Horse Burger, Pork Burger, Fowl Burger

Mongo: Here we are trying to compete in a highly competitive industry as it is and those bastards are leaving us out of the free publicity blah, blah.

But Sir,

Mongo: Don’t you but sir me, what we got here is a need for some product placement, you know like what those big companies do in the movies,

But, but,

Okay so once again we have seen presumed scandal surrounding Prime Minister and some student day’s behaviour that he has all but to date disregarded, perhaps the media in having gone all out for his opponent Corbyn during the leadership campaign were hardly in a position to really go to town on “their guy”. Of course the smeared as being this that and the other by association can come into play though I do think generally that considering what was going on and being said on social media versus what was making popular news headlines says it all.

Elsewhere I have continued to try to make headway in understanding of Twitter and all that goes on within that realm, strange though true, it does seem that some folks either have exceptionally empty lives or their Twitter accounts are completely automated.  I say this because it does typically come across to myself that whilst some folks do a RT (Retweet) to us commoners for news articles and indeed passing along of jokes and interesting content, many a so-called Retweet is seemingly some kind of constant “group Hug” mode whereby you see some lists of @bongo. @mongo,  @etc and very little of actual interest kind of like so hi @bongo, @mongo said hi, thank you so much @bongo.

And I typically go into, decision making mode, do I want to keep these stream hogs with nothing to declare of actual interest to myself, or are they a respectable stream breaker for this other group trying to sell me the latest greatest quote from some pre designated hero/heroine Guru, that many of us would likely run a mile from in the street, were they to be taken seriously.

I can of course state categorically and to be completely fair that when this “Dave S Perkins” (I myself) says words such as GURU as sweeping generalisations, he  (I) actually include so-called Scientist’s, and actors and journalists and just about all comers really.

Yes quite sadly when we within the United Kingdom hear the likes of words and phrases such-as Guru, we typically go into stereotype mode of Jesus in sandles and Popes and la-di-da merchants, though in reality (at least from my perspective), and having regularly meditated for several years, there is not a person alive that is not an actor, actress, agent and indeed when the entire or hole of society falls within such CRITERIA FITS, then you can say we are all in trouble, especially from MAD SCIENTISTS who believe themselves, whilst many a more cosmopolitan attitude can be found amongst some meditative gurus and life coaches and so on.

Now even stranger, having looked at today’s latest headlines, we are seemingly seeing The Labour Party Conference reported upon in quite a straight forward fashion and manner.  Okay so Jeremy Corbyn has not got foot in mouth disease as suffered by previous far left leaders, of the Neil Kinnock and Michael Foot variety, though we can perhaps rest assured that whilst the press have already slaughtered Corbyn (and been ignored by his party), they are likely simply sharpening blades, ready for some of his more wackier colleagues to step forward and stir things up.

Elsewhere we are seeing strange headlines as to “water on mars” a long time science fiction dream as any a book reader will mention and indeed I think one or two films have tried to imagine a Mars with an Atmosphere and so on.

What else?

Well a woman who took the law into her own hands has been sent to prison, strange though true of course this perhaps why self restraint is required in some realms, my working life realm (for example) employs individuals from many a community and most rub along without friction on a day to day basis, though typically you often find an exceptionally poisoned tongue individual here or there, who just constantly stirs and stirs, and everyone has little time for or desire to listen.

Likewise I recently found myself running into a seeming “Jobsworth” day, whereby all and everyone within the working life realm went into some absolutely STUPID and RETARDED Jobsworth day mode , we all can perhaps relate to these little emperor types, I cannot wipe my ass with the Company toilet paper without permission from …

Yes how much of your life and time is wasted upon discussion of nonsense when a job or activity could be half way done already.

Yes most rules and so on are in place for a reason, be they health and safety or current best practice, though typically some circumstance can also change on day to day basis due to new or unknown previously circumstances.

Anyway this one is short as author David has been suffering at present from some kind of seasonal bug, I seemingly caught one quite rapidly several weeks ago now and shook it off quite rapidly, though on this occasion I am seemingly already bordering on man-flu mode of constant headaches and aching joints and running nose and it is perhaps only my stronger constitution (than many a comparable person) that keeps myself going.

Yes stocking up on cold and flu tablets and drinking lots of vitamin enriched drinks and so on is the order of the day, as is of course greater levels of clothing insulation against the outer World.

So just about every realm and area of debate can be suggested to have topics that some feel they have a vested interest on talking off whist others typically, leave us wondering as to why?

Clearly perhaps you cannot avoid some debates and topics though you can most definitely raise Threshold and promote choice and options above and beyond any one given narrow viewpoint.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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