You’ve Never Heard of Icann?

So once upon a time, various Military and Science Institutions gradually developed computer communication system networks as the backbone of there own internalised spectrum of communication arrays very often in secret or in small clusters of researchers trying out a something new hypothesis.

Now eventually a British chap working in Europe, Tim Berners-Lee  came up with a design schematic for what later became popularly known as the WWW, though the hard truth  was that much of the backbone and infrastructure already pre-existed and many of the breakthroughs were about all the assorted and independent systems effectively communicating with each other, much like each Country in the World sending a representative to the New Atlantis appearing mid-way across the Atlantic and finding that no-one could use the language they already new.

Digression: Many a person who has taken up the Technologies I recommend has come to see that we do of course have multi-layered thought patterns and cycles across our various sensory input ranges and indeed very often, whilst we all “kind of knew” these things to be inherent within ourselves, very few technologies actually give you physical shifts and changes in awareness to be able to harness or choreograph and coordinate your internalised systems in such a way as to have a major overhaul and reboot.  The idea that mental patterns and thoughts and feelings and repetitions of actions are set in stone does of course serve some folks better than others.

Those who promote choice alongside usage of these kinds of Technologies is genuinely (in my opinion) few and far between, many a person becoming successful as some marketing and communications expert (as each and every person is), very often working from long held intransigent positions as to societal wide beliefs and indoctrinations and indeed believing what external opinion says about them and so on.

So when I first “Officially” studied Hypnosis/NLP (for example), in this instance meaning going out and purchasing products and books related to those wordings and labelling, that was not of course taking into consideration that we spend our lifetimes already going in and out of assorted and very many accumulated TRANCES and indeed the building blocks learnt in childhood as to appropriate LINKAGES and ASSOCIATIONS to make between LABELS and IDENTIFIERS and the differing sensory CATEGORISATIONS and so on.

So returning to ICANN, the reason I mention them is that ICANN is the officially agreed upon organisation that allows and enables companies and people to have the names and website addresses and so on that they apply for generally on a first come first served basis.

Does that matter?

Well originally when the Organisation was created as the Overarching Umbrella Organisation, peoples and persons who speculated upon the future took the gamble to purchase very many a famous logo brand name website and in fact many such purchases turned out to be worthless, because major corporations and companies often had deep pockets and could afford litigation (in some cases) or quite simply to use a stock market listed company name or however.


Well as I have stated on many occasions, and indeed is widely reported within various media, very few Mega Companies and Conglomerates exist as the daily household brand names that we know them for.

Mass production for example in the food processor industry means that foods supplied to differing supermarkets all originate within the same factories, who simply very often change labels packaging or recipe ingredients for a particular brand or indeed mass produced computers and gadgets often originate in very few factories in China, again simply changing to a designated design schematic or brand requirement.

So why am I harping on? Well this week I have found myself deciding I require setting up a new website, and typically whilst I can have little to complain from current provider, I thought I might INVESTIGATE the so-called chain and see if cheaper or better deals could be had.

Those interested in such activities can do so with ICANN, though I myself once again came to see that most companies that we are bombarded with advertisements for “buy your website, hosting, setup a business site etc.” are very often either major companies reinventing themselves or lower tier level resellers.

Resellers typically having portal gateway like functioning to pre-existing automated wheeler-dealer business systems.

So can you get your domain cheaply or cheaper than at present? or indeed find an English based company, Well in scales and measures terms you can once again see that larger US Companies have something of an investment advantage, in terms of populace though many thought to be English Companies are in fact American resellers.

Some British based Companies do exist though typically they target particular market sectors, and many of the mass advertised sites are from international vendors.

Any way, I kind of changed my mind because an error I made on several occasions was to think of some great name or LABEL (for a domain name) and then go through some automated purchase process, that typically, I did not follow through in developing a product or the IDEA anyway.

Example, whilst domain names can be registered for free, most registry companies have built tool and service package deals around the registry service (for X pounds dollars euros).

So create a product and do your art and write your book and so on, and worry or be concerned about marketing and so on at a far later stage, yes you can use the already spent investment as incentive and motivation, though the technology is so fast and outpacing of itself, that historical bottlenecks and squabbles and litigation over name tags and pointer labels is unlikely to happen all over again.

I will have to think on creating a next step process for getting from pre-now and post-now into now-now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

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