Science or Psychism? (Psychic Ability)

Now one of the very earliest questions that people want to be able to answer or convince themselves of in terms of abilities is understanding PREDICTION from there own work and not some bloke they occasionally may read as a blogger or some expert elsewhere who say it can be done, and I figured well how many peoples are actually willing to write and write and write and highlight pointers and tips, IF they do not feel adequate return on investment ROI.


This photo is a page from a favourite book effective interviewing and interrogation  techniques and simply highlights a popular method use by Police Forces the World over to carry out Forensic Statement Analysis.  You can perhaps see the arrows highlighting where the analyst feels points are linked and possibly incompatible with each other.


This photo is from another book On writing Well where the author demonstrated his editing tactics as to streamlining his earlier draft (this example was actually used within the published version of the final book product.).

So to put peoples on the most simplest of Enlightenment Paths I suggested taking a Column (for example) within your favourite newspaper and then carry out those types of linkages of cross referencing points of interest in a CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE fashion whereby you apply what they are writing and saying to a chosen sport.

The technique can be used in advance of you witnessing a particular sport or indeed after you have already witnessed an event.

The point being that you first have to perhaps ESTABLISH A POINT OF THEORY as an early stepping stone to carrying your audience.

I can also of course state that this is 2 examples from 2 books and I myself probably have many more books with similar ACTIVITY across many working life realms, some lend themselves more obviously to this than others.

So initially you do not even have to use your own work, though clearly if you read, watch or follow any given particular authors actors and artists then a likelihood exists that you already have taken on board at least subconsciously the influence or partial BIBLIOGRAPHY that those persons are operating from.

My examples above are also 1 coloured and one dimensional, though clearly anyone who purchased a set of coloured pens could pull them out at random to do such linkages of the differing texts and so on.

Of course one of the BIG COMPLAINTS about electronic formats is the lack of being able to scrawl and draw over the information that you are viewing and reviewing, though I would hope peoples can see the ability with Windows 10, that allows and enables you to do that as one of the highlighted FEATURES.

Much as you could pull out a pen and scribble a mustache on some photo in a newspaper, you can do the same over electronic formatted materials.  Likewise instead of random drawing and so on you could think of such activities as a time investment, what is this blog writer or journalist going to give myself as a RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

So ESTABLISH that all and anyone can do these things (activities and techniques) across all realms without having to be a sex pervert or some other negatively inspired label, and then increase your confidence to the next most obvious stepping stone, how can I improve upon this initial success/failure.  Many a success runs out through application of the 7 deadly sins (Greed for instance).  Failure often comes about through non-conscious linkages to SEX and SEXUALITY issues and it can be demonstrated that as much as everyone wants to be part of a herd or multiple herds that most folks are genuinely unique and can only be themselves, at whatever level of awareness and teachings and society they consider themselves.

However clearly some ways and means of thinking and questioning are uplifting and rewarding and empowering whilst others are simply perhaps CHILDHOOD THROWBACKS that do not reflect your own life as you now know life the universe and everything to be now.

I may write another article though this was written specifically to give people an early stepping stone sequence to enable ah-ha’s.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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