The Best Petrol Head Tribute In The World?

So as many people know, whilst I have mentioned Formula One and enjoying Motor Racing during younger years, I am typical of a generation that finds little to be enjoyed within The Major Worldwide Race Car Series known as Formula One Controlled by Bernie Ecclestone for many years.

Likewise of course I recently mentioned Tom Cruise again in an article and another of his movies DAYS OF THUNDER was a classic in giving character and personality to The American Bowl racers known as Indy Car and whilst I am not a petrol head I noted an article related to a British Racer who recently died in a vehicular accident.

His colleagues giving tribute in Driving The Internationally Famed San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, even though the report is brief and so on, I actually thought Wow, how many Cut-Throat Racers and Competitors in so many Sporting Competitions pay such tributes to colleagues and other competitors whilst “Among The Fans and Supporters and Crowds”.

Very Fitting and an inspiration to those who have lost sight of what led to many a person taking up the very many World wide sporting events and Competitions available.

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