David’s Attention Reward Engine (DARE)

So this week I seemingly found myself deciding not to write my blog and whilst I have often had gaps in writing my blog and publically publishing, I have on some occasions always being posting private blog articles or quite simply notes.

So I followed the instruction from multiple masters and grand masters and teachers to make notes and have to wonder as to the benefits or otherwise of having done so.

This week I seemingly had a full stop whereby I stopped writing everything, no notes, no private posts and no public posts, and I have surprisingly missed the daily routine of writing.

So originally I found such activities falling into what might by some experts be regarded as the snore, bore, chore zones and indeed even though each and everything about myself has been given a label or identifier of some description I still somehow on some level whether conscious or non-conscious resisted the active day-to-day routine of writing.

Any excuse that I could give myself presented itself, do not write, watch this TV programme or do this other activity and likewise it also became apparent that one or two other peoples and persons were seemingly strangely hostile to my writings, and again it could well be suggested that in terms of inside-outside these things are again protection mechanisms and resistances that those other peoples and persons have, typically perhaps triggers as to what they themselves believe and no compared to what I myself write as knowing.

Likewise of course given the nature of the assisted technologies and the step-by-step routes and pathways to enlightenment; and indeed the differing assorted higher and lower carrier frequencies and amplitudes and all the rest of those things that we many of us seemingly invested in, it is easy to initially be resistant to all and everything and then gradually come to see the wisdom within such superlatives as “let whatever happens, be okay”. The reason of course that we have often throughout our lives grown brains that are in hemispheric terms strangely at war with each other in terms of how the differing parts within the brain function.

Of course some suggest a so-called top down methodology in the teaching, in the sense of explaining how they themselves went through the various stages of personal growth and development whilst others perhaps opted for the bottom up approach of trying all and anything, taking things in-in their own stride and we can wonder or ponder as to whether any teaching or learning was actually achieved beyond those peoples and persons being able to claim having added to their own experience.

So it could be suggested that the top-down approach might be regarded as some old or elder person like god-figure or meditative master who has figured out very many of the mistakes and is seeking to guide students and pupils away from many a pitfall, whilst the bottom up approach might be suggested to be that of the Tarot Fool in the sense that whilst you may or may not have had good and-or bad experiences you are potentially likely to do them all over again, without taking any lesson or learning from a previous experience.

Of course many aspects of life can be somewhat like groundhog day; and many a working environment can also seem like groundhog day, perhaps why some folks are propelled into those sabotaging like behaviours and attitudes, just wanting or desiring something differing to occur.

Likewise of course some of us, having experienced some of the very worst that Society and the wider World has to offer, generally perhaps prefer the wisdom of not charging around like a bull in a china shop in reactive fashion to stir things up or make something differing.

So we can learn to slow down and perhaps take in a deep intake of air and breath, and indeed the Technologies can seemingly enable better cross-hemispheric interpretation and indeed introduce a pause like mechanism into our thinking where we better gauge our next step or sequence of actions and the stages that we are likely to go through, based upon what some of the long-time users and more experienced individuals choose to inform the rest of us about.

The big problem of course, that some subjects and topics and areas of discussion are typically regarded as taboo, or indeed not and differing peoples seemingly of course have differing attitudes thoughts and feelings to many an issue.

So the reason for the title of course because just as I have used my given name within the title anyone else’s name could be placed or positioned at the front of the title and then we can see or speculate as to the idea perhaps as to what thoughts, feelings and actions give us those reward attention behaviours and indeed the cause effect ratio and equation.

Typically I of course took a quite intransigent hard-lined hard-nosed approach in the sense, that being single and working irregular hours and so on perhaps made it far easier for myself to become unplugged from may a storying system wanting or vying for attention, and likewise it can of course be suggested that some folks were themselves so confused and in constant conflict or in turmoil and so on that rather than provide helpful advice and wisdom, they very often also dug in their heels and some even seemingly went into over-drive as to lashing out and attacking someone who was no longer playing on the same playing field in terms of mental MATRIXES and so on.

So sometimes things become worse before you can see the wood for the tree’s and likewise of course, as many a teacher and master suggests as much as we may not want to go through the same experience’s over and over again, in order to live and survive and so on, you have little choice, perhaps beyond going to a differing producer or provider of a given life aspect or area that you find yourself among, the difference perhaps between choosing the supermarket to shop at or the pub to drink at or indeed the friends and family that you have preference for interacting with or indeed otherwise.

So anyway after writing so regularly for so long and them stopping, much like many a form of addiction, I find I am somewhat addicted to the activity of writing whether in my blog or taking notes, this week I have seemingly gone through some stages of withdrawal like symptoms, whereby an intransigence exists telling myself to sit down and write and make notes and so on.

Of course I would hope that having a break give ways to new insights and new information and ideas, though that of course can also be potentially dependent on whether I have taken in any new inputs or information. I have in some ways, though not in others and I do think that the practice, practice, practise mantra can of course work in a multitude of ways, the part of our brain that contains the attention/ reward dynamics typically does not care as to how those things are achieved, so when you know that you have a brain with non-conscious uncontrollable desires thoughts and feelings, you begin to understand why you might become wiser in seeking to

Harness the power of trend and flow rather than live in constant levels of resistance to them.

Elsewhere I have received an email informing myself that the next instalment of the write well series has been cancelled /postponed indefinitely due to a lack of supporters or takers for the course, I have not taken in the full ramifications of what that may mean at present, though am slightly disappointed as I had come to enjoy the course and the advice and expertise demonstrated within the interactions between Sam Horn and Pete Bissonette.

Yes I was disappointed as to support of others on Facebook with regards to the course, though typically it does perhaps demonstrate that so many diverse Worldly experiences and personalities exist, that trying to accommodate so much diversity and dimensions is never an easy task.

Strange though true the news has also been a little strange this week, so I will comment on a couple of topics that typically were high-lighted as being of importance.

I saw news headlines speaking on immigrant crisis and alternative reports suggesting refugee crisis and of course it can potentially be easy to become lost in translation as to meaning.

I think yes a refugee crisis is where people are fleeing a war torn Country and likewise an immigrant is someone who has typically decided to up sticks for a, some presumed land of greener grass. So in those terms I would not think many at Calais fall into Refugee Status because they have often traversed a good half-a-dozen Countries to get to Britain and the streets of London paved with Gold.

So they may have started as refugee, though in trekking thousands of miles from Country to Country it would surely make better sense to call them migrants and we could get some old ships, and fill them up and transport them to the New World of Ireland on the other side of little Britain or indeed across the Atlantic to the Americas, yes that’s the solution, beyond of course dropping surplus bombs and going to war on such issues and topics.

The other headlines this week are of course related to oversaturation of the various markets (I think), I am not too good on the market side of monitoring, though saw news related to devaluation within the Asian zone caused by devaluation in China, and likewise of course the FTSE and Dow Jones are said to have had the worst week in X many years, a suggestion of a new crash worry.

I think that we as a Consumer Society have mostly had our fill, as to what we will spend our money upon, typically this week I have been looking for a new laptop on Amazon and looking at deals and so on, very often the deals not meeting my own needs or specific requirements, I eventually getting to the point where I pretty much wrote and listed the purpose and specification and then searched for what was fit for purpose.

Yes the manufactures are really pushing and promoting next generation designer looking gadgets, though typically the retailers have not sufficiently reduced the prices on old stock, suggesting once again that some reality check is required or needed.

We had this in the car market and 2nd hand car market for years and years whereby reputation or the best named brand held its position despite growing evidence to the contrary as to the value of the product.

Yes some brands within the car market such as BMW and so on often hold value, though likewise the car market has also demonstrated a broader and wider variety of choices and even benchmark brands have had to adjust to reality of other manufacturing techniques and so on beating them in fields that they created.

Within Computers we see Apple being given similar high value ownership brand status, though typically when you know the components and look at the components, you do come to see that you are paying very often 5 times as much as the combination is worth.

How can I say 5 times as much, well take the bog standard named components (as many a generic device will do) and then look at COMPONENT like-for-like and you will see how ridiculous buying into brand cults can be.

So that is seemingly the state of play at the moment in that many a publicised DEAL is not a deal when you realise that next generation devices and gadgets are coming in at similar price marks, to those that have been around for a while.

Can devaluation and market crashes happen, well the other issue at present is of course Window’s 10 for free, and just how many people say they do not want it, and likewise those who got it and then suffered issues and problems (including myself).

I am lucky that my surface RT (also a fantastic Microsoft Gadget) cannot upgrade, as I may well be unable to publish this otherwise.

So Cloud Computing and end user terminals are where many a company wants people to be at, likewise many a person after suffering and suffering from being oversaturated typically come to the conclusion to become a little more unplugged and discerning in choices.

So yes, we do not all have surplus cash to spend and so on, though likewise selling these funny shaped designer gadgets that in component terms are worth far less, has become an art form for many Companies, though typically. We must also remember that beauty is only skin deep and I have spoken on issues and topics such-as rotten on the inside many times.

So we can go to extreme of wanting to look great and cool and so on (as I once did) and likewise we can find ourselves going to an alternate extreme of letting ourselves go (as I have in recent years) though typically having experienced both-worlds within many a debatable dynamic I do think that following carefully crafted and designed courses and stepping stones to enlightenment and indeed the extra choices that can occur and become available, though likewise in knowing that you can let go of materials and unhelpful attitudes thoughts feelings and actions and indeed then choose to not reacquaint yourself with such things is of course also a choice.

So yes I have the writing bug though typically need to perhaps get some creativity going in deciding how I can best utilise what I am writing in a positive and rewarding and uplifting way.

We may well grow up full of opinions and harsh judgements and so on about those that we live and breathe and so on among, though likewise we have choice as to the way forward from this point in time known as now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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