So Today I simply look At The Fixture List

So today I simply look at the CL fixture list and reel of the list of the usual suspects, or those with a proven track record within such competition and then I will suggest that many an EXPERT is getting these things wrong at present and wonder as to WHY especially when it comes to the UK team representatives.

So my quick list is

Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint German, PSV Eindhoven, Galatasaray, Benfica, Juventus.

Now clearly this is a list of what I would presume to be best choices, however, like many others I watched as (for example) both these English clubs recently lost in this tournament and not only that but the other English clubs were strangely suffering defeats also.

What the hell is going on?

Well we are of course at the end of September and Final Qualification for Euro 2016 is due to end in November, so I actually initially suspected that many a footballer (and they are not the first generation) have taken their eyes of the domestic season, in preference for forthcoming International Competition.

Let us not forget that the British Media has a long established History of establishing some Great White Hope Player (head & shoulder above colleagues) prior to them then going into Tournaments INJURED. I can run of a list going back to the 70’s of how this has occurred and happened, Kevin Keegan, Paul Gasgoigne, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney.

Yes several other names are absent from this list though most folks get the gist, in that some individual who demonstrates ability or skill or some unique selling point that is going to cause us to not win should said individual fail to make it or play a game.

Anyway further investigation also suggests that the 2016 Final Championship has been increased in that multiple extra teams are competing in the Final’s than previously allowed and that again typically increases the likelihood of other players within teams who may be well used to sitting out tournaments also having an eye on making such competition.

We have also seen Alex Ferguson appear recently in interview and he typical perhaps of the classical coach who is only to willing to give a team a rollocking, if they are not performing at their best. Present top tier clubs have seemingly moved away from such individuals and likewise unless you have some Untouchable kind of status muh like within any realm, such behaviour is suggested to be out of date or not effective in today’s modern society.

I spoke of course on having read several Alan Sugar book’s recently and he actually summed up the problem with Football and corruption and so on exceptionally well, especially in terms of the abuse he suffered surrounding Terry Venables (for example) during his tenure at Tottenham. He simply asked “What has Terry Venables actually achieved within the game” because unlike your Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger and so on, Venables like many an other former football professional, is famed for somehow getting by on undeserved reputation, the medal and trophy haul does not match the EGO or STATISTICS that anyone can pull up in terms of success ratings and ability.

Yes, corruption and Bung culture is suggested to have been cleaned up, though clearly year after year we are given examples of so-called slights of hand and manipulations of whatever system has been introduced, for all the talk of elite clubs draining the kitty dry, the truth in many ways is that even within the so-called elite clubs you have peoples and persons who you have never heard of who will in 10, 20 years, time etc, be talked of reverentially for being part of some successful team or squad.

Yes it can of course be good to remind ourselves of our successes and indeed seek to tap into the thoughts and feelings and actions that place us within the so-called ZONE and so on, though typically it might not be so clever when thinking in terms of Now to share such information’s with others.

Likewise of course one does have to wonder as to relevance, is this piece of information RELEVANT to what we are talking about?

YES I know that as I proceed with these IDEAS as to cross realm interpretation that all information is a form of data and in learning to constantly ask questions and carry out 5 or 6 degree’s of separation like processes we can come to ore and more ah-ha’s as to blind spots and so on.

Yesterday I spoke partially jokingly on Fowl products and Product Placement and some may have thought CHICKEN KIEV and opted for Dynamo, one of yesterday’s winning teams of course.

Yes the trouble for any given sporting realm is of course links and triggers and associations.

We any of us could for instance as suggested previously write out a NAME and then ask what associations and links might I UTILISE for this name, many a team comes from a city and some are well known whilst others somewhat obscure unless you really are a dedicated watcher of various international leagues and so on.

Malmo? Marmite? Alemo?

Real Madrid

Yes strange though true of course it is often easier to PROJECT IDEAS around unknowns than knowns because we typically go into MENTAL GROOVES as to the Big famous teams and how they are represented within our mindsets. Madrid of course wanted to be the harlem Globe Trotters of the Football World and have purchased many great players over the years from all over the World achieving their aim perhaps.

Anyway I was thinking about explaining what is going on though cannot truly comprehend such things and given how my own MONITORED or WITNESSED WORLD in terms of newsfeeds and outlets has changed again recently, one does have to be CAUTIOUS as to understanding the cause-effect relationship and so on.

So I have suggested that the British Clubs have allowed their players to take they’re eye of the ball and too many unmotivated passionless players are passing through the ranks.


I have spoken on Alan Sugar and not wanting to be overly sychophantic, I have been critical over the years of shows such-as the Apprentice and Big Brother, because typically I watched such shows from the off, when they had small viewing figures and typically a couple of seasons in you see such shows being taken over by “I’ll do anything to get on Telly” type stereotype idiots and so on. That is not to suggest that you do not get such peoples from the start, so much as understanding that everything gets EXPANDED UPON and HIGH LIGHTED and SCRUTINED to OBLIVION.

Big Brother seemingly initially started with a broad selection of peoples, from many societal sectors and eventually went into a complete FARCE and many shows follow a similar pattern, when we look to other realms such-as The X Factor and so on.

Reality TV has become CRINGE INDUCING and whilst it might make great viewing unless you can take a step back and ask those questions as to “Is this entertaining” and how can I turn my watching or viewing of this into Money on the table and food in the belly and so on.

Yes unplugging or fear of withdrawal of “What I have always done” is also something to take into consideration, I spent many more years of my life watching and viewing TV and listening to radio than I did unplugging in the sense of simply stopping, and once you have stopped finding the INCENTIVE or MOTVATION to begin again is actually weaker than you might think, because you often come to see that you are typically simply using such activities as TIME-FILLERS, when you could be doing something more interactive and so on.

Anyway views and opinions and thoughts and feelings, good bad or indifferent are always worth jotting down and then seeing how they relate to the realm you are watching and viewing directly and indeed how they may or may not relate to some CROSS REALM MONITORING.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

  1. Whilst I wrote the above list of clubs, as immediate choices, recent history suggests that several of those games are not going to go as one would expect.

Twitter @TheAngelAtHeist (prounounced [The] [Angle] [At] [High] [ Yes’d]), I can also suggest that recent PICTURE VIEW interpretation has been more prosperous than reading textual articles, so what does that picture say to YOU.

Horse Burger, Pork Burger, Fowl Burger

Mongo: Here we are trying to compete in a highly competitive industry as it is and those bastards are leaving us out of the free publicity blah, blah.

But Sir,

Mongo: Don’t you but sir me, what we got here is a need for some product placement, you know like what those big companies do in the movies,

But, but,

Okay so once again we have seen presumed scandal surrounding Prime Minister and some student day’s behaviour that he has all but to date disregarded, perhaps the media in having gone all out for his opponent Corbyn during the leadership campaign were hardly in a position to really go to town on “their guy”. Of course the smeared as being this that and the other by association can come into play though I do think generally that considering what was going on and being said on social media versus what was making popular news headlines says it all.

Elsewhere I have continued to try to make headway in understanding of Twitter and all that goes on within that realm, strange though true, it does seem that some folks either have exceptionally empty lives or their Twitter accounts are completely automated.  I say this because it does typically come across to myself that whilst some folks do a RT (Retweet) to us commoners for news articles and indeed passing along of jokes and interesting content, many a so-called Retweet is seemingly some kind of constant “group Hug” mode whereby you see some lists of @bongo. @mongo,  @etc and very little of actual interest kind of like so hi @bongo, @mongo said hi, thank you so much @bongo.

And I typically go into, decision making mode, do I want to keep these stream hogs with nothing to declare of actual interest to myself, or are they a respectable stream breaker for this other group trying to sell me the latest greatest quote from some pre designated hero/heroine Guru, that many of us would likely run a mile from in the street, were they to be taken seriously.

I can of course state categorically and to be completely fair that when this “Dave S Perkins” (I myself) says words such as GURU as sweeping generalisations, he  (I) actually include so-called Scientist’s, and actors and journalists and just about all comers really.

Yes quite sadly when we within the United Kingdom hear the likes of words and phrases such-as Guru, we typically go into stereotype mode of Jesus in sandles and Popes and la-di-da merchants, though in reality (at least from my perspective), and having regularly meditated for several years, there is not a person alive that is not an actor, actress, agent and indeed when the entire or hole of society falls within such CRITERIA FITS, then you can say we are all in trouble, especially from MAD SCIENTISTS who believe themselves, whilst many a more cosmopolitan attitude can be found amongst some meditative gurus and life coaches and so on.

Now even stranger, having looked at today’s latest headlines, we are seemingly seeing The Labour Party Conference reported upon in quite a straight forward fashion and manner.  Okay so Jeremy Corbyn has not got foot in mouth disease as suffered by previous far left leaders, of the Neil Kinnock and Michael Foot variety, though we can perhaps rest assured that whilst the press have already slaughtered Corbyn (and been ignored by his party), they are likely simply sharpening blades, ready for some of his more wackier colleagues to step forward and stir things up.

Elsewhere we are seeing strange headlines as to “water on mars” a long time science fiction dream as any a book reader will mention and indeed I think one or two films have tried to imagine a Mars with an Atmosphere and so on.

What else?

Well a woman who took the law into her own hands has been sent to prison, strange though true of course this perhaps why self restraint is required in some realms, my working life realm (for example) employs individuals from many a community and most rub along without friction on a day to day basis, though typically you often find an exceptionally poisoned tongue individual here or there, who just constantly stirs and stirs, and everyone has little time for or desire to listen.

Likewise I recently found myself running into a seeming “Jobsworth” day, whereby all and everyone within the working life realm went into some absolutely STUPID and RETARDED Jobsworth day mode , we all can perhaps relate to these little emperor types, I cannot wipe my ass with the Company toilet paper without permission from …

Yes how much of your life and time is wasted upon discussion of nonsense when a job or activity could be half way done already.

Yes most rules and so on are in place for a reason, be they health and safety or current best practice, though typically some circumstance can also change on day to day basis due to new or unknown previously circumstances.

Anyway this one is short as author David has been suffering at present from some kind of seasonal bug, I seemingly caught one quite rapidly several weeks ago now and shook it off quite rapidly, though on this occasion I am seemingly already bordering on man-flu mode of constant headaches and aching joints and running nose and it is perhaps only my stronger constitution (than many a comparable person) that keeps myself going.

Yes stocking up on cold and flu tablets and drinking lots of vitamin enriched drinks and so on is the order of the day, as is of course greater levels of clothing insulation against the outer World.

So just about every realm and area of debate can be suggested to have topics that some feel they have a vested interest on talking off whist others typically, leave us wondering as to why?

Clearly perhaps you cannot avoid some debates and topics though you can most definitely raise Threshold and promote choice and options above and beyond any one given narrow viewpoint.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

Wow Office 2016 A Whole Year Ahead Of When It Is Out-Of-Date

Yes strange though true, I have for several years due to owning a Surface Pad been connected to Microsoft Cloud Services, and likewise have enjoyed not having to change software providers or indeed go here there and everywhere searching for some latest greatest competitor software package.

As most people are well aware you can get free software packages that operate just as well as those that we pay for and it was an interesting article I read recently that suggested Microsoft had created its own Linux Package.

In truth of course many a Linux Expert and so on, has often bought into somewhat extremist anti Microsoft pay-wear over the years, though I do think that services that have been paid for have spearheaded much faster development in many ways than otherwise.

Apparently Microsoft actually have stated that they as a Business had some requirements within their own systems developments that were better served via developing compatible Linux systems for themselves rather than waiting for external 3rd parties to potentially carry out such activities and despite Linux often claiming to rely on OPEN SOURCE and FREE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS, many a BRAND that falls under the Linux Label has in fact also been charging anyway, people seemingly blind to the fact that they may have paid for the Linux Package and so on, most users typically often preferring for someone else to put an all round package of tools and utensils together than otherwise.

This perhaps akin to my complaint of having to navigate software provided by Laptop Producer that was typical of assorted software that I normally reject in favour of software’s I have already come to trust and so on.

Anyway this morning I opted to quickly upgrade Office 365 to Office 16 (nope me neither) though of course most changes these days does seem about structuring changes than necessarily about what has happened in previous generations of such software.

Example the 1990’s saw what I called Bells & Whistle Wars whereby anything and everything was gradually added to what is effectively a simple text editor tool or utensil.

The 2000’s has seen reshaping and reformatting to greater levels of Web Service like interaction and facilities and now we perhaps seeing such things wholesale in the sense of most gadgets and devices being little more than end user terminals.

In fact it could be suggested that Computer Development and so on has come full circle, because when you look through the history books, you often see that many a government department or body such-as the NHS already had centralised Computer Networks and a certain level of users at End User Terminal points.

So of course the difference is perhaps in realising whether you actually want particular function and needs and purpose requirements. Having a package that just happens to contain language translation facilities and speech editing and so on (JUST IN CASE) is not the same as someone who may use such facilities on a daily basis.

So we can typically tailor most of these packages very dynamically to our own purpose and usage, though for the average home user, a bog standard package that is 20+ years old would still do most of the work that you can do with all these super duper must have now stuff.

Encouraging growth or competitors within given market sectors and areas is of course a double edged sword in the sense, of why repeat what has already been done, okay you can say well I want to bring down this MONOPOLY or however though think that so much R & D has taken place and indeed integrating feedback and returns of various business models and realms that real genuine ORIGINALITY of any sort is getting harder and harder to find.

They once suggested that the human eye could not distinguish between say beyond 16 million colours and that was achieved in the 80’s (for home users) and then of course we want those images moving, and Pixar came along and changed the way we see and view cartoons, likewise changes to 3D systems has introduced new variances in how we view and see the World as well as Sound systems, though typically much of what has been achieved has been about improving QUANTITY SPEEDS, so obsessions with having HD or High Definition is simply having more data squashed into ever finer or smaller levels of pixilation (I say that as a layman) though know that an expert could claim such things with lots of fancy language and charge huge fee’s for the priveleage of having been listened too.

I mention this of course because one of the persons I return to whilst on Twitter is seemingly @lordsugar of Amstrad fame and of course, he recently published his 10 years in telly book, I enjoyed the first 1 or 2 series of the Apprentice and indeed grew up perhaps knowing a little more about him than perhaps some folks because of my early interest in Computers, his Amstrad a leading competitor against the Spectrum and C64 machines that had taken dominance within the market after earlier competitors disappeared from the field.

Despite his having gone on to own Tottenham and now often showing pictures of his somewhat rather large Yacht having a refit, he is a guy who started in a typical Delboy Market stall fashion, and still retains much of that mentality and sensibility.  In fact I recently read his autobiography deciding to get his new book as a job lot with a couple of others.

He is someone who can separate the wheat from chaff because he learnt his industry quite early on, and instead of going via the typical route of I can charge huge sums for these (during those years) LUXERY consumer electronics gadgets and so on, he made such things available in mass market in a pile it high sell it cheap fashion, that motto made famous perhaps by the chap that created Tesco’s.

Some suggest that a certain amount of luck is involved though it could be suggested that you either learn what it takes to make a decision understanding that action is required or you miss the boat or the sale or however.

Interesting of course that the Apprentice (from what I can remember) often showed a Boardroom where discussion and thought through decision making taking place, though the books demonstrate that some of his best decisions were “MADE ON THE FLY” in a kind of deal or no deal fashion, again without any slow or sensationalist music giving HEIGHTENED ANTICIPATION to some moment within a TV THEATRE PRODUCTION.

Anyway that perhaps for entertainment purposes, though typically demonstrate that something I have suggested people do even with meditation is have a daily TUNE of some kind going through your mind, what is your theme for today, I am of course known to whistle & hum whilst I work though think it must be something that is uncommon among colleagues given some of the looks (both good and bad) that I receive from some quarters on occasion. A harmless activity that perhaps again finds itself getting pigeon holed into particular characteristic behaviours.

Whistling some ancient tv or movie theme is perhaps harmless and often better than what might be on the communal radio (most night workers in my role or capacity are alone in the designated work area), something perhaps day shift personal fail to understand given how they are often squashed in larger numbers, at a time, on the shop floor etc.

Likewise of course it can be demonstrated that talking to yourself can often be a better conversation that with some of those INTRANSIGENT type individuals I sometimes speak upon. As I have said many a time over, everyone is free to pick and choose for themselves though I generally say do not take my word for it try those Technologies on for yourself, yes you may believe you already have (because being human and X degree’s of separation and indeed education and courses and so on mean that a certain level of co-existence and so on is already shared and known) though likewise the Technology can give you even better understandings of courses and life learnings than you may have realised or understood at the time of taking some qualification (for example).

What else, well we have a full fixture list today so I generally avoid trying to make prediction, and likewise big news is that Sepp Blatter of FIFA is under investigation and the Pope and President of China continue on Tour USA 2015 and apparently some big Rugby match is also taking place later and this is so far the 2nd article written by myself, though I may keep going.

Yes strange though true, despite seeing many a newer and broader range of news outlets on twitter newpapers and reporting bodies, I do find that I keep switching it off and simply going to more long held and read sites.  Good or bad, well I think it is just that so much abundance can lead to that INTEREST PARALYSIS of really okay moving on, and so on.

Yes I have enjoyed the broadness and depth though do typically find that common or shared communication of particular subject and topic occurs over and again.

A good or bad dilemma to have?  Well I think good though likewise much like a recent commentary on The Guardian paper sight, feel that I still prefer singular articles from differing press and reporting bodies than simply stcking to the BBC or SKY or ITN and so on.

Yes we perhaps seeing the age of pull in the report from the reporter you want kind of websites. Though typically these things return or take us back to the Cult of Personality style issues that I have in many ways rejected.

I might have a preference for a left wing writer on one topic and a right wing writer on another topic whilst not bothering with some areas and topics I regard as a yawn or extreme or however at all.

Of course building a reputation in the face of other people’s interpretation is again what many of these things can be about, because I know (for example) that nonsense generators rarely disappear they typically pop there heads up from time to time to remind you that they are still present and waiting in the wings to jump and gloat or sabotage or whatever, raise your threshold maintain some self-discipline and have a been there done that worn the t-shirt attitude to many a topic of debate and issue or pitfall that some things is new or original or however.

Anyway far better to pull out a pad and draw and sketch and try some off those exercises to be found within one or two of the courses I recommend.

Thank you for reading, and If I get any intuition as to results I may point directly, though historically have a bad record for Saturday Prediction.

Likewise I noted that my last Sunday gave myself something like a 5 out of 6 and that was potentially due to deeper embedded beliefs as to the VALUE of PERCENTAGES %.

What! Why?

Well I of course sort of tongue in cheek spoke previous as to the fact that you cannot have more than 100%, though then of course the Future Mapping course recommended a 120% happiness target and I got to thinking as some may recall well that 120% perhaps relates better to time and clock cycles (though of course 5 out of 6 is pretty damned good at being 100%) so what is going on and can 120% be achieved through again shifting or tapping my beliefs around the idea that you have to been INTRANSIGENT around 100%.

So instead of simply dismissing some of these motivational usages, I am perhaps re-evaluating and questioning as to NEW INTERPRETATIONS on age old or historical belief sets.

We can have and hold so many a conflicting piece of evidence as to go crazy, though I have gradually come to see that some dedicated long term meditation and indeed dedicated application of some of the courses can genuinely enable anyone to achieve further and further AH-HA’s and realisations and indeed laugh at some of the fool hardiness’s of simple cynicism when a questioning and ”HOW CAN I” approach can make all the difference, to anyone anywhere at any time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

My Twitter is @TheAngelAtHeist and I typically Retweet and comment more than write anything original, that may come later though still in that Twitter research zone of not really knowing good feedback and return systems, within this twitter realm.

So Time And Again Even With Technological Advancement

So time and again even with technological advancement we can often find that various forms of cognitive error and misdirection and confusion can eventually lead us to various forms and outcomes of conflict.

Typically for instance I have spoken how historically I (as an example) got a job in a factory and typically fell into “people like myself” syndrome whereby the modus operandi was akin to an autopilot of I am Heterosexual and therefore presume/assume everyone else is operating from the same kind of hymn sheet or book page.   However even though such things were fairly low on my lists of concerns and issues, as mentioned previously, it became obvious quite quickly that things were not right within the environment.

This of course whereby someone comes in who has a general disposition of get on with everyone, where some folks simply immediately target with you what they secretly believe to be the worst possible thing in the World about themselves, or indeed try to make you join the or lead you to what they believe to be the appropriate FACTION or GROUP for yourself to be part of within the greater collective.

Despite having worked and indeed studied previously within realms with large staff groupings, this was perhaps the worst in terms of stirring and macho man bullshit and bollocks and inmates being allowed to take over the asylum.

An example of this sprung to mind recently whereby many years ago, a guy I knew spent some of his own younger years in and out of young offenders like institutions and indeed adult jails such-as Gloucester and he typically spoke on such places as having an arrival type interaction of “where you from” “Hereford” “That’s your group over there”. Typically many a smaller City sending longer term sentenced individuals to some of the prison Cities dotted about our Green and Pleasant Land.  Interesting of course you could wonder as to why some larger Cities have such great Prison’s and the smaller regions and sectors do not.  A map can probably be found, though I think many such things perhaps come down to scales and measures for facilities and indeed NIMBYISM (Not in my back yard (for those who are unaware of such terms of phrase).

Anyway whilst many peoples and persons have gradually succumbed to taking up meditation, or indeed have unbeknownst to themselves, benefitted from friends and families taking up the technology, it is always interesting that some folks despite all the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE, that any individual or indeed collective can demonstrate, can typically still find themselves surrounded by peoples and persons so INTRANSIGENT that they really do believe their own BULLSHIT, and indeed that the World has to be compartmentalised in this fashion and within this HIERARCHY MODEL accordingly created to how they themselves see and exist within the World.

I also spoke previously on having stopped using Facebook and that was quite simply because some heavily prejudiced and troublesome non-facebook users had “special friends” within immediate working life who seemingly delighted in following colleagues on Facebook and then reporting on and stirring and muck raking and causing trouble for those of us who were interacting and utilising such technologies.

Anyway the long and the short of it was that I had very many peoples and persons from an exceptionally wide demographic of Societies on Facebook, peoples (for example) who described themselves as being of this nationality or indeed lifestyle choices.  So whilst I had enjoyed interaction with various peoples and persons of very many labels and identifying tags and demographics, many of those things were not at the forefront of our interactions, simple things such as Happy Birthdays and common interest in games and communication networks and so on was what we were generally doing.

What “Control freaks” and “power mongers” of any nature and within any realm perhaps dislike the most is the inability to maintain THE LIES & DECEIPT they have been spreading, when everyone via many of these technologies and indeed lifestyle choices and so on can represent themselves.

Likewise as suggested previously some of the sorting IDEAS given in multiple courses can do WONDERS for bringing anyone to a modicum of scales and measures of importance.  That make a list of what you feel most important as values and attributes to yourself and then indeed one by one compare each on the list, gradually coming to some final resting position.  Many a person (for example) finds that whilst they may talk a good talk on some subject matter, that when push comes to shove, the hierarchy that they have once having carried out a compare and sort algorithm is typically differing from what they themselves might have speculated at the OUTSET.

How much is this our genuine own choice, and how much is simply repetition of what we were taught to say and do and be out of politeness whilst growing up and so on.  I say this not to rubbish anyone of any given lifestyle choices, so much as to suggest that many a “Presumed” EXTREMISM comes about through some mad desperate rush to REJECT “what went before” whereby you simply fall into some new alignments that you now think must be the REMEDY for all your troubles, though “potentially” you are simply unconsciously rejecting some kind of “childhood” expected NORM.

Likewise this takes us back to those INSTRANSIGENT PEOPLES I spoke of at the beginning whereby the PARROT FASHIONED BULLSHIT that has served them for X many years will be repeated over and over to all and anyone because they are typically either not encountering any reason to change minds opinions and so on, or indeed are covering up some fears and inadequacies and all the rest.

Typically we do find again and again that certain behaviours can be judged as sensible whilst others are potentially liable to be MISCONSTRUED in some fashion.

A psychological example that has happened on more than one occasion during what are now my many years within said work environment.

I was once asked by a manager, to “come here, I want to show you something”, the managers typically inspecting a work area and then possible asking for some improvement and so on, I thinking nothing of it, walked toward where the manager was situated following the INSTRUCTION OF A SUPERIOR and the next phrase was Have you locked off?

Locking off is a Health and Safety function or procedure that we utilise when working, sometimes for accessing certain prohibited areas or indeed if we are physically coming into contact with machines that when operating can course us harm.

So this is what I would call ENTRAPMENT, if individual had suggested put your lock on and come here, I want to show you something, that is fair enough in terms of job, experience and knowledge, though the manner and psychology demonstrated is what I would call a double jeopardy POWER GRAB, whereby not only are you being hauled up for not necessarily meeting some expected work standard, you are now being ABUSED by a person in Authority. Most of us seek out employment to perhaps do a respectable job and have a wage at the end of the week, not to be manipulated into some form of “I Own You” psychology that these kinds of TACTICS bring to the fore.

Now I mention above that is has occurred on more than one occasion (albeit several years apart) and in truth with regard to Health and Safety and Various changes in working practice and procedures, a certain amount of give and take occurs between managers and staff, though likewise some characters and personalities (on both sides of the management/staff divide) are above board in terms of feedback and return and working practice knowledge, whilst others at times do come across as really operating from suspicious positions of power mongering.

I mention this not to suggest that this is current practice so much as to highlight IDEAS as to PEAKS and TROUGHS and HIGHS and LOWS and also that no matter how much any one seeks to lead people to more inspired and improved behaviours, there is likely in understanding and monitoring of CYCLES and PATTERNS a high likelihood of particular things being DEMONSTRATED or coming back or returning to the fore in what any given peoples or person witnesses, just as each and every generation has people who think they invented rebellion, you typically have people who think they invented the counter measures.  (Most of us in honesty with ourselves and others, often think or conclude that some extreme remedies are the only way to get through to some folks, though applying en-masse GENERALISATIONS and SWEEPING STATEMENTS as to who is deserving of particular tactics and attitudes can lead you down a dangerous path and road).

This potentially returns to that idea (especially with the meditation) of potentially peeling back the many build-up of layers and likewise to demonstrate that it can only take one bad apple or egg to bring these kinds of techniques into usage for years of positive change to collapse upon itself.

It really is true that even though most people can list and highlight a hundred positive events a week (maybe as a challenge to themselves) that for some reason, much British psychology (seemingly especially) typically ZONES IN ON, the one NEGATIVE event in some kind of be-all and end-all of possibilities and so on.  Likewise of course, if you are someone who is at a low ebb within your own life for whatever reason, it does not necessarily take much for you to be pushed over the limit of what you can cope with, and end up still confused and in conflict, those peoples having switched to some alternate extremism that does nothing as a REAL REMEDY, from a genuine position of a higher place on the hill and CHOICE and OPTIONS brought about through AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT.

Hence my suggestion that raising threshold and so on in the face of many a heavily intransigent person or personality really can be the best policy, for peoples and persons of all races, and peoples and persons of all demographics and identifying labels and all the rest.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

The President Of China and The Pope

Well that is a fine kettle of fish.

Yes so the President of China, is on a visit to the United states and begins with a visit to some Technology Specialist firms such-as Microsoft and Apple and meanwhile the Pope who is perhaps President of the Catholic Faith is also visitng the United States at the same time, interesting that the US President welcomed the Pope whilst the Chinese visitor will have his own meeting with the President later on Friday.

Is this all part of some Conspiracy or simple practice as to where differing logistics and requirements and indeed AUDIENCE have to be met in some fashion.

From an independent point of view it is seemingly akin to that Wedding Scenario, of not wanting the clash of warring guests and in-laws who perhaps have differing cultural values and so on.

I was for instance having a break for a day or two from this blog and suddenly note that I have missed reporting on some Rugby World Cup games that are occurring today and indeed typically this is also a “Cup week” within the Football sporting calendar.  That generally is the kind of scenario that I may well typically choose to avoid seeking to “control freak” manage in some fashion, because even with witness and return and learning the ins and outs, the list of cognitive bias’ that I recently published from wiki

Is exceptionally comprehensive and in many ways is a “KNOW” or knowledge rather than a SOLUTION.

It may well be suggested that I can for instance say “Do you suffer from any of these cognitive bias?” followed by a recommendation of taking up some assisted meditative technology from my website, though some may suggest that I could or should be by now developing some remedy of my own to offer and proffer rather than those of other peoples and persons.

My own view is one of unfortunately having a preference to utilising technology with a proven track record.

I believe I spoke on this in terms of some of my engineering background, and that whilst many huge leaps forward have occurred within technological realms, many a system designed around keeping people safe and having built in long term lifespans, typically will still utilise (for example) chips and transistors and so on that have a well-known track recorded and is not going to proffer up any surprises. So whilst your new PC might come with some super graphics chip dedicated to squeezing every ounce of processing power from your also new intel or amd processor, a real life Aircraft or airplane system (for example) is far more likely to have components that are tried and tested over some designated reliability span.

Yes I am still wondering as to why the Pope and President of China are both within the USA at the present time, though likewise all meanings and so on come from us as individuals and likewise we are seemingly have some ridiculous scandal related to our own Prime Minister (here in the United Kingdom). He apparently once fit to lead the Tory party is now unfit to lead the Tory Faithful, strange though true of course, we perhaps all often easily get sucked into mind sets of digging the dirt on so-and-so a personality or person, though typically the further I have progressed the less interest I have found myself having in other people’s lifestyle choices. Yes some seemingly think they are battling some war on the front line through their lifestyle choices, though interesting (from my point of view) is that I really do think some subjects and debates are not worthy of merit.

Many of these things come down to the ordering system that you are utilising (for example) whereby I suggested previously that the spread of so-called ISLAM works because many hold that they are a Muslim prior to then saying they are English or American or Welsh or Armenian or what-ever.

Far to many a person holds some obscure issue at a higher position on a given criteria list than they perhaps could or indeed should.

An example of this is perhaps, that whilst I am at work “I am an industrial cleaner” and do not require or want or need any other label within said realm, yes I could for instance apply for a job position with a differing label and gain such a position and then be known by that other label.

Though far too often we find other issues and topics being brought to the fore as being important that are IRRELEVENT to working life scenes and scenario’s.

One of the first LESSONS AND LEARNINGS for anyone wanting (for example) to take up Leadership Roles and management Positions is that you typically have to work with what is in front of you rather than some Perfect List of what can very often come down to “people like me syndrome” identifications.

I typically within an employer that employs very many peoples and I share a 1st name with some and indeed encounter others who also share names with other individuals.

Such things can of course demonstrate that even whilst I concur with IDEAS such-as 5 Degree’s of Separation, that lifestyle choices and personalities and all the very many nuances and so on of personality can change the state of play substantially.

I was asked this morning what I thought of a new pay structure that is being introduced within my working life and for myself the issue that most sprung to mind was


So a working life shift premium is being reduced for many of us on various shifts (boo hiss) and likewise that monies is being used to raise the wage of peoples and persons presently below what the Government is introducing as a Living wage in the forthcoming year, (the business perhaps being sensible in not waiting until the last minute, introducing new wage structure now). However I can of course suggest that it has been calculated over and over again, that my grouping of Industrial Cleaners have been on the WRONG PAY BAND for many years, and this new structuring does nothing of course to remedy “my group’s issues”.

Likewise I do actually think the system is a positive for those who do overtime, because of the new system of average earnings for Holidays, though typically whilst I used to heavily do 6 and 7 day weeks prior to the introduction of “The working time” directive, I found that overtime was no longer really viable as an extra income stream for myself and stopped.

So I could seek to do overtime though the complaint has always been one of taking up “my only free days” in the week. Where a rotating or alternating shift on days worker might stop on and do some extra hours, such things are not readily available to night workers unless they go and seek such work out from day managers and so on.

So re: new wages structures, something had to be done because some changes are being enforced by Government that is HIGHER in pecking order than Corporation, though likewise I am sure shareholders will not be complaining at their dividends and so on.

They do say of course the classic quote “where there is muck, there is brass” and that typically suggests that jobs and work that Society might regard as undesirable can typically pay more, likewise food industry and farming are unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

The issue then one as to scales and measures of production and the ability of any gien new start-up or enterprise to get going.

Yes anyone can rush down the bank and get a start-loan though I have often noted that Business plans and so on often come as pre-requisite and indeed having to please the Bank Personnel.

Yes we can say well you have to please peoples and persons in most areas and aspects of life, though likewise it is always amazing how some labels and tags and PREJUDICE drop away or are not part of the CRITERIA when MONEY comes to the fore.

Anyone for instance who has Holiday’s in Arab regions and sectors or the World knows only to well, that whilst we may be regarded as Western Infidels, that does not stop Bazaar Holders and shopkeepers wanting Western Currencies and investment and that is the same for the Popes Catholic Church Business and indeed The Chinese President’s population back in China.

So much of life can be expressed or identified as forms and means of exchange and then of course some seek to protect pre-existing forms and means of exchange, that perhaps again returns us to ideas as to dynamic steering and being awareness enough and independent of thought enough to not get drawn or dragged into topics and subject matters that serve no one.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Throw Missy from The Tardis

Yes I know that I am not a Dr Who writer, though I could be, of course given the Who ilnkages to Hereford as well such things are a natural progression, anyone want a writing apprentice (hint, hint).

Yes so I watched the first episode of the new series after receiving order from Rose (no not that one).

Very good too and of course one of those Ultimate Decision Points perhaps in having a Skaro episode and the opportunity of course to not save Davros/or indeed destroy Davros as a child within a given timeline, I look forward to perhaps watching this new season.

In fact I think I wrote previously that the daughter was not keen on Peter Capaldi having of course grown used to have David Tennant as a favourite for several years, in fact she did I think enjoy the earlier seasons from the off in the sense of having a prime character sharing her name.

Likewise I myself decided that I (having purchased the entire Peter Capaldi series, for her collection on my online account decided that I could perhaps catch up with one or two episodes myself.

I did in fact come to the conclusion that I actually saw more of the series than first realised, recalling at least the first half a dozen episodes.  So I fortunately skipped through those until a little later on and KAPOW, what an amazing episode, I do not know what anyone is complaining about.

Mommy On The Orient Express, perhaps a nod to Agatha Christie’s Poirot and indeed one of the very earliest Scooby Doo cartoons, Where the chosen antagonist was of course a Mummy in search of COIN COIN.

Likewise I thought what a performance by guest celebrity comedian and football fan/stroke pundit Frank Skinner playing an ENGINEER PERKINS, he also of course used to do those Football Shows with his buddie David Badiel.  So that kind of a 5 degrees of separation for myself.

Yes he seemed to be there as an oh look it’s Frank Skinner, though we do have to remind ourselves that characters named Perkins within the fictional realms often seem to be those most selected to die (at least it seemed that way from childhood memory).  More interesting to myself was of course the stopwatch countdown and only the victim could see the deadly creature/mummy apparently a former soldier kept alive via some long used and faulty technology.

Likewise of course that perhaps again speaking on such things as fiction, as anyone who has raised Threshold knows, the distinction between the ROLE MODEL and REALITY can of course become skewered in day-to-day life for many peoples and persons as we are growing up.

I personally think that realms such as the Military do a great job for the personel and this particular series 8, also had a former coloured military man as a mathematics teacher, whom the Dr of course constantly confused as PE teacher.  Strange though true my very first PE teacher that gave any kind of sporting tutorage and indeed encouragement and so on was a Mr MAJOR (I think at Hunderton) and I do think he was perhaps a former Military Man.

Yes of course we have characters of all races and shapes and forms within space sci-fi anyway, though of course in reality a new recruitment drive is at present seeking to encourage ethnic minorities to join the forces and so on.  Of course given how many such realms are oft suggested to have a certain amount of institutionalised racism and so on, what those who have taken up meditation and so on come to realise that it is often an inside job (how you yourself perceive and pay attention to the World around yourself).  Likewise of course I am white though am well aware of bullying tactics and racist attitudes among people I find myself among, and to deny such behaviours is wrong, because bullies and racists and cry wolfs from all communities and so on, can go on selfish attention seeking rampages, in the name of their identity and label groupings etc.

So what else, well referring to that Frank Skinner performance I had of course watched the new Dr Who on BBC IPLAYER having been a little busy once again continuing to focus on one or two course issues that I want to feel comfortable within my knowledge and capability and capacity to use.

Interestingly I did of course mention the Future Mapping Course email that I was sent and these kinds of courses are of course perhaps ten a penny from many a training outlet, I have had emails from other luminaries of both sexes in various fields of human potential developments since of course taking up meditation.

Likewise my demonstration of predictive capability yesterday perhaps demonstrated why simply write write writing for yourself is not necessarily the best option.  We all want feedback and return systems of course, though likewise we do find that whatever direction we turn, we will find people who have vested interest in what they themselves have laid out as the master plan for conquering the human race and hearts and minds of populaces.

A very interesting thing about twitter is of course that you can follow people and then decide, well actually and typically I note that some that I chose to follow have MASSIVE FOLLOWINGS in the Millions, so the likelihood of getting an interaction or conversation of any sort is less likely, unless you yourself have an established following of your own.

I have also found that some folks simply seemingly stream hog, and much of that seemingly occurs at present within peoples of the USA all campaigning for favourite candidates and so on, and likewise many a campaign it does seem to myself hinges on topics and subject matter that most of us have previously wanted to switch off from.

So the decision making process is made easy in some of those instances.

What else, well today we have 3 Premiership battles of the heavyweights in Tottenham versus Crystal Palace, Liverpool versus Norwich and Southampton versus Man Utd.

Likewise most will perhaps recall that early on in my studies I stopped writing on Saturdays and typically wrote materials on Sundays and Mondays and that was (in my opinion) the best policy for myself to do at that early stage of familiarisation of these Technologies, I figured reduce the number of games I give clues for and then potentially have a better opportunity to be successful with a couple of bets than tackling the entire pools, (both sets of grandparents up north in Crewe, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom and down south here in Hereford, England, United Kingdom did the pools for most of the time that I can recall from young childhood), yes we can all want 100% spot on clu’ing systems up and running though typically getting to a sufficient point where you are aware of the very many potential influences and bias and so on is actually in and of itself extremely daunting.

The kind of daunting that if you had any semblance early on of what you were likely taking on, you would run a million miles from, though as I have also suggested these things are not impossible, merely a continuous case of adjusting yourself to new knowledge and expectations and all the rest.

So we can spread ourselves so thinly as to constantly battle to remain afloat, or likewise take to the baling options or plugging the hole options provided by teachers of these technologies.  Do I like and want to experience OVERWHELM, well having had a couple of years of CONSTANT seeming overwhelm and then a year or two without and so on, it does seem that things that you may have once associated as being linked to yourself and so on become a somewhat more distant time aberration.  What does time aberration MEAN?

Well I think, that if you are given stimulus that creates overwhelm, and then it is raining or a volcano is going of somewhere, or this that and the other, you may or may not notice such things.

We being a small island nation populace, more likely to notice perhaps than large continent Countries that live within their own hemispheric Mad World Bubbles.  America and Russia for instance, would unlikely to consider the CHAOS theory of a butterfly flapping its wings on one continent as affecting conditions elsewhere, though typically further progression suggests that being born with long streams of genetics and handed down human programming systems does not mean that we should feel entitled to hang on to them.

Some debates perhaps come down to IDEOLOGICAL debates as to Sins of The Father and indeed the mother and so on. It does after all take two to TANGO and all that jazz despite the best efforts of some Scientist and communities to deny their own hand in such things.

So predicition then from myself cursed or otherwise at face value would be

Tottenham Home Win

Liverpool Home Win

Manchester United Away Win

That perhaps the most obvious of selections and just because some selections seem obvious, does not mean they are wrong, and likewise also does not mean that a surprise cannot be dealt in some fashion.

The big surprise apparently in Rugby yesterday in that the Japanese had a last minute TRIUMPH (no not the car brand) against the Springboks of South Africa.  Strange though true very few can claim to have saw that one coming, and had I been on the ball, I might have linked my email from Learning Strategies to that CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION and possibility.

I typically after so many early failings adopted an “ABANDOM HOPE, ALL WHO ENTER HERE” attitude towards many interpretative matters and subjects, WHY?

Well unless you are really clued up on all your sports and who is playing who, it is akin to not just having coin side on 1 coin but a FISTFUL OF COINS, that have been through up in the air and no-one is quite sure where they are gonna land.  Why?

Well I can speak directly on a given sport and then think ah-ha those guys playing in YELLOW are going to win or the person with this name is going to win the race or the match and then place money on one sport, only to have selected the WRONG SPORT.

So I read a clue and think ah-ha for Football and it turns out it was a clue for Rugby or Tennis or Cricket or World Athletics and so on.

That is why when you have cleared so much flotsam and jetsam from your heart mind and body, you are perhaps less inclined to try to place all your eggs in one basket.

That is also why I suggested stepping stone sequence for dropping into a particular sporting zone or Theatre realm (Oscars and Emmy’s and all the very many other awarding bodies about the planet).

So abundance of choice can actually leave us paralysed, though you do of course have to adopt ways and means of finding or understanding the system being utilised within your own neck of the woods or those realms that you personally prefer to follow.

So clues can apply to all subjects and topics, and being overly obsessed with one may totally blind you to opportunities that you could be spotting elsewhere.  Likewise raising your Threshold to a position where it is high enough to maintain your own focus and awareness levels in the face of continuing nonsense from some quarters can be a strange thing to have to come to terms with.

Some people of course say, well just deal with those who are not giving you a bad time, and that is perhaps good advice, though likewise others suggest that given the INSIDE/OUTSIDE point of view or position, those things you most dislike about in others are potentially AREAS that you have not sufficiently dealt with within yourself.

This of course a strange topic to debate, because I do feel that once choice and options as to lifestyle and so on are established, little value is placed in being drawn into some debates that you can fully see are complete nonsense, that others take COMPLETELY SERIOUSLY and then go abusing and prejudicing all about themselves with.

Today within the Rugby is of course demonstrating yesterday just how little I do know.

Wales versus Uruguay and Samoa versus United States and New Zealand versus Argentina and my face value predictions for those are

Wales win, Samoa Win and New Zealand Win.

Yesterday demonstrated just how lousy I am as a tipster, though it was at least a positive in the Tennis where Scotland’s Murray is seemingly doing us British proud in the Davis Cup.

Yes a strange thing at present was that I could have sworn that Prince Harry and Andrew Murray are both sporting beards of sorts and looking very similar to one another, these beardy blokes all look the same to me, he murmured though even stranger perhaps that I thought I spotted one in Hereford quite recently, yes the SHAGGY Scooby doo look is most definitely IN, whether you are a prince of the realm delivering a fine and upstanding opening speech for the Rugby World Cup or indeed delivering some British hope within the World tennis Circuit.

So would I change anything of those predictions?

Well football, and returning to the late 70’s and early 80’s that both Norwich gave Liverpool of that era the occasional shock and indeed Crystal Palace also gave some upsets and Southampton of course are famed for the occasion Manchester Club defeat when it matters.

On this occasion however I will stick my neck out and suggest that despite being a lousy pundit, I do not foresee any shocks, however what a shock is to myself and those who are heavily invested in supporting the various clubs and sports is highly differing, all the top clubs suggested according to relatively new research to myself to be having somewhat INDIFFERENT STARTS to the league this term, I think it will quickly settle down as it always does in the Christmas Run-in, though what do I know.

Rugby, I rally do think the Welsh will win and indeed New Zealand, so the only upset I can envision at present is a possible USA, what are we today, USA what are we today.

Yes also on are Formula one if it has not yet occurred and indeed very many other sporting realms and fixations for very many 7 billion peoples about the planet.

Do some of the headline topics genuinely serve myself in being interested in, well people movement whether regarded as immigrants or as refugees is ongoing, and likewise seeing pictures of people hanging from trains and so on leads to thoughts and feelings of people being delivered to Auswitz or whatever the place was called.

Strange how so many campaign for the rights of those affected when they will not help others within their own immediate Community’s and indeed families in some cases.

So yes, I fail at this because I do not give enough descriptive clues for many things.  I do however within my note taking try to do just that with some drawings and sketches and indeed find those remedies perhaps the better option than text and so on.

Yes I found myself sketching a Mouth Organ or Harmonica (are they called) earlier and was wondering whether I could get a classic buskers style harmonica for myself to play during the break times at work, just to pretend I can play an instrument of some description.

Yes I then thougt I wonder if I can get a Digital/Analogue Harmonica, so a classic style one, that also has some electrical button press that enables differing frequencies and wave patterns and so on, much like synthesizers were utilised to sample and play many instruments in the fashion and manner of a pianist.

Yes one surely exists somewhere and I thought I would like to purchase myself a harmonica, even if it is simply a classical busker style device, without all the very many modern bells and whistles that so many a device and gadget now has to have as a prerequisite to be a worthwhile investment.

The rule of kiss or keep it simple sweetheart makes more and more sense the further you progress and indeed, so does the idea of simple washing lines and pegs and frameworks and outlines and architectural blueprints rather than absolute set in stone intransigent positions or lock-ins that are going to later return to cause you distress and duress and possible karma issues.

Some folks have tried to demonstrate Universal Umbrella’s and being human is of course a Universal Condition, though likewise feeling that you have greater choice and options rather than being backed into a given corner that you have no knowledge or awareness of can change your opinions and doctrines and so on a huge deal.

Anyway I have typically blah blah bore snore chored to almost three thousand words which is well over the standard amount that I was writing previously so I am of to find Frank Skinner on twitter.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

Dear Dave, Your Punditry Makes Me Look Like Jesus Christ

Dear Dave your punditry makes me look like Jesus Christ, OMG, how could anyone get so many so obvious results SO WRONG.



So of course the problem of course of it always being an inside job, in the sense that all that we take in within our sensory capabilities is also interpreted within our own sensory capabilities and typically we at any age can see just how skewered or distracted we become to where we are placing attention.

Strange though true even with RAISED THRESHOLD and AWARENESS of various CLU’ING FEEDBACK & RETURN SYSTEMS, we still then have the choice and option as to TAKING NOTE of the given information.

I have found through level upon level that a certain degree of variation nearly always occurs in large datasets and typically as I have suggested via many a MATHEMATIC MODEL DEMONSTRATION:-

It only takes the smallest of degrees or floating point numbers to give a HUGE variance from the result you believe you will be getting and the ACTUAL result you will find yourself facing.

Likewise of course, one is reminded that some folks have been practicing such activities for many years, whilst some of us have simply used the SPORTING GAMBLING IDEAS as a kind of witness feedback and return model that is typically a popular one among large numbers of humans about this World.

Many claim otherwise, though rarely when WITNESSING BUSINESS REALM NEWS from all quarters of the Globe do you see much various from SCANDALS as to financial exchange business dealings and indeed gambling syndicate arrests and so on.

So we can keep falling constantly into the short term traps and pitfalls, we can invest some faith hope and charity that the many teachers are being genuine in there teachings and feedback return systems, or we can go the route of setting up for ourselves in some fashion, a means and way to ensure that we are ourselves more centered and so on within our own Universe and are perhaps able to place some distance between MOTIVES and INCENTIVES versus otherwise.

Just to follow up on what I wrote this morning

We have wins in the Rugby for

Japan, Georgia, Ireland, France?

My only correct prediction being Ireland at this point in writing.

And in the football

We had

Chelsea, West Brom, Bournemouth, Watford, Stoke/Leicester draw, Swansea/Everton draw, West Ham

Making this David exceptionally poor had he placed any money’s on the outcomes of these games, in fact I have found similar issues with whatever sport I turn too.

In fact I have found that in reality, no matter how far we want to extend our PREDICTIVE capabilities, that generally they are easy on a day-to-day basis than they are in advance, the more beliefs we have related to TIME and SCALES AND MEASURES of time, the more wrapped up in confusion and chaos we all seemingly become.

So we any of us can become a reteller of stories or reseller or merchant of other manufacturer’s goods and products and so on, and of course very many people set up in business for themselves doing just that.

Likewise knowing where the mental bottlenecks and so on on is an ongoing debate.

Why does this strategy of feedback and return work so well for these other individuals and not myself?

Very often of course it is the refusal to trust what we are seeing and reading and so on at face value, or likewise the face value material is presented in nasty, harsh, hateful or downright offensive, fashion and manner and that generally distracts us from being able to carry out a CROSS REALM INTERPRETIVE ability in a sensible fashion.

Anyway I have a Dr Who and Davros Episode to be watching so

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So Whilst I Have

So whilst I have often berated people perhaps in seemingly discouraging fashion, many have of course gradually bitten the bullet for themselves and taken the recommendation I have made to take up meditation.  You can of course go directly to the websites of the companies directly or you can go via an affiliate type link such-as those found on my website.

I also of course suggested that most or many of us via the stimulation and meditation coaches and training have learned ways and means to overcome many of these listed ailments to how we think feel and act.

That list is of course similar to lists that many of us could perhaps write for ourselves or indeed find our own versioning label for, when reading a given explanation of condition.

So this week my extended resources via Twitter has been given that drilling as to what am I now seeing thinking and feeling and doing differently to how I was previously.

In all honesty I keep finding myself seekingto sort wheat from chaff as to where to focus attention, especially when it comes to ideas as to systems of feedback and return.

For instance I have been happy with Twitter because I have seemingly watched far more talks than previously although those featured tend to be quite short high-lighted recommendations. Some several years old whilst others fairly new.

This one I watched following arrival home from work and looking for some new inspiration, and it kind of fits in with this idea of tree’s and traditional science giving way to ideas of webs and neural nets and so on and so forth, very interesting and at a level that anyone can understand.

Likewise I think the emphasis on VISUAL whatever the lecture is important, given how I also of course constantly return to that idea that everything within our brain hemispheres is typically learn and stored in some fashion and this ted talk gives an inkling of the scale of the problem that any given individual may be facing, not in a judgemental fashion so much as realising why it really can be so difficult getting any given immediate effect change occurring within a group or individual.

Likewise given the oft repeated by myself IDEA as to degree’s of separation I think it perhaps also gives reason to encourage the taking up of meditation, and indeed some of the learning strategies kind of modalities that help create some systematic uniformity of thoughts and feelings and ways and means of conducting ourselves.

I also noted that I have received an email from Learning Strategies for a Course being run on becoming a Future Mapping Facilitator (in Japan) and truly do wish I had the means and finance to sign up to this course, it somewhat fittingly also in alignment with my own birthday and that perhaps of hypnotist Paul Mckenna, whose work I perhaps studied a little during my early Hypnosis/NLP explorations and so on.

What else, well of course in isolating myself to a certain extent in recent years, in order to Meditate and learn some of these more advanced teaching and learning strategies, I have clearly become something of a bore in the sense of being pretty much switched off to many a daily subject matter and headline news article and so on, and very many topics and subjects and issues that others about myself perhaps feel more important.

Everyone can of course take a course such-as those I took from centerpointe research institute where it was suggested that we carry out various kinds of sorting activities on those things we regard as our values.

This interesting of course, because most of us come to these courses and learnings a little later in life where many such choices and so on have already been made in some fashion, we perhaps think it to late to change, when in fact the Technology generally often points to the fact that we do not have to change all that great a deal, so much as let go of the complaints or reasons and excuses (if we are using such ideas) and act in more spiritually positive and rewarding fashion towards those about us.

For every one person who does change of course, there are a multitude of others who will not change, or indeed simply use heightened threshold to continue with particular lines of bias and prejudice and so on, my own thoughts and feelings are seemingly falling into ever greater alignments with some of the longer term users of these technologies in the sense that what does not serve you will fall away.

This is in fact perhaps why I published the above list of cognitive bias’ that any number of us can demonstrate at any given time and why indeed once they have begun to fall away we can continue and indeed seek to encourage similar activities in those about ourselves.

That I personally think and feel also goes well with the Learning Strategies course Future Mapping, whereby the course is very much based around the IDEA of ALTRUISM and making another person happy.

We all of course have had those experiences of wanting to make a partner or family member or friend or indeed other person happy (for some reason) and likewise we can sometimes say, well it was appropriate on this occasion, whilst a form of tough love in this other occasion. I think generally once awareness has been established and indeed some higher enlightened viewpoints upon the hill, as well as raised THRESHOLD it is of course far easier to please others, from a more neutral position or understanding than otherwise. Far too often we have illusions within our own mind as to “People Like Me” syndrome and then typically go blundering in where more well thought through and crafted behaviours may be the most appropriate strategy of the day.

We also likewise come to see that many topics we may have charged into with eyes wide shut previously do not act as a catalyst or trigger to ourselves in the way they may have done previously, perhaps enabling us to concentrate better on those things that are genuinely important or higher on our own list of values.

What is interesting is of course, that we often say we want this that and the other, and then when we make the list, we find that what we have said are significant values for ourselves are sometimes far higher or lower on the list than comes across in conversation.

We also of course learn to witness this not only in ourselves but in others about ourselves. I always find it quite interesting as to particular STEREOTYPES DICHOTOMYS occur whereby husband or wife always claims that work left them unable to spend quality time with family, when in fact such CHOICE and OPTION are just that, the choice and option and internal/external World decisions we make.

Likewise of course, some of us who are divorced or separated by distance are able to state that a certain distance exists though likewise we can always ask the W questions and then the how questions, how can I go from living and thinking and feeling with this set of parameters to living and thinking and feeling with these new thoughts and feelings and actions that are going to be in greater alignment with what I now know or however.

So that of course all rambling, I of course have stated that we can take any number of clues about us and become ever greater in alignment with IT (IT in this case being a label for time) and of course whilst historically such things were perhaps secrets to the ELITES, for many peoples the cat is out of the bag and many a person is no longer going to spin like a pin ball wondering where to turn next for inspiration and so on, when the simple act of writing daily notes and then perhaps carrying out some CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION can pay dividends.

How good can anyone get, well another interesting snippet on Twitter was some Football Punditry webpage, based on the predictions of commentator Mark Lawrenson versus a guest famous Celebrity Football Fan.

He apparently predicted 5 results and one exact score line last week and his guest did something similar, (1 point for a correct home/draw/away and 3 points for a scoreline. Although the point being that I have of course suggested that all decision making is a form of gambling anyway and is simply the result of establishing some kind of DECISION TREE PROCESS within our noggin, and I was thinking well I could actually place a pound on the decision of each expert and then see if I win more than I lose. Likewise of course we can easily get sucked into GREED by going for a BIG WIN RESULT and then gaining nothing for out troubles.

So if you have a quality inking for a simple win/lose/draw for a given result or match go with the simple, yes it may be a smaller win or financial return, though potentially better accumulating lots of smaller wins and taking out a cut of your winnings than constant HOT AND COLD, ALL OR NOTHING actions, that you later may come to regret.

I have allowed myself to go all or nothing or for a GREEDY RESULT option more times than one can imagine, and if one can learn anything from HINDSIGHT, it is to slow down and gradually build your confidence and your WITNESSING FEEDBACK and RETURN SYSTEM in a more logical or rational fashion and manner, yes some big shifts and changes can occur.

Likewise as I repeat many times FAVOURITES ARE FAVOURITES for a reason.

Likewise of course I thought well beyond perhaps overhearing and historically having followed various sports, I am pretty much NEUTAL in many ways and simply perhaps typically have my own long established though non-conscious bias’.

I was chatting with a colleague during the night and she was excited about basketball in her Country, they being in some European competition in France playing Spain apparently, so similar issues and topics can occur for whatever sport or indeed REALM that you happen to follow within your life and region or area and so on.

So we also have Davis Cup Tennis occurring at present and of course England won the opening game of the Rugby World Cup.

I strangely have WITNESSED pointers from several sources making myself think IRELAND vs NEW ZEALAND final, though again that typically comes down to pre-existing BIAS and the associations and links that are made within my noggin.

I know that were I too place such a bet (without having looked at fixture lists) in all likelihood they are meeting within the competition at some point anyway. So I even though thinking AH-HA have dismissed that as clear evidence of going with regular herd like thoughts feelings and so on. All blacks have long established reputation and likewise the Irish have done well in other tournaments in recent years (I think).

A quick scan of today’s matches and it is South Africa versus Japan and Tonga versus Georgia and Ireland versus Canada and France versus Italy, so in reality this Dave S Perkins bloke has not got a clue as to whom are best to follow.

From those matches and being a Rugby novice I would likely pick South Africa, Tonga, Ireland and Italy, though typically those come with bias as to nations and stereotypes rather than genuine knowledge of teams and players and all the rest, completely RANDOM.

Football I thought, yes I can demonstrate historical bias via some system of going through each team and making a win lose draw statement, prior to seeing fixtures.

So in no particular order

Man City Win

Leicester Lose

Man Utd Draw

Arsenal Win

West Ham Lose

Crystal Palace Draw

Everton Win

Swansea Draw

Norwich Lose

Liverpool Win

Southampton Draw

Tottenham Win

Watford Win

West Brom Lose

Aston Villa Win

Bournemouth Draw

Chelsea Win

Stoke Draw

Sunderland Win

Newcastle Win

So those are random, off the top of the head without viewing opponents.

Now how differing are the choices when given an opponent complete with BIAS

Chelsea versus Arsenal, DRAW

Aston Villa Versus West Brom, DRAW (now seeming as though we are on a Derby day)

Bournemouth versus Sunderland, Away Win

Newcastle versus Watford, Home Win

Stoke versus Leicester, Away Win

Swansea versus Everton, Home Win

Man City versus West Ham, Home Win

Now in comparing what I said previously and the various combinations proffered, any changes of Heart or mind?

Chelsea versus Arsenal, I suggested a win for both so the draw makes sense, though now think HOME WIN

Aston Villa versus West Brom, I suggested a win Villa, lose WB, and now think HOME WIN

Bournemouth versus Sunderland, I suggested Bourne draw, and Sunderland Win, and now think AWAY WIN

Newcastle vs Watford, I suggested a win for both, and now think DRAW

Stoke vs Leicester, I suggested Stoke Draw and Leicester Lose, and now think HOME WIN

Swansea versus Everton, I suggested Swansea Draw and Everton Win, and now think AWAY WIN

Man City versus West Ham, I suggested Man City win and West Ham lose, and now think HOME WIN

So from all those deliberations only TWO of the first set of predictions remained the same.

That is WHY it can often be more beneficial to simply go with your STRONGEST INTUITION that made it through multiple decision process than otherwise, likewise that could be the weakness of not sticking to your original guns in the first round.

We are often told and indeed the write well course criteria oft demonstrated that FIRST THOUGHT or small quiet crowded out voice may be the best.

So from 7 fixtures I have listed individual thoughts on a team results, then an independent fixture result, then a COMPARISON RESULT.


No bets will be placed and I would advise anyone to not follow my guidance because I typically even when writing such things down, often change such thoughts again when seeing gambling statistics and so on, on those websites.

Can a pre selection made prior to visiting websites achieve better results than getting manourvred by all the herd activity and so on of dedicated gamblers and statisticians and EXPERTS.

So I will use this as an example of why so many choices exist as to confuse and conflict any of us to oblivion. As suggested if you are an expert and now your chosen SPORT, whether football, cricket, tennis or horseracing etc, you very likely have a certain level of being clued up in such matters that an independent voice such as myself does not have.

I perhaps better explaining systems than BENEFITTING from them.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So Most Interesting Is in Fact A Combi Effort

Yes I typically get up and scan the news and indeed some of the extra sources and media that I find myself viewing and becoming distracted by.  Two exceptionally big events today.  One the non-event of US Federal Interest Rate Rises.  They are once again continuing in the holding the line fashion and I personally think that sensible, yes you can delay and delay and delay forever and a day, though much like awareness and enlightenment and indeed the various levels and stages you pass through, the hope is perhaps one of the US Society and Economy taking an attitude of getting on with it for themselves rather than over reliance of being told via Government and Media Agencies.

The Big News UK side of the pond is this one of the Serving Head of MI5 giving Media interview.  For myself at least I think what he had to say is most important.

The high-lighted words and trigger for myself were related to this idea of TRANSPARENCY.

Yes he did not just speak on transparency of communication, though I of course offer an opinion based in what is currently grabbing my focal and indeed vocal capabilities at present.

So I can as I suggested go to some personality on Twitter and Follow them and many a personality might be known for a particular style and fashion and manner.  Comedian versus otherwise.

So I suggested that Richard Dawkins is akin to a Fascist Nazi and am sure many a British populace fed on simply knowing of him through his books would disagree, however his twitter Feed clearly demonstrates a radicalised hate preacher very much in the mould of those Hook Handed Clerics that we complain of from other nationalities.

So at face value transparency of communication has to be known.  Likewise I have suggested that all meaning comes from the reader/viewer, however we also from the perspective of attaining CLARITY and TRANSPARENCY and indeed other word labels I have used such-as CONGRUENCE have to decide on some points of view alignments.

Yes we can form some loose architectural framework (to hang our decision making options/choices) on and broaden choice decision making abilities, though likewise many a person when meditating regularly often comes to find that it is the ALIGNMENTS and attitudes and behaviours they are taking on board from Line Managers or Social Network buddies and mates that are making them INCONGRUENT and ILL and often falling into the PITFALL of ill health and so on.

Most people have TROUBLE understanding that the first person effected by what comes out of your own mouth is likely yourself, whilst others have come to some kind of decision of knowing that and (defending belief assumptions to the hilt) with pre-existing long standing auto-pilot rushing to dealing with certain topics and debates from exceptionally INTRANSIGENT and unexplored avenues and so on.

Yes that was over complication of sentence.

I do say of course regularly suggest the first option is to translate you incoming data into a differing format.  Draw words, highlight words, draw linking lines, much like that photo I published a month or two back, when you get a paper or book, make those mental pathways to joining the dots.  Be asking those famed 5 W questions who, what where, when, why and indeed the sixth HOW.

How can I turn this incoming information or communication into a profitable exchange for myself (for example).

So we very often compartmentalise very many aspects of life, though I would suggest removal of all those kinds of thoughts and feelings, get your system cleaned up and so on and then perhaps compartmentalise from a higher place on the hill with improved awareness and understanding as to why some topics and issues are not worthy of pursuing.

Will leave this one short I think though yes, some Europa League football on this evening and I do of course suggest that WINDOWS operate through out the year so if some day goes unlisted within a diary or blog you follow, you may well find something the previous year.

Likewise you can of course also recall that a day, a couple of days or indeed a week of notes may provide plenty of clues to what happens next.

I think that perhaps reason why Bill Harris has not got some huge over written teaching blog, in the sense that many topics and areas and ideas are repeated over and again and in all likelihood once a kind of basic framework architecture idea is established, the INTERCHANGE between peoples differing perspective frameworks, whether working life or social life becomes easier to SEE THROUGH in a TRANSPARENT WAY.

So yes, most suggest translate into another format and ask the questions, even if you feel under siege from particular quarters or however, because over the longer term you will either (with meditation) have to come to terms with the things you can change and indeed those things that you cannot.

Many issues are related to CONTROL FREAKERY, I cannot CONTROL RICHARD DAWKINS (for example) and his minions are likely roaming the streets jack-booted (as a result of believing in him) targeting anyone who dares to have a religious or spiritual belief or SKIN COLOUR, other than that of their SUPREME leader.

So we in becoming transparent ourselves and indeed teaching IDEAS such-as “The Map Is Not The Territory” come to see that some pointing fingers and crying Wolf are genuinely not worth taking notice of and indeed we are better focussed on those things we can ourselves control within our own lives.

Many a topic once you have moved on from are better not returning to, though typically as many who meditate have come to understand, each generation thinks they have reinvented the rebellion wheel or things are differing now to how they have always been at all times for many generations and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

Strange Way To Go About Politics

So time and time again we have had new leaders and parliamentarians saying that they want to change the way in which parliament operates.  Parliamentary debate has long been known to descend into chaos, very much because one group sits on one side of the house and another group sits opposite and in fact when some larger majorities have been had those in Government have also had to sit on the opposite side simply to have a seat.

So Corbyn is being reported upon as asking questions provided from the public and critics from all quarters are saying that the PMQ (Prime Ministers Questions) was bland and moderate and the PM was not placed under any PRESSURE  or Duress, being given an easy ride or time of it.

So typically the designated time spot for PMQ is only half an hour, and traditional has it that you select 1 HOT TOPIC and then badger and badger and pick at the scab until some mistake or error or new information comes to light that was revealed.

However let us remind ourselves that most of these Career Politicians are unlikely to drift very far from Party lines and the usual CONFRONTATIONAL EVENT very often plays into one or other individual’s hands or mindset.

Typically Mr Cameron (for example) is oft portrayed as Toad of Toad Hall Tory Boy, Bullington Club and so on, those individuals typically generally the Boris Johnson types of “likeable” BLUSTER with little substance.

So does a calm PMQ benefit the PM in showing he is more substance than previously thought, or does it benefit his new opponent, who having spent a lifetime on the backbenches, is far shrewder and wiser and so on than perhaps he is given credit for.

The Press have given him a relentlessly bad media, not just from so-called right wing paper baron press but also the so-called papers that might be expected to be more moderate toward Citizen Corbyn.

So as a left winger he is perhaps reminded of the historical times of Michael Foot as Labour Party Leader and parliamentarian and indeed how he was generally portrayed in all fairness for how he himself appeared.

I think anyone who looks up that generation of Labour Parliamentarians and indeed comedy such-as Spitting Image (from that time period) can have no doubt as to the amount of seeds of truth that led to some of the excessive characterisations.

The problem of course that it is the PRESS THAT HAVE BECOME LOONY.  You go and look at the red top press at present and whilst they may be selling among a certain branch of the populace, I know of several purchasers who much like myself previously will likely at some point STOP.

Why, because of the excessive abuse, of peoples and persons who when witnessed in other formats such-as TV and Radio are clearly as about as far from the Loony Press Portrayals as can be had.

So yes I may joke as to Citizen Corbyn though one does feel that whilst he is perhaps less slick and so on in media presentation and appearance and there will be less BULLSHIT and more straight talk.

Truth of course not very appealing to many a modern commentator, though this perhaps comes back to ideas as to

This is my truth now tell me yours (or some such quotation).

What else, well it was of course interesting to note that both Manchester Clubs failed to deliver in Europe yesterday evening despite them typically topping a poll of the teams most likely to go forward in the Competition (On a British BBC poll website).

Much like another poll that I took on Twitter scoring 30%, (alignment with other people polled) I typically thought the poll results WRONG.

Yes they (other pollsters who watch and monitor and love the game (I used to as a kid)) could well be right over the longer term, though my own instinct (usually wrong with Football) was that this could well be a good year in Europe for Chelsea, and in fact give that Man or masculine named English teams both lost that perhaps a more Feminine associated team Chelsea Flowers may go forward.

Dodgy Logic of course and yesterday’s results could simply suggest that a global correction is taking place within Hearts and minds and indeed attention spans.

Who else is playing well it is of course Arsenal Away and they typically are picked each and every year as some kind of this year is going to be different and usually fail quite early on.  Even when they do well within the League (having generally stayed within the upper echelons for many years) they still always failed in Europe.  I can also state that I found myself whistling FRENCH tunes this morning on my way home, unsure as to reason or triggers though typically they do have some pomp and circumstance tunes of their own just as we have.

So the BBC poll consensus not all that misguided, apart from in my opinion the potential of Chelsea to have a good European year.

I think for those who do not follow football that the forthcoming RUGBY WORLD CUP is of more interest, yes another kind of tribalism perhaps and one that on the face of it at least often seems easier to PREDICT, unsure as to why because upsets do occur within most tournaments though of course many of these things come down to psychology and any team can play below or above par and get a shock surprise result.

So Rugby of course I think lacks great international opponents (in honesty) the game strangely mostly played between commonwealth Countries and a couple of European countries thrown in to boot, I was thinking about this of course because the American Football (that many of us deride as shoulder pad rugby) recently announced that the Dallas Cowboys are the most valued sports team in the World (something like that) wow really?

That perhaps demonstrates that rugby styled games must surely have greater potential and markets that can be tapped than is effectively done at present.  You know you see the Headline World Cup and you think of all those massive nations not taking party, where are the Soviet Shotputter teams and that bloke from Dr No with the steel rimmed bowler hat.

Yes strange things are afoot though I do think that where I had seemingly reduced and reduced the amount of sources I was reading, that in checking out twitter I have again come to see that in many ways I do not really want a lot of the sources, perhaps handy in terms of this IDEA of surrounding yourself in the environmental World that you aspire to.

So far easier perhaps for would be peoples and persons of any given HOBBY or ACTIVITY be it an ART or SPORT or Authoring and so on to stay in touch and communicate and so on.

So I can perhaps much like with the press reports I click links to know that I can be more selective.  No need to complain about any given news feed or outlet as simply stop giving them the financial returns or feedback.

I think what people such as Donald Trump in the USA and indeed Corbyn over here are demonstrating is that you can be relatively unknown and live a comfortable life and set out your own stall and stick to your guns and not always appear as a SPIN DOCTOR would have you and still be successful in some fashion or manner.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉