Supernatural Season 4, episode 18

The daughter put this episode on earlier and with regard to my writing I thought it somewhat apt in many ways.

So the problem demonstrated within this fictional work is of course part and parcel of issues in and around “prophets” and indeed IDEAS as to the so-called Voice Of God, or the Word Of God.

The episode for those who have no taste for junk TV, demonstrates the psychology in and surrounding book writing and reality blending whereby a character is encountered who is a drunken author who has written a multitude of books about the main characters of the show, eventually coming to a point whereby he writes himself into a story line and comes face to face with the peoples and persons who he believed were fictional being within his own imagination.

So likewise of course, when we are little new born babies and just a kind of supercharged non-conscious sucker-upper of the World about us, separating ideas as to fact and fiction can of course be troublesome and indeed as we grow and become teens and   adults etc. We go through schooling and various family and societal like shaping that causes us to dismiss many of the fantasy realms entertainments as just that, things that we read as children or indeed learnt via cinema and radio and all the very many media outlets vying for our attentions.

The Technologies I recommend on my website clearly demonstrating that raising our threshold at any stage and time of life and indeed re-scripting ourselves can do wonders for many an area of life, especially perhaps in re-organising our thoughts, feelings and actions with regard to our bodies and the internal and external World, and indeed the very many repetitions of processes and building blocks, lessons and learnings into some kind of higher organisation within our Heads.

I can of course suggest that early on with Hypnosis studies and so on, I typically like most peoples and persons had a somewhat naïve and benign level to the so-called supernatural and very many of the cross realm superstitions and fairly stories and so on that seemingly circumnavigate the planet in which we all inhabit.

However as I have persevered and continued with meditation I have come to see that where once many a behavioural action or issue was often debated to death, as to what next? I have gradually come to ever greater levels of clarity on various issues and topics, and typically many such things do relate to those old favourites TRUTH and HONESTY and of course levels of consistency and congruence as to such matters.

So I can for instance say that whilst I was walking along and later taking notes, that I did not always later correctly identify what I had seen or thought felt and witnessed and that perhaps the problem of not following the Sam Horn and recent suggestion on the Facebook Write Now Wendy Greer Suggestion to myself to “ink it when you think” it, yes I perhaps have a history of delay in waiting to see how good my recall and recollection is, though likewise some things do stay with yourself in memory terms better than others.

So I now apparently have a place in my calendar to be filled via not apparently taking part in the cancelled non-fiction book writing course and whilst still feeling disappointed, I guess it does free up funds for myself to spend elsewhere, should I feel or require that further expertise and advise is required.

That perhaps the problem of once again weaving in and out of differing teachings in that only so many hours in the day exist and indeed, is any given course “of a nature” that directly appeals to myself on some level of my being.

Yes typically we can go into super defensive modes and states of play whereby we can only take so much prior to giving up the ghost on some topics and issues of debate, although likewise I do think that some remedies are helpful whilst others possibly taking you round in keeping you seeking though never finding.

So we can come to see that a kind of ever present now reality is perhaps harnessed or accessed through us in how we communicate to others, and indeed that we can shape and form such communications in such a fashion as to not leave any doubt about the very many cross-realm interpretations that are available (The Universe being Neutral) it is within our own capabilities to get those cogs spinning and moving and shifting into more choices and options and indeed where we are potentially living in negatively reactive states to seek to transcend such things to possibly more empowering thoughts, feelings and proactive actions states and indeed raise Threshold.

The further I have explored the more it does seem that Threshold over and over again is the one area that as suggested by one or two other teachers is under rated, many a person of course it can be suggested regards Threshold in manly fashions of gritting you teeth and taking a hit firmly on the chin and so on. I have personally come to see that much of what we have within the hemispheres between our ears and indeed stored up throughout our nervous systems and bodily cells is not necessarily serving us as best that it could and indeed, when you can change and sculpt and recraft such things toward improving health and healing and self-perceptual modification and so on that the benefits can be enormous, not only to us as individuals but also family and friends and others who may also have spent a lifetime looking for answers to some fundamental questions.

Yes of course typically if you hit the road running with success as a youngster then typical suggestions to not look back are probably quite good advice in the sense that we all seemingly really do benefit from positive self-talk and positive image and so on, few others likely to necessarily give us sufficient praise or indeed enhance external peoples and persons to themselves, that partially related to some typical British “pulling peoples down a peg or two” and “so and so is getting to big for their boots” though also I think a fear of the threat of “not being good enough” in comparison with others, typically getting dragged into the importance of belief of the external World and indeed the characters therein often only demonstrates just how savage and predatory most peoples and person become at quite young ages.

So I can of course state that I recently also noted some news report, though did not read as to human’s being something of a super predatory creature on the Earth in comparison of course with other creatures, having not seen the full article I cannot debate, though typically when you see such “words and phrases” you can often find your focus drawn to a subject matter over and again.

So you see a possible trigger word and phrase that stays with you in memory terms and then later you see some seemingly harmless comments on Facebook or a blog or elsewhere in the media that whilst not seeming to be related clearly is or possibly could be.

That part of the circle of fear or the circle of hope, or indeed any other kind of circle or ring that we may find ourselves within, so what are the words and phrases that come to the forefront of your mind and are you now asking good questions as to where best focus and so on can be placed?

Yes I say that of course because as I have progressed I have come to see the benefit of not only releasing on negative self-image and external references, I have also come to see the benefit of replacing and shifting to those words of faith and belief and so on above and beyond negative thoughts feelings and patterns that may have occurred previously.

Yes it can take time given how many years it can seemingly take to go through The Holosync Solution (for example), though since slowing down I have come to the conclusion that my lack of awareness potentially in those lower and earlier levels was again typical of having been constantly focussed on unhelpful issues and topics and areas of life the universe and everything that were being forced front and centre within my life.

Typically of course, the benefit of further levels and raising threshold is that you can become almost neutral yourself as to thoughts and feelings and reactivity on many a topic of debate, once you have released on such things, likewise the layers issue often only becomes apparent when you step up to a next level and so on.

Yes the idea of writing and then events happening can fill most of us with variations on forms of dread, because we have typically stored up layer upon layer as to belief and very often from fiction shows a well as real World news and so on, very often media demonstrating attitudes and behaviours as to privacy and secrets, when in fact, at present part of the biggest SECRET may well be that having no secrets is the way, at least in terms of releasing and perhaps becoming neutral and indeed focussing on more positive attitudes and enlightenments toward all things supernatural.

Yes typically Heaven and Hell realms often demonstrated as being constant war and conflict though we can all choose (in reality) as what we give such labelling to. Is eating your favourite ice cream a heavenly activity or more typically do such things come as a hell like squeal of brain freeze or tooth decay and so on.

The very many superhighways and brain linkages that we have of course can show that if thoughts become things, then we perhaps want those positive thoughts and feelings and indeed the ability to always be making the most appropriate decision making as to what the next stepping stones may well be for us as individuals and indeed the human race as a hole. Sounds strange to relate the individual to the many given how many of us are resistant (with good reason) to the many though likewise when you do stumble on people working from enlightenment positions and indeed not sabotaging consciously or otherwise and empowering peoples, it does give one hope that you can turn your life around from any present set of parameters that you may be operating upon.

Yes that game of chess with the extra player who cannot be seen and already occupies every position seemingly comes into play though, we still have choice and options in choosing to see more choice and options as opposed to going into detrimental auto-pilot modes that have failed us again and again previously.

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