Who, Moi, Well Oh All Right

So as many a person knows the daughter has regularly visited oneself here in:- Hereford, England, United Kingdom for some 10+ years and in witnessing terms from those visits I have for the most part seen her gradually growing up and getting into this fad and that trend or this activity and developing various attitudes and behaviours of the very many influences she has grown up around, some exceptionally identifiable and others less so.

Anyway having left School earlier this year and prior to going on to College, she decided to visit earlier than normal as she had made herself some extra plans. At some point a trip to London and a visit to Aunty and Uncles in that neck of the woods was arranged, so I am kind of thinking “how cool is that” having relatives and so on living down London way, so not a problem check train times and purchase some tickets in advance so there are no surprises.

So all is done and dusted and step forward Striking Tube Workers whom one personally would normally have little to comment upon.

So I decide now is an appropriate moment to look up a definition of Terrorism, and anyone who does look up such information, would likely find many definitions, and indeed explanations as to why many a news agency or reporting body is usually told to avoid the word Terrorism and use more specific words and phrases, not given to misrepresentation, in terms of hostile acts, if someone says suicide bomber, or wild gunman or however the READER can CHOOSE as to their own interpretation, though typically we see more and more bias’ in some sectors of media than others, whereby some RUSH to USE TERRORISM as a blanket generalisation, when using more unbending or unique and specific identifiers would be more appropriate.

The following is a typical quote from the wiki page that appeared on my google search “definitions of Terrorism”

According to Dr Myra Williamson: “The meaning of “terrorism” has undergone a transformation. During the reign of terror a regime or system of terrorism was used as an instrument of governance, wielded by a recently established revolutionary state against the enemies of the people. Now the term “terrorism” is commonly used to describe terrorist acts committed by non-state or subnational entities against a state.”

So if I align with this quote selected from a well-documented list of quotes and explanations, it is clear that the STRIKING TUBE WORKERS fit this definition.

So returning to the life storying and journaling, Aunty dutifully contacted us and informed us of “Tube Strike” on day of visit, of course having booked tickets and so on and Rose getting more excited as the trip grew closer we COULD HAVE cancelled to a more convenient day, though I opted (given Rose’s age) to let them (she and aunty communicating regularly) make the decision. And in reality it seemed that it was always going to simply be a case of “working around the inconvenience” cancelling was not mentioned, though my own initial thought was hold back a day or something along those lines.

Anyway so day of travel came and there are very many routes available to Hereford folks visiting London, I had expected to find myself heading down to South Wales (Newport Swansea for example) and across, though the train we actually took, headed Worcester way prior to a gradual turning downward and South Eastwood heading through OXFORD and READING route, and I must say that in terms of the train carriages and facilities the Great Western Train Service is seemingly far better than the Arriva Carriages I have travelled backwards and forwards to West Wales for some 10+ years.

Explanation, well differing services perhaps have differing audience, though typically one has often felt that the Arriva trains couple of carriages were typically those favoured for escorting Footballs Fans to and From matches, (take the oldest most derelict graphiti riddled ripped up seats carriages and sell them to Arriva and the Welsh services) (or the underground). Yes Great Western even boasted upgrade to First Class, though typically there bog standard class, is so far above Arriva bog standard class, that it almost seems like First anyway, given to levels of experience and what one is accustomed to.

So yes the trip was typically differing in view as anyone who has long hauled from Wales to London can often explain, whilst Hereford is not Wales we are still typically a region of hills and valleys and so on, and the landscape as you head East typically flattens out and you tend to see greater distances of lowlands and manmade canals and lakes and highways all often crammed into the same chosen sectors of route ways and so on. That one of those other issues I have not spoken on, though is well known, that once some ancient Roman Direct Route was established as fastest route ways and so on, it typically becomes easier to not be so much of a NIMBY (Not in my back yard) about new transport infrastructures using the same land and planning permissions and so on.

Yes many new routes appeared during the Railways earliest take up and the Industrial Revolution, though many disappeared just as quickly seemingly being decided upon as non-profitable. That another issue again as to Business’ running railways, how can you make a PROFIT for routes that are potentially of National SECURITY Importance though generally are not being used by the populations and business’ that could be using them. Typically reasons can of course always be found, though in COACHING terms many such misunderstandings and realization can occur and happen as to why you are being told one thing via media (for instance), when the importance is really elsewhere (hence smokescreens and mirrors) and much unnecessary CONFLICT & CONFUSION through being HOOKED & HINGED on the wrong subject (and where the IMPORTANCE does or does not really exist).

So pleasant journey into London, and London Paddington, where I approached a Policeman at the now closed gates to the underground and asked for some quick alternate service advice, he giving some directions on exiting station and noting number of buses and walkways on streets, so meanwhile Uncle who is picking daughter up confirmed that he left a work business meeting at 5 pm and is making his way across the City. He eventually got to us at just after 7pm a trip that he informed myself normally takes 25 minutes on the TUBE.

So 25 minutes into just over 2 hours on foot, the streets themselves were jam packed, traffic cars and buses and huge numbers of pedestrians, and typically we waiting fairly close to the Station, you can come to see the WAVES of the FLOW of the ins and outs, a herd leaving a station usually suggests a new train arrival whilst a wave arriving at the station typically signifies a just in time mentality to hopping on some just about to leave train.

Anyway I am sure the daughter will enjoy her trip to London, though I typically perhaps used my brief visit to make some perceptual judgments and so on for myself.

I entered the station and caught a just leaving train timed to perfection and whilst the train was jam packed early on it soon seemingly had emptied by the time of reaching Reading and Oxford, typically places such as Slough often all within so-called COMMUTER BELTS, whereby vast swathes of peoples and persons use rail services to and from inner and outer or greater London.

So the journey again was uneventful and even enjoyable simply from travelling on a decent quality train (in comparison to what I have seemingly become accustomed to in the West of England).

Anyway a large and somewhat expensive round trip for the sake of travel though the daughter is now enjoying sights and sounds of Big City Lights and a Star on Every Corner and so on.

Yes I arrived Back in Hereford some 3 hours later around 11 pm and later was informed by Aunty that it had taken her Husband and my daughter some 4 Hours for themselves to arrive home traversing the City to the outer London area where they themselves live, after I had left them.

Whilst my witnessing suggested that it was exceptionally busy on the streets and so on, most people I saw going about were generally in conversation and a generally good atmosphere was noted or perhaps a getting on with it atmosphere existed, some typically workers of course, whilst others tourists or people living 24/7 in a City that often boasts 24/7 lifestyle options and choices, though likewise surely a demonstration that the TUBE not running is an equivalence to ACTS of TERRORISM for many definitions listed within the typical definition of such activities.

Whilst I have little or indeed no knowledge of working life conditions of Tube workers and so on, that is TYPICALLY why Thatcher and the Establishment with the SUPPORT OF THE PUBLIC took on and Defeated so many UNIONS in the first place, I grew up in the early 70’s and can remember bin men strikes or the consequences of such workers not working, streets littered with rubbish and bin bags and so on, The mineworkers of course the Ultimate Seemingly last line in the sand of those fire in the belly Preachers.

So the great debate is often had to who can and who cannot strike and of course REWARDS or SUFFICIENT RECOMPENSE for not taking such action, typically everyone can perhaps have such rights though I would suggest that a City being brought a standstill is doing the job of EXTREMISTS for them.

Everyone of course wants recompense for what they do, though likewise few want to have to pay for others to have greater or less than recompense than they themselves may be getting within any given working life sector.

London typically well known as a double jeopardy City in the sense that prices can be typically higher than outside of London, and travel costs and so on typically stack such weights and measures and scales of reality upwards.

All well and good if you are in the higher X percentages though many of course typically just surviving, the strike of the Tube perhaps a demonstration of such events being GREAT LEVELLERS though that also of course true in many a person having realizations that being level very often only works within Cultures where everybody is operating from the same regime of Organization or Cultural Behaviours.

I happened to hear some folks Talking about Japan whilst on the train journey and how they politely queue to get on trains and tubes and have street vending machines that would be ripped up on the streets of Britain, that is exceptionally differing to British Scrums at the doors and so on. Of course reality perhaps that each and every argument can be countered in some fashion, and likewise living and existing as some Automaton (as many a race can seemingly appear to do about this World) is not always the best GAME THEORY OPTION or CALCULATION.

Yes I was brought up to have and display manners, and act courteously though since releasing and letting go of many CONDITIONED behaviour’s, can make improved CHOOSES as to OPTIONS available and indeed RATIONAL such things on a person by person individual BASIS.

The be polite to all Women and Elderly and so on mentality, many such CONDITIONINGS actually can hugely disadvantage peoples and males in general, because in terms of EXCHANGE and AWARENESS most folks rationalize something for something, does this BEHAVIOUR, ACTIVITY give myself goods thoughts and feelings and so on, and on those occasions where I feel negatively triggered after seemingly being polite and courteous I can go into some versioning of self-inquiry. Very often THOSE WHO PREACH EQUALITY and EQUAL RIGHTS, want to compartmentalize such things in some fashion.

Maybe we should all start by applying to Actors Union Equity for the right to act or perhaps understand that for every closed shop working group that exists, there are always those willing and indeed able and with the capacity to create some competition, the debate then of course as to who is genuinely representing BEST INTERESTS of a given COMMUNITY and who has been given a mandate through History that does not necessarily FIT PRESENT DAY REQUIREMENTS or indeed who is in position to change though lacks the WILL or BOTTLE, or who has sold out in favour of there own comforts.

Yes they say everyone has a price, though very often it is those who preach such things who have sold out, and one can of course seek to NARROW down such things as to what is regarded as a PRICE or AREA of CONCERN or to be negotiated within ones own life, whilst it an also be good to come to an awareness of what is non-negotiable at any time at any price.

Yes stripping everything down to keep it simple and plain and straightforward, seems to become more difficult with age, though likewise being a bull in an environment that regards itself as a China Shop when it is clearly something very differing is an altogether differing puzzle and conundrum.

Yes I work in an Abbatoir and that is equivalence in many ways to a Factory full of Butchers, though one often gets the impression when it comes to wage negotiations, that all concerned about the TABLE and the NEGOTIATIONS have forgotten the CORE job or environmental Community that they Belong or exist within.

Dressed up in PRESTIGEOUS Job Titles and Chains of Management, when in reality when you look at all the CLASSICAL MODELS for Butchers, Bakers, Candlestick makers, they all had some level of core values for the profession, the modern CORPORATE INTERPRETATION of classical profession is often so far away from reality that those with the Reins of Power and Governance and indeed there opposite numbers are NEGOTIATING on THE WRONG DETAIL and importance’s as to where values and best practice and attributes and what the OVERALL COMMUNITY genuinely requires and needs for some positive shifts all round for all aspects of the Industry and those working within such realms.

Wow that was long, anyway daughter been to some place called the Shard apparently, is that short for Chardonay and is that not some Fizzy Wine from some place or region that is internationally qualified to produce fizzy wine.

Yes shards of glass of course well kinown for reflective capability and Agatha Christie once wrote The Mirror Cracked (I think it was her or that title was given to some related work), yes so no matter how many jigsaw pieces you have, the underlying fabric of the Universe can of course be identified or indeed questioned as to what are the so-called GLUES that hold realities and paradoxical Universes and events together or indeed otherwise.

Yes the further I have advanced Spiritually the less emphasis I seemingly find myself place on topics and issues as to material gain and so on though typically one always has others placing and reminding oneself that they are topics and issues and so on that are never too far away from those Herd like peoples who followed in the Footsteps of Arthur Daley.

Yes a classic character easily on a par within the TV realms with Delboy in many ways and I hope George Cole is not trying to put one passed St Peter as he waits at the Gates.

I have of course caught up with some other news items today and in honesty, it does seem that Mr Trump for President is keeping America on its toes, I mean whilst they apparently had him as an Alan Sugar equivalence for The Apprentice or some such show, I have him more on a par with other characters, strange though true, one that sprung to mind was Jeffrey Archer, okay he is a well known British Author and Famed British Politician and Business man who was jailed and wrote about it, though I cannot having made the Archer-Trump Comparison let go of its so easy, there is perhaps some digging to do for some researchers as to why

Someone who knows so little of either Jeffrey Archer or Donald Trump would place those two together and suggest INVESTIGATION, and why not do it myself?

Well I of course, may let you think that, though I could not possibly comment.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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