Now I am of course known to have written an article along these lines some time ago, though in honesty I had not at that time thought through the potential ramifications of the article and followed the various lines of processes.

Clearly each and every Environment whether a person or individual or a work environment or a shopping environment or a Health Environment (Doctors, Dentist, Hospital), has the potential to bring about within any given individual a pre-existing sequence of thoughts feelings and is likely to have created a desire to follow some pre-existing patterns and cycles as to behaviour.

So I have never been to Los Angeles/Hollywood, beyond watching and viewing and reading various media reports and so on and so forth. I have never been to Las Vegas, beyond watching and viewing and reading various media reports and so on and so forth.

However we can of course speculate and imagine or picture what our experience may or may not be in such places.

Likewise of course we can create new named realms and environments that do not exist beyond the imagination and of course transpose ideas and activities and formulas into those realms, depending upon what we ourselves see as a particular story arc or sub story serialisation and so on.

Given the very intensive and overwhelming amount of influence and manipulation that some of these Core Central Hives of particular collectives output, it could well of course be suggested that many of us have become seduced by the outputs or indeed potentially repelled by the output.

Again we can of course add many a major town or city that is documented as having strong media linkages, there are many and the World and many Countries whether regarded as First World or Second World or indeed Third World Countries do still demonstrably have such environments.

So you could go to deepest darkest Africa (for example) where you hear and are told by your news media of starving populations and plague epidemics and so on, and many of those Countries also have some Hollywood-Vegas-Hereford like links and combinations and indeed industries.

India for example is well known as a huge broadcasting nation even though many areas and regions of the Country live in what Western peoples would regard as poverty like conditions.

So what am I getting at?

Okay Hollywood when viewed upon in terms of media and output about Hollywood itself, is typically portrayed in less than enticing fashions and manner.

Think Hollywood casting couch, and you cannot get the budget until you have the star and you cannot get the star until you have the budget and so on. Effectively suggesting a somewhat paradoxical World and environment to find yourself thinking about and exploring. A high-octane environment of Wheeler Dealers typically all lying to each other and being polite and seeking to appeal to particular demographic audiences.

You can often wonder as to how often has your favourite Star been seen in a film as a Good Guy/Gal or Bad Guy/Gal or however, some seemingly tight cast themselves to the point of incredulousness from us as audiences, though we still often are carried along by our Hero/Heroine Role Model’s.

Typically the Child Star route has also accelerated somewhat in that you often find those who played extreme goody two shoes like characters often themselves in so-called real life/real World terms being demonstrated to “going of the rails” typically all these things whether regarded as satirical or designed rarely go without coverage, the lines or boundaries between fact and fiction becoming intertwined between the relentless bombardment of the media outlets. You can of course choose to turn TV/Film/Radio and so on off, I when returning to Hereford and gaining employment working nights found myself doing exactly that, all my favourite shows had previously been generally late evening shows across somewhat haphazard Genre groupings and now I was working nights I was not going to switch to or pretend to like or watch show or materials that have no natural appeal to myself.

So films about Hollywood typically portray and high-light the Negatives, that perhaps where the juice is for a an insatiable appetite audience, though typically my experience of behind the scenes Producers, Directors and Writers, tends to show a far more boring, dull and level headed group of peoples.

Now I wrote Los Angeles/Hollywood because I have often been given to understand via media outlets that whilst we think in terms of bright lights big city, Hollywood is a suburb of the Greater Los Angeles region. Some what akin to many a small village and town having been swallowed up by the growing Big Name City. I attempted to explain this to daughter whilst on route to London last week where I knew that whilst early on we say saw many a field and Green England; that once past Reading the build-up of Greater London and all the smaller towns and cities and villages are generally completely blurred into some giant sprawling indistinguishable mass.

Those who were born and bred in such places probably know where all the boundaries and so on exist, though to a third party person unfamiliar with those regions, they all typically get branded as part of the Greater London suburbs and so on. Most larger Cities and so on demonstrate similar growth patterns, hence many a budget squabble as to what grouping is identified as being responsible for what sectors of a Community, I have spoken as to family having lived on border zones, where whilst to most folks they lived in one district, according to regulation and compliance with some designated boundary, they had to deal with an alternate council (for instance). Important to the bureaucrats and no one else until you have some enforced dealings with them.

So Las Vegas, the gamblers paradise and often referred to as Sin City and a favourite haunt of Mafias in a somewhat similar ball park playing zone to Hollywood (in fact) though many would claim otherwise.

Yes Hollywood is often suggested to be strongly two-faced and full of liars and cheats and so on constantly juxtapositioning whilst Las Vegas is often perhaps fairly or otherwise given to suggestions of honesty among thieves, so one group seeking to tell you a truth that you potentially know to be false and another group that revels and claims a kind of honesty of what you see is what you get.

Hereford of course is a quiet backwater West England City that has no great claims to contributing to civilisation beyond of course once being famed for the Origin of a breed of Cattle The Hereford Bull, and once famed for Salmon Fishing on the Wye, and of course The Local Military Garrison, even though it could be suggested that they have a mandate to operate in Hollywood/Vegas like fashion for very differing reasons.

Security of family and so on, so you could suggest, that an “ask no questions” mentality exists along particular sectors of society, and that strangely used to also be suggested to be a typical action taken toward the heterophobic community (prior to changes in the law and so on) do not ask, do not tell, being a kind of modus operandi and perhaps a sensible one, how was your day at work? Any kind of ability or skill at any activity surely has little to do with sexual orientations and all those debates, though typically once again it can be demonstrated that huge amounts of skewering goes on where people will promote and promote some particular imagining as true or false to the extent that some mass herd like psychology exists that says something must be true because of the huge amount of sourced consensus.

Typically of course if you yourself are targeted (in what you personally regard as a highly negative and toxic fashion) you can be weak and cowardly and align yourself with what you are being targeted and abused with (potentially relieving yourself of the burden of the pains such things were causing yourself), or you can dig your heels in and go to war, or turn your back and not get sucked in-in the first place or walk away and so on, many options exist all typically having their own swings and roundabout debates as to pluses and minuses of a given action.

So this is blah blah, though I recently read a transcript for an advertised podcast interview with a screenwriter. His actually a book I have among my throbbing and burgeoning collection, though in honesty also one of the last or later purchases I made, the reason being that living on a low income, I had an attitude of getting the most for my money spent and that often meant a 350 page tutorial book gaining preference over a 120 page study book (for the same cost), even though typically swings and roundabouts, some shorter books have simplified to the point of being able to be small and concise and direct with what you need to know, whilst some larger books embellish into greater depth as to what you may need or require to know.

Choice of course, though some teachers do seem to think that getting a questioning mind as to any given input and output can change the dynamic and therefore the strategy or thought processes that you are operating upon.

If something can be delivered in a page, why write 50 pages.

Likewise of course the question of intrigue comes up. I typically at some point thought write a book and then set a ridiculous price mark, and see if any interest or otherwise materialises, of course it could, though typically a background story and working landscape reputation is often also required, you cannot get the experience, without having done the work and you cannot do the work because you cannot get the job, a well worn paradoxical

Entrapment that many a person can relate to. Just get on with it can be the best option when writing.

Likewise I can of course be honest in stating that many a project, whether writing or otherwise and indeed within multiple aspects or life realms has typically been abandoned, whereby I thought hell yeah upon an initial idea and then explored ins-and-outs as to storylines and related or relational ideas, and then typically found a lack of appropriate rhythm where I was unable to take things forward, hence my belief that I would benefit from being among other writers and so on to trade ideas and keep some motion going.

Typically group writing teams have been seen within the media realms and writing industry now for many years and whilst you often see a lead writer name high-lighted with awards and Oscars and so on, you do often come to hear that they were team chief or however rather than necessarily responsible for each and every line or script produced within their name.

So you can of course join a pre-existing team or indeed seek to create your own, though typically again, artistic realms and temperaments being as they are, you perhaps have to have a passion or strong motivation and purpose above and beyond anything that any alignment or grouping can offer youself.

That part of the lead by example doctrine that Sam Horn perhaps mentioned, some writers love to write in company whilst others like to express the pain and tortured soul of thoughts drying up and looking and seeking new muses and inspirations and so on.

So yes, many an idea can dry up because you cannot for instance, go it alone and likewise find an appropriate peoples and persons to make you so-called sales pitch too.

One such project I began and later seemingly abandoned was “The Kids From The Dare” it was perhaps a nod to a successful BBC Project of a few years back where they introduced or embellished some adventures related to “The Baker Street Boys” some kids that did occasion work for Sherlock Holmes being given there own adventures.

I was typically thinking along similar lines having grown up in the area and of course as many a local person knows only to well, you often go to school or encounter during childhood a famed hook or hinge like quote.

I thought yep that’s easy “My dad, whose in the Dare”

is one of those lines that whilst I perhaps have never heard is easy to imagine some know it all young Hermione (Harry Potter) like lady coming out with, I do recall school days of hearing that so-and-so has family related to blah-blah. Typically of course in following such themes you come to find yourself falling into stereotypes and then wondering if your basic outline summary and-or premise is enough to carry a story line to a fully fledged film plot or indeed better lends itself to a Series.

I actually found my own thoughts beginning with series and then later rationalised MOVIE, and then that is when I began abandoning the project, because typically finding or creating and crafting a quality kids script in an already massively oversaturated market, is actually quite daunting.

I have seen many a modern kids production in recent years, where lack of quality story was made up for with fancy effects and so on, and I wanted something that had a balance of both, such as a Disney Pixar might produce.

Is that high standards biting my derriere, well it may be though typically of course, it is easier to excuse oneself and excuse oneself than potentially finish and complete a project and have to then SELL and GET FEEDBACK in all its unrestrained abusive modern day fashion and manner.

What if you are successful, you could then be expected to produce another venture of similar success and so on, yes in truth FEAR of SUCCESS is potentially a greater fear for many a person than a fear of failure, in fact that is also often perhaps related to the Collective Stereotypes and often associated PREJUDICES that we may or may not be carrying toward particular realms and environments.

So absolutely everything in life can at any point in time of life be questioned as to truth and falsehood and why am I talking myself out of doing this activity or whatever.

Of course we can blame externals till the cows come home, though likewise we could be glorifying in the step by step ah-ha ladder towards a better all-encompassing ways and means of going about things, that respects and treats all individuals with dignity whilst also empowering anyone to greater truths that are above and beyond very many of the day-to-day things we think important and given credence to that are completely undeserving of any attention, at any time.

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 😉

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