Now Spoilers

So I have another up and coming course within the Write Well series that is dedicated toward the creation of a non-fiction book and the course has something of a full itinerary in providing over the period of 10 units a complete how-to in the creation of a book, the information related to the course for anyone interested can be found on the Learning Strategies website.

My own interest is perhaps in finding a non-fiction subject matter that I can be confident and skilled in crafting a book about, of course in truth how you tell something is potentially very differing to how an alternate individual tells something. This often of course related to this idea that each and every person contains the World (so to speak) within their own mind or brain and body and so on.

That also perhaps related to this idea that few if anyone can claim to have a finger in every pie, as much as they may wish or desire to, with a World Population of some 7 Billion + peoples the most that anyone can perhaps learn early on is that All-encompassing Every Pie Umbrella ideas, whilst sounding great from the position of an imperialist empire builder and so on is unlikely to appeal to each and everyone within that larger population.

It could well be suggested of course that in handing down teachings, we each of us may have looked at prior generations of peoples and persons with for example a shared name, be it forename or surname and likewise of course we can go into those questioning possibilities as to how can I admire and aspire or indeed not if some individual happens to demonstrate thoughts feelings and actions that are alien to yourself (possibly).

So the saying goes of course that if Jesus Christ reappeared today, and ran around saying does one not know whom one is, few would likely follow or belief the individual to be telling the truth or indeed consider the possibility that whilst he may well believe what he is saying and preaching, that many alternative belief systems are now available to an ever increasing World Wide Population.

Likewise of course it can be demonstrated that you can probably find a million and one living individuals who have been given the name Jesus just as you can find millions of Mohammed’s and other popular figures who have captured imagination of followers to the extent that peoples want to name children after them and so on.

Of course we also can demonstrate people who try to buck such trends via giving children what they consider to be names invented by themselves or indeed some obscure cross-realm kind of system whereby children are given the names already used in others realms, typically for girls we can find many a flower child (for example).

So anyway the dynamics issue is one found within any social grouping and culture that you can go into in whatever compartmentalised model you choose to seek or define, whether a sports team or a school class, or a working environment, very often you of course get differing peoples and personalities all vying either for a position that they feel befits how they see and view themselves or indeed you have peoples who (for reasons only known to themselves) are seemingly only interested in sabotaging all about themselves in some fashion, I cannot have what I want so I will sabotage all others from having what they may want.

That is of course just one psychology though I do feel a need to typically identify a classic example given within the film Reservoir Dogs, whereby all the characters involved within the drama were for one or other reasoning given a Colour name, so we had Mr Blue and Mr Black and Mr Green and of course a HUGE MASSIVE COMPLAINT from the guy who was told he was Mr Pink, the fact that most designated white peoples can look at their own hands and skin in the mirror and see pink staring back at them each and every day does not occur to vast swathes of the male populace especially, though also increasingly in a female populace rejecting the Barbie Pink culture that they may have enjoyed in younger years. Further to that you also of course have Gay Cults claiming such things as there colour, though I would suggest that a huge reality check is required for many peoples and persons who get uppity and agitated and TRIGGERED by the most stupid of immaturities and so on.

So why go on about this topic, well classically of course peoples fall into particular patterns and I have suggested that all patterns and behaviours and so on are there to be questioned and broken and thrown away and let go and so on, in coming to terms with ideas as to know.

Some groups and individuals of course will always play hard ball games as to what is and what is not acceptable and whilst some are successful it may well be suggested that a displacement of value occurs whereby TOPICS AND SUBJECTS and particular areas of conversation or human psychology and behaviours.

So I was thinking about this because I was thinking that a huge industry has come about as to spoilers for films and television and what happens next within popular fiction dramas and so on.

Typically we can question as to what I wrote recently on delayed versus instant gratification, does waiting to know a result via watching a late night match of the day (for example) give you better pleasure and reward than overhearing or having a colleague tell you the score prior to your viewing.

So spoilers are given credit as a kind of CHEAT, in the classic hey psssst want to know what I heard kind of Chinese whispers fashion.

I personally think that in coming to terms with IDEAS as to all is NOW you have to remove the prejudices or ideas (mud or otherwise) thoughts feeling and so on surrounding the implications of negatively held behaviours and related beliefs and all the rest of those kinds of habits.

So typically I was thinking “Now Spoilers” as a work of non-fiction in how to organise yourself and friends and colleagues given a new vantage point upon the hill and so on and the typically objections that come up.

So I might for instance suggest that in order to maximise the differing sports that we as a group cover that each person following the same 1-2-3 step systematized process is allocated a particular sport.

Person one does Football, person two does Tennis, person three does Formula one and so on, the issue then potentially that each and every person may only be a football fan or a baseball or basketball fan (for you Americans). Typically of course I have (within my own research) found that not having a pre-existing vested interest in the sport can actually be beneficial because you are less likely to act upon bias’ that you may be carrying as to who are your favourites and so on. Typically convincing any individual on this topic is potentially troublesome, hence I would also suggest that it initially (at least) should be treated in a Workman like fashion toward designing and getting a system that works as opposed to be full of enthusiasm and pride and then not having it be successful.

So that is perhaps an ask for delayed gratification, yes I know you want to throw all and everything into this project and I know you want to do this sport that this other guy has selected, though once we have all crafted the 1-2-3 step process and it works for our designated sport, we can then rotate with other members of the team, and indeed build up our own catalogue of clues and so on.

That of course part of that identify the sport via the terms being used, most sports have inbuilt terminology and likewise specific sporting realm implements, whether bat, balls, rackets and nets or hoops and likewise secondary clues to more specific identifiers can be used.

Typically World sport traverse the World via a calendar and we can choreograph clues to a specific Country, town and City quite easily though likewise then you all need to be operating from a similar blueprint or schematic system so that what you understand for the sport you have developed also works when you slot alternate clues into the positions for your one two three process.

So do we think that a World in which we can be success all of the time is living in a World or spoilers or do we think that having lived a lifetime of spoilers are bad for us teachings that just like the decision between being

Happy and Wealthy or Happy and poor or unhappy and wealthy and unhappy and poor, we have greater choice.

I still predominantly think most have blindfolds as to wealth and ideas that you have to work hard and have overcome great obstacles and abuses and wars and so on, though personally having been through many such nonsense battles as to belief systems, I personally would be more than delighted to have an EASY, EASY, THIS IS to EASY attitude and philosophy toward life occurring.

Of course we can return to war of the sex’s issues and indeed whether we feel we are operating above board and within the law, though likewise of course we can all of us identify laws or indeed judgments of courts that we ourselves disagree with.

So yes I am thinking about a non-fiction work that operates or acts as a kind of generic like blueprint toward the idea of now being now rather than some la-di-da out there theory and indeed demonstrating such things via the usage of 1-2-3 step easy to follow guideline frameworks toward improved feedback and return like systems and mechanisms.

Of course they say we can only be as good as our bibliography tho’ likewise it is suggested that many a thought feeling and so on will fall away once you have taken the seed of enlightenment or learning and wisdom out of a given realm or philosophy and indeed used tools and technologies that provide the necessary stimulus and possibly provide incentive and motivation for such things.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

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