What Are The Minimum, Maximum, Median Degrees Of Divination

So of course, I have written again and again, on the most basic of facts that we all of us perhaps learn many of the thinking and stepping stone linkage strategies quite early on within our lives and likewise it is of course never too late to create or develop such abilities further and indeed improvements within such abilities if we do not feel our conscious attention and focus and so-called windows of conscious attention are where they can best serve us in a quality organised and uniformed fashion and manner.

So we can of course dismiss the word divination that I use within the title if we are not of a mind to use such religious associated wording, though typically that is often seemingly an early mistake, in the sense that each and every word label can be taken in isolation and potentially use as a STARTING POINT.

So that is akin to taking a pile of random words mixing them in a bowl and then drawing them out one at a time in some seemingly randomized fashion, much like a lotto draw perhaps, though it has been demonstrated by heavy SEARCH PROCESSING SYSTEMS that even presumed and assumed random patterns can throw up consistent probability patterns and cycles.

I think I spoke on this in having belonged to a BONUS BALL group for a short time period, and the reason the shortness of my belonging to the group was quite simply that for the most part everyone kept the numbers they had chosen early on at the start and long term group members and peoples perhaps typically had chosen known regular winning balls that defeat the statisticians again and again.

What is defeating a statistician?

Well simply put all EXPERTS will often or SHOULD explain that each draw is a new beginning point of any given CALCULATION SEQUENCE.

They will also explain that over some designated time measure and scale that all will even out (in statistical terms).

However all any CLEVER CLOGS has to do is say that I [INSERT YOUR NAME] born on [INSERT DATE OF BIRTH] choose this number that consistently appeared regularly within the Lotto between the years [Insert Lotto Start Date] and [Insert Present Date NOW].

So a great deal of information is provided that is used to skewer and query the basic FACTS, things such as differing sets of balls, and differing lotto machines, all also POTENTIALLY NEW STARTING POINTS, however each and every instance is akin to a NEW THREAD BEGINNING or indeed a linkage to the LAST POINT in that COMBINATORIAL THREAD, clearly I again can state that within a couple of years of the lotto beginning I noted patterns whether consciously or otherwise and found myself able to consciously or non-consciously select numbers that I felt best placed to appear, and I am sure I am not the only one who managed to get fairly regular small winnings in that fashion, likewise when the LUCKY DIP MODEL was introduced, I gave my own selecting abilities AWAY in utilising the Lucky dip because we were told it would create more winners, and in many ways I have regretted it (my laziness) ever since, because I began losing more consistently than the winning I had experienced in selecting my own numbers previously, psychologically of course once you have let go of the THREADS and MONITORING of numbers it can be difficult to pick such things up again, or indeed simply demonstrate that if you have a model of excellence that works above and beyond the given standard model that you should not believe or buy into systems and IDEAS that run against the grain of what you are already achieving.

Yes you can of course also identify when a STREAK has ended or run its course, whether regarded as lucky or random or otherwise and shift or gear yourself toward the new model that is EMERGING.

So a typical example is within the Football where we saw Manchester United dominate the Premiership for many years, and gamblers (supporters or otherwise) would likely have cashed in on the FAVOURITES ARE FAVOURITES FOR A REASON incentive and indeed other pointers such-as level of consistency and so on, the fact that they are doing less favourably now is irrelevant, if you can cash in on a consistent team or individual who is at the top of their game or sport within a given realm, so typically of course we are hearing as to DOPING FEARS within ATHLETICS though all I myself would suggest is that we often hear some folks saying


When in reality given that all life consists across all realms of decision flow charts and systems of feedback and return processes:-

GAMBLING IS A DECISION TREE FEEDBACK AND RETURN SYSTEM and the mental pathways and highways that you utilise to establish such understanding and changing the way you communicate with yourself can make all the difference.

So again even if all sports peoples and persons are demonstrated to have cheated the regulators in some fashion or manner of doping, are all those who backed the cheating winners at those points in time going to return the winnings to the bookmakers?

Yes of course that is the kind of DOUBLE STANDARD zone that many are HOOKED and HINGED into, though I would suggest not losing any sleep over such matters, because again you typically can only operate with what is in front of you now and historical and future speculations are again very often DIVERSIONS from any given person’s PURPOSE or OBJECTIVE, the 0.0003454 Interest Earned on your saving’s with some bank of a flutter at a gambling website that results in a 2x or 3x or 4x increase in your monies and so on. Of course the problem is often one of consistently choosing wisely and removing your own blindfolds and indeed BIAS’S if you have such BIAS’S or indeed re-sculpting and reshaping you’re BIAS’S towards more genuine options as to truth.

Take your current mental model dirty covered glass window pane and start cleaning the glass so you can see through to the next pane and clear that pane until eventually you end up with some fibre optic like model of mental superhighways and so on.

So some folks dismiss some CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE capability because they feel they cannot work out or establish the necessary patterns and cycles to be monitoring.

I was going to publish an ARTICLE 5 Degrees of Divination, something akin to a phrase mentioned by Same Horn within her course and of course the classic Kevin bacon game mentioned here numerous times.

However at the most basic of IDEAS we can say 1 DEGREE of SIGHT, 1 DEGREE of SOUND, 1 DEGREE of TASTE, 1 DEGREE of TOUCH, 1 DEGREE of SMELL.

That of course potentially a top set of categorisations for utilisation of senses, though we typically also know that they require communicating and meditation experts typically demonstrate that you have to reduce or change or modify everything to one interactive process hence IDEAS as to a Legendary 6th Sense or Degree of Separation built up from the other 5.

However I like the 5 Degree’s of Divination because as a whole being that process already exists within each and everyone one of us and typically we can develop the means and capabilities to seek to enhance those where we feel lacking in some fashion.

This is all predominantly a regurgitation of previously written materials, though in seeking ever finer detail of symmetry and CORRELATION between the very many cross realm interpretations, we know that we can fine tune ourselves specifically towards how we describe and give out information AND COMMUNICATE in general.

I was also going to go down the PATH of Symbols & Signs (most people’s say signs and symbols) however when you think about it you typically may find that the symbol itself is transformed or transmutated into a SIGN by the relationships and meanings you make to the symbol.

So you see a TREE and can stop at that juncture, or turn the TREE SYMBOL into a SIGNPOST MARKER of SIGNIFICANCE that points to Leaves or Pines and the colour may give reference to a Season, and the smell may give reference to a variety, and the sound may give reference to the environmental conditions, and the touch may give reference to textures (rough, smooth etc).

So again all capabilities that we have often learned to the degree of dismissing them at young ages, though typically with some sensory focus and indeed meditation we can re-evaluate such things and give them differing perspectives and angle and reframes.

So typically within many a story you find peoples and persons who are extreme calculators of overcompensating for what they believe the inaction of others and likewise you get undercompensating where the trail has not been calculated far enough into to get to some new ah-ha’s going.

I recently watched the 2nd in the Davinci Code “Angels & Demons” and that was typical of “Just in time” methodologies to investigative systems, where by everything was shown to be already too late or indeed Hero arrives Just in time, of course that is not to be confused with Justinian Time (some ancient Roman Italian Ceasar like figure) or “just in time” stock control systems, utilised and created within Japan and later spreading out to the greater World of Retail Systems.

Typically that method says Order goods to replace goods, and that is how many a system now operates world wide rather than retailers and Companies having vast warehouses of stored and paid for goods and supplies, they purchase and buy them when they need or require them.

However most Companies have found that whilst the Core Thread of the System is excellent in terms of good Fiscal and Financial Management, that you do require ALTERATION for the success or otherwise of investment in NEW PRODUCTS and SEASONAL VARIATION (Christmas, Easter, and various HOLIDAYS, that most nations have their own LOCAL MARKERS for), however in Global Chain terms it can be too easy to get side tracked by those variance, or indeed likewise not pay them enough attention.

So when statistics are gathered and studied by ANALYSTS or indeed Computational Algorithms designed to find Patterns and Cycles within datasets, you often have to ACCEPT what the data and so on is telling you ABOVE and BEYOND what your own inherent BIAS or EXPERTISE or EXPERIENCE may be telling you, of course that once again a question of alignments and the threads or chains or clue trails or otherwise that you may be presented with.

Typically of course, many a Computer system is DISMISSED as not being SENTIENT or CONSCIOUS or having CONSCIENCE, and therefore not worthy of the Greater HUMAN Functioning and Capabilities and Capacities.

The alternative argument is of course to set the Most Modern Supercomputer systems the task of identifying the threads and clues and best sequences of actions and probability studies and then taking them in either consciously or unconsciously in a more all-encompassing integrative fashion so we ourselves are more in alignment with those capabilities ourselves than otherwise, yes the argument goes that man creates and computers simulate, though typically computers have been redesigning and creating better models from better inputs for years and years and we can surely do the same within our own lives.

The difference perhaps between raising oneself up to a more neutral mastery of a given learning topic or dataset and getting bogged down in side issues and irrelevances that do not genuinely reflect the true nature of the World at Large.

So personal growth and development can often been reviewed from the perspective of what you know now to how you were thinking feeling and acted previously and whether you have learnt to DISCERN between FACTS and FICTIONS and remove the potential of the very many inherent BIAS’ that we can accumulate though out our lives.

They say the successful learn from modelling the successful and it may well also be suggested that just as super Disney Goody Two Shoes Models can be taken to extremes that we can also take the alternate versioning’s to the successful extreme.

Examples typically of course a Coloured Chap Barack Obama entering the White House, is a success in terms of winning and Audience Appeal and so on, we can also in Cold War Terms say that the Russian Putin (whilst being portrayed as evil Eastern Emperor from the days of Cold War Past) is also a success.

So the success or otherwise of any given individual has to be given an APPROPRIATE frame of reference point in-order to ESTABLISH CRITERIA and indeed understand the relative scales and measures and Environmental Conditionings that brought such events to those CONCLUSIONS and of course how we COMMUNICATE and SUMMARISE such things.

What are beneficial points of focus and concentration, and what are non-conscious pointers to Health issues or other issues that we may or may not have addressed within our own life realms.

So I was also going to publish some articles on DEMOGRAPHICS of AUDIENCE APPEAL and questions as to so-called Dynamic Steering and whether such systems also require some Dynamic Superstructures or more malleable adaptive strategies that are built around more life enhancing and life empowering systems of belief than otherwise.

We can of course ask, what within THIS STORY /BOOK/ MEDIUM /FILM/TV/RADIO/GAME gives us the best feedback and return’s to continued hook and hinge buy-ins and so on.

So does the superstar actor/actress make us go to the cinema to see the film irrespective of reviews being given that are good/bad or indifferent. Does the story (we may have read) cause us to want to see the film, does it being part of a series require that we see the film.

Does the reputation of Director, Publisher, Producer, cause us to want to see the film.

We can of course ROTATE through each and one of the very many dynamics to see how we ourselves can potentially craft a fantastic story that fits all the expectations of a given AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC though likewise can also pin point and change a STORY to SHOCK and AWE or introduce NEW variations or indeed stick rigidly with a known winning formula.

All Strategies can be appropriate and correct though it does seem to bring up issues as to persistence and confidence and going through the so-called artistic pains and-or otherwise to weave our own success or indeed acknowledge our successes and celebrate success rather than take some I am being humble to hook and hinge you.

Yes appeal can come in all shapes and forms and with many twists and turns though typically the underlying core or scorecard for many a realm and for many abilities and interwoven threads within people’s lives and so on are the very same, when we take away so-called Peripherals that are given credence that deserve none, we can also of course seek to identify what the clues or seeds of enlightenment may be from those things we ourselves consider peripherals that others strangely want to make front and central.

Strange though true and given the very many realms I have found myself working in up to this stage and point within my life, I can very often see that there is a lack of wisdom in the alignments of individuals who CLAIM to be representative of a Company through job title or being CHOSEN for the post by an employer , though typically many people are operating on non-conscious EMPIRICAL ACTIONS and BEHAVIOURS that are not APPRECIATED by the Company’s and Corporations that are employing them.

So we can all choose greater levels of awareness and enlightenment and we can also all refine the decision making process’s and understand that all is subjective and many a subjective conditioning can return to bite us in the Derriere if we do not learn to act in the moment Now instead of returning or desperately clinging to out of date strategies thoughts and feelings that are not relevant to how an Environment operates now in terms of congruence or consistency and without fear within the interaction of relationships. All too often we fall over ourselves and self-sabotage because we have OVER calculated or UNDER calculated instead of bringing things to some stasis of equilibrium and stepping up to a higher place on the hill and so on.

A fine line of course can be demonstrated to exist between the inter relationships of individuals and groups and indeed numbers and once you are in the so-called sweet spot zone of inter relational communications and understanding that we ourselves give meaning and that our meaning may be very differing from that given by someone else, we can PROGRESS.

Typically of course, many an INTRANSIGENCE comes about because of EXTERNAL FACTORS being misunderstood or indeed because people are AFRIAD to upset some given life realm applecart.

Clearly I enjoyed the Write Well course running concurrently with the Future Mapping course though one was with Homework’s whilst the other perhaps requires more aptitude to go and do the work for yourself and see what conclusions and events differ to how you believed things were previously.

Yes I have other courses also that I have studied again and again though in integrative fashion I do think that the timing and parallel like timing of the course was beneficial and I do wonder as to what other parallel running concurrent courses may be occurring in future.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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