So Why AESOP Fables?


Okay, so many Worldwide Sporting Events are known to take place and typically trying to separate cluing systems out in some easy fashion leads (as many of us know) to confusion.

How can we simplify?

Well early sporting events historically were typically individual events such-as those found in ancient Greece and the Olympics.

AESOP of course spoken of as having a huge raft of comparison stories.

Think “The Tortoise and the Hare” and then wonder upon human equivalence and that might lead (as an example) to “The Distance Runner and The Sprinter”.

Likewise of course, we can then come up with an equivalence creature for each and every Athletic Event, again more difficult in modern terms (given so many addition sports and so many sports with props), though when you strip them down you simply require having fun with the ideas.

So a long jumper might be a frog, rabbit, hare, cricket, grasshopper or other jumping realm creatures.

Likewise you then might think what about High Jumpers and Hurdlers and again coming up with a unique identifiable creature for those, likewise once you have established the reduction technique and strategy you are applying you give a kind of OUTLINE, or BLUEPRINT, or SCAFFOLD, that acts as a kind of FRAMEWORK as to your chosen pointers.

So you establish the general empty scaffold like framework or jigsaw like puzzle and keep it open enough for anyone to be able to place their own chosen identifiers and pointers and clues in some 1,2,3 like step fashion.

We can of course identify features and attributes according to our own experience or indeed use pre-existing, pre-established and widely accepted reports.

I posted a Hedgehog earlier and typically they are covered in spikes or pins and needles like body parts.

Is that creature on the end of a Javelin thrower?

Yes once you begin raising Threshold and getting some clarity, it becomes easier perhaps to get those questioning strategies going as to how am I going to format this information for my readership.

I can of course mention that Sam Horn did in fact give some easy reading and useable outlines or structuring methodologies within the Write Well Course.

Typically Don’t Lists were Left Hand Side whilst Do Lists were Right Hand Side and so on, and also various ideas as to where to place differing ideas in terms of spacial percentages, for listing systems and so on.

Yes some of these IDEAS are compatible with my own writings here, although likewise as I have progressed with meditation, I adopted a more pluralistic strategy (in first draft terms) as having mostly let go of many motivations and incentives.


Well it takes myself back to my own internal BIAS’ and being too close to the problem to be able to genuinely step back from it.


Well early failure in gambling and misreading or misunderstanding and miscommunicating information or data, left myself in worse state than seeking some higher independent unbiased neutral level or state of NOT HAVING A VESTED INTEREST.

So yes less fun though in clarity terms and writing terms the witnessing system can be all jumbled mess or reductionist and deductionist.

Elementary My Dear Whomsoever.

So eventually I am perhaps now at that four or five year point that Bill Harris reached after early experimentation with the TECHNOLOGY, of having raised Threshold enough to think I can now craft and develop a system blueprint of some description that I can test and compare with others I have researched and so on.

The problem with modelling early on of course often being in the so-called thick of it.

Stepping back and stepping back and stepping back is not necessarily regarded as a pro-active approach, though can be considered as such in terms of internal awareness and not constantly getting sucked into other peoples nonsense etc.

More later perhaps.


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