Motive and Incentive and Delayed versus Instant Gratification

So I have returned to these subject matter again and again, though typically what my gradually step by step and stage by stage enlightenment generally brings about in awareness often demonstrates the conflict and confusion brought about via immediate desire for reward versus long term desire for reward.

Likewise of course the playing field can be hugely shifted in terms of what you know now versus what you may or may not have known previously within your personal development and so on.

We do of course have the issue of mental Compartmentalisation that we typically develop at young ages and we can typically swap on subject matter to subject matter without necessarily pausing for breath when in conversation.

Likewise I have suggested that we can introduce a pause or break or add a new stepping stone point within any given flow chart presented to us as to how things are modelled.

This is something that has been successfully achieved by numerous individuals in teaching and I think a worthwhile venture in getting the pens out and seeing for ourselves.

So instead of taking something for granted in being shown, we again and again do such things for ourselves, not only to demonstrate that we can for instance draw or sketch and show something in a differing translated format but that we can grow confidence in what we ourselves know versus what the World about us and the people therein contained are saying and doing and claiming.

So instead of rushing to one automated conclusion and result thoughts, feelings and actions, that may or may not have been previously utilised the extra step or stage introduces the possibility of changing the dynamic and creating further alternative options and thoughts feelings and actions that we (any of us) may have been previously blind too.

So After World War II, it may well be suggested that Society in Great Britain decided enough is enough, never again and so on, typically huge rebuilding projects were set about creating new societal infrastructures, very often utilising the newly demobbed workforces. So Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen became Rail workers and builders and plumbers and likewise those who had served in particular regiments and forces often kept in touch via the creation of associations and working men’s clubs and so on.

You might say that a “formed in battle” brotherhood kind of appeared or materialised, whereby a greater level of empathy and respect existed within those legions of peoples who had served in one or other fashion (voluntarily or compelled via the draft).

Typically of course, what we also saw was a huge culture of SAFETY NETS gradually working their way into British Politics and Society in General as some kind of herd like consciousness.

These things did not occur over night, though we can see again and again that people felt themselves more deserving of having some safety nets whether through Council Housing and the National Health service. Or indeed some minor allowance for disabilities and inability to work and so on.

Likewise twenty years later after the war it may well be suggested that the first generation of children of those peoples, began heavily taking the piss, in the sense that Unionism had grown and grown and grown and all these societal wide safety nets acted as a kind of “get out of jail free card” for all and any kind of behaviours whether considered right, wrong or otherwise.

Likewise we can of course state that many peoples still had a mental attitude of treating others with dignity and respect, though likewise the growth of media and an insatiable appetite for being entertained led to various groupings and new cults and so on being constantly set up, a culture of optimism for the future and so on.

So you have the safety net culture set up by a generation of war veterans now being abused by Unionist leaders calling the work forces out on some exceptionally strange reasoning’s. Examples can be found across many a Union and typically they were out of kilter or out of balance as to being reasonable. Likewise of course it can be suggested that despite attempts as to redistribution of Wealth and improved conditions for the Working man, things grew worse in many an environment, because many environments had been hi-jacked by peoples and persons whose motives were typically highly questionable.

So the children of the children generation appears and likewise peoples are beginning to say enough is enough, Margaret Thatcher took on the Unions, and very many a person sick of the incessant striking of workers within many societal wide infrastructural industries had a broad and popular support.

Peoples were also given incentives, we’ll let you own your own home and have shares in these newly privatised firms and so on.

The MEME selfish Gene of the Richard Dawkins generation set in very quickly. Own home and shares in the Company, huh. Yes many people sold up shares within a few short years for instant gratification above and beyond any kind of long term delayed gratification.

Likewise the sell-offs were typically suggested to have been below real worth and longer term market value and indeed sold off housing stock was not being replaced.

So some of the SAFETY NETS were being removed (possibly a good thing) though likewise the up and coming generation (my own generation) were either not old enough to be in on these opportunities or indeed could not see the wood for the tree’s.

We grew up with family and so on who had themselves grown up with many safety nets, who themselves were REMOVING the possibility of any such continuation for their own children.

Now of course the SAFETY NET issue is still one that continues to this day, and the ramifications are broad and varied depending upon how the course of your life has gone.

So you can go to the United States of America or many an alternate nation both Western and Eastern and Middle East and lower West and no safety nets exist in any way shape or form, so if you have grown up within such a culture you perhaps have a greater incentive and are motivated toward improvement within your own life and so on.

So if I do not set up in business for myself, I may not have money to pay bills or buy entertainment products and live a successful life etc. Yes many a person when writing Bibliography will say that having nothing to lose was a great position for themselves to be starting from, especially in terms of entrepreneurial spirit.

So whilst I have stated that some family were Labour and some family more typically Conservative I myself of course grew up during the Thatcher years and indeed mentally bought into the self-industry and entrepreneurial spirit. I worked within some jobs outside of schooling/college hours in order to have my own income coming in and so on.

So I then spoke on being knocked out of the game (in a sense), because my own attention following accident and so on was firmly placed on recovery and just being able to walk, a bit like a Tiny Tim character or that kid who could not follow the Pied Piper.

Big issue or deal?

Well in generations past, I may have survived or not though typically, any kinds of disabilities and ill health and so on make you more susceptible to being at the mercy of predators and so on, in whatever guise shape and form they take, bugs, germs, humans, tigers and so on.

I actually think that many a person who has become injured in such fashion, would likely actually have preferred the death option, and doctors and nurses wanting to be hero’s just so someone else can live a miserable life at the bottom of societal pecking orders is ridiculous.

We can also of course take to carrying weapons to even out the balance, with those predators.

So the problem then for many a person is this one of the Hollywood paradox, I cannot start a business because I cannot gain the budget.

Likewise of course I typically for whatever unbeknown reason to myself after multiple, years and jobs and college and University, following return to Hereford applied and gained employment with the intention of a brief 6 month stay in a designated local hell hole that came complete with a long history.

So I then got sucked in by all the abuse and gang cultures that were operating within that Environment, and 6 months has seemingly turned into some 10 years + kind of war, whereby all and any entrepreneurial spirit and starting over IDEAS that I had for myself, were constantly distracted from by all the environmental nonsenses and distractions going on within the environment.

Despite the seemingly multiple warring factions the overall image or picture that could be garnered initially at least was an overall culture of peoples and persons AFRAID and FEARFUL of SUCCESS. Whilst I am sure some folks at the top of management chains regard themselves as successful the question then becomes one of “at what?”, And yes I can also state that a gradual shift and change has occurred during the 10+ years whereby greater overall Company philosophy and alignments now exist, whereby peoples and persons within each and every area and grouping can see the benefit of working together and indeed not going to war at each and every opportunity that presents itself.

Yes from a Global Neutral Position it can be demonstrated that some folks regard themselves as Career peoples within the environment, though I would suggest they are running counter-culture to the Higher Corporate Philosophy that exists.

What do I mean?

Well as a youngster I grew up around shop keeper grandparents and later went into retail business’ and I had the original intention to work and learn the ins and outs (or ropes) of such business prior to then eventually getting to an age or point whereby I would feel enough research and experience was had, whereby I would set up in some fashion a business all of my own and so on.

Of course you do in such thinking have to have cut-off points because typically you could keep on saying one-more-week, one-more-year and likewise of course the Corporation or Business you work for may suddenly come up with some Perfect Fit Job or Role for yourself as an incentive for you to stay.

I can state that I have had conversation with multiple individuals who have had similar philosophy, no progress here, though I have the experience, so will set up for myself. Or likewise have had a job appearing advertised that they applied for and got, because the role fitted the experience and knowledge and so on they had developed. My own trials and tribulations as to attempts to climb the ladder are of course a differing kettle of fish, though not for this article.

So anyway returning to the point above, what we have been seeing are that a generation of long term management sitters has developed within management chains at particular levels, peoples too young to retire, who have all the skills and knowledge sets and indeed INVESTMENT that the global Corporation has made in them, who could be leading the Societal way forward, in terms of going out and setting up in Business for themselves, with the skills and knowledge sets they have.

So instead of doing that we typically see a new younger generation of people applying for management and from a group of say 5 lower level management trainees you may only have one left within the environment within 5 years, the roles can take their tolls.

So those that do remain possibly want to climb the ladder though typically find a glass ceiling of all these job-sitters, a generation of 40-60 year olds who have little intention to move on who could well benefit from being shoved.

What is actually happening is that all the younger management trainee’s, are the one’s being forced to move on, through inability to progress.

Unless things change over the next couple of years as to Culture and Philosophy I would suggest that within 10 years, another major crisis is going to occur within the Environment because of a failure to keep circulation of peoples and personnel going at all levels of the business.

Those empowered with the respective jobs levels of controlling the circulation of the business are often those who are in those sitter positions, typically potentially sabotaging the business in selfish meme fashion rather than doing what the Corporate Philosophy and Training Investment might expect of them.

Of course the issue then one of percentiles and not wanting all to leave whilst also not wanting all to remain.

Shuffling and moving the deck chairs around with those 40-60 year old management personnel has seemingly been a long held philosophy that requires addressing in some fashion, with appropriate planning and purpose. I see little reason why some of these managers could not set up subsidiary business related to the business that they have spent so much of their lives within.

So entrepreneurial spirit can be suggested to be something that exists at any time of life not just for the young, likewise of course I am quite sure that some related small scale business enterprises could typically be profitable where the larger corporate body is unable to be success or profitable within particular market sectors because they have too large a means and scales of production, to not make some ventures worthwhile to the larger business.

Yes, where once I was fully motivated and had plans, distraction upon distraction of what I regard of mostly childish nonsenses (from peoples of all ages and job titles) has seemingly left myself bereft of IDEAS that I once had an abundance of.

So I have been thinking heavily upon this issue of being Entrepreneurial and indeed how to recapture or get some momentum or passion going, once a solid idea is formed as to direction and investment and so on.

Does talk of Red tape or raising finance fill you with dread or lead to questions as to how best can I go about this?

I of course, early on within hypnosis and meditation studies thought that GAMBLIMG was the way to raise finance that would not involve banks and third parties who may or may not want some input into the venture that I would create.

Likewise of course achieving consistent success within those realms whilst under pressure or abuse from distracting negative influences is ongoing, in the sense that I was thinking that were Learning Strategies to come to myself now and suggest a new course,

I would not choose all these Ultimate you kinds of things, because of the running before you can walk issue.

I would actually ask for an Enterprising You or Industrial You or an Entrepreneurial You,

What are the Skills, strategies, thoughts, feelings and actions required to be entrepreneurial at any age and time of life?

What are the likely objections, obstacles and thought processes that may act to sabotage positive interactions and the necessary belief set and so on?

Yes I know that a company can state we have this course and this course and that strategy though typically my own studies across many courses suggests that a

DEDICATED INTEGRATIVE COURSE to a given realm or however can often be preferred than otherwise.

So what are the Modular Components required to bring about ideas relating to Entrepreneurial Spirit and Success

Typically of course that is where (In my opinion) a complement of both Linear and non-linear thinking processes is required.

Yes unfortunately despite having seemingly battled and overcome many objections and obstacles, the progress has seemingly been achieved also through the loss of many a skill required for Entrepreneurial Spirit.

All well and good if a focus is able to be maintained on Entrepreneurial Spirit above and beyond any distractions, though typically keeping and developing IDEAS to the point whereby you can genuinely have long lasting success with a Business venture is troublesome.

Typically I threw myself into a realm of peoples seemingly constantly obsessed with racism and sexuality and whilst I am sure we can demonstrate those things as not being very far away from many a person’s mind, hence so many profitable business in those sectors, they can be more of a major hindrance to people already involved in relationships or indeed who have friends and family who fall into the TARGET/VICTIM CATEGORIES.

Yes low threshold is suggested to also be a hindrance to success, though likewise if raising threshold removes the motive/incentive models, how can someone re-establish motivation and incentive from a higher place on the hill whilst acting in integrity and newly found congruence and so on?

Can you have multiple Confidence’s?

Yes strange though true many a person is fully confident and equipped with some aspects and compartmentalisations of life whilst failing to understand that they have not got a thorough enough grounding or fundamental foundation to be genuinely successfully operating from.

What are the fundamental foundational requirements for an entrepreneurial spirit?, are they really/is it true?

Yes they say perseverance and so on can be its own reward, though typically if you, plunged into the dark side mentality (of fighting on the same playing field) finding your way back to the light can seem even more daunting.

Yes The Entrepreneurial Collection

Creative combinatorial & integrative thinking strategies

Raising Finance in the Now

Becoming an Ideas machine

Optimum Decision making, linear and non-linear

Dedicated Setting your Sights, goals and stepping stones

Being congruent and consistent whilst centred

Yes dynamic steering is a strange state of course because it suggests a lack of being centred,

Though perhaps part and parcel of that dealing with… when presented with… rather than having a fear that engulfs you despite having zero experience of the fear in real reality.

Example, does a fear of spiders stop you holidaying in a jungle environment where media film and TV suggests they live in abundance.

Matching your own real life experience against Entertainment realm fictions is an interesting intersection, though typically perhaps a demonstration of a sabotage to starting. Likewise the list of possible PHOBIAS to many activities are typically imagined rather than experienced.

So do these strategies muddy the waters or clear the waters?

Instant Gratification versus Delayed Gratification and indeed repetition of Gratification

What am I learning from following this Teacher/Master’s example or otherwise, does the system introduced by this personality work for myself?

Typically of course developing your own identity and character and attributes and values and traits might seem easy or difficult especially when it comes to the HERD like societal patterns that differing groupings incessantly demand, that do not necessarily work for you.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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