Have You Read Up On The Year 1865

So I recently find myself studying the year 1865 after having simply noticed that the Corporation I am employed by for 8 Hours within each and every 24hrs time period is Celebrating 150 years of existence. Strange though true of course many other alternate occurrences and events are and can be identified within personal histories as well as family histories and indeed within Literature Libraries and great events and so on of a given time period or era.

Likewise of course for those who have taken up meditation and come to greater understand the ways in which time does not really exist beyond a theoretical like concept can often find and trace and weave interlinking ah-ha’s within their own mind set as to how to make best use of any such given information, again that may or may not change the so-called playing field.

Wiki for those that employ google that stuff tactics and strategies can often be utilised in a quick scan browse methodology to read through some of those higher level highlights and see if other linkages are worthwhile in pursuing.

So 1865 as straightforward letter might be ahfe or a whispering efha for those who simply write things backwards, of course progression often leads to that understanding of mirroring and reflection like activities backwards and forwards and up and down and so on and so forth, I initially within my explorations began with some of those most basic’s though quickly found that many an intransigent or self-sabotaging mechanism or mental roadblock or cave-in had occurred on various mental passages and structures and so on. Likewise it can be suggested that regular meditation or indeed other change your brain change your outlook ideas can be utilised to get those reconnections once again working for yourself in a more positive and rewarding fashion.

However many dimensions we believe ourselves to be operating within it does seem that whatever level of personal exploration and advancement you have ascertained that more can be identified as a possible ah-ha what about doing this tactic or strategy.

So yes whilst it is 150 years ago in real world terms, in mental programming and highways terms information threads and leads and related cycles and patterns can of course be thought of within that all time is now kind of a window.

Typical points of interest might be First Woman Doctor, Lewis Carrol Published Alice in Wonderland, Charles Dickens survives a railway crash, Locomotive Speed restrictions first introduced within Great Britain. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln (I think) within the United States still going through the running down of the Civil War during that year and indeed the various changes to SLAVERY LAWS within the United States.

So clearly we can often pinpoint PEAKS and TROUGHS, HIGHS and LOWS and important SCIENTIFIC developments within real history that can serve us within our own bodily Thoughts Become Things Histories, far too many a person understands that they may not be working and utilising all that they can be or become, from a fully integrated and knowledgeable operating system of these programs because typically many a person has not fully followed raising Threshold or indeed following linear and indeed non-linear paths and highways to appropriate conclusions.

The further I myself have progressed the more I have typically come to be more open to understanding the operations between brain hemispheres and indeed what might or may not be regarded as fundamental differences in attitudes towards issues of MOTIVATION and INCENTIVE and indeed many other subject matter often boiled down to the two sexes either mail or female. Yes some folks choose somewhat strange and irrational paths and come to event stranger conclusions, though my own studies have often meant having to kind of identify with some strangeness’ in-order to be able to release such things if they are incompatible with perhaps how I myself wish or desire to be seen and identified and so on NOW whatever my present level and expertise or otherwise of awareness, the difference perhaps between becoming ever more a self-authoring self-improvement package or indeed intransigent alternatives.

So we all perhaps want to be able to say “I am the way the truth and the light” in some kind of a biblical fashion, though typically then demonstrate those things in being or finding some level of being consistent and some level of being concurrent with new teachings and learnings and being congruent in understanding that ever deeper levels of awareness can seemingly brought to conscious light and indeed greater TRANSPARENCY.

Strange though true and it is something I have perhaps historically suffered from myself was a lack of transparency, because quite simply when you are forced into siege like isolation and living under constant fear and threats, whether from society or bosses or colleagues, you typically seek to identify cause and effect factors, strange though true and clearly I have spoken on Hereford being a somewhat Local for local people kind of place, many a person given the choice between too external identity branding’s would often choose the most extreme option, even stranger typically doing so with some kind of secret humour that typically is not a real understanding of the cause and effect parameters or indeed what really matters to any given individual within any given empirical system of measures and scales, do you choose your own identity, or simply go with some crowd or herd like mentality to fit in, though find such things do not sit comfortably with yourself, because some peoples and persons have slave trade attitudes toward employment and peoples and persons within their so-called remit of control or powerbase.

Clearly of course once you have raised threshold and gotten those more life enhancing and personally empowering mental systems and channels open and indeed operate perhaps in a confident though possibly humble fashion you can typically come to see where your EGO may have been leading you astray previously.

I have found with progression that much releasing of seemingly captured lies and deceits and dishonesty and negative thoughts feeling and attitudes have been shifted from, in that I no longer carry those behaviours and am seemingly able to withstand being on the receiving end of such malpractice and behaviours from externals than I may have been previously.

All such things of course related to your own progress, though typically I have spoken over and over again on the issue and topic of win/win versus win/lose and matters as to true and false binary 1’s and 0’s. Typically of course once greater capacity and awakening is opened up to within your body/mind/spirit you are less prone or possibly inclined to being shut down again, by less than enlightened individuals, or by individual’s whether stranger, or family or friend or colleague, who may or may not have your own best interest at heart.

So we all typically want to feel that we are operating and indeed communicating from being in alignment with best practices and indeed appropriate strategies and tactics to ever increasing ah-ha’s and well developed understandings of the very many arguments and counter-arguments and so on for what are the most appropriate belief systems and enlightenment systems to be operating from.

Yes so I noted a year and studied that year further and uncovered a number of very interesting events that the information may well be utilised for in alternate realm zones and in cross realm interpretative capability and capacity also.

So of course anyone who has studied some historical science knows that generational like progressions were made as to the ORIGINS of various beliefs and knowledge bases, typically early chemistry and physics and biology teachers in developing and exploring came to some well-developed conclusions as to the benefits of descriptive capability and internal external thinking, 1st person and 2nd person and 3rd person degrees of enhancements and indeed how weather systems were typically regarded as early god like systems by many tribes about the World and so on.

How many groups and subcultures have identified and utilised the same mechanism’s and kinds of IDEAS whether called SCIENCE or otherwise to lead to ever greater explorations of what can be achieved and what conclusions and theories best exemplify many of the conditions and sufferings that all of humanity faces again versus, what is the best dynamically steered approach to over-coming present obstacles that are potentially blindsiding myself to greater truths or indeed improved financial and spiritual wellbeing and so on.

Yes understanding thoughts before things and indeed progressive stages of development can of course in theory be leapt by imagination above and beyond science hence the importance of the Arts within society and indeed understanding that all are actors and actresses and some thoughts feelings attitudes and behaviours are well meant and taken from higher positions upon the hill whilst others are simply desperately clung to through ancient mental highway FEARS and possible beliefs that in reality no longer exist beyond some ABSTRACTLY BUILT MEMORY within the brain or mind set of the beholder.

We can recondition ourselves to become the all brand spanking new set of attributes and beliefs and values as opposed to clinging to mental constructs that are not a reflection of the day to day reality that we all very often have to face.

Yes even when we have already found ourselves with long held commitments and promised and vows to keep, we can of course ask if those constructs and commitments and promises are still VALID given what we know now as enlightenment teachings versus what we potentially new previously though may have not trusted or indeed may have entered into in some naïve fashion through alignments and desperations and events that were not of our own genuinely cause/effect making.

The classic quote within many a superhero realm is of course relational POWER RESPONSIBILTY equations, though typically of course we can come to see that in electrical systems and power transformation systems that some shifts are required to have those very large mental breakouts and new sights and IDEAS operating.

Who would have thought that the power of the atom could create such devastation in terms of bombs and likewise be realised as a fuel system for cities and satellites and secret trans-dimensional aircraft and space ships and so on.

Yes are we in understanding of so-called sign of the time, and how do such things affect us personally and subjectively versus the invented objective that unless operated upon from some neutral field of enterprise and endeavour will always likely crop up and bite us upon our derriere.

Thank you for reading and God Bless and yes I write more and more because we seemingly exist within a World of frameworks and superstructures that perhaps potentially require some improved well attuned and enlightening content fillers. 😉

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