Throw Missy from The Tardis

Yes I know that I am not a Dr Who writer, though I could be, of course given the Who ilnkages to Hereford as well such things are a natural progression, anyone want a writing apprentice (hint, hint).

Yes so I watched the first episode of the new series after receiving order from Rose (no not that one).

Very good too and of course one of those Ultimate Decision Points perhaps in having a Skaro episode and the opportunity of course to not save Davros/or indeed destroy Davros as a child within a given timeline, I look forward to perhaps watching this new season.

In fact I think I wrote previously that the daughter was not keen on Peter Capaldi having of course grown used to have David Tennant as a favourite for several years, in fact she did I think enjoy the earlier seasons from the off in the sense of having a prime character sharing her name.

Likewise I myself decided that I (having purchased the entire Peter Capaldi series, for her collection on my online account decided that I could perhaps catch up with one or two episodes myself.

I did in fact come to the conclusion that I actually saw more of the series than first realised, recalling at least the first half a dozen episodes.  So I fortunately skipped through those until a little later on and KAPOW, what an amazing episode, I do not know what anyone is complaining about.

Mommy On The Orient Express, perhaps a nod to Agatha Christie’s Poirot and indeed one of the very earliest Scooby Doo cartoons, Where the chosen antagonist was of course a Mummy in search of COIN COIN.

Likewise I thought what a performance by guest celebrity comedian and football fan/stroke pundit Frank Skinner playing an ENGINEER PERKINS, he also of course used to do those Football Shows with his buddie David Badiel.  So that kind of a 5 degrees of separation for myself.

Yes he seemed to be there as an oh look it’s Frank Skinner, though we do have to remind ourselves that characters named Perkins within the fictional realms often seem to be those most selected to die (at least it seemed that way from childhood memory).  More interesting to myself was of course the stopwatch countdown and only the victim could see the deadly creature/mummy apparently a former soldier kept alive via some long used and faulty technology.

Likewise of course that perhaps again speaking on such things as fiction, as anyone who has raised Threshold knows, the distinction between the ROLE MODEL and REALITY can of course become skewered in day-to-day life for many peoples and persons as we are growing up.

I personally think that realms such as the Military do a great job for the personel and this particular series 8, also had a former coloured military man as a mathematics teacher, whom the Dr of course constantly confused as PE teacher.  Strange though true my very first PE teacher that gave any kind of sporting tutorage and indeed encouragement and so on was a Mr MAJOR (I think at Hunderton) and I do think he was perhaps a former Military Man.

Yes of course we have characters of all races and shapes and forms within space sci-fi anyway, though of course in reality a new recruitment drive is at present seeking to encourage ethnic minorities to join the forces and so on.  Of course given how many such realms are oft suggested to have a certain amount of institutionalised racism and so on, what those who have taken up meditation and so on come to realise that it is often an inside job (how you yourself perceive and pay attention to the World around yourself).  Likewise of course I am white though am well aware of bullying tactics and racist attitudes among people I find myself among, and to deny such behaviours is wrong, because bullies and racists and cry wolfs from all communities and so on, can go on selfish attention seeking rampages, in the name of their identity and label groupings etc.

So what else, well referring to that Frank Skinner performance I had of course watched the new Dr Who on BBC IPLAYER having been a little busy once again continuing to focus on one or two course issues that I want to feel comfortable within my knowledge and capability and capacity to use.

Interestingly I did of course mention the Future Mapping Course email that I was sent and these kinds of courses are of course perhaps ten a penny from many a training outlet, I have had emails from other luminaries of both sexes in various fields of human potential developments since of course taking up meditation.

Likewise my demonstration of predictive capability yesterday perhaps demonstrated why simply write write writing for yourself is not necessarily the best option.  We all want feedback and return systems of course, though likewise we do find that whatever direction we turn, we will find people who have vested interest in what they themselves have laid out as the master plan for conquering the human race and hearts and minds of populaces.

A very interesting thing about twitter is of course that you can follow people and then decide, well actually and typically I note that some that I chose to follow have MASSIVE FOLLOWINGS in the Millions, so the likelihood of getting an interaction or conversation of any sort is less likely, unless you yourself have an established following of your own.

I have also found that some folks simply seemingly stream hog, and much of that seemingly occurs at present within peoples of the USA all campaigning for favourite candidates and so on, and likewise many a campaign it does seem to myself hinges on topics and subject matter that most of us have previously wanted to switch off from.

So the decision making process is made easy in some of those instances.

What else, well today we have 3 Premiership battles of the heavyweights in Tottenham versus Crystal Palace, Liverpool versus Norwich and Southampton versus Man Utd.

Likewise most will perhaps recall that early on in my studies I stopped writing on Saturdays and typically wrote materials on Sundays and Mondays and that was (in my opinion) the best policy for myself to do at that early stage of familiarisation of these Technologies, I figured reduce the number of games I give clues for and then potentially have a better opportunity to be successful with a couple of bets than tackling the entire pools, (both sets of grandparents up north in Crewe, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom and down south here in Hereford, England, United Kingdom did the pools for most of the time that I can recall from young childhood), yes we can all want 100% spot on clu’ing systems up and running though typically getting to a sufficient point where you are aware of the very many potential influences and bias and so on is actually in and of itself extremely daunting.

The kind of daunting that if you had any semblance early on of what you were likely taking on, you would run a million miles from, though as I have also suggested these things are not impossible, merely a continuous case of adjusting yourself to new knowledge and expectations and all the rest.

So we can spread ourselves so thinly as to constantly battle to remain afloat, or likewise take to the baling options or plugging the hole options provided by teachers of these technologies.  Do I like and want to experience OVERWHELM, well having had a couple of years of CONSTANT seeming overwhelm and then a year or two without and so on, it does seem that things that you may have once associated as being linked to yourself and so on become a somewhat more distant time aberration.  What does time aberration MEAN?

Well I think, that if you are given stimulus that creates overwhelm, and then it is raining or a volcano is going of somewhere, or this that and the other, you may or may not notice such things.

We being a small island nation populace, more likely to notice perhaps than large continent Countries that live within their own hemispheric Mad World Bubbles.  America and Russia for instance, would unlikely to consider the CHAOS theory of a butterfly flapping its wings on one continent as affecting conditions elsewhere, though typically further progression suggests that being born with long streams of genetics and handed down human programming systems does not mean that we should feel entitled to hang on to them.

Some debates perhaps come down to IDEOLOGICAL debates as to Sins of The Father and indeed the mother and so on. It does after all take two to TANGO and all that jazz despite the best efforts of some Scientist and communities to deny their own hand in such things.

So predicition then from myself cursed or otherwise at face value would be

Tottenham Home Win

Liverpool Home Win

Manchester United Away Win

That perhaps the most obvious of selections and just because some selections seem obvious, does not mean they are wrong, and likewise also does not mean that a surprise cannot be dealt in some fashion.

The big surprise apparently in Rugby yesterday in that the Japanese had a last minute TRIUMPH (no not the car brand) against the Springboks of South Africa.  Strange though true very few can claim to have saw that one coming, and had I been on the ball, I might have linked my email from Learning Strategies to that CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION and possibility.

I typically after so many early failings adopted an “ABANDOM HOPE, ALL WHO ENTER HERE” attitude towards many interpretative matters and subjects, WHY?

Well unless you are really clued up on all your sports and who is playing who, it is akin to not just having coin side on 1 coin but a FISTFUL OF COINS, that have been through up in the air and no-one is quite sure where they are gonna land.  Why?

Well I can speak directly on a given sport and then think ah-ha those guys playing in YELLOW are going to win or the person with this name is going to win the race or the match and then place money on one sport, only to have selected the WRONG SPORT.

So I read a clue and think ah-ha for Football and it turns out it was a clue for Rugby or Tennis or Cricket or World Athletics and so on.

That is why when you have cleared so much flotsam and jetsam from your heart mind and body, you are perhaps less inclined to try to place all your eggs in one basket.

That is also why I suggested stepping stone sequence for dropping into a particular sporting zone or Theatre realm (Oscars and Emmy’s and all the very many other awarding bodies about the planet).

So abundance of choice can actually leave us paralysed, though you do of course have to adopt ways and means of finding or understanding the system being utilised within your own neck of the woods or those realms that you personally prefer to follow.

So clues can apply to all subjects and topics, and being overly obsessed with one may totally blind you to opportunities that you could be spotting elsewhere.  Likewise raising your Threshold to a position where it is high enough to maintain your own focus and awareness levels in the face of continuing nonsense from some quarters can be a strange thing to have to come to terms with.

Some people of course say, well just deal with those who are not giving you a bad time, and that is perhaps good advice, though likewise others suggest that given the INSIDE/OUTSIDE point of view or position, those things you most dislike about in others are potentially AREAS that you have not sufficiently dealt with within yourself.

This of course a strange topic to debate, because I do feel that once choice and options as to lifestyle and so on are established, little value is placed in being drawn into some debates that you can fully see are complete nonsense, that others take COMPLETELY SERIOUSLY and then go abusing and prejudicing all about themselves with.

Today within the Rugby is of course demonstrating yesterday just how little I do know.

Wales versus Uruguay and Samoa versus United States and New Zealand versus Argentina and my face value predictions for those are

Wales win, Samoa Win and New Zealand Win.

Yesterday demonstrated just how lousy I am as a tipster, though it was at least a positive in the Tennis where Scotland’s Murray is seemingly doing us British proud in the Davis Cup.

Yes a strange thing at present was that I could have sworn that Prince Harry and Andrew Murray are both sporting beards of sorts and looking very similar to one another, these beardy blokes all look the same to me, he murmured though even stranger perhaps that I thought I spotted one in Hereford quite recently, yes the SHAGGY Scooby doo look is most definitely IN, whether you are a prince of the realm delivering a fine and upstanding opening speech for the Rugby World Cup or indeed delivering some British hope within the World tennis Circuit.

So would I change anything of those predictions?

Well football, and returning to the late 70’s and early 80’s that both Norwich gave Liverpool of that era the occasional shock and indeed Crystal Palace also gave some upsets and Southampton of course are famed for the occasion Manchester Club defeat when it matters.

On this occasion however I will stick my neck out and suggest that despite being a lousy pundit, I do not foresee any shocks, however what a shock is to myself and those who are heavily invested in supporting the various clubs and sports is highly differing, all the top clubs suggested according to relatively new research to myself to be having somewhat INDIFFERENT STARTS to the league this term, I think it will quickly settle down as it always does in the Christmas Run-in, though what do I know.

Rugby, I rally do think the Welsh will win and indeed New Zealand, so the only upset I can envision at present is a possible USA, what are we today, USA what are we today.

Yes also on are Formula one if it has not yet occurred and indeed very many other sporting realms and fixations for very many 7 billion peoples about the planet.

Do some of the headline topics genuinely serve myself in being interested in, well people movement whether regarded as immigrants or as refugees is ongoing, and likewise seeing pictures of people hanging from trains and so on leads to thoughts and feelings of people being delivered to Auswitz or whatever the place was called.

Strange how so many campaign for the rights of those affected when they will not help others within their own immediate Community’s and indeed families in some cases.

So yes, I fail at this because I do not give enough descriptive clues for many things.  I do however within my note taking try to do just that with some drawings and sketches and indeed find those remedies perhaps the better option than text and so on.

Yes I found myself sketching a Mouth Organ or Harmonica (are they called) earlier and was wondering whether I could get a classic buskers style harmonica for myself to play during the break times at work, just to pretend I can play an instrument of some description.

Yes I then thougt I wonder if I can get a Digital/Analogue Harmonica, so a classic style one, that also has some electrical button press that enables differing frequencies and wave patterns and so on, much like synthesizers were utilised to sample and play many instruments in the fashion and manner of a pianist.

Yes one surely exists somewhere and I thought I would like to purchase myself a harmonica, even if it is simply a classical busker style device, without all the very many modern bells and whistles that so many a device and gadget now has to have as a prerequisite to be a worthwhile investment.

The rule of kiss or keep it simple sweetheart makes more and more sense the further you progress and indeed, so does the idea of simple washing lines and pegs and frameworks and outlines and architectural blueprints rather than absolute set in stone intransigent positions or lock-ins that are going to later return to cause you distress and duress and possible karma issues.

Some folks have tried to demonstrate Universal Umbrella’s and being human is of course a Universal Condition, though likewise feeling that you have greater choice and options rather than being backed into a given corner that you have no knowledge or awareness of can change your opinions and doctrines and so on a huge deal.

Anyway I have typically blah blah bore snore chored to almost three thousand words which is well over the standard amount that I was writing previously so I am of to find Frank Skinner on twitter.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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