So Today I simply look At The Fixture List

So today I simply look at the CL fixture list and reel of the list of the usual suspects, or those with a proven track record within such competition and then I will suggest that many an EXPERT is getting these things wrong at present and wonder as to WHY especially when it comes to the UK team representatives.

So my quick list is

Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Paris Saint German, PSV Eindhoven, Galatasaray, Benfica, Juventus.

Now clearly this is a list of what I would presume to be best choices, however, like many others I watched as (for example) both these English clubs recently lost in this tournament and not only that but the other English clubs were strangely suffering defeats also.

What the hell is going on?

Well we are of course at the end of September and Final Qualification for Euro 2016 is due to end in November, so I actually initially suspected that many a footballer (and they are not the first generation) have taken their eyes of the domestic season, in preference for forthcoming International Competition.

Let us not forget that the British Media has a long established History of establishing some Great White Hope Player (head & shoulder above colleagues) prior to them then going into Tournaments INJURED. I can run of a list going back to the 70’s of how this has occurred and happened, Kevin Keegan, Paul Gasgoigne, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney.

Yes several other names are absent from this list though most folks get the gist, in that some individual who demonstrates ability or skill or some unique selling point that is going to cause us to not win should said individual fail to make it or play a game.

Anyway further investigation also suggests that the 2016 Final Championship has been increased in that multiple extra teams are competing in the Final’s than previously allowed and that again typically increases the likelihood of other players within teams who may be well used to sitting out tournaments also having an eye on making such competition.

We have also seen Alex Ferguson appear recently in interview and he typical perhaps of the classical coach who is only to willing to give a team a rollocking, if they are not performing at their best. Present top tier clubs have seemingly moved away from such individuals and likewise unless you have some Untouchable kind of status muh like within any realm, such behaviour is suggested to be out of date or not effective in today’s modern society.

I spoke of course on having read several Alan Sugar book’s recently and he actually summed up the problem with Football and corruption and so on exceptionally well, especially in terms of the abuse he suffered surrounding Terry Venables (for example) during his tenure at Tottenham. He simply asked “What has Terry Venables actually achieved within the game” because unlike your Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger and so on, Venables like many an other former football professional, is famed for somehow getting by on undeserved reputation, the medal and trophy haul does not match the EGO or STATISTICS that anyone can pull up in terms of success ratings and ability.

Yes, corruption and Bung culture is suggested to have been cleaned up, though clearly year after year we are given examples of so-called slights of hand and manipulations of whatever system has been introduced, for all the talk of elite clubs draining the kitty dry, the truth in many ways is that even within the so-called elite clubs you have peoples and persons who you have never heard of who will in 10, 20 years, time etc, be talked of reverentially for being part of some successful team or squad.

Yes it can of course be good to remind ourselves of our successes and indeed seek to tap into the thoughts and feelings and actions that place us within the so-called ZONE and so on, though typically it might not be so clever when thinking in terms of Now to share such information’s with others.

Likewise of course one does have to wonder as to relevance, is this piece of information RELEVANT to what we are talking about?

YES I know that as I proceed with these IDEAS as to cross realm interpretation that all information is a form of data and in learning to constantly ask questions and carry out 5 or 6 degree’s of separation like processes we can come to ore and more ah-ha’s as to blind spots and so on.

Yesterday I spoke partially jokingly on Fowl products and Product Placement and some may have thought CHICKEN KIEV and opted for Dynamo, one of yesterday’s winning teams of course.

Yes the trouble for any given sporting realm is of course links and triggers and associations.

We any of us could for instance as suggested previously write out a NAME and then ask what associations and links might I UTILISE for this name, many a team comes from a city and some are well known whilst others somewhat obscure unless you really are a dedicated watcher of various international leagues and so on.

Malmo? Marmite? Alemo?

Real Madrid

Yes strange though true of course it is often easier to PROJECT IDEAS around unknowns than knowns because we typically go into MENTAL GROOVES as to the Big famous teams and how they are represented within our mindsets. Madrid of course wanted to be the harlem Globe Trotters of the Football World and have purchased many great players over the years from all over the World achieving their aim perhaps.

Anyway I was thinking about explaining what is going on though cannot truly comprehend such things and given how my own MONITORED or WITNESSED WORLD in terms of newsfeeds and outlets has changed again recently, one does have to be CAUTIOUS as to understanding the cause-effect relationship and so on.

So I have suggested that the British Clubs have allowed their players to take they’re eye of the ball and too many unmotivated passionless players are passing through the ranks.


I have spoken on Alan Sugar and not wanting to be overly sychophantic, I have been critical over the years of shows such-as the Apprentice and Big Brother, because typically I watched such shows from the off, when they had small viewing figures and typically a couple of seasons in you see such shows being taken over by “I’ll do anything to get on Telly” type stereotype idiots and so on. That is not to suggest that you do not get such peoples from the start, so much as understanding that everything gets EXPANDED UPON and HIGH LIGHTED and SCRUTINED to OBLIVION.

Big Brother seemingly initially started with a broad selection of peoples, from many societal sectors and eventually went into a complete FARCE and many shows follow a similar pattern, when we look to other realms such-as The X Factor and so on.

Reality TV has become CRINGE INDUCING and whilst it might make great viewing unless you can take a step back and ask those questions as to “Is this entertaining” and how can I turn my watching or viewing of this into Money on the table and food in the belly and so on.

Yes unplugging or fear of withdrawal of “What I have always done” is also something to take into consideration, I spent many more years of my life watching and viewing TV and listening to radio than I did unplugging in the sense of simply stopping, and once you have stopped finding the INCENTIVE or MOTVATION to begin again is actually weaker than you might think, because you often come to see that you are typically simply using such activities as TIME-FILLERS, when you could be doing something more interactive and so on.

Anyway views and opinions and thoughts and feelings, good bad or indifferent are always worth jotting down and then seeing how they relate to the realm you are watching and viewing directly and indeed how they may or may not relate to some CROSS REALM MONITORING.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

  1. Whilst I wrote the above list of clubs, as immediate choices, recent history suggests that several of those games are not going to go as one would expect.

Twitter @TheAngelAtHeist (prounounced [The] [Angle] [At] [High] [ Yes’d]), I can also suggest that recent PICTURE VIEW interpretation has been more prosperous than reading textual articles, so what does that picture say to YOU.

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