Strange Way To Go About Politics

So time and time again we have had new leaders and parliamentarians saying that they want to change the way in which parliament operates.  Parliamentary debate has long been known to descend into chaos, very much because one group sits on one side of the house and another group sits opposite and in fact when some larger majorities have been had those in Government have also had to sit on the opposite side simply to have a seat.

So Corbyn is being reported upon as asking questions provided from the public and critics from all quarters are saying that the PMQ (Prime Ministers Questions) was bland and moderate and the PM was not placed under any PRESSURE  or Duress, being given an easy ride or time of it.

So typically the designated time spot for PMQ is only half an hour, and traditional has it that you select 1 HOT TOPIC and then badger and badger and pick at the scab until some mistake or error or new information comes to light that was revealed.

However let us remind ourselves that most of these Career Politicians are unlikely to drift very far from Party lines and the usual CONFRONTATIONAL EVENT very often plays into one or other individual’s hands or mindset.

Typically Mr Cameron (for example) is oft portrayed as Toad of Toad Hall Tory Boy, Bullington Club and so on, those individuals typically generally the Boris Johnson types of “likeable” BLUSTER with little substance.

So does a calm PMQ benefit the PM in showing he is more substance than previously thought, or does it benefit his new opponent, who having spent a lifetime on the backbenches, is far shrewder and wiser and so on than perhaps he is given credit for.

The Press have given him a relentlessly bad media, not just from so-called right wing paper baron press but also the so-called papers that might be expected to be more moderate toward Citizen Corbyn.

So as a left winger he is perhaps reminded of the historical times of Michael Foot as Labour Party Leader and parliamentarian and indeed how he was generally portrayed in all fairness for how he himself appeared.

I think anyone who looks up that generation of Labour Parliamentarians and indeed comedy such-as Spitting Image (from that time period) can have no doubt as to the amount of seeds of truth that led to some of the excessive characterisations.

The problem of course that it is the PRESS THAT HAVE BECOME LOONY.  You go and look at the red top press at present and whilst they may be selling among a certain branch of the populace, I know of several purchasers who much like myself previously will likely at some point STOP.

Why, because of the excessive abuse, of peoples and persons who when witnessed in other formats such-as TV and Radio are clearly as about as far from the Loony Press Portrayals as can be had.

So yes I may joke as to Citizen Corbyn though one does feel that whilst he is perhaps less slick and so on in media presentation and appearance and there will be less BULLSHIT and more straight talk.

Truth of course not very appealing to many a modern commentator, though this perhaps comes back to ideas as to

This is my truth now tell me yours (or some such quotation).

What else, well it was of course interesting to note that both Manchester Clubs failed to deliver in Europe yesterday evening despite them typically topping a poll of the teams most likely to go forward in the Competition (On a British BBC poll website).

Much like another poll that I took on Twitter scoring 30%, (alignment with other people polled) I typically thought the poll results WRONG.

Yes they (other pollsters who watch and monitor and love the game (I used to as a kid)) could well be right over the longer term, though my own instinct (usually wrong with Football) was that this could well be a good year in Europe for Chelsea, and in fact give that Man or masculine named English teams both lost that perhaps a more Feminine associated team Chelsea Flowers may go forward.

Dodgy Logic of course and yesterday’s results could simply suggest that a global correction is taking place within Hearts and minds and indeed attention spans.

Who else is playing well it is of course Arsenal Away and they typically are picked each and every year as some kind of this year is going to be different and usually fail quite early on.  Even when they do well within the League (having generally stayed within the upper echelons for many years) they still always failed in Europe.  I can also state that I found myself whistling FRENCH tunes this morning on my way home, unsure as to reason or triggers though typically they do have some pomp and circumstance tunes of their own just as we have.

So the BBC poll consensus not all that misguided, apart from in my opinion the potential of Chelsea to have a good European year.

I think for those who do not follow football that the forthcoming RUGBY WORLD CUP is of more interest, yes another kind of tribalism perhaps and one that on the face of it at least often seems easier to PREDICT, unsure as to why because upsets do occur within most tournaments though of course many of these things come down to psychology and any team can play below or above par and get a shock surprise result.

So Rugby of course I think lacks great international opponents (in honesty) the game strangely mostly played between commonwealth Countries and a couple of European countries thrown in to boot, I was thinking about this of course because the American Football (that many of us deride as shoulder pad rugby) recently announced that the Dallas Cowboys are the most valued sports team in the World (something like that) wow really?

That perhaps demonstrates that rugby styled games must surely have greater potential and markets that can be tapped than is effectively done at present.  You know you see the Headline World Cup and you think of all those massive nations not taking party, where are the Soviet Shotputter teams and that bloke from Dr No with the steel rimmed bowler hat.

Yes strange things are afoot though I do think that where I had seemingly reduced and reduced the amount of sources I was reading, that in checking out twitter I have again come to see that in many ways I do not really want a lot of the sources, perhaps handy in terms of this IDEA of surrounding yourself in the environmental World that you aspire to.

So far easier perhaps for would be peoples and persons of any given HOBBY or ACTIVITY be it an ART or SPORT or Authoring and so on to stay in touch and communicate and so on.

So I can perhaps much like with the press reports I click links to know that I can be more selective.  No need to complain about any given news feed or outlet as simply stop giving them the financial returns or feedback.

I think what people such as Donald Trump in the USA and indeed Corbyn over here are demonstrating is that you can be relatively unknown and live a comfortable life and set out your own stall and stick to your guns and not always appear as a SPIN DOCTOR would have you and still be successful in some fashion or manner.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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