Universal Fads Universal Failings In Audience Demographic Wars

So continuing on similar themes to recent days exploration of Twitter, I have all but concluded that to many diverse issues are being brought to the fore in an exceptionally narrow fashion and manner, and typically too much representation of presumed audience demographics.

So I signed up for a multitude of media outlets and yes they typically rotate stories for a given week or time zone rather than necessarily one day, so I will click a link thinking some article is FRESH and find that it was published earlier in the week or indeed longer ago.

Is that relevant?

Well yes it is because it typically shows a lack of BREAKING OUT from circular like tourrettes syndrome thoughts feelings and issues (the biggest issue for most peoples (in my opinion), in the sense that they can say well it was republished because we published this article and the given subject matter has now circulated throughout all the media and is now trending so high that we want to show our finger is on the pulse.

So far better then to keep writing and indeed perhaps utilizing assisted or Technological meditation stimulations that raise Threshold to give you those breakout attitudes, thoughts and feelings.

I saw today that Katie Price, famed self-publicist and empire builder is having her own output thrown back in her face, in the sense that she spoke as to not caring about immigrants and they could show up floating in water and so on and of course that is what is now being pictured.

So congratulations to Katie Price on her SENSORY ABILITIES, though one wonders what she might be called, clearly Psychism and the realms of la-di-da are frowned upon by vast swathes of her own audience.

Yes in fact the real problem is of course that she in raising herself out of the poverty trap (if she was ever in one) has become establishment with all the fame and fortune trappings, and whilst she may publish and write for “The Sun”, much ike many other contributors to the various RED TOP rags, they are not genuinely representative of there audience.

She actually being predominantly attacked seemingly from other peoples and persons publishing by the so-called next level up alignment of papers and indeed the broadsheets.

Of course given her son’s Harvey huge number of disabilities what many will likely think though fail to publish is some dead refugee kid versus Harvey and the contribution either could have or have not made to Society.

Of course disabilities and so on are typically easy to make a judgement upon until it is you yourself that is faced with a given scene or scenario.  On news of Harvey’s problems she continued working and has given him a good life not based in rushing down the benefits office, so much as continuing in building her warts and all styled self-created empire.

So I have of course in viewing so many diverse news organisations come to the conclusion that I have to pick and choose some alignments of opinions, or indeed become my own voice with my own views that are based within where my own interests lay.

All to easy to make comments, as I have done, and then later think well actually, whilst I commented it could well have been better for myself to ignore such a topic or subject as not putting money on the table and food in the belly.

So the reason I am evangelical about the meditative technology is that whilst we already kind of know the teachings and so on, after a few years of making many mistakes and getting drawn into being involved in wars that are not mine to fight, a stimulus that clears much mental flotsam and jetsam (whatever your biases) is a godsend.

Elsewhere my Royal twitter links are celebrating and gearing up for celebrations of Elizabeth becoming the longest reigning Monarch, of course I am sure given most folks Fear of death and so on that in reality such things are perhaps a kind of side issue really, in terms of this choice versus that choice.

Do you want to be the longest reigning monarch because it has meant that you lived a long life, or do you want History records to show all the very many actions and services and so on that have been carried out in your name and so on.  Of course Royalty typically inherit many a designated title and the very many organisations said to go with the job, though likewise in History at least, it has often been demonstrated that a new monarch has come along and made choices and taken options that were differing to predecessors.  Think the big debate over whether Charles can be defender of the faith 9for all religions) rather than Head of C of E, etc.

So all institutions perhaps want to be seen to move with the times, though of course repenting at leisure is something we all can perhaps also relate to when decisions taken and made were not necessarily in our own vested interest.

Yes Twitter has perhaps become a momentary distraction for myself and I will likely now return to less interest, not so much “I came, I saw, I Conquered” as oh, is that it, Facebook on Steroids.

Yes Trending is all well and good in the sense of being fashionable, though once you have taken in all the banter and circular arguments, you tend to want the INFOBESITY to somehow become applicable elsewhere.

For instance, I noted Richard Dawkins (famed Atheist) whilst lambasting Religion, seemingly advocating AM (Andy Murray) within the Tennis, likewise such things are as I have stated many times, easy predictions in early rounds apart from occasional upsets because FAVOURITES are FAVOURITES for a reason, of course the fact that you have everyman and his dog now betting on the major sporting events makes winning big wins virtually impossible in a game by game fashion (Mr Murray 1/50) for todays game, fifty pounds to win 1 pound back.

That perhaps why once you have practiced and understood some of the game by game basics you can perhaps change focus to looking for pointers to OVERALL end of tournament WINNERS, why?  Well even the favourites within any given Collective grouping (for any sport) are usually given better odds prior to a given event starting, and that is true across most sporting realms and fixtures.

So we perhaps looking at Long Term viewpoints versus Short Term viewpoints in the sense that whilst all is now and we can in terms of belief convince ourselves of anything, we perhaps have to establish what we ourselves have as trustworthy foundational framework knowledge versus otherwise.

Suggestions as to Dynamic Steering (for example) give the impression of pace and acceleration and speed and so on, whilst the MEDITATIVE REALITY is that the stimulus gives you extra time to slow your thoughts and REINTERPRET what you are seeing and so on.  A group of collective symbols that represent some collective sensory input.

We can of course come to see that a certain Wisdom perhaps exists in cycling through the various senses and asking what does this sensation tell myself.

I could of course think to place myself in the sight zone, or the sound zone, or the taste zone and then write and write with the belief as to that given categorization of ZONE.  Does the data and what comes up for the data appear differing when I am thinking from one given sensry system, can I better integrate these systems into some ORDER that can be separated out and then brought back together in a more improved fashion.

Each sensor realm (for instance) might be better at a given sport than another (in terms of thoughts feelings and actions associated.

Whilst sight is said to be best, we can typically often also conclude that it is most affected by bias’ and ill-conceived ideas or misunderstood judgments and prejudice.

If you can close your eyes and then carry out such process for each sensor, early on at lower levels you would likely still have a certain level of the same problems, though the greater stimulus and lower carrier frequencies do seemingly come good overtime and then of course, the choice of words thoughts and feelings and how you are part of the World though not of it all can come good as to how you choose and decide where your own attention is BEST POINTED or DIRECTED and so on.

Yes Empty High street shops is big news nationally over recent days and weeks though I thought it so once Amazon took of several years ago, whilst some folks love to shop and go into shops, a recent shopping trip with my daughter reminded myself of one of the most basic of ideas, I was seemingly one of the few within the CROWDS who was carrying bags (meaning purchases had been made) many a person simply WINDOW SHOPPING for something to do and then purchasing online for discounts and delivery and so on.

WE have a relatively new award winning replicated throughout the Country shopping District in Hereford, and the last relatively new shopping district perhaps less than 20 years old is seemingly becoming a barren landscape (shops moving to the new place in the new district).

Even more confusing, the New District is occupied the site of an old cattle market that was centrally located and is entitled OLD MARKET, a pub that once stood there (within the area) went through similar pains during my younger years, once titled The Old Market Tavern and Then The New Market and now it is gone completely.

So yes The High Street Landscape is high on the to do list for many entrepreneurs perhaps and regional councils, we know shoppers still trek around shops on weekends, though how EXCLUSIVE do products have to be to be matched by SALES and should EXCLUSIVE BOUTIQUE etc, be matched with prices that many a third World City about the green and pleasant land can afford.  Yes some inspirational solo business’ seemingly buck trends though many unoccupied premise about them suggests that in the long term new neighbours are required, or they will typically find the walk past trade also gradually shifting to other realms and sites.

So something new for the high street that cannot be AMAZONED and is not a coffee shop restaurant (over saturation in those markets already).

Elsewhere the biggest complaint about Public Houses is apparently children in attendance, according to new online polls, of course that something else I noted during that particular shopping trip, huge numbers of toddlers with parent Friday (I call it) yes being a night worker enables myself to go to town each and every day and when I have (for some reason) historically found myself doing just that, I can typically identify the DOMINATING DEMOGRAPHIC for a given week day, yes GIRO Day jokes aside, these patterns and cycles and so on, become more identifiable the more you take the time to pause and WITNESS or NOTICE, though of course that often involves a certain level of investment in such feedback and return system for yourself.

I originally thought that writing a blog was going to be difficult to fill up, though can suggest that whilst I have kept this bland, my notepads are not necessarily the same and indeed, the more you believe yourself capable of some of these activities the easier than can become, whether you publically choose to call what you do Science or indeed Pyschism.

It is perhaps sad that some beliefs are regarded as valid whilst others not and indeed that some people believe themselves so strongly that they will terrorise those who disagree, though we can all of course build groups and friendships and gangs of our own, and find peoples and persons who are willing to stand up to the very many cry wolf grupings all squabbling for attention and being rewarded in the wrong fashion.

Another politician suggested that David Cameron has chosen to WALK ON BY (Dione Warrick?).  Though I think that grossly unfair given her parties years in Government leading to his parties terms in Government.

Very often in GENERATIONAL REALITY TERMS, it is the preceding Government that is typically to blame for the thoughts feelings and actions of the present Generation.

Yes people are reporting on the way of the Corbyn, though I think PRIVATE EYE did the best writeup of WHAT HE SAID versus WHAT THE PAPER PUBLISHED.

Private Eye of course has a long history of lampooning the good and the great though also of course, itself in many ways.

Anyway for now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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