Something For Something

Now of course I used this phrase something for something suggesting that it is a mental model that very many people come to understand at quite early ages, whereby very much the same as money an exchange is being carried out in some fashion.

The problem of course often being that what any given individual knows that they themselves wants or desires or requires, is typically differing from what an external entity or person and so on is actually prepared to give.

Once again these very often typically running from long-held beliefs some conscious others non-conscious that are often detrimental as to how any given person wants to potentially be perceived or indeed be viewed NOW.

So I of course mentioned the recent Tube Strike and whilst London was perhaps inconvenienced one would in plot theory presume that an opportunity presented itself for Analysts and Security personnel to study the underground uninhibited by the usual vast swathes of crowds and distractions and so on that typically can inconvenience people needing or requiring unencumbered access to such facilities.

I of course well known to take notes myself in a small rural city that whilst busier in daytime typically has a somewhat limited amount of materials that I can take notes upon during my commute. Though in reality the fact that I take notes unencumbered perhaps improves what I do note and see when traversing in regular daylight hours and so on. Having been a night worker and commuted regularly during hazy dark late evenings and indeed early mornings, you do typically once having established your own points of interest and so on find it perhaps easier to identify when peoples and persons or individuals are not fitting a given stereotypical behaviour.

I read today that it was fortunate that daughter and I travelled to London on Thursday, because typically London Paddington and the Slough commuter belt I spoke of, on Friday, itself became a focal point of rail disruption due apparently to some Large Scale Signal Failures.

Yes so the title something for something or the idea of exchange is of course typically either relevant or non-relevant for any given interaction of peoples. So I am in a shop of some description that has goods that I desire to purchase and I take them to the counter and exchange money’s for those goods, if in certain types of stores I may well take the opportunity to haggle on price, I will buy the super extended warranty that I have always refused for absolutely everything for some 20+ years if you give a discount on the good I actually want.

Yes in fact the modern joke of course that the cost of insurance warranties and so on sold with many a modern mobile phone network system often costs more than the handsets (when calculated appropriately) and typically of course, the classical success of the car vehicle “no claims bonus” could come into play, though the shopping around mantra can either work for or against you, what is the point of having an insurance that you never claim, you are throwing money away, or getting good value for money in some “just in case” fashion that eases some early life memory of having broken toys or gadgets and so on.

So anyway I spoke on releasing and so on and redefining how you see and view various interactions and relationships mentioning having manners as potentially being a greater hinderence than otherwise for many peoples and persons.

Typically of course both sex’s often want to feel that they are admired or handsome and pretty and it is far too easy to see far too many a person buying into the body beautiful mind set of flirting or teasing and so on with all and anyone who crosses there path, I generally have found that all peoples and persons in marriage or long term relationships (though not married) can be stricken from the usual exchange lists, I have no interest in competing for the attention of peoples and persons operating from those kinds of hide behind what you already have principles, just because you want to impress or prove to yourself you still have it, etc.

Likewise of course I can still be polite and well mannered to people about having such boundaries, though typically every realm can often throw up individuals who respect no-one else’s boundaries ever and will even go to great lengths to prove to themselves that everyone has a price or can be seduced or steered influenced or manipulated or indeed targeted and tarnished in some fashion.

In truth a modern day example from within my own lifetime is of course Singer Madonna, who whilst highlighted here is not the only one. The entertainment industry in particular seemingly demonstrates huge numbers of such people’s persons and personalities who really will not stop at anything to get what they themselves believe themselves to want desire covet above and beyond anyone else within the realms they find themselves.

The truth of course being that given the entertainment industry, vast swathes of peoples and persons from generation to generation will often grab or take on some such behaviours for themselves, some more successfully than others.

Now I mention Madonna because one of her former husband’s Guy Ritchie recently remarried and indeed he himself has continued to carve out an interesting career from behind the cameras and so on. His latest works The Man from Uncle to be released next weekend and I think also another film about King Arthur.


Well I of course mentioned Agatha Christie again and in reality the book title quote I used actually came from Alfred. Lord Tennyson in one of his poetic works and following that clue trail leads to Camelot and the So-called “knights of the round table” stories surrounding legends and myths of King Arthur, that Tennyson was famed for using as his own inspirations and muses and so on.

All these folks I name can of course be looked up for folks interested in so-called degrees of separation.

George Cole recently dying of course also links in with ideas as to Miners using Canaries such-as Tweety Pie down mineshafts to check air flow (in days of old) though typically also kind of links in with the creation or crafting of things such-as Subways and Underground and indeed many a City typically has underground drainage systems along with classic housing often having Cellars and other below surface level substructures.

We can of course also demonstrate that many a City or industrialist when coming up with all those quick growth strategies for infrastructure also typically built housing for the workers or indeed used excavated materials (what was being dug up) to usage elsewhere.

If you can be bothered to look up archives for many a town or city that has appeared in Great Britain over say a 3 Hundred year mark you will find that the putting some material or substance to an alternative usage is a well utilised system of development. Many a town and city can boast of a district where the housing and so on was built using excavated stone and clay and so on from other developments, much like the business realm I find myself currently existing within where all and everything is seen as an opportunity to make money or finance of some description. You do not take a chicken and say we only want the legs, you find buyers or create products and so on that utilises as much of your so-called raw materials as possible, so what might be considered a manufacturing by product or waste material can nearly always be refashioned into a profitable side line of some description.

Believe it or not given how the food industries have grown over the last couple of centuries, most of the well-known or larger successful Companies operate in similar fashion and system of working, so in reality that is the same as a farmer seeking to gain the maximum profit from any given animal they rear on a farm or indeed a Chef seeking to utilise all the ingredients that they can from what is in front of them. Many a famed chef serves soups as starters in restaurants, though typically soup is often created via boiling the bone remains of the carcuss that was stripped for your main course steaks and so on. So that perhaps a demonstration that the first thing you eat could well have been the last usage of the material for the main course.

So yes everyone often learns or wants something for something though likewise perhaps even if we do not want to run around acting out as some super spoilt brat personality and so on, we can learn to distinguish ourselves from the crowd in not buying into some Cults of Personality where some kinds of extremism have become an accepted norm that does not fit the reality of how we want our own inner and outer lives to be.

Of course the other reality is that bigger and larger melting pots mean that we can simply not become hooked and hinged by the madness of crowds or indeed interpret some exchange as more than how it was intended, a smile or courtesy or politeness, even in times where they are less seen in many a City and Town is not a cue for declarations of unrequainted love and fatal attractions or infatuations.

Yes I think that perhaps what many a person develops more than anything else, whether it is an infatuation with solving the riddles of time or infatuation with creating and crafting better working models and lifestyle or infatuation with overcoming the seeming mental flotsam and jetsam and accumulated detritus, or infatuated as to what why or how this particular person we find ourselves about is not triggered or acting out in expected fashion to some well-known typical conscious or indeed non-conscious bodily actions and triggers that most others fall into stereotypes of behaviour about and so on.

Of course we can perhaps all testify that some Teachers and Methodologies are well proven to work whilst others are perhaps one where we might be asking those, really~? I did not know that, are you sure.

Yes whilst we are told we want experiences of course the something for something model leaves a lot to be desired in finding whether what it results in is expansion or contraction. Even if you can demonstrate to people that they themselves can become more empowered within the programmes they are running within their own mind, the old programmes or status quo’s and defence mechanisms of lashing out or inability to communicate what you are really thinking and feeling or acting out about can play havoc.

The simplest methods initially do seem to revolve around using the most basic of ingredients and language and developing your own voice and indeed being congruent as to thoughts feelings actions and what you see and know to be true within your inner and outer Worlds. Far too many confused peoples seemingly also want everyone else to be confused also and that can often lead to extremism or indeed mass confusion where none need exist. Why seek to judge externals if you can raise your own awareness and abilities and set your internals to steer yourself to a better all-round understanding of what you yourself can do when presented with any given scene or scenario.

Being the change you want to see in the World is of course a kind of acceptance of the fact that a choice exists as to action or otherwise though in stepping stone terms, we do seemingly have auto-pilot repeats where in reality we can sometimes want to break with the old in a clean slate fashion of having no strings to embark on improved actions and thoughts and feelings that serve all within your sphere of influence with a more enlightened approach to how to co-exist peacefully with opponents who seemingly will not rest until you are defeated, even though typically the only relational link or trigger that can be found is some childhood listening of some TV show or Radio or factors that were taken in non-consciously whilst being pushed in a pram down the street and so on.

Yes learning to sort fact from fiction and operating from a more centred position yourself can of course typically empower those who follow similar strategy and courses to do the same, though likewise many see asking others for advice or seeking out sensible advice as a negative given how certain cult groups have often seized the best language or utilisations of IDEAS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well. 😉

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