wheeler-dealer business systems.

So can you get your domain cheaply or cheaper than at present? or indeed find an English based company, Well in scales and measures terms you can once again see that larger US Companies have something of an investment advantage, in terms of populace though many thought to be English Companies are in fact American resellers.

Some British based Companies do exist though typically they target particular market sectors, and many of the mass advertised sites are from international vendors.

Any way, I kind of changed my mind because an error I made on several occasions was to think of some great name or LABEL (for a domain name) and then go through some automated purchase process, that typically, I did not follow through in developing a product or the IDEA anyway.

Example, whilst domain names can be registered for free, most registry companies have built tool and service package deals around the registry service (for X pounds dollars euros).

So create a product and do your art and write your book and so on, and worry or be concerned about marketing and so on at a far later stage, yes you can use the already spent investment as incentive and motivation, though the technology is so fast and outpacing of itself, that historical bottlenecks and squabbles and litigation over name tags and pointer labels is unlikely to happen all over again.

I will have to think on creating a next step process for getting from pre-now and post-now into now-now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

The Best Petrol Head Tribute In The World?

So as many people know, whilst I have mentioned Formula One and enjoying Motor Racing during younger years, I am typical of a generation that finds little to be enjoyed within The Major Worldwide Race Car Series known as Formula One Controlled by Bernie Ecclestone for many years.

Likewise of course I recently mentioned Tom Cruise again in an article and another of his movies DAYS OF THUNDER was a classic in giving character and personality to The American Bowl racers known as Indy Car and whilst I am not a petrol head I noted an article related to a British Racer who recently died in a vehicular accident.

His colleagues giving tribute in Driving The Internationally Famed San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, even though the report is brief and so on, I actually thought Wow, how many Cut-Throat Racers and Competitors in so many Sporting Competitions pay such tributes to colleagues and other competitors whilst “Among The Fans and Supporters and Crowds”.

Very Fitting and an inspiration to those who have lost sight of what led to many a person taking up the very many World wide sporting events and Competitions available.

The Spirit Of The Awakening Sun

So during my teens like many a typical teenager, I took up playing the game of Pool, and finding locations to play the game of pool was somewhat difficult (in the sense that most tables were within public house establishments).  So not to be put off, you tended to find yourself in hidden away back street cafe’s from another era.

One such location within Hereford, England, United Kingdom was a small backstreet establishment entitled The Regal Café; sat alongside an old Bingo Hall and  came complete with greasy fried bacon sandwiches, a couple of cafe tables, a cigarette machine and a JUKEBOX with many weird and wonderful old classic 60’s, 70’s music hits or records intermixed with some modern 80’s music.

The place was located just of East Street, Hereford, and my memory is so bad and so many changes have occurred since that time, that I cannot recall whether it was Aubrey Street or Berrington Street, you can get a Hereford overview map via clicking the link.,+Hereford,+Herefordshire+HR4+0BJ/@52.055152,-2.719446,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x48704a38f2b3ce01:0xb130a7ac7590ce33

So teenagers playing pool in smokey greasy old style café from another era that today would likely be called RETRO though was very real and unmoved by History, seeming to exit within its own little timewarp bubble of reality and inhabited by a weird blend of customers and clientele.

We would march in, put a couple of hours worth of music on the Jukebox for some bizarre rate far below what was priced elsewhere and take over the also excessively cheap pool table and eating bacon sarnies between games and rotating opponents.

Yes I know Paul Newman “The Color of Money” had been popular around that time period though had not actually seen the film as far as I can recall.

That possibly what modern youth lack in a way are those old style hangout and haunts that are not going to break a teenage or youth budget.

Yes so President Obama visits New Orleans and speaks on Hurricane Katrina, whilst my own New Orleans knowledge came about via  that of course famed as a classic jukebox hit.  The house of the rising Sun

(Notice “Ronald Weasley” on Base Guitar), and Organist Eyes darting everywhere wondering if he has correct camera, in the choreography.

I can of course also note to mention Anne Rice VAMPIRE NOVELS set in and around Gothic old style New Orleans (I read them many years later and generally felt that the films did them (book series) little justice as a series, although the major film starring Tom Cruise was of course a hit (I think) and a good film anyway.

The other surprising New Orleans references actually come about via multiple Scooby Doo episodes and films, I know this from seeing the daughters accumulated cartoon collection though suspect that I may have seen some during my own childhood etc.

So I thought rewrite the lyric and then saw a  somewhat short INSTAGRAM release related to the forthcoming THE FORCE AWAKENS from DISNEY PIXAR making myself think of

The Spirit of The Awakening Sun

More power, must  have more power (Darth never said that)

There is, a Spirit, in New Orleans

They Call the Awakening Sun

and its been the ruin of many a vampire

and God I know Shaggy’s one

YES so you start with simple thoughts and then meander and find yourself combining old ideas into a new mix.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So Why AESOP Fables?


Okay, so many Worldwide Sporting Events are known to take place and typically trying to separate cluing systems out in some easy fashion leads (as many of us know) to confusion.

How can we simplify?

Well early sporting events historically were typically individual events such-as those found in ancient Greece and the Olympics.

AESOP of course spoken of as having a huge raft of comparison stories.

Think “The Tortoise and the Hare” and then wonder upon human equivalence and that might lead (as an example) to “The Distance Runner and The Sprinter”.

Likewise of course, we can then come up with an equivalence creature for each and every Athletic Event, again more difficult in modern terms (given so many addition sports and so many sports with props), though when you strip them down you simply require having fun with the ideas.

So a long jumper might be a frog, rabbit, hare, cricket, grasshopper or other jumping realm creatures.

Likewise you then might think what about High Jumpers and Hurdlers and again coming up with a unique identifiable creature for those, likewise once you have established the reduction technique and strategy you are applying you give a kind of OUTLINE, or BLUEPRINT, or SCAFFOLD, that acts as a kind of FRAMEWORK as to your chosen pointers.

So you establish the general empty scaffold like framework or jigsaw like puzzle and keep it open enough for anyone to be able to place their own chosen identifiers and pointers and clues in some 1,2,3 like step fashion.

We can of course identify features and attributes according to our own experience or indeed use pre-existing, pre-established and widely accepted reports.

I posted a Hedgehog earlier and typically they are covered in spikes or pins and needles like body parts.

Is that creature on the end of a Javelin thrower?

Yes once you begin raising Threshold and getting some clarity, it becomes easier perhaps to get those questioning strategies going as to how am I going to format this information for my readership.

I can of course mention that Sam Horn did in fact give some easy reading and useable outlines or structuring methodologies within the Write Well Course.

Typically Don’t Lists were Left Hand Side whilst Do Lists were Right Hand Side and so on, and also various ideas as to where to place differing ideas in terms of spacial percentages, for listing systems and so on.

Yes some of these IDEAS are compatible with my own writings here, although likewise as I have progressed with meditation, I adopted a more pluralistic strategy (in first draft terms) as having mostly let go of many motivations and incentives.


Well it takes myself back to my own internal BIAS’ and being too close to the problem to be able to genuinely step back from it.


Well early failure in gambling and misreading or misunderstanding and miscommunicating information or data, left myself in worse state than seeking some higher independent unbiased neutral level or state of NOT HAVING A VESTED INTEREST.

So yes less fun though in clarity terms and writing terms the witnessing system can be all jumbled mess or reductionist and deductionist.

Elementary My Dear Whomsoever.

So eventually I am perhaps now at that four or five year point that Bill Harris reached after early experimentation with the TECHNOLOGY, of having raised Threshold enough to think I can now craft and develop a system blueprint of some description that I can test and compare with others I have researched and so on.

The problem with modelling early on of course often being in the so-called thick of it.

Stepping back and stepping back and stepping back is not necessarily regarded as a pro-active approach, though can be considered as such in terms of internal awareness and not constantly getting sucked into other peoples nonsense etc.

More later perhaps.


Cheaper By The Million, Are You The Ghost In The Machine?

And who is it that is being punished?

Have You ever…

Visited your bank account in some modern day form or fashion, and found that you were suddenly massively overdrawn, to the extent that any outstanding payments that you are aware of are going to be bounced in spectacular fashion, resulting in legions of emails and texts and money hunters crawling out of the woodwork wanting blood? And indeed bank charges to inform you of what you already know?

Yes strange though true of course, I like millions of others see advertisements, for all these modern day banking services and they are often depicted and as having phenomenally happy customers and families.

I myself of course typically British have always for most of my life at least had a healthy scepticism for advertising and indeed all and anything doing what it says on the cover (so to speak, and not wanting to promote Cuprinol in any way shape or form).

So yes I check bank balance and boom, mental explosion, how can this be? Have I been naughty and drunkenly purchased The Taj Mahal or The Statue of Liberty and then somehow forgotten the delivery charges and add-ons and appendages.

So I can of course state whilst I am on the subject that differing Companies seemingly have very differing methodologies about dealing with peoples and persons who owe them money. Example Early on when purchasing one or two Learning Strategies Courses, I found myself receiving phone calls, from a gentleman handling my account with Learning Strategies, informing myself that payment had been refused by my bank on a couple of occasions, I apologised, it having been my own error in making orders at what were inappropriate times and dates within the automated system, and I asked that all future payments be made at particular days and times of the months and presto, the chap followed my request as to schedule and we had no future problems, because all future payments were scheduled appropriately within an agreed calendar timetable, had I not made the request for all transactions, a likelihood exists that he would have had to have contacted myself on each and every new course I signed up for.

So anyway, Oh My God, my bank is massively overdrawn and I do not know why? Has my card or details been stolen and so on.

This I can mention given Modern Day Global 24-Hour on-line services occurred on a late evening, effectively leaving myself with little recourse, banks still often operate (shape and form) services 9 am to 5 pm within the respective World-wide time zone that the given customer/consumer audience is operating within.

So anyway, concerned and worried and despite using Holosync “Sleep Suite” I found myself within one of those Threshold Stretching Moments of Concern Anxiety Anger, whereby prior or previous situations of a similar nature came back, flooding my sensory experience and typically like most or many average an income person, you come to realise that not only have you dealt and handled such scenes and scenario’s perhaps on a number of occasions, but very often gotten caught up in it all in an unrewarding or undeserving focus of attention way.

So I awaken quite early on and decide to get on the Skype to deal with it, I of course in that initial love/hate phase of Skype usage where I am testing and stretching usage waiting for some secret Skype Assassination issue to crop up, to be able to say, “I knew it, they are just like all the rest blah blah”. (Digression: Probably in thoughts, feelings terms related to that sensory flooding of overwhelm and historical instances of Crisis, thoughts & feelings of being in the deep end or out of my depth).

So phone bank, answer security questions, get transferred to another department, answer further security questions, in hunting down where the charges or bills are originating.

You see, my bank says BALANCE and then an amount and does not show outstanding orders or payments and so on, they only get updated or listed when a completed transaction has occurred. AH-HA.

So I have a balance suggesting some great unknown OUTSTANDING ORDER, though zero information about the ORIGIN OR SOURCE of this issue.

Some of the bank staff have such information though typically, each department only deals with particular issues and complaints and so on, hence being transferred. I can also at this juncture potentially introduce a top 10 list of MUZAQUE, those ever so wonderful, please hold and listen to some muzaque whilst you are on hold zones.

So after seeming like forever and with the help of the various staff we identify that the bank is blaming a Company I purchased some goods from, they having made the same financial requests more than once and my bank still using what they call a HOLDING ZONE; much like the old cheque book system of holding funds from a clients bank, until cleared for transaction completion and so on.

So bank staff recommends contacting Retailer and putting them to rights, before returning to the bank to thank them for their service on this direct line number, so I do not have to go round the houses again.

I contact retailer and have previous corresponded via email systems on earlier occasions, though on this one a we will call you telephone system is in operation, you enter your number and they will phone you in response to the issue in hand, Fantastic I think, though do not have a Skype number that I am aware of so had to give regular mobile number (I have not integrated them all because a somewhat over expensive and underutilised mobile phone company could well soon find itself being dumped via cancellation of a rolling contract I have that is long out-of-date. They charging myself the same for an old phone and limited services as what many modern contracts offer as a minimum service requirement for beginners etc.).

So Retailer calls myself back within a few short minutes (having informed myself of a potential 3-5 minute waiting time), I explain the issue and the retail staff member contacts her billing department and then returns to myself confirming that I have already paid for particular goods and the financial transactions were already completed. She informs myself that the bank is responsible for holding funds for transactions that can never be completed because they already have been.

That of course where the Ghost in the machine comes in.

So bank is holding funds and carrying out all its standard practice on my account via there computer systems, for repeated financial requests from the retailers Computer system, and the real person (on the phone) confirmed that the transaction were already completed, so it is the banks fault as they are the one’s who have the power to release my funds from this duplicate request ENTRAPMENT or Holding Cell or no-man’s land and so on.

The retailers end (in rating terms) was far superior in dealing with my worries and concerns and so on than I felt the bank had been, though likewise toward the end of the call fell into the same BLAME GAME patterning of pointing the finger at the other.

So I can at this point mention the Cheaper by The Dozen Million reference in the title because representatives from both Companies are no playing the childhood “IT WASN’T ME OR US” Game.

That is correct from both of them (in a way.) , because it was the automated computer systems pile-up in timings and so on, how long do you wait to make a repeat financial system request and how do you know if you are making request for already completed transactions etc. (anyone who knows about banking systems can perhaps understand that back-up systems and transactions are also carried out,

So what has likely occurred is that a request was made within one calendar cycle, from the retailer and the bank system acknowledged.

Then a repeat request occurred and the banking system (perhaps having changed cycles) created a NEW acknowledgement for a pre-existing transaction. AH-HA

Yes I when studying Computers and so on, actually learnt quite a bit about the Communicational Organisation and how many of these fowl up and pile ups occur.

Surely it would make sense for banks and retailers to set up a body that creates some new tier level of STANDARDIZATION or TRANACTIONAL ANALYSYS THAT IS APPROPRIATELY SYNC’D, so that such errors are reduced, the problem of course, that everyone wants there ways and standard to be “The Standard”.

So Retailer staff member sends myself email with transaction completion codes, in effect letting myself know that I am correct in already having paid.

I then attempt to contact bank via a number that I was given and found that it was given incorrectly or I wrote it down wrong.

I then return to the original number and once again wait and wait and wait, and then are answered and transferred and transferred again.

What is interesting at this point is that, it does not appear that any bank staff made notes on my earlier complaint calls, effectively giving themselves all plausible deniability as to my having already called earlier and so on.

I eventually did get through to a gentleman who accepted my explanation and informed myself that he would initiate releasing of the funds from the holding cell (so to speak). Although he also said that whilst they would seek to do that very quickly it could take up to 24 hrs (the international computer systems are such that it takes time for new information and so on to get throughout the entire Worldwide systems (I know this from previous knowledge) he also informed myself that any costs incurred (banking charges for being overdrawn and other bounced bill costs etc.) should be directed to seeking recompense from the retailer. Pointing fingers of blame and having frustrated consumers and audience in the middle is not a Solution.

So reality is that a NEW STANDARDISATION SYSTEM probably as a new tier level is required between the banking industry and the retail industry that all can trust and buy into, yes I know some systems such-as paypal and so on exist, though typically that is not the same as having some universally accepted and sync’d system, that does not miscommunicate, or misplace relevant data, that of course perhaps why we each and every one of us might consider ourselves as being akin to banks and indeed why raising your own INTERNAL AWARENESS and Character values and so on in positive and rewarding fashion, can be better than falling into blame game EXTERNAL AWARENESS cultures.

Perhaps akin to that old psychological model of my child speaking to your adult or the ego, and super-ego and so on (cannot recall what the third was at present though it will return).

So yes, perhaps a good 2-3 hours of telephone calls and muzaque and still another possible 24 hr wait to see all the future knock-on effects and ramifications before I can be sure of correction.

Will I chase for recompense, well I of course could and probably should (if I incur overspend charges and so on) though likewise the exceptionally sad truth is

When you carry out analysis and so on

The retailer staff member who was far superior in dealing with the issue, is also potentially the one most would choose to target because of that feeling of actually getting a RESULT.

The bank’s method of playing pass the parcel and long waiting times listening to muzaque and frustrating customers and clients is likely to put most of us of pursuing them, even though in reality it is perhaps banking systems and communications that are tied to older out-of-date practices and ways and means of doing things and so on.

That typical of course that systems that cost millions of pounds and dollars are expected to have long lifespans and strong security, that traditional bankers can talk about in superlative and statesmanlike tones, and modern telecommunication’s systems are consistently adapting and innovating at such a pace that it is perhaps STANDARDIZATION of ADAPTIVE FRAMEWORKS that is required.

So the last or Final Bank Gentleman I spoke to was genuinely helpful and the only retailer member of staff I spoke to was helpful though I still have some releasing to do, on not becoming overly drawn into such matters from a subjective point of view, so much as seeking to bring all to an outcome that is suitable to us all.

Had I not pursued the matter I was informed by the banker that the monies would have automatically been released by the 7th September, the equivalent to an average earner such-as myself as going without any wage or income for over a week to 10 days or more.

Yes get a higher income so such inconvenience fall below your radar as they would with multimillionaires and so on, though typically of course getting to high threshold points and directing your life as you would wish or desire can take time to learn about with all the vary many squabbling factions and very many intricacies, vying to tell you what your focus and orientation and so on should be.

Yes empowerment seems often to be about getting to a high enough level whereby you can trust your own internalised system above and beyond that of external guidance (some that can genuinely be helpful, whilst others typically round and round blame game styles and tactics, of this is how it has always been done).

That of course akin to whether PYRAMID SCHEMES or FRANCHISE SYSTEMS work as well as they could in this day and age.

I charge this because that is what I was charged by them and I have to place my own amount on top etc.

So super inflated versus super deflated

Where does real worth and value exist that maintains itself above and beyond volatile markets and volatile computer systems and volatile children of volatile adults with volatile friends.

Yes I wonder if I can successfully set-up a FRANCHISING AFFILIATE PROGRAMME that is actually a constructive form of SELF-REALIZATION.

So many systems are like a magic roundabout that getting genuine break through’s and feeling some level of satisfaction is again one of those, debatable issues as to


Do peoples champions and consumer organisations “GET RESULTS” or do they high-light topics and issues that are irrelevant to most people and persons that you speak to and live among each and every day and so on.

I am thinking some standardization system from Computer Geeks and Lawyers and Retailers called auto-sue and recompense is in need of setting up, who wants and needs external PIP Chasers and Ambulance chasers, when you can sign up to be your own champion with auto-sue and recompense (systems agreed by these major banks and these major retail outlets)

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

How Have I Benefitted From This Course Or Activity

So I have to admit to having become something of a backslider.

backslider = something of a religious terminology that I heard a lot of in my youth for someone who joins a Church and later perhaps leaves a Church or Group, usually a term used by those still within the Grouping in referencing the individual who has moved on or had a change of Heart or however.

So whilst I learnt the term in relation to religious indoctrination, you can of course regard such matters across the whole life spectrum, as to where you place your attention and focus.

Example = you may have been a fan of some pop group or film series or sporting personality during younger years that you have since decided to no longer follow or be a fan of and so on, and those who remain dedicated fans or followers of such personalities or groupings can call you a backslider.

So I rushed through early levels of Holosync and then slowed down eventually having a break though choosing to follow some associate realm courses such-as the recent Write Well Course.

Anyway, I had something of an ego when originally recording my original affirmations and instead of choosing the scripts provided wrote something of my own, I also at that time was reliant on having to use an international landline to make the phone call and read the script, costing myself something of a small fortune in the process.

So even though I later decided I may be better reverting to a given designer script from the experts, I baulked at all the related costs and so on simply choosing to continue with the script I had written myself.

So anyway I went through multiple -levels and associated courses and eventually slacked off, or became a backslider in the sense, that after raising threshold and no longer having the same thoughts and feelings to many issues and topics of debate and the personalities I found myself encountering, I was pleased or delighted as to results og taking up the assisted meditations and so on.

So yes, I recently decided to go to another level of the programme and also decided that I would rescript the Autofonix Affirmations and in looking for the last time I updated such things found that I had been on the same level for some 2 years which is of course longer than the usual or customary 1 year that much of the blurb and so on recommends.

Anyway meanwhile in doing the Write Well series I was placed in a group that suggested usage of Skype and again even though I heavily grew up as Computer literate and indeed studied Engineering and Computers and Artificial Intelligence, that is also an area where I have generally slacked off, in the sense that many a person who was not interested in Computers and Gaming and so on that I did in my youth has typically taken up those activities in later life (where once I may have been the geek and overgrown child and so on, I can typically perhaps run around pointing the finger and branding and name calling all these dedicated 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+ peoples and persons who have taken up such things (though see little point)).

So anyway I do have a headset for my gadget and signed up for Skype and typically found it highly useful for international group meeting and indeed not incurring the (within my own mind) huge associated phone call costs and so on.

So I thought ah-ha, where once I had baulked at the international landline costs, a phone call required for recording Affirmations and speaking with the Support Staff, still despite modern technological advances somewhat expensive, I thought I shall call Centerpointe Research Institute via Skype and typically found that the huge associated costs were no longer an issue.

So anyone who has a gadget such as a pad device or indeed laptop or PC can likely find that it typically with a headset can be used for multiple realm functioning and very often at a cost that does not please overcharging Mobile Phone Service Provider Companies and so on, just as Computer and Internet services have all become somewhat integrated systems, so have communications whereby whilst we may still obsess with BRANDS for gadgets and devices, you typically can find that technology and heavy cross realm competitiveness has overtaken many of those Corporate Giants sitting on overcharged incomes and so on, that do not fit what is currently humanly possible now.

So yes I spent several years unplugging though now can perhaps see the wood for the tree’s in seeking improved ways and means of going about things, in the choices and options I take.

So elsewhere on Facebook I was advised as to IDEAS such-as chunking down and I did in fact find myself thinking that I perhaps require returning to re-listening or re-doing some of the online principles courses that I took several years ago now within my inner circle account with Centerpointe and so on. Whilst I gained such lessons and learnings via some of the original hypnosis/NLP courses I took, it was only in eventually finding meditation and raising threshold that I was able to better understand the varying levels and layers and ideas as to chunking up and chunking down.

I also found myself returning to checking out the Bill Harris book “the new science of super awareness” that I purchased some time back now on my Kindle account and also of course I think is available for free or very cheaply to people visiting the Centerpointe website.

The book also of course contained video links to various digital recorded courses and again I had not previously followed the links having taken so many a previous lesson and course from Mr Harris. I decided to have a look and the videos were perhaps again repetitions of similar teachings to what he has spoken upon before, though likewise you do have to go with trend and flow of audience and typically he perhaps demonstrating that such things can be done by anyone with a modern gadget at relatively little cost.

So whilst I may have little money (for example) I could still utilising my PC or Phone or PAD and so on record and setup a you tube site and give lessons and learnings as to what my own lessons and learnings can be.

That perhaps demonstrating that anyone at any level of society whether on a big budget or small budget can potentially go into business for themselves exceptionally easily and indeed potentially charge what they themselves feel is an appropriate cost.

So many a course in any given subject has repeat fee’s although likewise, we often early on have our own belief as to what we ourselves will charge and typically some folks will only choose lessons within a particular budget, example I spoke on searching for a new PC within some writings and I can go to Amazon and see what everyone else is doing, or simply choose my budget and so on, and have gadgets galore come up.

So learning to be open to new ways and new options and indeed methodologies can be combined with well-known tried and trusted formulas.

Of course I know for instance that if you put particular titles and identifying labels into parameter engines you typically find yourself being categorised in a particular fashion. Example a factory manager once informed myself that he typically selected factory worker, as occupation on Car insurance forms because he got better deals and prices than putting Manager. So you can of course see that being intransigent and egotistical about given labels and titles can be just as helpful or unhelpful as the MEANING that you give to things.

Yes the video spoke upon issues as to Belief’s and not whether they are TRUE or FALSE so much as are they Resourceful or non-resourceful, that akin to the suggestion I made as to where you place focus upon getting desired results and outcomes and lessons and learnings.

So each and any belief has the potential to be resourceful or non-resourceful at any given moment and instead of always rushing to one given outcome result or intransigence, we can see alternate possibilities or indeed alternate choices and options and take words and phrases in isolation whereby, no one meaning is always true or is always false.

Yes I do repeat that remedies and solutions and the lessons and learnings and awareness has to be tried and tested on an individual basis, and experienced by any individual for themselves and of course convincing anyone or being persuasive is perhaps dependent on what or where any given individual is placing current attention in the present moment now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉