Is Foresight Or Hindsight Better

Of course what we all perhaps want for various reasoning’s only beknown to ourselves is rewarding foresight. That of course being the ability to perhaps accurately predict what happens next.

What we very often find ourselves having is if-only Hindsight.

The reality of course that we are supposed to take the Hindsight and any piece of information therein contained and utilise the information to improve our thoughts feelings and actions for “next time”.

Yes in reality the technique and strategy that you applied on this occasion may have been perfectly valid.

Though of course because we are often brought up strongly believing that TIME EXISTS we then naturally presume through or via those misplaced beliefs that we have to either do something differently searching for some “better way” or indeed “dig our heels in” with a greater level of intransigence that we know on some deeper level of our being we were correct.

So we were unaware of appropriate strategies to DISCERN wheat from Chaff effectively often being blindsided via some other BELIEF or input or diversion as to “what happens next”.

So I said get out the pens and make those links in a visible way for yourself. All too often we are when chatting with friends and colleagues and family and so on, applying these strategies and techniques in an auto-pilot interactive fashion anyway.

So you have gotten the pens out and attempted to carry out a cross realm interpretation or indeed utilised hindsight to improve your understanding of a given possible SUBCONTEXT.

I or you or any other individual can SPECULATE that an alternate meaning and sub-context exists within any given persons writings and written subject matter and points of interest, though that is not the same as them being physically aware that this is what they are doing, or indeed that you have the same or are of the same mindset.

So your favourite columnist could be great fantastic and entertaining directly on their chosen field of excellence, though may well be completely oblivious to the fact that they are also the most incredibly exceptional predictive AGENT for your chosen sporting realm, CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION.

You cannot of course go around accusing peoples as to motives and actions and thoughts and feelings and so on that you may experience through their work, that they themselves may be completely oblivious too.

So what next, well you have article with some links and applying “back to basics” methods could simply be a case of turning written symbolism into drawings.

I said mustache in an earlier writing, draw a mustache and if someone says any named label draw those that you have linked and highlighted, again get the mental cog-s working for you in a more VISUALLY stimulating fashion.

So you can of course apply a word simply through misrepresentation of the MEANING. So-and-so columnist said that her neighbour’s children were making a racket in the street.

You could picture them carving out some wood and stringing some thread through a sculpted tennis racquet head (for example).

So yes let go of so-called YOU CANNOT DO THAT. Act in a WHAT-IF I do this fashion, learn that it is or can be okay to misrepresent and so on within an ARTISTIC CAPACITY (for yourself) in order to not only remove your own blindfolds, but improve your cross realm interpretative abilities.

So yes take your initial article or piece and transfer into a drawing format and then see what other realms such interests might be applied to.

You do not have to inform others of what you are doing though clearly such activities when does within a group or team capacity can be FUN.

Likewise do not let others convince you that you are somehow wrong or inferior or less than or associated with some negative trigger label for carrying out such activities.

They are probably seeking to gain or put one over on yourself (possible control freak issues) or indeed operating on such self-sabotage like issues that they carry within their mental World and Head.

That has little or nothing to do with yourself, perhaps beyond some EMPATHIC, “this is how I relate” or COMMUNICATE. We all have choice in communication, I chose to withdraw and isolte myself to a certain extent for instance, and have since seemingly discovered or uncovered that it is a possible positive and rewarding tactic to use in BREAKING NEGATIVE CYCLES AND PATTERNS.

Do not give OXYGEN to peoples and persons who are deliberately muddying the waters, or seemingly operating from INTRANSIGENCE’S that you yourself do not carry.

Clearly I have spoken on the fact that you can read these CLUES up and Down left and right or just the four corners and so on. The only limits are the ones that for whatever reasoning to yourself you have placed limits upon. AH-HA.

So again the same can be applied with language because in “BUILDING BLOCK” terms of modularity’s for instance, you have to wonder as to how you SEND and RECEIVE input and output INFORMATION and COMMUNICATION. Everyone generally can see a PICTURE, hears a SOUND, identify a TASTE, SMELL, TOUCH

Each SENSORY capability for instance is often given strong linkages at young ages, to particular LABELS and so on that we often learn to distinguish and categorise for a given SENSORY INPUT.

We usually or often seek to COMPARTMENTALISE these things in order to be able to sort and know upon what we are communicating about, though typically such compartmentalisations are often what are turned about to bite us in the derriere later on in life.

So back to basics could well mean learning to think openly like an exploring young child, baby, or artist without placing ADULT OBJECTIVE or TAUGHT straightjackets upon them.

The experts generally state that whilst we only do have limited CONSCIOUS WINDOWS of ATTENTION, they can be opened up and redirected through focus and concentration and indeed IMPROVED linkages and MENTAL HIGHWAYS to non-conscious materials that could just be on the tip of your tongue, those fleeting thoughts and so on that often get dismissed.

The Proust Questionnaire was used in Sam Horn’s teaching to get people thinking in terms of FIRST THOUGHT, rather than suppressed thought of looking for some correct answer.

Dear David

What are your first thoughts on…

Yes a problem perhaps being that WHAT-IF you are asked for first thoughts on a subject and some weird and warped thoughts occur that seemingly have no logical CONNECTION with the subject matter?


I would say GOOD that is a step forward, because you can now do a 5 Degree’s of Divination

What are your first thoughts on the forthcoming Televised Repulican Debate in America?


What the F*** has that got to do with televised debates? Could be a response, though if you invest in following some strange 6 degree’s of Kevin Bacon or 5 Degree’s strategies you can perhaps find AH-HA upon AH-HA as to shifting from self-limiting (thoughts and feelings) about yourself, to more empowering “how cool am I that I can make these empowering linkages about myself” thoughts and feelings.

Presuming of course you feel that you are heading toward, a Return on Investment for your time and dime and so on.

So awakening or improving things for yourself can be done in a lone Heroic Fashion or indeed via brining ever greater numbers of peoples to see the World in similar fashion to how you yourself may see it.

I spoke of course on becoming detached or attached to beliefs that can either serve or not serve you, and likewise get that CALENDAR out, see what fixtures exist for your chosen Sport, is it a World wide Sport or a local National Sport, where do the ROTATIONS occur about the World in terms of touring DIRECTIONS.

I was yesterday given a training day for work related to some new infrastructure within the factory and my trainer had worked out a system to maximise the best efficient or most efficient way of going about the job within the given time restrictions.

I simplified what I was following, English not being her first language, with some simple interpretations for myself, on one tier or level of the UNIT she worked COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, on the next tier or level down she worked CLOCKWISE, prior to then having to work down a CENTRAL WALKWAY or AISLE (common law meaning not strictest Church layout (which everyone know is WRONG,

Digression WALKING DOWN THE AISLE (MARRIAGE) is not walking down the aisle (architecturally), strange though true, check for yourselves a church layout map and terminology.

Likewise in the next compartment (that I may be asked to work on a future occasion), the designers or architects and engineers had run the UNIT walkways and so on in a differing fashion. This unit requiring a CLOCKWISE working method, then a COUNTER CLOCKWISE working methodology and then once again a Central walkway strategy.

Yes the layout initially caused many a colleague a MAJOR HEADACHE when first encountering the new infrastructure and layout and design because each and every compartment is a differing design layout of walkways and so on, a failure to have consistency, though perhaps a positive way of encouraging workers within the environment to have to expand and think on their feet as to improving environmental working strategies and so on.

That perhaps a choice between Headless chickens and becoming FRUSTRATED, or identifying what has been created and crafted and ALIGNING with those things, so you can accelerate your own ability when working those environments, within given time limitations and so on.

This enough for today, though yes break things down so you can better put them together again and enjoy those first thoughts that are not automated respond in this fashion to this inquiry, unless you KNOW DEEPLY that what you are doing and saying and acting is getting you improved results.

Better to admit you are wrong and change than dig ever deeper holes and pathways that could return to haunt you at some future point in time.

Getting to understand NOW is NOW is NOW really is now is an ongoing issues for many a person, because having it as your REALITY, is often differing to having it as a taught CONCEPT that you kind of know and relate to, though do not know strategies to ACHIEVE on a CONSISTENT and CONGRUENT LEVEL.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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