Those Morning Evening Notes

So whenever I see some article on some proclaimed author or writer of varying degrees and levels of experience, they often of course write about having a ritual or routine such-as setting time aside each morning to carry out something called morning notes.

I say something called because as much as the idea of morning notes its seemingly utilised by very many authors, a little further detail usually suggests that very many differing reasons are given for this practice.

I of course developed a routine or ritual of writing as much as possible for this blog, they (external experts) often of course suggesting that the best time to write is just as you still have your sleepy head on as part of your waking routine, whereby it is suggested that your brain is in a tweeny kind of place, state or zone where you still kind of have access to the dreamscape imaginings that you may have experienced during a regular nights sleep.

This of course presents some of us with a problem, in the sense that whilst I know I can dream and am fully capable of sometimes recalling those dreams, for the most part I have little in the way of recollection of anything that occurs whilst sleeping.  So that also of course the point in some ways according to experts in being able to tell the difference between having woken up or not having woken up.

A famous dream and sometimes one used within fiction is this IDEA of a dream within a dream, where you think you havev woken up though are still asleep, and again I think some of us or many of us are said when asked to have experienced such dream states, much like the “free fall” kind of dreams that some of us also are known to experience from time to time.

So many dream states are well known and even catalogued and whilst I do find the idea of dream recall interesting, I cannot allow myself to dwell on the fact of my limited dream recall, because getting hung up on such things are perhaps (I think) akin to excusing yourself from writing (for example).  I cannot recall my dreams so will therefore not write.

Likewise of course I wrote on the Elizabeth Ayres book writing the wave and the quote beginning “Last night I dreampt…” writing prompt.

“When you look around and research you do in fact find a million and one prompts available for would be writers, so the question then perhaps one of having some focus and purpose.

Some authors of course say that you have to exercise you writing skills and mental muscles in order to get those rituals and routines established and that such things can became easier with time.

Interestingly of course, I have experienced multiple phases with writing the blog for instance, where I simply felt a requirement for a holiday or indeed that whilst I could publish some writings in public that other notes would only be published privately.

Likewise once a ritual or routine is established you perhaps have to once again, have reminders of why or for what purpose you are doing a given activity.  Some folks of course have writing and authoring as an occupation of sorts, though typically establishing yourself as an authority within your own mental World and so on can actually take some time to achieve, if you have lived your life surrounded by the demands of external peoples and persons.

I of course found that a routine was quite quickly established for myelf of some 1000-2000 words though generally what I wanted in many ways I have failed at in the sense of having a desire to write science fiction and the blog does not really fit that criteria.

So having established a blog for writing day tto day feedback and return WITNESSING type notes and indeed having a selection of writing pads full of notes taken over a couple of years of various commutes and so on.  I now find myself once again running to a place of distraction.

I think I was in part able to continue with the blog because it has my name at the top of it, as much as external peoples and persons can object to content or however, they themselves if visiting uninvited are effectively stalkers and therefore running fowl of the law of the land, the strange thing with some work environments of course that they place managers in an untenable position by strangely giving them a mandate to monitor staff on Social networks and blogs et al that is in and of itself not there mandate to give.

Yes some folks perhaps excessively abuse employers, and indeed communities when you look to wider World on-going reputation of some companies, though that does not in turn mean such things have to be reciprocated.

I promote the Holosync Meditation because of the Threshold issues, where again and again it can be demonstrated that some people get themselves so obsessed with particular behaviours and actions and so on that those about themselves become infected or as I suggested previously “catch a bad dose”.

If everyone is acting in a positive and uplifting and rewarding fashion towards life the universe and everything then such things can have positive effects on all about themselves, though likewise the alternative is true when you have intransigent people getting hooked into unwinnable debates.

I recently read a book by Deepak Chopra entitled “The Future Of God” and within this particular work he was tackling the issue of spirituality and consciousness and in effect seeking to take on what he refers to as Militant Atheism, such as that of Richard Dawkins.

My own viewpoint has generally been that I give writers and authors the benefit of the doubt until give reason otherwise, and likewise I have generally where possible and with greater awakened conscious positions sought to take a more moderate approach or third way through the very many pitfalls and traps.

Typically for instance, I wrote on liking the work of author Daniel Dennet and he is another of those self-styled philosopher/atheist type individuals.  However having also read Richard Dawkins (for example) I decided or thought, well I can put some of these characters on my Twitter Feed, I spoke on removing Richard Dawkins (which I have) the reason quite simply that he is a racist hate preacher in the mould and style that many would align with a Hitler Figure.

So of course we all want greater awareness and consciousness and awakened states and the Richard Dawkins faction position and or that of many Atheist (not just extremist anti-religion guru’s) is that all can be explained by Science and  that what we cannot yet explain will in time be explained by asking improved questions and research and development.

In the Future of God, Deepak follows a line of questioning that takes us supposedly beyond the position that Atheists stop at, effectively suggesting that  prior to Big Bang and all the very many in-and-outs and goings on within the Universe is that a Higher or Greater Consciousness exists.

I find this interesting of course because Consciousness is perhaps Daniel Dennett’s many Philosophical study area and topic for which he is most lauded as a Philosopher.

However, Deepak is suggesting that he is tackling militant atheism (such as that of Richard Dawkins).

Interestingly I noted this morning on Twitter feed a news article on a book written by a philosophy graduate writing or speaking an obituary like tribute to his own philosophy teacher, what was interesting was that I though well, that is a kind of SPIRITUALITY in the sense of liking and aligning with the teachings and models and so on of a teacher or someone who had a great influence on the course and direction of your life.

Of course given that Meditation Tool’s such-as The Holosync Solution kind of demonstrate that we can reorganise at Higher levels of awareness and Vibration and so on, it can be suggested it can never be too late for anyone to take a new position or angle and so on as to gaining greater clarity and so on.

So I can happily suggest (and I must mention that I recently went up another level on Holsync (after pausing for a couple of years)) that in fact it does seem that surprises will keep on occurring and happening at each and every level that we any of us go through.

The awakening levels seemingly were more about getting some water works out of your system and the purification levels seemingly more about reorganisation and clarity and the flowering levels will perhaps be more about being in and maintaining higher all round mental physical and emotional levels of being and so on.

I have generally found that no matter what the two sided coin debate is, that generally Holosync will change the course of paradigm in some fashion previously unknown, so that is not to say that all will become some great oneness though those kinds of thoughts and feelings do kind of appear at times as you go through differing rationals and so on.

Where once we perhaps felt like we had to grit teeth and put up or shut up, I would genuinely suggest that a user of a technology such as Holosync really could recommend the product and return the put up or shut up challenge themselves.

Likewise it does for many of us seemingly caught between a rock and a hard place, in terms of societal debate and philosophy enable perhaps us to better choose our battles and focal points of interest and so on.

Interestingly of course, very many of us actually took to these technologies, after constantly being on the receiving end of battles and topics of debates and so on that were never our own to begin with.

Contagion within any realm of course is going to be an issue, though likewise the threshold to be able to not get drawn or triggered or however provides all and anyone with greater choice.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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