Congratulations To Queen Elizabeth for Todays Reported Upon Milestone

Yes I think I wrote previously that in reality such milestones are perhaps regarded as side issues to still existing or being alive and so on, mortality can of course act to motivate people or otherwise in a sense, and we often of course see similar issues being Highlighted within the realms of Hollywood where an elder generation actor/actress will be asked as to why they accepted a particular role given there age, some will of course snap back that they are continuing to work in as best a fashion as they can for exactly that reason.

Many a person of course in many a realm develops a love and passion for the activities and lifestyle they have lived and some artificial limits being placed upon such things does or can potentially have more of a detrimental effect than otherwise.

Of course whilst we can see that actors and actresses and Royalty can continue in particular roles, we might be less keen (for example) for an ancient still existing Doctor or Surgeon to be operating upon us.  Again Doctors and Consultants perhaps due to the realm they live and work in, do seem to manage to buck various trends and of course the age old debate then as to being fit to carry out any given activity versus otherwise.

Are or can annual review and health check-ups be regarded as adequate enough to ensure people can continue in activities where artificial restraints or limitations have been placed upon the role.

Typically of course the realms of the Military and indeed Professional Sports often seemingly are regarded as a “young man’s game” in terms of how long you stay in prior to making or taking some exit strategy.

Many a sporting hero of course has often continued long after historical heroes have and again these things perhaps down to mental attitude and self-belief and today’s modern living standards and general overall knowledge of the ways and means to enhance or prolong your fitness and strength and staying capacity and so on.

Are these things a secret or simply what any given person has sought out as a remedy or indeed simply utilised from within their own thoughts and feelings and knowledge base.  The demand to be externally referenced is a strange one, after you pass particular age milestones, though likewise it does seem that particular trigger issues can creep up on anyone at any time of life and of course we ourselves have choice as to how we think, how we feel and how we ourselves act.

What else, well I joked briefly on Twitter that the signs pointed at an England football win and Serena tennis win, and that of course having happened gives myself a 100% record though 2 out of 2 is vastly differing of course from 1000 out of 1000 or 1000,000 out of 1000,000 and those are perhaps where many of us struggle in getting a belief going or indeed having some kind fo staying power, hilst I say such things to demonstrate that anyone can gamble and that all decision making processes are of an equivalence to gambling strategies, in reality most of us require some mental training and perhaps stimulus to actually come to see those things in greater detail or clarity.

I of course long gave up trying to convince others, suggesting a do not take my word for it approach, try these technologies for yourself.

Likewise of course these things perhaps go round in a generational kind of capacity, so whilst many of us were initially quite weary or trying out the assisted meditation and indeed still somewhat acting out within lower levels, as or if you choose to progress, you do find yourself often confronted with further realisations and so on and of course this idea that what does not serve you will fall away.

So just as one generation of users of the meditative technologies is taking a more comprehensive higher place on the hill approach to life the universe and everything, those folks of course perhaps trigger inquiry within others about them, how is this person so calm collected, unresponsive to fear triggers and so on.

The idea that it is all an inside job can take time to come to terms with, as can this idea that you cannot really avoid interacting with others and so on, so much as being more discerning in subject matter and topics.

Typically, as much as any of us might want to control the thoughts feelings and actions of those about ourselves, such things have been demonstrated to fail over and again, because peoples and persons of both sex’s do not necessarily conform to any given prerequisite IDEA that any of us can hold within our respective noggin.

Likewise of course I noted a report from Warren Buffet speaking to America, this appeared on my Twitter newsfeed and I of course read 3 books that Mr Buffett recommends to people who want to learn and know how he started out and so on.

So British press is very much about High-lighting the length of the Queen reigning as Sovereign and I of course cannot really recall earliest memories of her Majesty from within my own lifetime.  I think typically I had a silver spoon in a box given to myself for a Silver Jubilee celebration during the 1970’s whilst in attendance of Primary school and indeed I at one brief point was inspired to take up STAMP COLLECTING, some BBC television show such as Blue Peter, perhaps high lighting that people were willing to pay lots of money for faulty or wrong coloured stamps and so on.

In those days of course stamps really did continue to appear wrong or faulty at times, or indeed it was quite fun to simply get some of the special edition stamps that were being released, though typically whilst a big encyclopaedic STANLEY book had a Penny Black within it, I never managed to find one at Granny or Grandad’s or Aunties houses, surely elderly grey haired peoples must be old enough to have stashed some of these older stamps about the place.

Yes of course, as well as British Stamps, you could collect international stamps and again it was quite fun to get stamps from postcards and letters from international travellers and so on, perhaps one of those very easy hobbies, in the sense that you were not doing this 24/7 (some folks might), though I typically lived and had a more regular outdoor street and latchkey kid life, whilst also being able to ask or mention to people that I collected stamps should they happen to receive international mail and so on.

Anyway the strange thing is of course that many MILESSTONES such-as the Queens today has had various Corporations, align themselves with particular Diaries patterns and cycles and so on.

If you Study the Queen or Royal Household and Movements and patterns and then watch particular business practices and indeed the Markets, you will often come to see that in reality it does seem that the Royal Household is used as a SECRET BENCHMARK by many a Business Realm CEO and so on in general.

I think Apple is having its annual San Francisco News and Press conferences and also one or two other Major Corporations are doing the same, and of course in the Western World Calendar (at least Great Britain and I think America) this all has coincided with the average RETURN TO SCHOOL or College/ University/Polytechnic zone of Calendar cycles.

So whether we think we are aligned with particular cycles and patterns or otherwise, we in likelihood have a certain amount built in at young ages simply from times where we perhaps did not pay so much conscious attention as we perhaps may now.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is now available on my Amazon account having been delayed by a day (says the email), hmmn, not that I watch these things anyway(daughter must have pre-ordered it), though do quite enjoy some of these Superhero action films and so on, yes the allowing family to use your amazon account can of course typically backfire though the pin security that I previously claimed as not working, strangely began working after the recent banking overcharges issues that I wrote upon making phone calls about.

So things are becoming more secure, though likewise I do have a prime video account full of all these junk shows that I am never ever going to watch and indeed the daughter being 16 and now having her own bank account in her own name, also typically has her own Amazon account, will they let me transfer her junk out of my account?

Yes unlikely without a transfer fee and indeed what of the occasion show or film that I saw and quite liked, will we be in dispute over what stays and goes?

Yes at least with video and cassettes and vinyl before them you had PHYSICAL REALM and World items within your possession, now once again everything being reduced to some “out there” cloud is akin to Big Business NUMBERS ON SCREENS fictions as to ownership and worth and all the rest of it.

Just about every new sign-up on the web promises FREE GB storage and whilst that seems very generous of them, GB are typically swallowed up quite rapidly via modern day HD film and TV and Sound and so on, yes it has been demonstrated again and again that in reality we as a species cannot detect difference or similarity in things such as colour and sound and taste beyond particular scales and measure, yes we know that for every good range we have that differing animals and creatures have differing scales and measures that we can model and replicate with machines and gadgets, the question then one of why, “because we can” say scientists, though that perhaps one of those issues of matching a TECHNOLOGY to a PURPOSE or indeed as many a Corporation seeks to do, come up with an un thought of previously MARKET or NICHE and then exploit said NICHE with your PATENT TECHNNOLOGY that only you can supply for this fee that is not a Monopoly in any way shape or form until you are big enough a business to be called a Monopoly.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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