How Have I Benefitted From This Course Or Activity

So I have to admit to having become something of a backslider.

backslider = something of a religious terminology that I heard a lot of in my youth for someone who joins a Church and later perhaps leaves a Church or Group, usually a term used by those still within the Grouping in referencing the individual who has moved on or had a change of Heart or however.

So whilst I learnt the term in relation to religious indoctrination, you can of course regard such matters across the whole life spectrum, as to where you place your attention and focus.

Example = you may have been a fan of some pop group or film series or sporting personality during younger years that you have since decided to no longer follow or be a fan of and so on, and those who remain dedicated fans or followers of such personalities or groupings can call you a backslider.

So I rushed through early levels of Holosync and then slowed down eventually having a break though choosing to follow some associate realm courses such-as the recent Write Well Course.

Anyway, I had something of an ego when originally recording my original affirmations and instead of choosing the scripts provided wrote something of my own, I also at that time was reliant on having to use an international landline to make the phone call and read the script, costing myself something of a small fortune in the process.

So even though I later decided I may be better reverting to a given designer script from the experts, I baulked at all the related costs and so on simply choosing to continue with the script I had written myself.

So anyway I went through multiple -levels and associated courses and eventually slacked off, or became a backslider in the sense, that after raising threshold and no longer having the same thoughts and feelings to many issues and topics of debate and the personalities I found myself encountering, I was pleased or delighted as to results og taking up the assisted meditations and so on.

So yes, I recently decided to go to another level of the programme and also decided that I would rescript the Autofonix Affirmations and in looking for the last time I updated such things found that I had been on the same level for some 2 years which is of course longer than the usual or customary 1 year that much of the blurb and so on recommends.

Anyway meanwhile in doing the Write Well series I was placed in a group that suggested usage of Skype and again even though I heavily grew up as Computer literate and indeed studied Engineering and Computers and Artificial Intelligence, that is also an area where I have generally slacked off, in the sense that many a person who was not interested in Computers and Gaming and so on that I did in my youth has typically taken up those activities in later life (where once I may have been the geek and overgrown child and so on, I can typically perhaps run around pointing the finger and branding and name calling all these dedicated 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+ peoples and persons who have taken up such things (though see little point)).

So anyway I do have a headset for my gadget and signed up for Skype and typically found it highly useful for international group meeting and indeed not incurring the (within my own mind) huge associated phone call costs and so on.

So I thought ah-ha, where once I had baulked at the international landline costs, a phone call required for recording Affirmations and speaking with the Support Staff, still despite modern technological advances somewhat expensive, I thought I shall call Centerpointe Research Institute via Skype and typically found that the huge associated costs were no longer an issue.

So anyone who has a gadget such as a pad device or indeed laptop or PC can likely find that it typically with a headset can be used for multiple realm functioning and very often at a cost that does not please overcharging Mobile Phone Service Provider Companies and so on, just as Computer and Internet services have all become somewhat integrated systems, so have communications whereby whilst we may still obsess with BRANDS for gadgets and devices, you typically can find that technology and heavy cross realm competitiveness has overtaken many of those Corporate Giants sitting on overcharged incomes and so on, that do not fit what is currently humanly possible now.

So yes I spent several years unplugging though now can perhaps see the wood for the tree’s in seeking improved ways and means of going about things, in the choices and options I take.

So elsewhere on Facebook I was advised as to IDEAS such-as chunking down and I did in fact find myself thinking that I perhaps require returning to re-listening or re-doing some of the online principles courses that I took several years ago now within my inner circle account with Centerpointe and so on. Whilst I gained such lessons and learnings via some of the original hypnosis/NLP courses I took, it was only in eventually finding meditation and raising threshold that I was able to better understand the varying levels and layers and ideas as to chunking up and chunking down.

I also found myself returning to checking out the Bill Harris book “the new science of super awareness” that I purchased some time back now on my Kindle account and also of course I think is available for free or very cheaply to people visiting the Centerpointe website.

The book also of course contained video links to various digital recorded courses and again I had not previously followed the links having taken so many a previous lesson and course from Mr Harris. I decided to have a look and the videos were perhaps again repetitions of similar teachings to what he has spoken upon before, though likewise you do have to go with trend and flow of audience and typically he perhaps demonstrating that such things can be done by anyone with a modern gadget at relatively little cost.

So whilst I may have little money (for example) I could still utilising my PC or Phone or PAD and so on record and setup a you tube site and give lessons and learnings as to what my own lessons and learnings can be.

That perhaps demonstrating that anyone at any level of society whether on a big budget or small budget can potentially go into business for themselves exceptionally easily and indeed potentially charge what they themselves feel is an appropriate cost.

So many a course in any given subject has repeat fee’s although likewise, we often early on have our own belief as to what we ourselves will charge and typically some folks will only choose lessons within a particular budget, example I spoke on searching for a new PC within some writings and I can go to Amazon and see what everyone else is doing, or simply choose my budget and so on, and have gadgets galore come up.

So learning to be open to new ways and new options and indeed methodologies can be combined with well-known tried and trusted formulas.

Of course I know for instance that if you put particular titles and identifying labels into parameter engines you typically find yourself being categorised in a particular fashion. Example a factory manager once informed myself that he typically selected factory worker, as occupation on Car insurance forms because he got better deals and prices than putting Manager. So you can of course see that being intransigent and egotistical about given labels and titles can be just as helpful or unhelpful as the MEANING that you give to things.

Yes the video spoke upon issues as to Belief’s and not whether they are TRUE or FALSE so much as are they Resourceful or non-resourceful, that akin to the suggestion I made as to where you place focus upon getting desired results and outcomes and lessons and learnings.

So each and any belief has the potential to be resourceful or non-resourceful at any given moment and instead of always rushing to one given outcome result or intransigence, we can see alternate possibilities or indeed alternate choices and options and take words and phrases in isolation whereby, no one meaning is always true or is always false.

Yes I do repeat that remedies and solutions and the lessons and learnings and awareness has to be tried and tested on an individual basis, and experienced by any individual for themselves and of course convincing anyone or being persuasive is perhaps dependent on what or where any given individual is placing current attention in the present moment now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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