A New GTLD is What I Really Really Want

So yes anyone who goes and research’s internet naming rights and brands and indeed what is going on at present with ICANN will see that the 6 bodies that are allowed to issue Global Tier Level Domain names (GTLD’s) and there lower level brands and current internet providers are adding additional tier level string modifyers, yours for this yearly or monthy sum and so on.

So where once we typically had .com

And then moved onto .co.uk

Now we are at a point where City and Brand identifiers have been added over the last year or too and many a Corporate enterprise (such-as Amazon) has its own .amazon range of pointers and directions to their websites and so on. (Much like Directory Listings from telephone books and of course the more modern name for databases).

So I thought ah-ha cut out the low level reseller service providers and see what I could create myself and typically ICANN has process upon process that Corporations and Business and individuals have to go through in order to be enabled and allowed to use particular designations, the process and obligations and financial side of things typically perhaps scares individuals such-as myself of, hence such processes being carried out by larger organisations who then allow and enable portal and gateway kinds of access to end users, for

At present for instance if I go to an end user service provider, you will find tags such as .London or .uk or .restaurant and so on and I think that whilst they are being made available now, a very long process has been worked through in order to guestimate what the business realms and so on might require, and indeed my service provider for present sites typically asks for a extra £1 or £2 per month to utilise the new tier level string identifiers and so on.

So I thought what I really want is .david.hereford.uk

Now .david is available according to ICANN (at least in registry terms)

And .hereford is available according to ICANN (at least in registry terms)

Though .uk is of course a reserved Country specifier, that we have to purchase via those companies that are already legally allowed to utilise and sell Country designations.

So of course the likelihood is that eventually some local trade or tourism entity might decide that having a .Hereford string could be quite useful, though like most smaller cities and so on, raising the funding and going through the various processes for such things can take time and indeed why would you do that unless you were going to get some kind of return on the investment.

So local Hereford organisations that want .Hereford would likely want some specialist company that deals with and knows the ins and outs of the ICANN like awarding bodies so that such processes and so on can be rubberstamped.

Likewise of course given how few top level domain companies exist, and how many higher level resellers exist, you want as much exposure campaigning as possible and typically many of the competing companies do in fact agree on the general “roll-out” of many such tags and identifiers and so on, typically you will see the same tags and labels on competing websites because the success model is often built on so-called Feedback and return models.

As an aside, I purchased My Surface RT several years ago and as suggested I love my little All-in-one pad/computer to bits, though the RT variant did not take off and has limited support and the Surface range was changed and adapted as consumers gave various feedbacks. In fact when you look at the ranges growth you see that the Surface 2, also was fairly ignored by the public though by the time Surface 3 was released Feedback shifted and people started declaring that the Surface 3 was fantastic and award winning and so on. (I mention this because Surface 4 is said to be appearing in the near Future (and if I could just raise the funds for some new gadgets, I would in all likelihood given my positive experience with the pad jump to a later generation version).

Anyway returning to the labelling issue of course, you will see special offers gradually appearing in hoping to entice business and start-ups to purchase all the very many string identifiers available for a given website.

Most of us perhaps started out perfectly happy with .com

Though typically all those .net and .org and country codes and so on are often offered as packages.

Many companies can afford such things, where most of us perhaps feel that apart from greater directory listing capabilities, some of those things will disappear rapidly.

Who genuinely wants to have to type .david.hereford.uk, every time they are seeking to narrow down some search criteria or get themselves noticed beyond some local listing directory or phone book.

Especially If you can just have a .uk and so on, likewise that perhaps for many a person the appeal of FACEBOOK and TWITTER and other database held communities such-as Linkedin whereby most of the work and so on is all done for yourself.

So we are constantly fed and told that we need or want these things though when you stop and step back, you very often come to see that you do not actually want need or require the directory listing or indeed possible abuses and so on that can come about via very many a social network.

Yes whether you are pre-threshold raising or post-threshold raising I have come to see again and again that many an auto-pilot for many a sensory system often reverts back to getting sucked into issues and topics and behaviours that are not generally of any benefit to anyone apart from those doing the sellng.

So we can all complain about this that and the other topic of high-lighted debate and we can all step back and WITNESS and reframe topics and issues from a more enlightened position though likewise I do think that words such-as awareness and enlightenment and spirituality and science and politics are often banded about so much that genuinely having good positive and uplifting and rewarding guidance versus alternatives is of course troublesome.

So yes even those with awareness have a tendency to hide behind status quo’s and crowds and so on and given some of the hostile and bizarre reactions on some topics and debates you do wonder what processes are genuinely beneficial to decision making choices and what are just PERFECTIONISMS or IDEALS that fail to live up to the expectation of insatiable appetites of consumerism.

I keep looking over and over again seeking to identify where new TRENDS might be taking World-wide populations (think on what you know of industrial revolutions and rebellions and wars) at present I think I am still struggling to see any significant markers and as is typical, I am of the impression that whilst the Western Powers have typically rushed to remove many of the primary and secondary business sectors within the Western World, to second and third World populations, we still have some demand for those things and indeed replacing INDUSTRY with SERVICES is a troubling topic, because we are already and it can be widely seen massively oversaturated with 3rd party like service sector enterprises and start-ups that are all about feeding consumerism without genuinely CREATING any new Industrial age.

Yes some service sectors such as Tourist related Hotels and restaurants and so on are great, though likewise some famous for being famous personalities are seemingly leading followers into a form or shape of WITNESSING (watching TV and MEDIA) that is non creative and non-interactive and so on.

Yes some brain sectors are said with stimulation to be better for creativity activities and indeed some would argue that self-marketing and so on is taking your future into your own hands, though likewise given the “everyone is an actor/actress” model it an surely be netter to remain focussed upon topics and enterprises that are going to put money on your own table and food in your own belly rather than feeding some actor/actress machine that whilst possibly entertaining does little to remove the rush to ill thought out judgments that typically come to bite us all in the derriere potentially in later life.

Drifting one again I shall say TTFN

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