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Strange to say, though truth be told, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook are nightmares that unfold, can you keep up or turn attention where, your own best work is done copy paste and YEAH!

Yes so of course the best advice for people with a story to tell a promotion to make is often go and publish where the Audience is, however my own experience is one of two many competing systems all open at the same time and rendering simple activities as useless.

So instead I open word and write as much I want without distraction, and then transfer to the blog and if I write a little bit of poetry maybe it will make twitter, and so on, though as suggested it is easy to understand why people use twitter as a pointer system to information elsewhere.  It perhaps demonstrates more than most that scanning headlines for triggers or interesting tidbits becomes a kind of art form.

WE have for instance today had Angelina Jolie and Angela Merkel taking some headines in the UK and as a kind of “SIGNS and SYMBOLS” guru that may indicate that England are ready to defeat the Swiss.

Likewise of course given the inherent BIAS that most of us carry, separating fact and fictions can become somewhat haphazard, especially if your sources are typical in carrying the same bias’.

However, one does also find that attempts to have those alternate viewpoints and opinions can be lousy.

I recently (for example) mentioned Richard Dawkins, in Twitter Terms, and reality is that I will be removing him from my list of peoples and persons to follow, he constantly bashes, bashes, bashes all and anything that might appear as Religious beliefs (living in accordance with the 10 commandments (for instance), in fact most of what I have seen is the work of a Xenophobic Racist, if the BNP or National Front were the PIRA then he is typical of one of those political wing nuts, who talk the talk, though hides in the background and shadows.

Were I a Newspaper editor, I would sanction a Story exposing these major xenophobic race hate twitter stars for what they are.

Likewise I have also followed Lord Sugar (of Amstrad fame) and he is typically far more common man with a common touch, despite the wealth and so on that kind of goes hand in hand with the business growth and so on.

Elsewhere talk is of a Serena Slam in the Tennis and she of course now faces sister Venus, who I think often does well on her home turf so another upset could be about to appear.

Elsewhere we were asked to provide 3 word description of Wayne Rooney as a footballer and were given examples, though typically I have yet to get to grips with retweeting or indeed reducing all and anything within life to such a limited number of words, without pulling out a STOCK PHRASE and if you have to use a stock phrase then in all likelihood you will see that it is used a million times up and down the land.

Elsewhere Invictus Games Soldiers are gearing up for a trip to Orlando and there next tournament next Summer and I retweeted wishing them the best, so some function are easier than others.

Though as suggested at the beginning, all that DATA whether on a blog screen or twitter newsfeed or Facebook newsfeed just seizes attention and time and so on when in order to FOCUS and CONENTRATE on your own activities and choices and options, you may well be better of doing as I have done for this write-up and simply shutting them down, I can go to WordPress after I have completely the writing of this article.

What else, well I said greater variety was to be had and found myself having “PROMOTED” trends appearing in the sidebar list including one or two quite small sites or individuals so one is a bit unsure whether they pay for promotion or whether Twitter simply encourages growth  through listing peoples and persons that are writing or posting and so on.

Reality of course that you could just keep on hitting the Follow button and keep on hitting the follow button until you are following someone from just about every demographic going, the issue then one of is this person or group “PROVING” or “DISPROVING” some belief that I have to be right or otherwise.

Typically of course I spoke on isolating myself from many an external and that in terms of assisted meditation was an appropriate action, though likewise of course you still want to perhaps exist and have something to say from your new perspective or place on the hill and in that respect, I think those who have set out their own STORE and are not buying into all and anything like a kid in a candy store are perhaps best placed to be successful.

This one a short one given time limitations on life the universe and everything, though likewise you will be seeking some greater voice of your own that is not a

How an I put these words and thoughts and feelings into this other person.

The greater reality that all and everyone is pretty much the same does seem to hold water the further you progress, though likewise you still have choice as to beliefs and whether one bullying person who constantly maintains a grip on an establishment or unaware group of peoples and persons is worth following or indeed exposing as the monster that they are.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

PS.  and remember if someone does not publish on a given day you may well find what you are looking for within the historical pages of a given time zone or period in historical posts.

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