So Whilst I Have

So whilst I have often berated people perhaps in seemingly discouraging fashion, many have of course gradually bitten the bullet for themselves and taken the recommendation I have made to take up meditation.  You can of course go directly to the websites of the companies directly or you can go via an affiliate type link such-as those found on my website.

I also of course suggested that most or many of us via the stimulation and meditation coaches and training have learned ways and means to overcome many of these listed ailments to how we think feel and act.

That list is of course similar to lists that many of us could perhaps write for ourselves or indeed find our own versioning label for, when reading a given explanation of condition.

So this week my extended resources via Twitter has been given that drilling as to what am I now seeing thinking and feeling and doing differently to how I was previously.

In all honesty I keep finding myself seekingto sort wheat from chaff as to where to focus attention, especially when it comes to ideas as to systems of feedback and return.

For instance I have been happy with Twitter because I have seemingly watched far more talks than previously although those featured tend to be quite short high-lighted recommendations. Some several years old whilst others fairly new.

This one I watched following arrival home from work and looking for some new inspiration, and it kind of fits in with this idea of tree’s and traditional science giving way to ideas of webs and neural nets and so on and so forth, very interesting and at a level that anyone can understand.

Likewise I think the emphasis on VISUAL whatever the lecture is important, given how I also of course constantly return to that idea that everything within our brain hemispheres is typically learn and stored in some fashion and this ted talk gives an inkling of the scale of the problem that any given individual may be facing, not in a judgemental fashion so much as realising why it really can be so difficult getting any given immediate effect change occurring within a group or individual.

Likewise given the oft repeated by myself IDEA as to degree’s of separation I think it perhaps also gives reason to encourage the taking up of meditation, and indeed some of the learning strategies kind of modalities that help create some systematic uniformity of thoughts and feelings and ways and means of conducting ourselves.

I also noted that I have received an email from Learning Strategies for a Course being run on becoming a Future Mapping Facilitator (in Japan) and truly do wish I had the means and finance to sign up to this course, it somewhat fittingly also in alignment with my own birthday and that perhaps of hypnotist Paul Mckenna, whose work I perhaps studied a little during my early Hypnosis/NLP explorations and so on.

What else, well of course in isolating myself to a certain extent in recent years, in order to Meditate and learn some of these more advanced teaching and learning strategies, I have clearly become something of a bore in the sense of being pretty much switched off to many a daily subject matter and headline news article and so on, and very many topics and subjects and issues that others about myself perhaps feel more important.

Everyone can of course take a course such-as those I took from centerpointe research institute where it was suggested that we carry out various kinds of sorting activities on those things we regard as our values.

This interesting of course, because most of us come to these courses and learnings a little later in life where many such choices and so on have already been made in some fashion, we perhaps think it to late to change, when in fact the Technology generally often points to the fact that we do not have to change all that great a deal, so much as let go of the complaints or reasons and excuses (if we are using such ideas) and act in more spiritually positive and rewarding fashion towards those about us.

For every one person who does change of course, there are a multitude of others who will not change, or indeed simply use heightened threshold to continue with particular lines of bias and prejudice and so on, my own thoughts and feelings are seemingly falling into ever greater alignments with some of the longer term users of these technologies in the sense that what does not serve you will fall away.

This is in fact perhaps why I published the above list of cognitive bias’ that any number of us can demonstrate at any given time and why indeed once they have begun to fall away we can continue and indeed seek to encourage similar activities in those about ourselves.

That I personally think and feel also goes well with the Learning Strategies course Future Mapping, whereby the course is very much based around the IDEA of ALTRUISM and making another person happy.

We all of course have had those experiences of wanting to make a partner or family member or friend or indeed other person happy (for some reason) and likewise we can sometimes say, well it was appropriate on this occasion, whilst a form of tough love in this other occasion. I think generally once awareness has been established and indeed some higher enlightened viewpoints upon the hill, as well as raised THRESHOLD it is of course far easier to please others, from a more neutral position or understanding than otherwise. Far too often we have illusions within our own mind as to “People Like Me” syndrome and then typically go blundering in where more well thought through and crafted behaviours may be the most appropriate strategy of the day.

We also likewise come to see that many topics we may have charged into with eyes wide shut previously do not act as a catalyst or trigger to ourselves in the way they may have done previously, perhaps enabling us to concentrate better on those things that are genuinely important or higher on our own list of values.

What is interesting is of course, that we often say we want this that and the other, and then when we make the list, we find that what we have said are significant values for ourselves are sometimes far higher or lower on the list than comes across in conversation.

We also of course learn to witness this not only in ourselves but in others about ourselves. I always find it quite interesting as to particular STEREOTYPES DICHOTOMYS occur whereby husband or wife always claims that work left them unable to spend quality time with family, when in fact such CHOICE and OPTION are just that, the choice and option and internal/external World decisions we make.

Likewise of course, some of us who are divorced or separated by distance are able to state that a certain distance exists though likewise we can always ask the W questions and then the how questions, how can I go from living and thinking and feeling with this set of parameters to living and thinking and feeling with these new thoughts and feelings and actions that are going to be in greater alignment with what I now know or however.

So that of course all rambling, I of course have stated that we can take any number of clues about us and become ever greater in alignment with IT (IT in this case being a label for time) and of course whilst historically such things were perhaps secrets to the ELITES, for many peoples the cat is out of the bag and many a person is no longer going to spin like a pin ball wondering where to turn next for inspiration and so on, when the simple act of writing daily notes and then perhaps carrying out some CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION can pay dividends.

How good can anyone get, well another interesting snippet on Twitter was some Football Punditry webpage, based on the predictions of commentator Mark Lawrenson versus a guest famous Celebrity Football Fan.

He apparently predicted 5 results and one exact score line last week and his guest did something similar, (1 point for a correct home/draw/away and 3 points for a scoreline. Although the point being that I have of course suggested that all decision making is a form of gambling anyway and is simply the result of establishing some kind of DECISION TREE PROCESS within our noggin, and I was thinking well I could actually place a pound on the decision of each expert and then see if I win more than I lose. Likewise of course we can easily get sucked into GREED by going for a BIG WIN RESULT and then gaining nothing for out troubles.

So if you have a quality inking for a simple win/lose/draw for a given result or match go with the simple, yes it may be a smaller win or financial return, though potentially better accumulating lots of smaller wins and taking out a cut of your winnings than constant HOT AND COLD, ALL OR NOTHING actions, that you later may come to regret.

I have allowed myself to go all or nothing or for a GREEDY RESULT option more times than one can imagine, and if one can learn anything from HINDSIGHT, it is to slow down and gradually build your confidence and your WITNESSING FEEDBACK and RETURN SYSTEM in a more logical or rational fashion and manner, yes some big shifts and changes can occur.

Likewise as I repeat many times FAVOURITES ARE FAVOURITES for a reason.

Likewise of course I thought well beyond perhaps overhearing and historically having followed various sports, I am pretty much NEUTAL in many ways and simply perhaps typically have my own long established though non-conscious bias’.

I was chatting with a colleague during the night and she was excited about basketball in her Country, they being in some European competition in France playing Spain apparently, so similar issues and topics can occur for whatever sport or indeed REALM that you happen to follow within your life and region or area and so on.

So we also have Davis Cup Tennis occurring at present and of course England won the opening game of the Rugby World Cup.

I strangely have WITNESSED pointers from several sources making myself think IRELAND vs NEW ZEALAND final, though again that typically comes down to pre-existing BIAS and the associations and links that are made within my noggin.

I know that were I too place such a bet (without having looked at fixture lists) in all likelihood they are meeting within the competition at some point anyway. So I even though thinking AH-HA have dismissed that as clear evidence of going with regular herd like thoughts feelings and so on. All blacks have long established reputation and likewise the Irish have done well in other tournaments in recent years (I think).

A quick scan of today’s matches and it is South Africa versus Japan and Tonga versus Georgia and Ireland versus Canada and France versus Italy, so in reality this Dave S Perkins bloke has not got a clue as to whom are best to follow.

From those matches and being a Rugby novice I would likely pick South Africa, Tonga, Ireland and Italy, though typically those come with bias as to nations and stereotypes rather than genuine knowledge of teams and players and all the rest, completely RANDOM.

Football I thought, yes I can demonstrate historical bias via some system of going through each team and making a win lose draw statement, prior to seeing fixtures.

So in no particular order

Man City Win

Leicester Lose

Man Utd Draw

Arsenal Win

West Ham Lose

Crystal Palace Draw

Everton Win

Swansea Draw

Norwich Lose

Liverpool Win

Southampton Draw

Tottenham Win

Watford Win

West Brom Lose

Aston Villa Win

Bournemouth Draw

Chelsea Win

Stoke Draw

Sunderland Win

Newcastle Win

So those are random, off the top of the head without viewing opponents.

Now how differing are the choices when given an opponent complete with BIAS

Chelsea versus Arsenal, DRAW

Aston Villa Versus West Brom, DRAW (now seeming as though we are on a Derby day)

Bournemouth versus Sunderland, Away Win

Newcastle versus Watford, Home Win

Stoke versus Leicester, Away Win

Swansea versus Everton, Home Win

Man City versus West Ham, Home Win

Now in comparing what I said previously and the various combinations proffered, any changes of Heart or mind?

Chelsea versus Arsenal, I suggested a win for both so the draw makes sense, though now think HOME WIN

Aston Villa versus West Brom, I suggested a win Villa, lose WB, and now think HOME WIN

Bournemouth versus Sunderland, I suggested Bourne draw, and Sunderland Win, and now think AWAY WIN

Newcastle vs Watford, I suggested a win for both, and now think DRAW

Stoke vs Leicester, I suggested Stoke Draw and Leicester Lose, and now think HOME WIN

Swansea versus Everton, I suggested Swansea Draw and Everton Win, and now think AWAY WIN

Man City versus West Ham, I suggested Man City win and West Ham lose, and now think HOME WIN

So from all those deliberations only TWO of the first set of predictions remained the same.

That is WHY it can often be more beneficial to simply go with your STRONGEST INTUITION that made it through multiple decision process than otherwise, likewise that could be the weakness of not sticking to your original guns in the first round.

We are often told and indeed the write well course criteria oft demonstrated that FIRST THOUGHT or small quiet crowded out voice may be the best.

So from 7 fixtures I have listed individual thoughts on a team results, then an independent fixture result, then a COMPARISON RESULT.


No bets will be placed and I would advise anyone to not follow my guidance because I typically even when writing such things down, often change such thoughts again when seeing gambling statistics and so on, on those websites.

Can a pre selection made prior to visiting websites achieve better results than getting manourvred by all the herd activity and so on of dedicated gamblers and statisticians and EXPERTS.

So I will use this as an example of why so many choices exist as to confuse and conflict any of us to oblivion. As suggested if you are an expert and now your chosen SPORT, whether football, cricket, tennis or horseracing etc, you very likely have a certain level of being clued up in such matters that an independent voice such as myself does not have.

I perhaps better explaining systems than BENEFITTING from them.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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