Wrong Terrorists

Yes strange though I still typically monitor news and so on fairly regularly and of course still manage to maintain keeping up with these blog writings though the content has perhaps long drifted into the realms of boring.

Little new in the sense of content occurring perhaps though that typical in the sense that I chose some strategies for myself a number of years ago that were actually quite intransigent and hard-nosed though also the only option left or that I felt I had available to myself at those times.

I have of course since taking up meditation and learning strategies courses come to see that much of the debating is unnecessary on many a topic and area or subject matter, though likewise that does not stop myself from seemingly being surrounded by attention seeking agitators and so on.

So big news today are apparently reports related to the Labour Party Leadership and the possibility of a return to Clause IV under Jeremy Corbyn. Whilst historically at least I did I seem to recall when younger buying into all the Labour Party being somewhat too extreme with policy, I do not think such things should be ring-fenced as no place go-zones that the Blair Generation seemingly wants to abolish from the record.

Let us not forget that whilst we have had several years now of hearing about Paedophile gangs and groups operating within so-called establishment circles and employments (BBC & Houses of Parliament) very much related predominantly to the Tory Party, that it was the Labour Party under Tony Blair that lowered the age of Paedophile Consent.

Yes they said they wanted an age equality among the sex’s though typically it can be suggested that they could easily have raised the level of female consent.

Anyway this is potentially of course also related to another theme we are seeing within the headlines as to so-called doping scandals within athletics and in truth given that many a so-called doping technology pre-exists within the body establishing TRUTH is I would suggest far harder than what many a headline screams

Yes strange though true an increase in testosterone (for example) does not automatically mean you are a drug cheat and both athletes and testers are well aware of that. What is actually required is a regular data sample of each and every athlete taken at regular intervals, though typically of course Cyclist’s and other cheating groups have simply often opted to get other persons to provide urine samples (for example).

Why is DNA evidence that is used in courts of law and seemingly trusted by populations, not used in similar ways and means with athletes, perhaps we are in a period of time where the GENETIC BLUEPRINT of many an individual can be stored though of course most claim such things to be “Big Brother” (of Orwellian Teachings not channel wotsit showbiz stereotype yawn yawn wannabes).

So Japan is speaking upon relaxing laws as to being a Pacifist County, of course in truth when you look at the History book they perhaps are shown to have punched well above their weight. When the Military was dismantled they simply geared all and everything into a rebuilding programme that did not have all those kinds of debating distractions, they got on with it, though typically like the younger Generation German’s perhaps feel that the time and distance between Wars has changed the Worldwide landscape to such a degree that they can assist and participate within or under other world-wide banners and flags such-as that of the United Nations. However the Politicians still need to carry or have the support of the population, unlike Germany Japan itself was never really divided up (beyond some Empirical Colonies such-as China and so on having to be let go).

So Scotland and the Ruling Scottish Nationalists are in favour of what were regarded as some of those Hard Left wing extreme policies that we are suggesting we do not want South of the borders, though typically of course those Lands did at one time provide huge support for the Labour Party and they and the Conservative Party are wiped from the Northern Landscape Political Map.

Having recently visited London of course it can genuinely be pointed out that Larger Cities such-as London and Birmingham and Manchester and possibly one or two others, are in effect akin to the VATICAN CITY Ruled by the Pope in the sense that the Mayor and Electoral Groupings within those Cities are somewhat entities unto themselves anyway, without the focus and concentration of dedicated politicians and inbuilt services one could well imagine such places falling into the kind of chaos usually reserved for the Movies and TV media realms.

Yes most folks including those within places such-as Hereford want to feel that the Local Establishments are all of a similar nature and fashion and as people they perhaps are, though clearly messing up with a 1 miilion pound budget and messing up with a 10 million pound budget usually wants again falls into the realm of how you feel about scales of currency and finance.

I think I wrote previously that you cannot eat metal round coins or modern plastic notes very easily or indeed numbers within a machine, though having those representations of worth perhaps better than given alternatives, given how they are Nationally Recognised and Accepted FORMS OF EXCHANGE.

So why todays title, well the other major Headline is in respect of the Royals attending a Service next weekend as part of the War Memorials and headlines appearing as to possible threats from ISIS, though as soon as I myself saw those headlines my brain simply flickered WRONG TERRORISTS.

No Idea why or who alternate Terrorists might be though I can have no qualms as to writing such things down within my own blog and then watching events unfolding or indeed otherwise should services run as expected without intrusion or incident.

Yes so elsewhere we seeing news of International Exchange of HACKERS, in terms of denial of Service targeting and indeed industrial espionage and indeed we hearing of a new British Unit Established to combat such things, apparently called Fusion Cell and operated between existing Security Bodies and a number of Big Business who have been targeted, a kind of information interchange perhaps, though typically I again think a front in some ways and fashions.

It surely cannot be sensible for British Government Security Realms to be sharing data and techniques and Strategies with some Big Business, although of course the Business often pay better money and have superior staff, though the utilised skills or where they are focussed perhaps differing.

Probably the same kind of operations that go on within the United States as to Sponsorship Schools and so on whereby some resources and information’s and working groups can operate hand-in-Hand whilst other areas are non-negotiable as to access, it can clearly be established that some of the very best hackers and programmers and pirates and so on have typically all done so from seemingly respectable positions and jobs. Those who design systems have again and again through the generations been found to be the ones who have created themselves backdoor passage ways into systems they have no place being and so on.

Yes anyway I writ about that because Sam Horn during her course lectures spoke of clearing the mud from your windshield based in one of her friends sayings.

I notet that consciously a day or to back in relistening, though I myself for much of the last week have been thinking about


What that Dave?

Well it is in fact a brand of Sunglasses used by surfers and so on, though I found that out later, I was typically trying to come up with another Character Name for say a TV Cop or Detective Show and Waveshield sprang to mind, I then of course thought well character needs fleshing out, so then I thought well perhaps Dominic waveshield seeking to find names that fit, of course WAVE and SHIELD are not NATURAL name usage, though likewise I then thought well maybe a Security Front Company for a British Equivalence to the CIA, you could Have Waveshield Yaypes Enterprises (Wye), again I wanted to use the letter Y Y as opposed to typically modern day usage of I I.

I like the symbolism of a roadfork image or junction as oppsed to the straight line of I.

So it may seem OLD FASHIONED or CLASSICAL or CHEATING to use Y as a VOWEL sound though feel that modern times and lessons and earnings and teachings are about getting those mental cogs and channels and so on working effectively in my writings.

What is ludicrous and out there versus what might be a stretch though could really exists-the so-called borderlands between fact and fiction straddled by possibility as to believable truths.

I also found myself once again thinking as to Translucency and wanting to come up with some word of lucency hat drops the TRANS part, I was typically investigating how far along we are as to cloaking technologies and the very many forms and techniques that are REAL versus otherwise (camouflage) differing Environmental Conditions typically ALTER the effectiveness when what is really require ia again a kind of Umbrella that chooses or switches between appropriate environment conditions, we typically again speaking as to modular frameworks and how you have to accommodate Water Environments and Air Environments and Space Environments and so on.

Yes most or many a physics science demonstrates the feasibility of such things though likewise REAL TIME MANOEUVRABLE FLEXIBLE materials are not I do not think currently as well researched as one would like.

Likewise of course modern computer systems are well known to be so far away from what they were in terms of structure just a few short years ago, that defeating Hackers and Terrorists could quite simply be about returning to OLD COMPUTER SYSTEM KNOWLEDGES and implementing them with modern techniques, so I think for instance that a modern machine code language and interpreter and set of tools could easily defeat all the modern cyber hacker warfare techniques and strategies because what todays youth think and call programming is exceptionally distant from the original base or source, they typically perhaps immediately using technologies at the top of the pyramid without every learning all the tougher stuff that runs through the base and lower level structures and so on, likewise of course, I am not suggesting reinvention, so much as taking everything back to basics.

A picture says a thousand words whatever your language and understanding that a GAP or SEPARATION can be created within any given realms understanding of communication and clues strategies and tactics and techniques, interesting of course that Las Vegas is hosting a Def Com hackers party though those typically perhaps favoured by Emperor’s/Empress’s New Clothes merchants above and beyond those really given to National security Levels of espionage and so on, yes every area or realm can be demonstrated to have elites and yes every realm can be show to have puzzle challenges that defeat those who operate on a calculated basis because the most OBVIOUS and IN YOUR FACE stuff does not lend itself to peoples and persons accustomed to growing up watching cold war movies and espionage and action thrillers and so on.

Cyber warfare of course perhaps differing to cyberl enlightenment though I still think that in writing terms I want to included HEREFORD related teachings and trainings and elements, though typically of course the ancient mantra has often been the best way to check security is to hire the best among your own folks and peoples to target and attack such systems.

Yes sad though true that is hy coin sides between peoples operating within or without the law can be demonstrated within many an area of life, because those trained to protect often have to themselves demonstrate the capacity or capability to overcome the defences.

Whose thought patterns and cycles are they anyway, yes another area I was thinking on was interrupts within periods and cycles of patterns and that is very differing from INTERVENTION that suggests a NEW WAY OUT.

Yes breaking and slicing and dicing and so on can be done by anyone though typically we want to follow the mantra of those who have practiced and preached many of those rules of kiss options.

Keep it simple sweetheart.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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