So Most Interesting Is in Fact A Combi Effort

Yes I typically get up and scan the news and indeed some of the extra sources and media that I find myself viewing and becoming distracted by.  Two exceptionally big events today.  One the non-event of US Federal Interest Rate Rises.  They are once again continuing in the holding the line fashion and I personally think that sensible, yes you can delay and delay and delay forever and a day, though much like awareness and enlightenment and indeed the various levels and stages you pass through, the hope is perhaps one of the US Society and Economy taking an attitude of getting on with it for themselves rather than over reliance of being told via Government and Media Agencies.

The Big News UK side of the pond is this one of the Serving Head of MI5 giving Media interview.  For myself at least I think what he had to say is most important.

The high-lighted words and trigger for myself were related to this idea of TRANSPARENCY.

Yes he did not just speak on transparency of communication, though I of course offer an opinion based in what is currently grabbing my focal and indeed vocal capabilities at present.

So I can as I suggested go to some personality on Twitter and Follow them and many a personality might be known for a particular style and fashion and manner.  Comedian versus otherwise.

So I suggested that Richard Dawkins is akin to a Fascist Nazi and am sure many a British populace fed on simply knowing of him through his books would disagree, however his twitter Feed clearly demonstrates a radicalised hate preacher very much in the mould of those Hook Handed Clerics that we complain of from other nationalities.

So at face value transparency of communication has to be known.  Likewise I have suggested that all meaning comes from the reader/viewer, however we also from the perspective of attaining CLARITY and TRANSPARENCY and indeed other word labels I have used such-as CONGRUENCE have to decide on some points of view alignments.

Yes we can form some loose architectural framework (to hang our decision making options/choices) on and broaden choice decision making abilities, though likewise many a person when meditating regularly often comes to find that it is the ALIGNMENTS and attitudes and behaviours they are taking on board from Line Managers or Social Network buddies and mates that are making them INCONGRUENT and ILL and often falling into the PITFALL of ill health and so on.

Most people have TROUBLE understanding that the first person effected by what comes out of your own mouth is likely yourself, whilst others have come to some kind of decision of knowing that and (defending belief assumptions to the hilt) with pre-existing long standing auto-pilot rushing to dealing with certain topics and debates from exceptionally INTRANSIGENT and unexplored avenues and so on.

Yes that was over complication of sentence.

I do say of course regularly suggest the first option is to translate you incoming data into a differing format.  Draw words, highlight words, draw linking lines, much like that photo I published a month or two back, when you get a paper or book, make those mental pathways to joining the dots.  Be asking those famed 5 W questions who, what where, when, why and indeed the sixth HOW.

How can I turn this incoming information or communication into a profitable exchange for myself (for example).

So we very often compartmentalise very many aspects of life, though I would suggest removal of all those kinds of thoughts and feelings, get your system cleaned up and so on and then perhaps compartmentalise from a higher place on the hill with improved awareness and understanding as to why some topics and issues are not worthy of pursuing.

Will leave this one short I think though yes, some Europa League football on this evening and I do of course suggest that WINDOWS operate through out the year so if some day goes unlisted within a diary or blog you follow, you may well find something the previous year.

Likewise you can of course also recall that a day, a couple of days or indeed a week of notes may provide plenty of clues to what happens next.

I think that perhaps reason why Bill Harris has not got some huge over written teaching blog, in the sense that many topics and areas and ideas are repeated over and again and in all likelihood once a kind of basic framework architecture idea is established, the INTERCHANGE between peoples differing perspective frameworks, whether working life or social life becomes easier to SEE THROUGH in a TRANSPARENT WAY.

So yes, most suggest translate into another format and ask the questions, even if you feel under siege from particular quarters or however, because over the longer term you will either (with meditation) have to come to terms with the things you can change and indeed those things that you cannot.

Many issues are related to CONTROL FREAKERY, I cannot CONTROL RICHARD DAWKINS (for example) and his minions are likely roaming the streets jack-booted (as a result of believing in him) targeting anyone who dares to have a religious or spiritual belief or SKIN COLOUR, other than that of their SUPREME leader.

So we in becoming transparent ourselves and indeed teaching IDEAS such-as “The Map Is Not The Territory” come to see that some pointing fingers and crying Wolf are genuinely not worth taking notice of and indeed we are better focussed on those things we can ourselves control within our own lives.

Many a topic once you have moved on from are better not returning to, though typically as many who meditate have come to understand, each generation thinks they have reinvented the rebellion wheel or things are differing now to how they have always been at all times for many generations and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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