Wow So today I Decided To Up My Response

Wow so today having reason to stay up I had to fill some of the early hours following work with some activity and typically I became a TWITTER HAWK.

I have no idea what that is though it does seem to be an appropriate Label.  Of course, early on was very much noting tweets from a closing down America whilst Britain was waking up and again you do tend to note that a kind of between hours places exist where one zone is banging out tweets like there is know tomorrow whilst another is gradually accelerating into its normal waking state hours.

Strange though true and having not experienced Twitter previously, I though I would opt for mostly “safe options” clicking to follow a group of major news outlets from Britain and from the USA as well as recommendations the system made and indeed one or 2 choices that I myself had a preference to follow.

So I wrote as to twitterwhelm a day or two back and that is genuinely because of the seeming pace of updates and the internal debate as to whether I have a response for any of the headlines whizzing down the screen.

So today I began simply thinking and wondering and asking those questions as to whether I have an opinion or otherwise on this point of discussion from this Celebrity or Columnist or whomever.

The Idea that you can interact with the STARS does of course have a kind of appeal, though I pretty much decided (speculation)  early on with monitoring that the Systems especially from News Outlets and some higher profile celebrities were automated.

So initial twitterwhelm perhaps turns to disappointment, that yes I can express an opinion though in all likelihood comments disappear into the obscurity of just another number within the particular systems collective followers and so on.

Perhaps an advantage to those who already have followings and so on, that they do not have to work at it because of following’s generally being in alignment with them, or indeed knowing that a good rant and rave or debate can be had.

So Twitter Hawk then, perhaps in terms of saying and thinking ah-yes I can reply/respond to that one, though did find some aversions coming into my conscious awareness in that in looking down lists I found that I was (for example) happy to respond and comment to posts from The Independent Paper (in the UK) whilst whenever I felt I had a response to The Guardian Newspaper article I went into an internal debate as to the merit and so on, before then deciding to not chase the rapidly disappearing down the screen comment or headlines.

I mention those because I did comment on one or two independent articles and one or two Amercan press release paper articles though constantly opted to not get drawn on Guardian paper materials (whilst seemingly being triggered by them more than one or two others), likewise, I think I perhaps have an inbalance as to those that I follow so the suggested group by group thing will likely come into play in that much like Facebook previously you could probably turn it on in the morning and find yourself still sat in front of it several hours later having been sucked into some “this is important” points of debate.

So yes, will I respond to Guardian in future or simply stop the follow?  I think partially I excused myself because it did seem that Headline Columnists or Article Writers from the same paper were typically at odds with one another, why (as an independent witness) be drawn to respond when someone else within the same organisation is seemingly geared toward doing the responding.  So maybe that something of a SITCOM scenario of humoured banter between columnists or experts, though coming across as something of a closed shop, this is not a Christmas pantomime where you are asked to join in so much as an RSC production where we would appreciate you turning of your phones whilst the performers are on stage etc.

Yes I found myself quickly tiring of such things, though as mentioned above felt more comfort with Independent and indeed American News outlets and some financial new media (surprisingly) yes I tried to add a broad and varied group of outlets and then gradually work through to narrowing down some preferences, much like receiving the entire contents of Santa’s sack and then deciding on what presents are worth some further action or debate or however.

Likewise my initial Twitter strategy has been possibly a FAIL though I can learn from my lack of Twitter awareness and opt for doing more of my own output and less taking in of repeat stories and TRENDS.

Yes they say something is Trending and I see a Trending List though again such things get blown out of proportion when you consider where some articles or debates are originating.  Some Clerk in America in trouble for not carrying out her elected role in accordance with the law, a typical example.  I guess such things depend on what it is you believe you are defending or otherwise on such stances, though she cannot claim to be defending MARRIAGE having apparently been married 4 times, that is (in my opinion) defence of “Having a Wedding” not marriage.

I of course came from family background where Divorces have not previously happened, until my own, whilst ex-wife grew up with history of a parental divorce, so I guess that one of those “mental breakouts” in the sense that once any kind of patterning is established within your life or noggin, you perhaps become blasé as to usage or importance of such things, and again you then possibly move into the realm of whether you think FAMILY important or otherwise.  How many a family members can be cutthroat toward each other, though WOE BETIDE any third party or external commentator having anything to say on the matter or issue being debated.

So I still like or hanker perhaps for ideas of marriage for life, though typically know that in relationship terms having dated and been around the block, that many might be better holding off on ideas as to marriage until the relationships are further down the line when all the heady stuff has been moved on from, do you still feel the same or are regular new injections of new required in your life and-or does a relationship work through testing times or typically falter at untried and untested hurdles, how deep a commitment is being made by the parties within any relationship is of course debatable, and perhaps has its own levels of scales and measures.

How many a couple splits up (for example) when they actually spend time together, strange though true some couples do well at living separate lives via various job requirements or indeed having a larger or broader wealth or life outside of special relationships, though struggle when together for more than the 5 minutes that a job or career or lifestyle choice allows.

Yes so I commented and witnessed and realised just how little some views and opinions are in the greater scheme of things, so I may well return to the Write Well Facebook group and ask some contributors if they have Twitter that I can follow or whether given the negative reception to myself within that course, simply start over under a new identity and wonder as to what part of truth and honesty and so on causes others the most hurt and upset and etc.

We can of course only generally know the World within our own heart and minds and knowing who is operating from a higher place on the hill or is genuinely being helpful versus otherwise is a strange issue to be had.

I originally thought it was a fresh start though it seems I was wrong, in the sense that the same kind of cycles and experience that I myself had a far more widely experienced than Society necessarily admits.

So what would I ask for, well typically perhaps, I would ask for someone who has a pre-existing FEEDBACK AND RETURN SYSTEM, for any sport to explain and demonstrate such a system so that I too can benefit from that system.

Not difficult or hard, though typically as suggested by others, however neutral we think and feel that we may have become, we are still generally tipto’ing around either issues as to 7 deadly sins or indeed 7 equally dangerous deadly virtues.

So is dynamic steering something to be tiptoed through as with minefields or accelerated and driven at full tilt caution to the wind as nothing ventured nothing gained merchants like to put it.

Yes decisions decisions, what else?

Well I did find myself thinking about that Frank Sinatra song I posted a while back sung by Bruce Willis in the production known as Hudson Hawk, only I of course was seeking to come up with a new lyric, rather than those already listed in the original lyric.

Yes so anyway I had a brief sleep this afternoon and now wonder as to where my attention is best placed.  Clearly I want an income that is free of the very many turbulent conditions that the World can throw up, and that again seemingly comes down to having a service or product that you can sell and people will pay you for.

So that does not really happen on Facebook or Twitter (apart from those adds that pop-up every so often) so you have to become your own brand and then consider what your special expertise and field of knowledge and so on is going to be, yes I keep thinking that many an idea turns out to be some false flag cage affair, in the sense that many a direction and course of action seemingly takes you into realms that you have no place being within, or indeed are simply light interests that do not have longer term appeal.

How many a Wealthier person, became successful through dedicated realms prior to then expanding into other territories and areas of ideas as to WHAT NEXT, WHAT NOW, or indeed who simply found that what they started out as doing, was good enough to keep going because they typically at each stage of business growth found a new area of delight or whatever within the realm they were already within.  Think Alan Sugar versus Richard Branson, yes I am sure they both diversify greatly from where they started though I think, Alan Sugar is perhaps more one realm (in terms of presentation) whilst Rchard Branson has typically cast his nets in a here there and everywhere fashion.

Is there a NEXT NOW

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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