Warning Danger You Are Now Approaching The Red Rag To A Bull

Wow all the headlines are declaring a win for Red Flag Flying Socialist Citizen Corbyn and with Watson as his deputy you might be given to thinking he’s Sherlock Holmes.

No matter how much Society agree’s with many a policy or IDEA that he (Corbyn) promotes, it is all but guaranteed that a couple of standout policies will leave The Labour Party Unelectable.

Yes Scottish Nationalists won in Scotland on an Anti-Nuclear ticket, though the anti-nuclear gameplay ticket will not transmit to a broader and wider United Kingdom ticket perfectly happy brought about via MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) scenes and Scenario’s.

Of course in many ways, the nuclear row’s of yesteryear have been moved on from, in the sense that we in Britain cannot claim to have first hand experience of Nuclear disaster or whatever.  Yes we can say we had poison rain from Chernobyl leading to massive sheep culls within some local’s and watching the Japanese Fukishima tragedy was not particularly a happy event, though such arguments are INDIRECT versus DIRECT experience.

Do we want or need or require Direct Experience, say the nay sayer’s, knowing full well what answer they will generate, however, many of the topics are misdirection’s in the sense that Homer Simpson could not possibly gain employment within the hollowed grounds of a British Nuclear Plant, qualifications might then be regarded as useful afterall (in some quarters).

So more recent years has seen greater fear and emphasis aimed at so called Biological Weapons and again they have a long history and indeed are not particularly useful when the statistics of after effects are brought forward.  They typically the kind of last defence Scorched earth retreating Germans kind of weapon in the sense that you are just as likely to pollute your own peoples and lands as the opponents and typically many engineered weapons have short uncontained lifespans or are dependent on the weather being favourable, much like classic War of The Worlds, where alien invasion was taken out by a common cold that the alien’s had zero immunity to, can anything be engineered from a well-known and documented ecosystem?

Well it has typically been tried over and over again in secret according to many a conspiracy theorist, though so far for many bio-engineered plagues, very often super versions of pre-existing bacteria and virus and so on, a pre-existing countenance also exists, in some shape or form.

Elsewhere, I noted that the Serena Slam is now a distant memory, she apparently failing to beat Roberta Vinci in the US Open, whilst Federer today approached the final of the men’s competition where he will compete with Djokovich or something like that.

Yes I am still somewhat struggling with getting to grips with Twitter (in all honesty) it begs attention, though likewise, ho much I want to follos is strangely becoming less and less from some quarters, a I suggested previously, given how many a newspaper or television group seems to have subcategory twtter accounts all of there own, you can literally say goodbye to some aspects of some press and simply stick with the accounts and topics and subject matter that most appeal or indeed serve you with quality information or however.

I think this possibly important when it comes to trigger issues and trying to translate into another format, whereby you can become so distracted by a topic (in some form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)) that you fail to note the similarity or difference within your witnessing or CROSS REALM INTERPRETING.

A balance of course always seemingly taking place in one shape or form, even if we are not monitoring appropriate lines and channels of information to know such things, this a short one, as I really am hoping to continue writing elsewhere and only so many hours in the day, though will likely post longer articles or indeed stop having breaks before to long.

Commentating is of course easy, though likewise life can be easier when you are not targeted by all and sundry who have some strange belief as to who is best targeted for having stuck there head above the paraphet.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

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