So I Decided To Succumb To The Lure Of Twitter

Yes strange though true of course the last Dozen years has seen a massive explosion in Social Media Sites all promising to deliver you friends and World Wide Audiences and communications at a fraction of traditional and ancient systems.

I can of course state that in returning to Education later in life, my years at University were perhaps part of the Generation who upon leaving were going out and becoming the next wave of system builders and designers and creators and so on. The Education establishments were at the forefront of the now taken for granted “everyone and anyone can program” use computers and the technologies mentality in terms of building tools and higher level languages that were easily accessible to all comers, though I of course a few years older than many of my studying peers, whilst in Education it had never been an issue, things seemingly changes however upon returning to Hereford.

I typical of someone requiring to get a divorce, decided that the best option would be to get a quick and easy low income job at a local factory and likewise you kind of orient and veer rightly or wrongly into “what you know” kinds of patterns. So I had pub mates prior to leaving the area who were factory workers and I figured what the hell, in applying to multiple employers.

I actually initially did some door to door Double Glazing sales work, though quickly tired of the routine such business offer starter staff, mostly escalator commission based in being paid excessively lo base rate and then extras for referrals and then for referrals that lead to sales. In the numbers games terms, you either have a large population base to operate within or you go further afield, and the guys I worked with often wold go further afield because you can typically cover most of Herefordshire within a week or two of starting out.

Yes some people make a very good living as they grow in knowledge and experience, though much like a statistic I saw for job hunters (in America) you get to the stage where you celebrate someone answering a doorbell (getting a response). You then perhaps stutter and stumble when people do answer, or complain that they said no to you last week or last month and so on.

So it was lousy, and I meanwhile had one or two interviews and waited to hear back from other employers. Eventually gaining employment in what I thought would be a quiet environment that fitted some divorced with a kid specification that I had somehow pieced together.

Anyway Technology wise, I cannot remember specifics though Facebook was launched and very many a person signed up and got all excited with the new possibilities and so on. My daughter on visits sometimes required indoor activities and I thought ah-ha she can build a farm on the newly popular Farmville or do some of those other online interactive activities and likewise of course, it soon became apparent with those games that the more peoples you had playing them the faster you could accelerate your own farm growth and so on. So I thought well I work in a factory and many people must be playing similar and same games, so again I typically found one or two people who were playing and they had found others who were playing and quite rapidly it seemed that I had connected on Facebook to a million and one “Factory” and Hereford peoples and persons who were all helping each other to accelerate there game progress.

So daughter asked myself to keep games such as Farmville going in her absence and I did just that. Anyway old empiricist control freaks did not like Facebook and the new technologies because it meant peoples were communicating with each other across departments and age groupings and various factions, these people who would not necessarily have done so otherwise, and whilst much bullying and nonsense existed before hand it seemingly went stratospheric, in that many a person was spying on others above and beyond those simple reasons for having others on Friends lists.

So anyway bad experience with Facebook, I opted to reduce usage and indeed not bother getting caught up in any other similar technologies.

So now several years down the line, and having massively reduced Facebook usage, opting instead for wordpress and my blog (WordPress claim to have 24% of the global web trade and that is massive, perhaps they again one of those higher top level companies or a subsidiary in disguise).

So Twitter of course a very differing beast, according to what I read and was informed by other outlets and sources. Twitter was for “one liners” kinds of interaction’s and a never ending supply of headlines that you could pick and choose as to following or otherwise. In fact I think BULLYING and so on and bad attitudes and all those negative connotation have perhaps been highlighted more on Twitter than they ever were on Facebook, though I could not really comment having avoided signing up to many of these other services.

The Blog could have been entitled “Perkins Unplugged” or some such though that of course suggests some fame or pre-existing level of AUTHORITY on some subject matter, of course who among the potential 7 billion audience is not to know that you are an unknown in your own locality or territory and so on, think Singers such-as Robbie Williams who can afford to live Hollywood, though be unknown beyond the Take That/Robbie Williams sphere of most of the rest of the World.

So yes the technologies enable just about anyone to make a name for themselves, or create and craft some franchise or image that gains audience etc. Yes traditional mainstream establishments are also represented, as are NEXT GENERATION family members of famous peoples, though opportunities are there for those that want Fame Fortune and have an appetite for self-branding and mobility.

Anyway ever since Windows 10 downloaded, I seem to have been linking up various accounts (some used others unused, that I have across multiple providers (Windows 10 perhaps a final stepping stone to taking peoples into the land of Higher Integrative Communications Systems and CLOUDS) of course when you do link you are often asked to sign up to others etc.

So anyway I signed up to Twitter under one of my invented alter ego book like characters (that I did not pursue in developing) and then started to follow instructions for usage, a couple of hours ploughing through instruction and then adding and following all these people, left myself with Twitterwhelm, if such a condition exists.

So I am now likely to return to Twitter though strim back the lists of peoples and personalities, that I added. The service seems to operate differently on differing devices depending on whether I use an app or regular website login.

So I do not know how my experimentation will go, though can of course simply witness and monitor without taking part, (aside : I used to be good at one liners, though writing lengthy blog articles has made that the norm so will have to find some happy medium perhaps). Much like most or many of those I added simply using Twitter as a quick sales pitch or pointer to other sites.

So What else is going on?

Well today is of course the Anniversary of the “Alice In Wonderland, White Rabbit”, “Princess and The Frog and the Arabian Knight Movie Director” stories.

Though in Obituary terms this weekend has been quite busy, I seeing multiple references to an author whose work I read “Oliver Sacks”, predominantly as part of my research, he covering realms and topics of mental health and awakenings and so on.

Likewise across the pond we have the death of Wayne Dyer, he also another author I have read in recent years, though more as a “how to” guru within my studies.

We are also seeing the death of Wes Craven famed director of Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, the former film interestingly I think for Johnny Depp early film career appearance, another interesting piece of TRIVIA is that the actor who played FREDDIE KRUEGER (whatever the spelling) was also a star of an alien invasion TV series entitled V. They were invading reptiles harvesting humans as food, and the series grew its own relative sized cult following. Why do you say this, well the big FUNNY is that the FREDDIE GUY joined the human resistance and became a kind of Alien Vegetarian, and of course got to appear more as his own appearance perhaps than otherwise.

There was another famous death obituary that I had intended to mention, though it slipped my mind as I was writing, I shall probably see a report later again on one of the very many outlets as news seemingly travels around the various clock and time zones that we find ourselves existing within. So I had not intended to focus on Celebrity death and obituaries, though that was really what was trending for myself on multiple links and so on.

Yes I can also of course see materials as to Miley Cyrus and MTV awards, though strangely actually opted to not bother following many major Stars and Personalities, I will perhaps check out a block or group of such characters at a time and see who is genuinely appealing and who is simply “been there, done that, worn the T-Shirt” and so on.

Yes this blog stayed uninteresting for good reason, with occasional spicy seasoning, though likewise as said previously, whilst it can be fun to play and fun to debate, you really can be better of simply once having explored your own inner taboo’s as to thoughts feelings and so on, simply direct things in more inspirational directions, in terms of the questioning strategies.

So will I be publishing my Twitter details, well they can probably be hunted down easily by some folks, though likewise I am simply making decision as to whether the site has any viability as to my contributing or indeed learning.

So I may or may not publish a link or identifier at some point, though at present am simply seeing what the shape of the landscape is, and whether or not to continue of course probably depends on the choices I make as to whom to follow or indeed otherwise.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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