What Is All This Talk Of TNT

So I am sure like many a person I see headlines today of some Fireball not XL5 event occurring in China and the big sticking point for myself is the repetition of words and phrases related to TNT.

Okay TNT explosive was often seen in many a classic Movie whether being used by an Army unit or by some Cowboys, or other grouping for Criminals activities, however today’s reports are exceptionally strange in that words and phrases being used keep on giving scales and measure that make little sense to an audience who in honesty have not got a clue as to amount of damage or explosive capacity ratio’s.


Well example the explosion was the equivalent of 30 Tonnes of TNT going off, really? Wow? 30 tonnes huh, okay so I can relate that is a rather heavy weightage of explosives though in fact the weight is a completely ridiculous example to use, meaningless beyond people trying to imagine what 30 tonnes might look like, probably a couple of haulage lorry loads, if that. Likewise of course given the propensity of Science to explore weights and measure in more thorough fashion we also know of course that you could in Principle have a substance that is 30 Tonnes that sits in the palm of your hand or can be viewed under some super-duper magnification microscope.

That has often what the huge debates have been about in relation to seeking to predict what other Planetary Bodies are Composed of and so on, and why huge efforts have gone into finding some level of consistency with known Earth materials that can then be extended into speculation of other alternate realms.

We all of course perhaps had a Scientific Periodic Table of the Elements placed under our noses when at school, though in fact even those such tables have gone through gradual shifts and changes as newly discovered materials or manmade materials have changed the so-called playing field.

Elsewhere I am reading that someone found a gold bar whilst taking a swim and gold is of course generally considered a heavy though soft metal, perhaps useless beyond being shiny and safe to use in jewellery and so on. Yes I am sure it has many other qualities, though in fact things such-as the classic “Gold Standard” and the value placed in Gold throughout History is much the same as other materials we speak on today in that it would likely not have been used.


Okay so gold at some point was given greater value or worth to peoples and became a kind of popular want, and what people want is given value and what is given value then becomes something of a self-fulfilling prophesy, though typically of course in trading terms and as progression has been made throughout the World, other materials and substances have been concluded to be of greater value, for some nations and peoples and persons and so on.

Yes the Stock Markets can be viewed and anyone can see that alongside Gold you can find exchanges for a wide and varied collective of metals and stones as well as other substances, some of the most sought after perhaps not easily available or indeed allowed to be traded on such exchanges, though I do not know what I would do with my stash of Plutonium or these special atoms that I can sell to you for an exclusive deal and price.

Some young people are apparently celebrating A-level results and typically I of course am known to have heavily critiqued the devaluation of the Education System over the years (including my own generation) and do not really know what the answer might be beyond potentially taking things back to a model from somewhat stricter generations and so on, and of course I would want some redress for the imbalance between the sexes though we are unlikely to ever see that occurring. It was complained that the system unfairly favoured males and male thinking pattern and strategies for many generations and a huge emphasis was placed on addressing that issue to raise female education levels, what has actually occurred is that instead of finding balance, the system is now and has for many years favoured female students and given the way in which female mafias have taken over many a Societal environment in one or other fashion, we are unlikely to see a return to male dominance any time soon.

The truth of course that whilst male chauvinism is often excessively highlighted and we constantly hear about male dominated companies and female workers facing glass ceilings, over all when you consider that females are often running homes, raising kids and doing these jobs and so on, it could be suggested that female chauvinism has always been and always will be the greater bigger issue FROM THE MALE PERSPECTIVE, most of those crying wolf typically simply seeking to not be female and muddying the waters because they have opted or chosen to not want kids or be a housewife or whatever, that is of course a CHOICE, though the great sweeping generalisation examples that get used are ridiculous and most who go deeper into meditative studies come to see some of those things. Of course we also have choice as to whether to become involved in such debates or otherwise and again, I would typically suggest that whether you are an industrial and hardworking male or industrial and hardworking female, the LIMITATIONS are often an inside job, in the sense that you know people are going to cry wolf or play out some underlying desire to win/lose or whatever strategy and any give individual can make the choice for themselves as to how they want the course of their life to go.

What else, well I received email saying that my new laptop battery and a cheap storage device I ordered at the same time (for this special value price) had been despatched and then I received email saying that it was waiting for collection. The strange thing of course is actually that the latest email whilst being received this morning from the UK distributor point, is out of date, so the link showed a package received (United Kingdom) and waiting for local collection for delivery by the designated firm, today being the 13/08/2015 whilst the date shown on the automated email system says 12/08/2015.

That perhaps typical of an automated system that has not been updated in some fashion whereby a leap year or some other issue such-as the millennium bug of a few years back has not been considered or taken into consideration, OR the website was created within a differing TIMEZONE and was displaying 12/08/2015 because that is correct upon the server time zone for where the website is being run from.

That is of course the equivalent for many a United Kingdom resident of phoning a local infrastructure supply company such as a Gas or electric firm or in fact banking firm and finding themselves speaking to some Indian Call-centre, yes you can read those things though typically until you experience them you may well think someone is pulling your leg.

Okay the World is a very small place given modern Global Communication’s systems though typically most folks still consider themselves to have a regional mental Culture above and beyond some Global World that we are part of. A call centre anywhere outside of the United Kingdom and the likelihood deteriorates that a QUALITY interaction can occur because the CULTURE CLASH and mentality of those within the interaction are differing.

We all see and know STRONG STEREOTYPES of differing cultures and the attitudes of differing races of peoples, and whilst I can use meditation and cut through all those mental flotsam and jetsam like things, most people’s when acting these things out do not CONSIDER THEMSELVES AS ACTORS or ACTRESSES or AGENTS and so on.

Or indeed they do not consider themselves as that MANIPULATED AND INFLUENCED though I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who happens upon my www.silvertoevelocity.com website and clicks the links and begins meditation for themselves will step by step and stage by stage come to see just how RIDCULOUS they may or may not have been acting on some topics and issues for many years, in fact it can be demonstrated that just about all of us are our own worst enemies and likewise when we can see how stupid or ridiculous we have been those behaviours and often the associated thoughts feelings and so on will fall away, if we ourselves choose to change. Of course given how society is, few choose to change that great a deal or indeed admit to the new awareness that they have.

Elsewhere I found myself thinking WINCHESTER.

I of course can state that I visited Chester as a youngster and indeed know it to be of Historical importance in terms of Studying the Romans. However in this instance I will speak on WINCHESTER.

I think Arthur Daley (Geroge Cole funeral today) had a local drinking haunt I am I think I am write in recalling it was known as The WINCHESTER CLUB. Likewise of course I spoke on the TV SERIES SUPERNATURAL that I watched a few years back and daughter has seemingly bought the entire collection of on my Amazon Account, the given family name for the two hero’s is WINCHESTER, (Sam & Dean), likewise I do believe that in Military History we had The WINCHESTER RIFLE. I also think in Computer Realms that a WINCHESTER was the name given to some Database system, (not 100% sure on that one), though I have exceptionally vague memories that was a name used to refer to a computer or component of some description used by the Secondary School that I attended.

So yes I look up Winchester and it is some place in HAMPSHIRE and that of course where I think George Cole was said to have lived though likewise I am sure other HAMPSHIRE related materials require some research beyond of course

In Herefordshire, Hertfordshire and Hampshire, Hurricanes Hardly ever Happen!

What is the amplitude of your H’S and so so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

  1. Have a look at the Trailer for the New Dad’s Army Film being released next year, I had to have a double-take as some of the portrayals with the modern cast were so accurate of actors portraying particular characters in the style and fashion of the well known and loved original cast.

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