So What Can Anyone Write At The Present Time One Wonders

Yes of course as anyone ages it perhaps becomes less of a shock as to so-called Obituaries and I think Cilla Black is one of those who perhaps established herself within the National Consciousness over a prolonged period of time, though in all honesty she perhaps like many others experienced many highs and lows within her Showbiz career, known as a pop singer at the Height of the Swinging Sixties and as a TV show presenter during the 1980’s, so perhaps a demonstration that early fame and fortune was perhaps off-set with bringing or raising her kids out of the limelight before once again embarking on Showbiz career, this is of course speculation, though kind of makes sense to myself as someone who skims media articles and news as opposed to swallowing each and every article hook line and sinker.

Elsewhere of course we are hearing that Legendary Former Conservative Prime Minister Edward (Ted) Heath is being investigated for alleged child abuse offences, once again in terms of speculations, one can wonder as to how much was known by the Establishment Circles and Corridors of Power that he circulated within. Clearly the at that time exceptionally surprising rise of Margaret Thatcher could well have been strongly related and linked to that Gentleman’s activities and indeed Establishment wanting to gloss over such things hastening his departure and her rise.

Yes little is gained as to speculation though these things do seemingly fall into the realm of “You could not make it up”.

Yes I recently found myself watching House of Cards, or rather the American Versioning of House Of Cards starring long time in London actor Kevin Spacey, giving a very American twist to the Political ins and outs and wheeler dealings this time in Washington (Capitol Hill) and I have to say, that whilst I am perhaps out of TV land viewing loops, that the show is great and I will likely decide to watch or take in a few more episodes, they have apparently made 3 seasons and I typically have watched the first half dozen or so shows.

Many of the Main Elemental Ingredients that made the United Kingdom Show so popular (for myself) are included and whilst portrayals and outward Political styles and some n’er do well activities are perhaps more graphic and in your face, the underlying themes of the stories and style and manner of presentation really do feel that a level of depth exists in that the team who put the American show together “Did their Homework”. That can often be the make or break point for Audience Appeal within differing Demographics or quite simply things become lost in translation (whether those “things” are styles, phrases, core identifier latches). So I perhaps whilst not having seen the English Edition for some years, was a “potentially” pre-existing buyer or purchaser/viewer though also ready to get the knives out and savage the show should it not feel have or be as authentic as one would like “In Comparison”. Yes a small selection of taster shows was viewed although early indicators suggest I can relax and just be shocked and awed at this presentation or versioning of American Politics and Journalism and Charities and so on.

No they are not real though perhaps a typical versioning of just how RELENTLESS life within some realms can seem and I am sure that with or without my commentary the show will go on, perhaps already having demonstrated that with 3 seasons already having been created.

I have of course spoken previously on a seeming dislike of London (that I have) , that strangely has a somewhat Dick Whittington Effect on some peoples and persons even within this day and age, though typically of course I could quite simply say well whilst as a Tourist I might be more than happy to visit the Palace and a Museum or Two and so on that generally many “London Appeals” are simply that and do not stand up to deeper depths of investigation.

Many an Establishment Figure or Business Figure or Royalty claims a London Address though few seemingly genuinely live breath and soak in the place 24/7 365 days a year and so on, typically opting for alternate out of London address’ (because they can), That perhaps the difference as to choice and options versus otherwise, typically perhaps topics of discussion that those feeling trapped within such Environments have little desire to go into greater detail and depth upon.

So like all bigger Cities you can perhaps suggest that it is a bigger melting pot and easier (for any individual) to drop into insignificance, in terms of so called scales and measures, anyone who has a name fame or reputation elsewhere about the United Kingdom, can perhaps disappear far more easily where a greater level of competition exists.

So the all alone Comedian can find many comedians, the all alone model, can find many models, the all alone, social climber can find many social climbers, etc.

Yes once again what you focus on perhaps comes to the fore and likewise, your own willingness to being open to new things or otherwise, if something is typically an old thing being dressed up as something differing, mutton dressed as lamb, wolf’s in sheep’s clothing and so on.

Yes elsewhere talk of plane wreck pieces being originated from appropriate source.


PLANE WRECK PIECES have appeared on Reunion Island and the saying wrong plane, wrong plane is ridiculous.

The resultant DEATHS on this plane falling out of the skies is more important than the resultant DEATHS of that plane falling out of the sky.

Strange though true, why are people getting into LOST territory, we’ll have survivors showing up soon having lived on desert islands that they swam day and night to reach in shark infested waters and…

Yes elsewhere of course the Annual Hiroshima Bombing Debate once again appearing and perhaps even more difficult for Japan to think upon given the more recent year events surrounding Nuclear Power Station Failings.

The Japanese of course have demonstrated again and again the ability to Bounce Back as a race and one does wonder of course the direction they will take in future. Typically the Japanese market has apparently become ever more isolated or internalised in the sense that being very Tech Savvy and so on and having perhaps not monitored the greater wider World.

Yes I saw a report a few months ago suggesting that all the very many Mega Japanese Corporations and Models and scales of industry were unable to keep up with Growing Tiger Economies and so on, the Japanese “POTENTIALLY” now suffering in the same fashion that Western Countries suffered when they themselves were on the rise.

Protectionism occurs in some form and variant within most realms and typically we have the Contender Countries doing their own versioning of Rocky versus the Establishment and Japan in Corporate and Global Economy Terms are Establishment along with the rest of us more Western Countries.

Yes any Country can either go through the pained years of Thatcher like policies and politics or indeed resist such things, we in the UK still I personally think suffering some kind of a major Societal wide HANGOVER and mini-backlashes such as the Heath cover-ups are going to be seen more and more, and that is not helped by all these LONDON, LONDON, LONDON BIAS’ occurring when we are supposedly moving into a time of GLOBAL, OPERATE FROM ANYWHERE SUCCESSFULLY within your Country IDENTITIES and


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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