Dave S Perkins “Under The Influence”

So I of course typically grew up in rural smallville Hereford, heavily white populated town and watched American films such-as Star Wars and Superman and Jason and the Argonauts, when growing up on the lower end of the Newton farm estate and attending Hunderton Primary School; this was supplemented by typical show that the folks watched or indeed watching shows that school peers boasted of watching, shows of the 70’s from my recollection and given parental bias typically often included Agatha Christie Characters my mother a huge fan of those writings, whilst TV wise American shows were all the rage in terms of what I myself can recall, Tele Savalas  as Kojak and The Dukes of Hazzard and Columbo and Mcloud were typically viewed and watched along with a regular diet of so-called classic War Movies and Westerns and SPORTS EVENTS and indeed ancient black and white comedies such-as Laurel and Hardy and Harold Lloyd and one or two others.

Strange though true of course when you hear or are told of THE BEST you tend to have a watch or viewing and compare, so black and white for instance we are told that Charlie Chaplin was the best though I thought him rubbish in comparison to my Laurel and Hardy and so on.

Likewise in being babysat or spending regular days and so on with babysitters you tend to also become familiar with those viewing habits, typically Saturdays out of school nearly always consisted of Chris Tarrant/Lenny Henry TISWAS and the occasional turnover to the BBC at advert breaks for something called Multi Coloured Swapshop again hosted by popular DJ beardy bloke Noel Edmunds and Keith Chegwin and Maggie Philbin, Swap shop was no good to “my class of society” because it was all often about visiting arranged touring sites and communities and swapping toys “that I and brother had little or few of” and likewise the usage of phones “that whilst possessing” brother and I typically were not allowed to generally use, the cost in those days typically more for simply “HAVING A LINE” than the usage that you got out of the line. Likewise of course to have and have not also included CARS that were still generally considered a major purchase and not for folks on council estates and so on.

So anyway we can all of course write such early memory details of mental reconstructions as to events that influenced or otherwise our behaviours and likewise come to terms with the fact that many such things or the so-called boundaries and compartmentalisations that we come to judge ourselves by at early life stages can typically one be used to motivate and incentivise us toward better lives for ourselves or indeed secondly otherwise (I am already carrying so many handed down burdens and negativities from family friends and peers and society that it is hardly worth the effort to try).

So anyway a strange event for myself is that in memory reconstruction terms I actually have a HIGHER preference for my South side living and schooling days than I do for later on when family had moved North side and gone to a so-called better class of school and so on and likewise those earlier days typically also were not inclusive of Religious indoctrination (that came later).

So we all as adults have choice though typically as youngsters, where we may or may not have seen things in exceptionally simple terms of wants and desires and aspirations, motives and incentives, it seems to myself at least that so-called parental manoeuvrings and choices  were whilst typically seemingly upwardly mobile for whatever they’re own motives were, were strangely more of a negative influence on my own success and choices later on.

A typical example is this IDEA of so-called CLARITY of simplification of IDEAS given by William Zinsser in “On Writing Well”, I now  (when looking back to those younger mental construct days in memory terms) feel that at that younger time of my life, I had some intrinsic awareness or clarity as to understandings of many of the teachings and lessons and learnings that I have since reacquainted myself with through assisted meditation of Centerpointe Research Institutes Holosync and indeed Learning Strategies courses.

So when did the so-called mists and mental fogs and lack of clarity and so on occur, and typically can see that such things do not necessarily happen overnight, though in memory terms it does seem that the transition to new school, new living district and new religion all within a relatively small time period all kind of fudged and skewered the mental maps and so on that I was operating upon.

Anyway the Title says “Under The Influence” so I can of course say that much of my study over recent years of so-called Many Leaders and Creative Artistic Types within many Artistic Realms all BOAST of particular so-called HOOK and HINGE VICES.

So you will often hear that so-and-so GENIUS or LEADING LIGHT is a hardened drinker (Winston Churchill as example) or so-and-so had a bent for this drug or indeed a FAMED FICTIONAL character has a bent for a particular drug that is banned now though was not at the time of those WRITERS and Authors, Mark Twain, Conan Doyle typical examples.

So anyway, typically most peoples at some point come to having to make decisions as to the options and choices that they are going to make and the judgments of themselves or others who are abiding by a given law or indeed flouting some so-called laws, of course some issues and topics do not disappear so easily, or indeed are genuinely personal choices that affect no laws whatsoever.  My parents for instance gradually over several years and multiple Animal Industry bugs and scares became vegetarians and have been so now for a considerable number of years, likewise both of my Daughters Aunties on her mothers side are or have been vegetarians at times that I can recall so that perhaps working in an abattoir makes myself “The Antichrist” to folks who cherish all life and so on.

Yes strange though true of course given my own Present Interpretation of Religious Texts and understanding of my name being linked to so-called 2nd Comings it does of course seem strange that anyone who does not share ones own name and so-on is almost automatically effectively placed into the ANTICHRIST zone  quite simply through not being in alignment with those texts and gospels or indeed much like myself SABOTAGED because World wide Society has completely misrepresented or misunderstood the underlying DOCTRINES and TEACHINGS as to CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION or indeed presumed 1st person, 2nd person and so on IDENTIFICATION.

So we can of course point to hundreds and thousands of peoples and persons who through name or dealings or personality and-or statesmanship match BIBLICAL or many a RELIGOUS TEXTS “RETURN OF SAVIOUR” CRITERIA for some given realms teachings, and likewise from a higher place on the HILL of an ALLEGORICAL or METAPHORICAL position we can see that modern writings are still writings and regurgitating the same things over and again, Harry Potter Books are a Brilliant example of wide audience appeal that fit all the REVELATIONS CRITERIA and perhaps WHY America took to those stories so broadly and widely given that many an American Audience still feels and expresses and has underlying belief in having religious Doctrines such-as FAITH, HOPE CHARITY and so on.

Clearly such things can be harnessed in a what would I like to believe and see and read versus otherwise  I heavily criticised the 60’s Generation for instance, though given that is my own parental generation and the somewhat letting down of hair and discipline and so on of that generation it really can become confusing and conflicting as to who has anyone else’s best interest’s at HEART.

I still feel that lower classes of Society and indeed peoples and populations about the World are Heavily mislead and misguided by so-called CELEBRITIES whether writers or otherwise.

We can go from nation to nation and find peoples and persons who have created physical TECHNOLOGIES based on prior generational IDEAS, whether Airplane and boats and spaceships and toys and cars and then of course the ART industries that often highlight disparities in Societal Mind sets:- why is this FANTASY SCRIBBLE of colours on a sheet of canvas worth this fantasy amount of money that a buyer has paid for it. Or more to the point why are we not all doing the SAME?

The very WORST knifing and savaging in these days of course is reserved for CELEBRITIES who are famous for being CELEBRITIES and the wondering of what there contribution actually is.

So Jesus , Mohammed and Budha typically HIGHLIGHTED disparities within Society at the times of there lives and encouraged better faith and hope of improved futures through leading of EXAMPLE, and many a modern celebrity for being a celebrity  does something similar.

Whether you want to discuss a Jordan (Katie Price) or a Stephen Hawking, each and every realm or sphere of life can be demonstrated to have CELEBRITIES who are famed as celebrities who when you strip away the realm titles have contributed nothing beyond some self publicist works that appeal to Pre-existing Societal Structures and Establishment Ego’s.

Perhaps they all require some RESET SWITCH and a BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES, though we too perhaps all require something similar when we dig deeper into our own HISTORY.

Dave S Perkins drank a complete bottle of something called Messr Schmitt purchased at a local corner shop prior to writing this article directly into the WORDPRESS EDITOR, having been tee-total for a number of years, he does not know whether writing with a vice is an improvement or otherwise, though enjoyed testing such a theory.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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