The President Of China and The Pope

Well that is a fine kettle of fish.

Yes so the President of China, is on a visit to the United states and begins with a visit to some Technology Specialist firms such-as Microsoft and Apple and meanwhile the Pope who is perhaps President of the Catholic Faith is also visitng the United States at the same time, interesting that the US President welcomed the Pope whilst the Chinese visitor will have his own meeting with the President later on Friday.

Is this all part of some Conspiracy or simple practice as to where differing logistics and requirements and indeed AUDIENCE have to be met in some fashion.

From an independent point of view it is seemingly akin to that Wedding Scenario, of not wanting the clash of warring guests and in-laws who perhaps have differing cultural values and so on.

I was for instance having a break for a day or two from this blog and suddenly note that I have missed reporting on some Rugby World Cup games that are occurring today and indeed typically this is also a “Cup week” within the Football sporting calendar.  That generally is the kind of scenario that I may well typically choose to avoid seeking to “control freak” manage in some fashion, because even with witness and return and learning the ins and outs, the list of cognitive bias’ that I recently published from wiki

Is exceptionally comprehensive and in many ways is a “KNOW” or knowledge rather than a SOLUTION.

It may well be suggested that I can for instance say “Do you suffer from any of these cognitive bias?” followed by a recommendation of taking up some assisted meditative technology from my website, though some may suggest that I could or should be by now developing some remedy of my own to offer and proffer rather than those of other peoples and persons.

My own view is one of unfortunately having a preference to utilising technology with a proven track record.

I believe I spoke on this in terms of some of my engineering background, and that whilst many huge leaps forward have occurred within technological realms, many a system designed around keeping people safe and having built in long term lifespans, typically will still utilise (for example) chips and transistors and so on that have a well-known track recorded and is not going to proffer up any surprises. So whilst your new PC might come with some super graphics chip dedicated to squeezing every ounce of processing power from your also new intel or amd processor, a real life Aircraft or airplane system (for example) is far more likely to have components that are tried and tested over some designated reliability span.

Yes I am still wondering as to why the Pope and President of China are both within the USA at the present time, though likewise all meanings and so on come from us as individuals and likewise we are seemingly have some ridiculous scandal related to our own Prime Minister (here in the United Kingdom). He apparently once fit to lead the Tory party is now unfit to lead the Tory Faithful, strange though true of course, we perhaps all often easily get sucked into mind sets of digging the dirt on so-and-so a personality or person, though typically the further I have progressed the less interest I have found myself having in other people’s lifestyle choices. Yes some seemingly think they are battling some war on the front line through their lifestyle choices, though interesting (from my point of view) is that I really do think some subjects and debates are not worthy of merit.

Many of these things come down to the ordering system that you are utilising (for example) whereby I suggested previously that the spread of so-called ISLAM works because many hold that they are a Muslim prior to then saying they are English or American or Welsh or Armenian or what-ever.

Far to many a person holds some obscure issue at a higher position on a given criteria list than they perhaps could or indeed should.

An example of this is perhaps, that whilst I am at work “I am an industrial cleaner” and do not require or want or need any other label within said realm, yes I could for instance apply for a job position with a differing label and gain such a position and then be known by that other label.

Though far too often we find other issues and topics being brought to the fore as being important that are IRRELEVENT to working life scenes and scenario’s.

One of the first LESSONS AND LEARNINGS for anyone wanting (for example) to take up Leadership Roles and management Positions is that you typically have to work with what is in front of you rather than some Perfect List of what can very often come down to “people like me syndrome” identifications.

I typically within an employer that employs very many peoples and I share a 1st name with some and indeed encounter others who also share names with other individuals.

Such things can of course demonstrate that even whilst I concur with IDEAS such-as 5 Degree’s of Separation, that lifestyle choices and personalities and all the very many nuances and so on of personality can change the state of play substantially.

I was asked this morning what I thought of a new pay structure that is being introduced within my working life and for myself the issue that most sprung to mind was


So a working life shift premium is being reduced for many of us on various shifts (boo hiss) and likewise that monies is being used to raise the wage of peoples and persons presently below what the Government is introducing as a Living wage in the forthcoming year, (the business perhaps being sensible in not waiting until the last minute, introducing new wage structure now). However I can of course suggest that it has been calculated over and over again, that my grouping of Industrial Cleaners have been on the WRONG PAY BAND for many years, and this new structuring does nothing of course to remedy “my group’s issues”.

Likewise I do actually think the system is a positive for those who do overtime, because of the new system of average earnings for Holidays, though typically whilst I used to heavily do 6 and 7 day weeks prior to the introduction of “The working time” directive, I found that overtime was no longer really viable as an extra income stream for myself and stopped.

So I could seek to do overtime though the complaint has always been one of taking up “my only free days” in the week. Where a rotating or alternating shift on days worker might stop on and do some extra hours, such things are not readily available to night workers unless they go and seek such work out from day managers and so on.

So re: new wages structures, something had to be done because some changes are being enforced by Government that is HIGHER in pecking order than Corporation, though likewise I am sure shareholders will not be complaining at their dividends and so on.

They do say of course the classic quote “where there is muck, there is brass” and that typically suggests that jobs and work that Society might regard as undesirable can typically pay more, likewise food industry and farming are unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

The issue then one as to scales and measures of production and the ability of any gien new start-up or enterprise to get going.

Yes anyone can rush down the bank and get a start-loan though I have often noted that Business plans and so on often come as pre-requisite and indeed having to please the Bank Personnel.

Yes we can say well you have to please peoples and persons in most areas and aspects of life, though likewise it is always amazing how some labels and tags and PREJUDICE drop away or are not part of the CRITERIA when MONEY comes to the fore.

Anyone for instance who has Holiday’s in Arab regions and sectors or the World knows only to well, that whilst we may be regarded as Western Infidels, that does not stop Bazaar Holders and shopkeepers wanting Western Currencies and investment and that is the same for the Popes Catholic Church Business and indeed The Chinese President’s population back in China.

So much of life can be expressed or identified as forms and means of exchange and then of course some seek to protect pre-existing forms and means of exchange, that perhaps again returns us to ideas as to dynamic steering and being awareness enough and independent of thought enough to not get drawn or dragged into topics and subject matters that serve no one.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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