So Time And Again Even With Technological Advancement

So time and again even with technological advancement we can often find that various forms of cognitive error and misdirection and confusion can eventually lead us to various forms and outcomes of conflict.

Typically for instance I have spoken how historically I (as an example) got a job in a factory and typically fell into “people like myself” syndrome whereby the modus operandi was akin to an autopilot of I am Heterosexual and therefore presume/assume everyone else is operating from the same kind of hymn sheet or book page.   However even though such things were fairly low on my lists of concerns and issues, as mentioned previously, it became obvious quite quickly that things were not right within the environment.

This of course whereby someone comes in who has a general disposition of get on with everyone, where some folks simply immediately target with you what they secretly believe to be the worst possible thing in the World about themselves, or indeed try to make you join the or lead you to what they believe to be the appropriate FACTION or GROUP for yourself to be part of within the greater collective.

Despite having worked and indeed studied previously within realms with large staff groupings, this was perhaps the worst in terms of stirring and macho man bullshit and bollocks and inmates being allowed to take over the asylum.

An example of this sprung to mind recently whereby many years ago, a guy I knew spent some of his own younger years in and out of young offenders like institutions and indeed adult jails such-as Gloucester and he typically spoke on such places as having an arrival type interaction of “where you from” “Hereford” “That’s your group over there”. Typically many a smaller City sending longer term sentenced individuals to some of the prison Cities dotted about our Green and Pleasant Land.  Interesting of course you could wonder as to why some larger Cities have such great Prison’s and the smaller regions and sectors do not.  A map can probably be found, though I think many such things perhaps come down to scales and measures for facilities and indeed NIMBYISM (Not in my back yard (for those who are unaware of such terms of phrase).

Anyway whilst many peoples and persons have gradually succumbed to taking up meditation, or indeed have unbeknownst to themselves, benefitted from friends and families taking up the technology, it is always interesting that some folks despite all the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE, that any individual or indeed collective can demonstrate, can typically still find themselves surrounded by peoples and persons so INTRANSIGENT that they really do believe their own BULLSHIT, and indeed that the World has to be compartmentalised in this fashion and within this HIERARCHY MODEL accordingly created to how they themselves see and exist within the World.

I also spoke previously on having stopped using Facebook and that was quite simply because some heavily prejudiced and troublesome non-facebook users had “special friends” within immediate working life who seemingly delighted in following colleagues on Facebook and then reporting on and stirring and muck raking and causing trouble for those of us who were interacting and utilising such technologies.

Anyway the long and the short of it was that I had very many peoples and persons from an exceptionally wide demographic of Societies on Facebook, peoples (for example) who described themselves as being of this nationality or indeed lifestyle choices.  So whilst I had enjoyed interaction with various peoples and persons of very many labels and identifying tags and demographics, many of those things were not at the forefront of our interactions, simple things such as Happy Birthdays and common interest in games and communication networks and so on was what we were generally doing.

What “Control freaks” and “power mongers” of any nature and within any realm perhaps dislike the most is the inability to maintain THE LIES & DECEIPT they have been spreading, when everyone via many of these technologies and indeed lifestyle choices and so on can represent themselves.

Likewise as suggested previously some of the sorting IDEAS given in multiple courses can do WONDERS for bringing anyone to a modicum of scales and measures of importance.  That make a list of what you feel most important as values and attributes to yourself and then indeed one by one compare each on the list, gradually coming to some final resting position.  Many a person (for example) finds that whilst they may talk a good talk on some subject matter, that when push comes to shove, the hierarchy that they have once having carried out a compare and sort algorithm is typically differing from what they themselves might have speculated at the OUTSET.

How much is this our genuine own choice, and how much is simply repetition of what we were taught to say and do and be out of politeness whilst growing up and so on.  I say this not to rubbish anyone of any given lifestyle choices, so much as to suggest that many a “Presumed” EXTREMISM comes about through some mad desperate rush to REJECT “what went before” whereby you simply fall into some new alignments that you now think must be the REMEDY for all your troubles, though “potentially” you are simply unconsciously rejecting some kind of “childhood” expected NORM.

Likewise this takes us back to those INSTRANSIGENT PEOPLES I spoke of at the beginning whereby the PARROT FASHIONED BULLSHIT that has served them for X many years will be repeated over and over to all and anyone because they are typically either not encountering any reason to change minds opinions and so on, or indeed are covering up some fears and inadequacies and all the rest.

Typically we do find again and again that certain behaviours can be judged as sensible whilst others are potentially liable to be MISCONSTRUED in some fashion.

A psychological example that has happened on more than one occasion during what are now my many years within said work environment.

I was once asked by a manager, to “come here, I want to show you something”, the managers typically inspecting a work area and then possible asking for some improvement and so on, I thinking nothing of it, walked toward where the manager was situated following the INSTRUCTION OF A SUPERIOR and the next phrase was Have you locked off?

Locking off is a Health and Safety function or procedure that we utilise when working, sometimes for accessing certain prohibited areas or indeed if we are physically coming into contact with machines that when operating can course us harm.

So this is what I would call ENTRAPMENT, if individual had suggested put your lock on and come here, I want to show you something, that is fair enough in terms of job, experience and knowledge, though the manner and psychology demonstrated is what I would call a double jeopardy POWER GRAB, whereby not only are you being hauled up for not necessarily meeting some expected work standard, you are now being ABUSED by a person in Authority. Most of us seek out employment to perhaps do a respectable job and have a wage at the end of the week, not to be manipulated into some form of “I Own You” psychology that these kinds of TACTICS bring to the fore.

Now I mention above that is has occurred on more than one occasion (albeit several years apart) and in truth with regard to Health and Safety and Various changes in working practice and procedures, a certain amount of give and take occurs between managers and staff, though likewise some characters and personalities (on both sides of the management/staff divide) are above board in terms of feedback and return and working practice knowledge, whilst others at times do come across as really operating from suspicious positions of power mongering.

I mention this not to suggest that this is current practice so much as to highlight IDEAS as to PEAKS and TROUGHS and HIGHS and LOWS and also that no matter how much any one seeks to lead people to more inspired and improved behaviours, there is likely in understanding and monitoring of CYCLES and PATTERNS a high likelihood of particular things being DEMONSTRATED or coming back or returning to the fore in what any given peoples or person witnesses, just as each and every generation has people who think they invented rebellion, you typically have people who think they invented the counter measures.  (Most of us in honesty with ourselves and others, often think or conclude that some extreme remedies are the only way to get through to some folks, though applying en-masse GENERALISATIONS and SWEEPING STATEMENTS as to who is deserving of particular tactics and attitudes can lead you down a dangerous path and road).

This potentially returns to that idea (especially with the meditation) of potentially peeling back the many build-up of layers and likewise to demonstrate that it can only take one bad apple or egg to bring these kinds of techniques into usage for years of positive change to collapse upon itself.

It really is true that even though most people can list and highlight a hundred positive events a week (maybe as a challenge to themselves) that for some reason, much British psychology (seemingly especially) typically ZONES IN ON, the one NEGATIVE event in some kind of be-all and end-all of possibilities and so on.  Likewise of course, if you are someone who is at a low ebb within your own life for whatever reason, it does not necessarily take much for you to be pushed over the limit of what you can cope with, and end up still confused and in conflict, those peoples having switched to some alternate extremism that does nothing as a REAL REMEDY, from a genuine position of a higher place on the hill and CHOICE and OPTIONS brought about through AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT.

Hence my suggestion that raising threshold and so on in the face of many a heavily intransigent person or personality really can be the best policy, for peoples and persons of all races, and peoples and persons of all demographics and identifying labels and all the rest.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

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