Yes So Moving On

Yes seeking to stay on top of things when you see whatever is coming up can become a full time pre-occupation, as many a commentator knows, though you can actually find yourself getting into a stride once some kind of RITUAL is established.

Likewise of course much like Local and Regional and National Bank Holidays , many a new World days has been established for this that and the other, very often conflicting with pre-existing calendar dates within various realms.

So for example a few years ago, it became apparent on facebook that multiple Mother’s days were being celebrated and likewise the further you pay attention the more you see, other days being given similar treatments.

This perhaps akin to (United States) American “World Series” sporting games that are not followed outside of America and generally or typically generate hostility for that simple fact.  Yes some Country’s and peoples have attempted to bring various games and sports to greater World populations though some take of better than others. Much like Soccer (real World Football) has failed to capture American sports fans.

That perhaps part and parcel of you cannot play with us, okay then I will go and set up a game of my own, schoolyard taunts and manoeuvrings among new starters within the various Educational Establishments about this Planet.

Elsewhere some South African bones are being cited as a new bridge between apes and man, scientists apparently desperate for such creatures to not be labelled missing link.

Of course given today’s world wide web, we are all perhaps aware of that all too often missing link.

What else, well the DUP is grabbing headlines in Ireland and MP’s expenses row within the United Kingdom, though the figure for offenders was exceptionally low, suggesting a few stragglers people being hung out to dry rather than all and everyone else being above board.

Elsewhere we learnt that Voldemort (Harry Potter Character) is pronounced with a silent T, did you know?  That of course part of the reading imagination thing, whereby even though an author has created a work we can still typically use our own minds as to how we picture or imagine such things should be portrayed within the Film and TV realms.

I enjoyed the Potter Films a few years back, though do recall disappointment at missing characters and thought a TV mini-series may have been a more appropriate venue, likewise that franchise is of course “old and ancient” in terms of what is hot versus what is not, though enough interest remains apparently for some new spin-off in the coming few years.

Yes getting to grips with newsfeed material takes getting used to in the sense, that you might want to monitor and witness, though typically, all and any meaning is given by you the reader, so I might (for example) follow American press and typically they refer to the Federal Government, that typically close enough to Swiss tennis player Federer to give an AH-HA, likewise of course today is apparently one of these World Days.

Suicidepreventionday, or something like that, and of course you cannot precent the Swiss side because Federer is now playing fellow swiss player Stan Waw wotsit.  Stan of course a famous suicide character within the realm of Rapper Eminem (he reading a letter written by STAN, about how he is his biggest fan and so on, the track featured a Sample from the then relatively unknown DIDO, and shot her to World wide fame and fortune, for her own brand of wrist slasher music.

Elsewhere it is being reported that Rupert Murdock has purchased National Geographic, I do hope that unless the edition was failing, he and his people take a hands off approach as it is one of those kinds of publications that has a long established Readers Digest quality about it, in terms of World Stories and the ever so many photo’s, yes I think that is what stands out are in fact the photography and so on.

Were I a dentist or GP or Hairdresser/Barber I would likely place editions within the premise waiting rooms, far too many of such establishments these days seemingly opt for particular lines of magazines over others.  Yes such magazines probably come from donations, though it would not necessarily kill a clinic or two to take out subscriptions, I know consultants and so on used to take out magazine subscriptions for all and any profession related materials, so do not know why the courtesy cannot be extended to their audience and customers.

 Elsewhere a new debate is taking place as to making contact with Extraterrestrial life, apparently the Carl Sagan plaque on some 1972 satellite (possibly Voyager (I think)) is out of date and does not reflect the Modern Diverse World we live in.  After reading several nonsense responses I suggested a more appropriate fashion and manner to this important subject of biodiversity and RIGHTS RIGHTS everyone must have RIGHTS.  Michael Jackson and The Beast of Wildenstein, are I think the most appropriate biodiverse examples of the species at precent, though Michael perhaps turning in his grave at my suggesting him, along with Steve Jobs turning in his grave over the New ISTYPUS or whatever the pen is called.

Yes Mr Jobs famously quoted as suggesting you would never get a stylus with an IPAD, though in reality, anyone who has used a touchscreen devise can see the benefit of them.

Nintendo (for example) used to provide stylus with the Nintendo DS and in terms of using phones, many a cheap one and indeed “Touch Screen Gloves” can be purchased to seek to enhance your gadget in any which way you can.

I actually purchased many extra’s for my PAD gadget at the beginning, knowing that it was perhaps going to be HIDDEN COSTS that would creep up later and bite my derriere.  I managed to not get stung (in many ways) by paying for an all round capability at the beginning.

Typically more recent Laptop purchases, demonstrate the case, that whilst 3rd party vendors offer and provide other software’s in their own name, I typically wish they would not, and would actually (were money no object) go for a complete Do It Yourself, option whereby I want a computer/laptop/pad and it must have (example) Windows operating system, it must have this Antivirus (that I already pay/subscribe for, this DVD STREAMING SUITE etc.

The problem that is typical, is that I purchase a new gadget and find myself bombarded with adds for particular inbuilt with this package software, that I would not choose to have.

So I then have to think about uninstall options, though of course uninstalling a system that came as a pre-install can become a headache.

So will I or won’t I sign up for this brand of that software that I have now utilised free for a month etc.

Reality is of course that anyone with more than one device or gadget is likely already paying for some software subscriptions and would therefore prefer to extend the pre-existing coverage onto new gadgets and devices, rather than have the malarkey of switching providers.

In this case in point, I actually have come to trust the pre-existing providers over the ones that came on a recently purchased laptop, most of us over the years have tried various company’s products and made opinions on such things, did they work, did they not bombard myself with sales literature and so on.

So it all perhaps goes down to that no such thing as bad publicity, as much as I can complain as to particular software vendors packages on the newer laptop, most judgements were from historical experiences with said vendors, have they changed their STRIPES, unfortunately in many a case the answer is NO, because just as I might choose to be more discerning or have one set of requirements, another person may well feel that this is the vendor for them blah-blah, few providers of services and so on are going to change unless they are not getting the sales or indeed desired feedback versus otherwise contrarian.

I know many a person who operates in contrarian modes for all and anything, and I think getting pushed or bullied into such corners is ridiculous, when you look at the huge demographic audiences that are available to any given individuals.

So does being contrarian put money on the table and food in the belly or does it just demonstrate people who are rebelling or being opposition for the sake of it rather than a vested interest in a topic of debate.

I think I like Twitter in the sense that you can say your one liner and move on, without getting drawn into long drawn out battles of wills and nonsenses, on many topics and so on.

I have generally promoted that in Cross Realm Interpretative capacities we any of us can think as to how we can translate what we are seeing into an alternative format and indeed we can demonstrate or recommend similar styles and attitudes behaviours and ideas from others.

So witness and monitor newsfeeds, jot down trigger clues for your chosen sport, was the reference in a positive or negative, was the reference to the left of the screen or the right of the screen, were alternate sources providing similar data clues to suggest you have multiple resources on similar vein and track.

So yes, whilst we may all like a most optimised system, the further I have meditated and indeed progressed, the more open a mindset I have, though likewise still see that all and every con has two sides, some groups try to make out that they are the Umbrella organisation representing these minorities who are oppressed or befitting of this label, when in fact very often, such grooming scenario’s have been the CAUSE of issues, not the effect.

Anyway enough for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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