Yes I Am Still In The Twitter Zone

And yes I am utilising the tag


Though in all honesty am not that greatly familiar with all the ins and outs and etiquette of Twitter Life, it perhaps akin to what many a personality reports as people interacting with them as though they know them or have a right to communicate or follow and so on. Interestingly of course one of the potentially great benefits of using Twitter is the cutting out of the middle-man or newshounds, assuming of course that it is not press secretaries and PA’s doing the Star Turns output for them.

So you can quickly see that options such-as mute and block and so on can quickly and effectively utilised if you find yourself on the receiving end of someone’s extremist grievances, though likewise it does appear that people can typically simply set up new accounts left right and centre as with other networks such-as Facebook.

Interesting for myself is the price models, seemingly being adopted and tested by various agencies and press.

I had similar experience several years ago when typically seeking to follow some of the Holosync Blog advice and read some particular newsfeeds and outlets, whereby you go to the site and are immediately asked for your signing up and subscribing to content, you have not yet decided as to whether you like or not.

This also occurred to myself when I first had the Surface Pad whereby multiple Web site apps came up and typically turned out to be akin to simply sending you to a subscribe or be blocked page.  So I might for instance have paid a couple pounds for the app and then found extra charges being established once the app was utilised and so on.

Anyway typically some papers seemingly have links that I click and can read the article and indeed make comment, whilst others typically come up with subscribe or be blocked kind of system, whilst others suggest that you have read 1 of your 10 free articles for this month.

Some of the models I also think are gotten around via being a CONTRIBUTOR, so you can sign up to be part of a newspaper demographic or establishment and write your blog within the site itself.  I think Huffington Post is perhaps most famous as one of those kinds of models, though is less known internationally (possibly). These things seemingly coming back to that degrees of separation issue and that WordPress claims 24% of the Internet and therefore most or many sights are built upon various adaptions of this basic blogging model site.

I mentioned last week deciding against starting a new website and I had an automated email from one of those other hosting sites I visited, this morning offering 70% discount, the problem of course the time and energy and so on being placed in any given project, I have no need to own or setup a new website for the sake of owning a website, though would like (as suggested) to see if I can get something better up and running from an alternative hosting provider or service.  Whilst they all seemingly use automated WordPress adapted utensils and tools as well as providing some tools that are unique to themselves (if you do not opt for the wordpress option), I do seemingly go through phases of having a rush of ideas and then all is quiet once again.

Likewise having rushed and purchased sights previously, I then found that the great idea had receded in appeal or interest, I think that possibly one of those (dare I say it) genius mind kinds of issues, whereby many a historical or reported genius of times gone by typically had an idea and moved on or indeed passed the idea on to others to take or carry forward to physical realities.  Of course many established top of the tree like characters are demonstrated as doing just that, whilst those of us lower down various pecking orders are perhaps operating from unhelpful motivations (we can in fact suggest that motivation and incentive can be interpreted both positive and negative).  Though likewise it does typically seem that an internal self-motivation, is potentially better than some external motivator.

Yes I know that many a course is about teaching how to think and how to question and so on, though finding your own inner voice, especially if you are feeling down and out or under siege in some fashion.

So yes, annoyed most at those demanding immediate signup subscription such as The Economist, whilst thinking that the 2 of 10 articles per month model (New York Times) kind of has an appeal in fairness.  The downside potentially of course that many an outlet has SUBCATEGORISATIONS, is my 2 of 10 free per month for the complete overarching Newspaper or some sub modalities within.  Typically I am not interest in many to the locals “local” stories whilst some international reports or art reports and so on have caught my eye.

Interestingly I have seemingly signed up or followed enough news outlets both UK and US and have been also linking more with BOOK PUBLISHER and ART REALM type groups. So Whilst I originally took a broad sweeping approach with Facebook (perhaps more on a person by person basis) with Twitter I have seemingly opted for journalistic art type mediums.

I have also followed a couple of personalities and high profile public figures though likewise am unsure as to who will remain and who will get the chop in terms of long term audience and topic of debate interest.

So what next, well typically of course I have not written this blog for a day or two and that is partially I feel through the distraction of all these new reading sources, yes I could go to a newsagents and flicker through the pages, though much like the new York times issue above, am I willing to pay for everything when it is singular articles or sub categorisations that are mostly catching my eye.

I used to buy the red tops such-as The Sun and Daily Mirror regularly at one point, though grew bored with the repetition of that daily content and indeed I also historically read more broadsheet kinds of papers such-as The Times and Independent and even now still see broadsheet Sunday papers.

Yes Today is a Sunday Newspapers kind of day, here in the United Kingdom where traditionally you get lots of extra reading and weekly roundup and so on, though in a way, I have been reading those kinds of materials throughout the week in terms of all the art and non-headline interests.

So I think I wrote earlier that I was annoyed with Guardian Articles, though it was more noticeable after a few days that it was not so much general Guardian Articles as the Personalties Columnists they have, strange though true, though perhaps a demonstration that whether it is good or bad, catching attention or hooking and hinging as it was called within the write well course is often what good journalism and commentating is all about.

So not necessarily a newspaper brand issue then so much as the headliner issue.

I can of course also state that I followed some enlightenment and awareness luminaries though typically in many ways Twitter comes across as a FAIL.


Well the appeal to myself was one liners in 144 characters or however, though typically all the major personalities and news outlets simply give you links to articles elsewhere, yes I follow some and not others though I do think that those personalities who really do exercise the one liners or a photo and so on have more appeal in that they are being normal and kind of demonstrating that in typical fashion of odd comments of other TV shows and so on.

Who new that x personality watches that show and eats food and drinks that drink and takes the dog for a walk and so on.  So the opportunity perhaps exists to remove some of those glamorous lifestyle thoughts, when you can see that some activities no matter where you are at present or where you imagine yourself to be in future are generally quite common among all demographics or populaces.  Some embrace the roots, whilst some typically live in Unworldly Ecosystems of Mystique, yes everyone wants somethings left to the imagination, though choice in link clicking and article following does of course remain with the viewer.

Am I good to follow, well I have seemingly found myself experiencing STAGE FRIGHT, in the sense that I do not generally have much to say, in terms of my own twitter page, I have mostly made a comment here and there on other links that I myself chose to follow, so unless that can be seen by followers I have little reason to garner any kind of audience.

Having said that of course, if someone has already developed an excellent feedback and return system of pointers and clu’ing systems to various sports then please add myself or indeed send a note so I can separate wheat from chaff so to speak.

Yes so many options exist on a daily basis that the one line clues I thought possible with interacting via twitter, rather than these long blog posts makes things easier.

Though of course not wanting to get lost in nonsense squabbles is also one of my concerns.

So I may remain for a while with Twitter @TheAngelAtHeist

As I have enjoyed the more varied media outlets than I have had in recent years, though likewise the newsfeed addiction issue may have to be addressed.

Perhaps when I take note of what I am reading and ignoring I can then narrow focus as my interest is clearly being drawn towards some things over others, and that perhaps part of life moving forward and not backward and there only being 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 day in a year give or take a quantum leap.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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