So Reading Signs & Symbols Is Actually

So reading signs & symbols is only a very small sector or compartmentalisation of possibilities when you think about such things, given how when you become familiar with differing languages using the same sounds and given to differing meanings you come to see that in the ever present now, it does not necessarily matter as to whose interpretation is best.

For instance a Polish greeting sounds distinctly like Chess, so I have international colleagues wondering about saying chess, chess to each other, okay wrong spelling though you get the drift in the sense that to an English language speaker, it suggests that they all want to play chess against each other, or likewise as an extension we might add a T and have everyone rushing around saying chest, chest as though wanting some fresh milk from mothers breast or male fathers non-functioning and flatter glands.

So we can learn languages and know the official meaning within those parameters though we can also typically UTILISE our non-language skills and go with what our own brain tells is is being overheard or however, when you think in terms of everything now then such tactics become somewhat easier, especially when it comes to lateral or non-linear thinking, because typically many a language encourages a versioning of either lateral or non-lateral thinking.

As a Digression, anyone who has sought to learn foreign (to themselves) language often comes to early complaint of the structure of direct interpretation being differing to how one’s own language is structured, so typically verbs and nouns and so on exist though are formulated in a differing order, that makes sense to the mind that developed the language though few others, likewise of course I mentioned Polish above and spelling wise (as in these lettering symbols), you would rarely be able to necessarily match the sounded out mnemonics of a word to the official designated spelling, and the same goes for many languages, including English when you look at how much of the English language is begged borrowed and stolen from alternate languages anyway.

So many a sales person is said to want to get a YES from a customer, yes I want to purchase these goods from yourself, and likewise of course the exchange is one of the value that the market perhaps places upon any given item or indeed that a customer places upon having a given item.

So you might purchase something from Amazon for £50 and accept a standard delivery for during the following week, likewise you might want immediate now gratification of having it tomorrow and that extra value that you place in that desire causes you to pay and extra £20 for next day delivery or however much such things cost.

David get to the point!

Okay so I studied quite early on within my studies LATIN, that being the language of the Long since gone Holy Roman Empire and the base language for many nations that were occupied by the invading Roman Armies. No I do not claim to be able to speak Latin though typically you can come to see why for instance The Vatican still perhaps uses Latin as the Language of the Catholic Church and indeed of course the source Country Italy still predominantly uses modern Italian that is rooted within the classical language.

So in Latin JESUS is IESUS

And in coming to a mutual business exchange or transaction it might be suggested that people are seeking to come to some kind of I YES US.

Going from one individual within a transaction to two people within the framework or architecture, or a cell division whereby one cell becomes two cells and so on, the possibility of famed for Computing Moores’ Law spreading to alternate cross realm versioning’s.

So the problem?

People young and old typically want good or positive relationships and indeed some might be regarded as exclusive relationships (typically male female sexual relationships and marriage) verses less exclusive relationships that you may have with colleagues and mates and so on.

So many a person in an exclusive relationship married, or long term though will never marry because I am a free agent blah-blah nonsense, still wants friends and interaction though typically usually not have sexual relationships with all and sundry.

So you can get people of both sex’s who continuously work some jokey innuendo with each other of pretence that they may or may not want relations with one another, (any chance darling etc.) though typically what would occur if each and every person said YES to each and every other person that is hitting upon them, whose boundaries are being respected or whose boundaries are being ignored?

That is perhaps where the fear of success comes into the equation, because the story of what people are saying to themselves to justify these interactions often makes peoples incongruent not only with themselves but with all about themselves over a prolonged period of time, the problem of contagion.

We can find typical example stories of this from both male and female strippers and people within body beautiful industries in general whereby working life boundaries are overstepped by obsessive incongruent fans or clients who think that the entry fee to the club was for something other than ogling someone on a stage.

Likewise of course we come to this issue of FREE WILL versus otherwise, whereby you can watch a million and one movies that suggest “we were meant to be together” and so on. Of course the free will debate is an interesting one in that as you raise threshold and see the patterns and cycles and step out from being heavily within the million and one stories (that are potentially vying for your attention) you come to see that little in the way of secrets or otherwise of any kind are worth pursuing or maintaining.

Typical example I recently wrote and spoke upon SAFETY NETS, that people typically have many a mental model of, very often for each and every compartmentalisation of life the universe and everything.

So I go to work on Monday and find that a Health and Safety team member is spending a few days with us on nights (this usually occurs throughout the year on 3 or 4 occasions whereby risk assessments are made as to varying jobs and seeking to ensure that we have and are working within present day best working practice guidelines and so on).

Now the safety team have a mandate much like outside Auditors to appear at any time without advanced notification, so we are doing what we normally do rather than acting all proper and correct in the presence of Royalty and so on.

So things were somewhat strange for myself in the sense that I was not on the job I expected to be on and this was perhaps down to multiple absence (colleagues on holiday) where I was seemingly slotted into a differing job rotation cycle to where I may normally find myself within a given calendric period or cycle of time, YES AND?

So everything went smoothly, what?

Okay, so impediments and irritations and annoyances that typically cause delay and frustration and so on that I very often have to overcome and deal with within the one rotation cycle do not seemingly exist within this other cycle and so on point that I find myself within, now that could of course be luck (it was only one night) though typifies HOW some folks can live a seemingly blessed life and so on whilst others can typically potentially find themselves always within those alternate cycle spheres and so on.

Of course I do not choose my own jobs and can point finger at managers for job selection, though such selections may be those individual’s non-conscious choices (I will stick hostile and troublesome Dave in this cycle for favourite Deliah who is on holiday). Likewise of course even when any of us think someone is crying wolf as to unfairness I will make some changes in how I make such selections it often takes us back to those like for like (comparison) and transactional analysis.

So little point in crying wolf because if a person is already placing you regularly within negative point cycles, they will likely only change you to another negative point cycle AH-HA. Example, I cry wolf this week on Friday as the rest of this week turned sour, and manager wanting to be fair thinks I will place Dave over here in this other job, when you know all time is NOW and that it is all an inside job, the key change has to be made within the mind-set of you, the individual yourself and not some external person or being who through the patterns and cycles they are operating upon will just continue to play out those cycles.

So it went so smoothly that I suggested to the safety officer that everyone knew she was coming, and she informed myself that whilst she herself had scheduled the visit she had not informed the wider working community in advance. Ah-ha

So she thinks that she kept a secret though my all time is now blog demonstrates that in recently writing about SAFETY NETS, anyone from my working life realm could have read and been given or led to the INFERENCE that we were about to be sprung upon by Health and Safety.

Of course I cannot force or tell anyone from any area or working life to use the technologies I promote and recommend and indeed get those mental shifts, though likewise when you have tools and so on available that demonstrate the FUTILTY of many a thought process or procedure and so on, (very often coming from some “I am the only one” mental ideology) you can let such IDEAS go in favour of more favourable thoughts and feelings and so on. Typically we all want and think e have requirement for SECRETS, though typically I would suggest that aspects and ideas such as 6 degrees of separation and-or my more recent talk of 5 Degrees of divination show such things in a differing light.

We can punish and punish ourselves for long held thought patterns and so on from childhood when and where safety and fear from danger may have been paramount, or we can release such thinking and aspects of ourselves that are not serving us now in favour of more favourable and positive and upbeat ways and means of seeing lie the Universe and Everything.

Do I have a downer on any particular communities, no I generally released on many subject and topics of debate a seeming lifetime ago, though typically when seeking or trying to put best practice IDEAS and so on into grouped categorisation and create and demonstrate TEMPLATES and so on, I do find that irritations appear in the form of people muddying the waters and stupid nonsenses.

Each generation seemingly thinks it invented all that could be invented and likewise most trigger patterns and behaviours are the same for differing generations and indeed communities.

So distractions are typically allowing any one given topic and area of debate TO MUCH FOCUS & ATTENTION.

Typical example, if on Friday one guy calls another guy GAY, I might think oh that might mean Arsenal are going to win Football on Saturday (using the inferential or indirect labelling methodology), likewise when such nonsense becomes obsessed with by any given grouping to the point where it is each and every night (as is seemingly happening with 1 or 2 individuals in the present Primary night hygiene crew) it muddies the waters and interpretative abilities for all around them, hence someone such as myself being more likely to suggest that they all shut the fuck up and grow up.

Yes sad though true, as much as we any of us want to believe in free will and choice, one does see particular patterns and behaviours seemingly appear again and again and again.

The best option would of course be to create a GAY catalogue of SPORTING SUGGESTIONs so where we have Arsenal (in football) and possibly Man United, you could probably find clues and linkages to many other sporting realms around the planet for each and every day. I personally of course prefer a broader and wider area and focus of subject matter and focus, though when these individuals find themselves getting some desperately sought after attention for negative campaigns and topics, their own mental attention reward engine kicks in, and we then see that the

Attention, reward ratio’s all get skewered, that sadly the truth of many peoples and persons wanting attention of any kind at any cost, even if just to prove to themselves that they can or cannot take such abuse or discussion on some considered no go areas and subject matters,


That of course takes us back to that issue of peoples wanting to feel that they matter, of course again I would suggest that a million and one other areas and aspects of life might be considered as being far more important that some external individuals lifestyle choices and options.

So unless you are genuinely a member of such a community I would really recommend placing your own focus squarely on other areas of life the Universe and everything and likewise asking the question

Is this subject and topic of conversation going to put money on the table and food in my belly? because a zero tolerance approach to such peoples and persons and topics, hand-in-hand with some small investment of the assisted meditation technologies can make all the difference in the World to how you think feel and act within the World.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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