Night Time Photo Earlier this year.

WIN_20150807_204242 (2)Evening Time Photo taken Today.

Yes strange though true of course one of the few benefits of being out in the garden smoking (having spent most of my smoking life choosing the outdoors as the place to smoke) is that when you HEAR loud rustling noises and chomping and so on you can investigate.

The garden seemingly a regular haunt of local Hedgehog population, unfortunately whilst some birds regularly nest in closeby tree’s and bushes and a bird table is available for them to feed upon, the Summer where you might expect to see small garden birds the most, seems to be the time I see them least explanation:- the local cat population often taking up garden positions that scare the birds away, whilst in the more Wintry months it is the Cats who are often opting and choosing more luxurious options and indoors over the rain and so on, the Hedgehogs generally non-plussed by any such weatherings.


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