Wow Office 2016 A Whole Year Ahead Of When It Is Out-Of-Date

Yes strange though true, I have for several years due to owning a Surface Pad been connected to Microsoft Cloud Services, and likewise have enjoyed not having to change software providers or indeed go here there and everywhere searching for some latest greatest competitor software package.

As most people are well aware you can get free software packages that operate just as well as those that we pay for and it was an interesting article I read recently that suggested Microsoft had created its own Linux Package.

In truth of course many a Linux Expert and so on, has often bought into somewhat extremist anti Microsoft pay-wear over the years, though I do think that services that have been paid for have spearheaded much faster development in many ways than otherwise.

Apparently Microsoft actually have stated that they as a Business had some requirements within their own systems developments that were better served via developing compatible Linux systems for themselves rather than waiting for external 3rd parties to potentially carry out such activities and despite Linux often claiming to rely on OPEN SOURCE and FREE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS, many a BRAND that falls under the Linux Label has in fact also been charging anyway, people seemingly blind to the fact that they may have paid for the Linux Package and so on, most users typically often preferring for someone else to put an all round package of tools and utensils together than otherwise.

This perhaps akin to my complaint of having to navigate software provided by Laptop Producer that was typical of assorted software that I normally reject in favour of software’s I have already come to trust and so on.

Anyway this morning I opted to quickly upgrade Office 365 to Office 16 (nope me neither) though of course most changes these days does seem about structuring changes than necessarily about what has happened in previous generations of such software.

Example the 1990’s saw what I called Bells & Whistle Wars whereby anything and everything was gradually added to what is effectively a simple text editor tool or utensil.

The 2000’s has seen reshaping and reformatting to greater levels of Web Service like interaction and facilities and now we perhaps seeing such things wholesale in the sense of most gadgets and devices being little more than end user terminals.

In fact it could be suggested that Computer Development and so on has come full circle, because when you look through the history books, you often see that many a government department or body such-as the NHS already had centralised Computer Networks and a certain level of users at End User Terminal points.

So of course the difference is perhaps in realising whether you actually want particular function and needs and purpose requirements. Having a package that just happens to contain language translation facilities and speech editing and so on (JUST IN CASE) is not the same as someone who may use such facilities on a daily basis.

So we can typically tailor most of these packages very dynamically to our own purpose and usage, though for the average home user, a bog standard package that is 20+ years old would still do most of the work that you can do with all these super duper must have now stuff.

Encouraging growth or competitors within given market sectors and areas is of course a double edged sword in the sense, of why repeat what has already been done, okay you can say well I want to bring down this MONOPOLY or however though think that so much R & D has taken place and indeed integrating feedback and returns of various business models and realms that real genuine ORIGINALITY of any sort is getting harder and harder to find.

They once suggested that the human eye could not distinguish between say beyond 16 million colours and that was achieved in the 80’s (for home users) and then of course we want those images moving, and Pixar came along and changed the way we see and view cartoons, likewise changes to 3D systems has introduced new variances in how we view and see the World as well as Sound systems, though typically much of what has been achieved has been about improving QUANTITY SPEEDS, so obsessions with having HD or High Definition is simply having more data squashed into ever finer or smaller levels of pixilation (I say that as a layman) though know that an expert could claim such things with lots of fancy language and charge huge fee’s for the priveleage of having been listened too.

I mention this of course because one of the persons I return to whilst on Twitter is seemingly @lordsugar of Amstrad fame and of course, he recently published his 10 years in telly book, I enjoyed the first 1 or 2 series of the Apprentice and indeed grew up perhaps knowing a little more about him than perhaps some folks because of my early interest in Computers, his Amstrad a leading competitor against the Spectrum and C64 machines that had taken dominance within the market after earlier competitors disappeared from the field.

Despite his having gone on to own Tottenham and now often showing pictures of his somewhat rather large Yacht having a refit, he is a guy who started in a typical Delboy Market stall fashion, and still retains much of that mentality and sensibility.  In fact I recently read his autobiography deciding to get his new book as a job lot with a couple of others.

He is someone who can separate the wheat from chaff because he learnt his industry quite early on, and instead of going via the typical route of I can charge huge sums for these (during those years) LUXERY consumer electronics gadgets and so on, he made such things available in mass market in a pile it high sell it cheap fashion, that motto made famous perhaps by the chap that created Tesco’s.

Some suggest that a certain amount of luck is involved though it could be suggested that you either learn what it takes to make a decision understanding that action is required or you miss the boat or the sale or however.

Interesting of course that the Apprentice (from what I can remember) often showed a Boardroom where discussion and thought through decision making taking place, though the books demonstrate that some of his best decisions were “MADE ON THE FLY” in a kind of deal or no deal fashion, again without any slow or sensationalist music giving HEIGHTENED ANTICIPATION to some moment within a TV THEATRE PRODUCTION.

Anyway that perhaps for entertainment purposes, though typically demonstrate that something I have suggested people do even with meditation is have a daily TUNE of some kind going through your mind, what is your theme for today, I am of course known to whistle & hum whilst I work though think it must be something that is uncommon among colleagues given some of the looks (both good and bad) that I receive from some quarters on occasion. A harmless activity that perhaps again finds itself getting pigeon holed into particular characteristic behaviours.

Whistling some ancient tv or movie theme is perhaps harmless and often better than what might be on the communal radio (most night workers in my role or capacity are alone in the designated work area), something perhaps day shift personal fail to understand given how they are often squashed in larger numbers, at a time, on the shop floor etc.

Likewise of course it can be demonstrated that talking to yourself can often be a better conversation that with some of those INTRANSIGENT type individuals I sometimes speak upon. As I have said many a time over, everyone is free to pick and choose for themselves though I generally say do not take my word for it try those Technologies on for yourself, yes you may believe you already have (because being human and X degree’s of separation and indeed education and courses and so on mean that a certain level of co-existence and so on is already shared and known) though likewise the Technology can give you even better understandings of courses and life learnings than you may have realised or understood at the time of taking some qualification (for example).

What else, well we have a full fixture list today so I generally avoid trying to make prediction, and likewise big news is that Sepp Blatter of FIFA is under investigation and the Pope and President of China continue on Tour USA 2015 and apparently some big Rugby match is also taking place later and this is so far the 2nd article written by myself, though I may keep going.

Yes strange though true, despite seeing many a newer and broader range of news outlets on twitter newpapers and reporting bodies, I do find that I keep switching it off and simply going to more long held and read sites.  Good or bad, well I think it is just that so much abundance can lead to that INTEREST PARALYSIS of really okay moving on, and so on.

Yes I have enjoyed the broadness and depth though do typically find that common or shared communication of particular subject and topic occurs over and again.

A good or bad dilemma to have?  Well I think good though likewise much like a recent commentary on The Guardian paper sight, feel that I still prefer singular articles from differing press and reporting bodies than simply stcking to the BBC or SKY or ITN and so on.

Yes we perhaps seeing the age of pull in the report from the reporter you want kind of websites. Though typically these things return or take us back to the Cult of Personality style issues that I have in many ways rejected.

I might have a preference for a left wing writer on one topic and a right wing writer on another topic whilst not bothering with some areas and topics I regard as a yawn or extreme or however at all.

Of course building a reputation in the face of other people’s interpretation is again what many of these things can be about, because I know (for example) that nonsense generators rarely disappear they typically pop there heads up from time to time to remind you that they are still present and waiting in the wings to jump and gloat or sabotage or whatever, raise your threshold maintain some self-discipline and have a been there done that worn the t-shirt attitude to many a topic of debate and issue or pitfall that some things is new or original or however.

Anyway far better to pull out a pad and draw and sketch and try some off those exercises to be found within one or two of the courses I recommend.

Thank you for reading, and If I get any intuition as to results I may point directly, though historically have a bad record for Saturday Prediction.

Likewise I noted that my last Sunday gave myself something like a 5 out of 6 and that was potentially due to deeper embedded beliefs as to the VALUE of PERCENTAGES %.

What! Why?

Well I of course sort of tongue in cheek spoke previous as to the fact that you cannot have more than 100%, though then of course the Future Mapping course recommended a 120% happiness target and I got to thinking as some may recall well that 120% perhaps relates better to time and clock cycles (though of course 5 out of 6 is pretty damned good at being 100%) so what is going on and can 120% be achieved through again shifting or tapping my beliefs around the idea that you have to been INTRANSIGENT around 100%.

So instead of simply dismissing some of these motivational usages, I am perhaps re-evaluating and questioning as to NEW INTERPRETATIONS on age old or historical belief sets.

We can have and hold so many a conflicting piece of evidence as to go crazy, though I have gradually come to see that some dedicated long term meditation and indeed dedicated application of some of the courses can genuinely enable anyone to achieve further and further AH-HA’s and realisations and indeed laugh at some of the fool hardiness’s of simple cynicism when a questioning and ”HOW CAN I” approach can make all the difference, to anyone anywhere at any time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

My Twitter is @TheAngelAtHeist and I typically Retweet and comment more than write anything original, that may come later though still in that Twitter research zone of not really knowing good feedback and return systems, within this twitter realm.

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