Does Halloween Have A VOICE

Yes of course, whilst Halloween is something perhaps of an official Calendar Date (typical organised Americana) we in Ye Olde Worlde Europe can of course claim to have set the precedent for many of the surrounding MYTH and LEGEND.

The IDEA of voice is perhaps coming to the fore at the present time, and I of course like and have heavily investigated ideas as to this time of year, quite simply because of course my own Birthday will be upon us all and God Help You mwahahahahahaha.

So what do you want to know or speak upon?

Yes strange though true Halloween and various myth and legend is given to suggesting that it is a time when multi-verses or Universes INTERSECT.

The great evils and residents of alternate realities MERGE with our own and it is up to everyone’s favourite hero to defend against the onslaught.

So yes, we are often given to various beliefs as to fabric’s of reality merging or becoming less dense and so on, this can be seen in many a story and plotline and across many FILM/TELEVISION and STAGE PRODUCTIONS.

Having thought a little further upon the new Star Wars plotlines, it does seem that some OBVIOUS things can be noted from the ORIGINAL TRILOGY that were potentially missing from the last reboot and so on.

Typically we can say that it was seemingly written in a style and fashion and manner whereby each and every LEAD CHARACTER was at some point SEPARATED from the rest of the GANG.

Such separation’s led to various aspects of the plot in terms of escape and or rescue themes becoming the favourite reason behind differing actions occurring and taking place.

I mention that also because the last REBOOT had a CLONE WARS scenario, and it is not all that difficult to IMAGINE that new enemies and so on, may very well be individuals CREATED or CRAFTED from the GENETIC MATERIAL and or MAKE-UP of some of the Hero’s of the Original Series.  Han, Luke, Leia were all separated or incarcerated at various points and imagining that the NEW BADDIES are possibly alternate versioning or Cloned sons/daughter type characters of the original goodies is an easy option.

Could a genetically cloned offspring of the Hero, be as strong with the FORCE as the source?

What else, well one of the other appeal’s of the Original series (as originally shown, not digitally remastered) was that it was SPARTAN or mostly bear of huge crowds and peoples.

All the action was around a small group of performers, that could be related to, with very occasional large crowd or panoramic views.  The 2nd Trilogy introduced greater numbers of Crowd scenes and larger panoramic views and actually SUFFERED as a result of perhaps oversaturation of the SENSES.

Yes had they stuck with original formula, they would likely have also been criticised, though clearly GENERATIONAL DIET & TASTES has not altered all that great a deal, when you look at those FILMS & PERFORMANCES that get an audience time after time and year after year, they very nearly always follow the same formula, that can be said for all the hi-tech futuristic superhero movies as it can for more regular traditional films.

As much as you THINK you WANT great PANORAMIC FIESTAS & EXTRAVAGANZA’S and lots and lots of people, they are often what people NON-CONSCIOUSLY want LEAST.

Just as the World might be considered as somewhat overwhelming for a young baby in a pram or toddler in a buggie being hurtled down the street, people want something that they can EASILY FOCUS upon, and feel relatively secure in.  Does the World you write, create and script offer that, or is it more akin to


What else, well a BIG STORY today is that of a downed Russian Airliner in Egypt, Mount SINAI Peninsula and border region with ISRAEL.  I visited there a number of years ago and enjoyed the region.  Egypt actually requires a differing VISA for that district to the rest of Egypt due to keeping the peace agreements with Israel and it works exceptionally well.

The Russian Aircraft coming down is not all that big a surprise because after Israel withdrew from that Global sector of DISPUTE within the region, it was predominantly said to have been RUSSIAN MONEY and so on that invested in the resort region, and helped secure Sharm-el sheik as a tourist destination of choice and so on.

It was a kind of popular SECRET among some holiday makers and tourists, though the lid was blown of that when it became the CENTER for various PEACE NEGOTIATIONS and DIGNITARY visits from 10 Downing street (during Tony Blair era) placed the region firmly on the MAP.

If you like Scuba Diving (from land or boat) then you have probably seen one or other brochure with Sharm as a popular destination, likewise Sun bathing & shopping, and or drinking and night clubbing fans or CASINO fans would also like the area.

In fact, it is probably the LEAST EGYPT area that EGYPT has, little in the way of ye olde pyramids and so on, yes you could go on a trip to sleep in the desert in some Bedouin tent and so on, or get on a bus for 5 to 10 hours to visit other places, though you would have been better going DIRECTLY to the Eastern side and making more appropriate usage of your time.

ELSEWHERE, we are seeing ROMANIA HIGH-LIGHTED for a nightclub firework fire and of course, working in a low income arena full of foreign nationals some of the more recent working life companions have been the addition of residents of Newer EU states such-as Romania and Bulgaria (not the Wombles uncle).

Yes, Romania classically is known for TRANSYLVANIA and DRACULA based on VLAD the IMPALER, who strangely shares this DAVID’S birthday.

More modern 20th Century storywriters seemingly blended all the old Europe type myths and legends somewhat, hence we having as rather large diet of Vampires and Wolves and Frankenstein like CROSS-OVER productions and wars and mini-wars with the differing factions.

When you look to cartoon realms you can perhaps begin to think in terms of Minion’s as the equivalent of an EGOR for every family.

So Halloween inbetween and cross-realm-interpretation abilities and INTUITIONS being INTENSIFIED or AMPLIFIED, or simply some attempts to get some non-conscious folks into awakenings zones?

The reality of course, that anyone and everyone has to very often work through such theories and beliefs systems and so on for themselves.

We can all be told this that and the other, though likewise given the PREDITORY NATURE of some COMMUNITIES, you genuinely are often better off simply raising your Threshold and placing some distance or BOUNDARIES between yourself and naysayers or troublemakers etc.

Some quarters obsess with RULES & REGULATIONS that a particular REALM INVENTED (for example), though I have spoken on HISTORICALLY having “take a weapon to work days” and that is quite simply because some folks and individuals and PSYCHOLOGICAL HERD GROUPS, really do not like polite and courteous peoples, and have a tendency to BULLY and ABUSE such individuals, very often utilising REALM PRETEXTS that do not reflect the REALITY of Greater Powers of GOVERNMENT and LAW & ORDER & POLICE Forces.

What else, well a strange story is that “HAPPY DAYS” café owner actor has departed this mortal coil (or whatever they call it), he had a good long innings in fact 96.  Yes, Happy Days was a kind of sitcom come TEEN comedy about a particular family and the friends thereof, a staple TV favourite of those who grew up in the 70’s perhaps, though likewise a GREAT THEME TUNE.

Skull Asteroid another TIME ORIENTED HALLOWEEN pointer perhaps and likewise some long held in custody in Cuba (Guantanamo Bay) friend of Osama Bin Laden has been returned to Great Britain, in order no doubt to become a Hero TROJAN within the imperialistic Nation that gives him all these welfare payments.

Yes as someone who receives zero welfare payments and works for a living, I actually think huge swathes of change is required within not only Welfare Payment Systems but Housing systems and many other areas and regions of British Society.

The combination of Welfare and Housing and other Society Wide abuses is in many ways responsible for many of the problems with MODERN FAMILY and the values that various members and factions (man, woman or child) hold within such societal wide hierarchies.

So Worlds Colliding then, or is it quite simple VOICE-OVERS Colliding, and WHO SAID THAT?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Time Is Catching Up With Myself-So A Quicky

The following is based in off the cuff quick time assessment as early kick-off’s limit the opportunity to blah blah and see and view DIRECT and INDIRECT clues and pointers.


New Zealand All-blacks

are my own choice, though one can of course suggest that the choices now being limited to 2 excellent teams is a 50/50 option and indeed given the sword like nature of quality quotes and double edged swords, the choice is perhaps given in that prior to the tournament we had rather a large NEW ZEALAND NEW FLAG debate.

New Zealand has not given the rest of the World, Dame Edna Everage, Kylie & Jason, Crocodile Dundee and in fact suddenly strikes oneself as somewhat RESEARCHABLE.  Yes I would have to research New Zealand to know of any input they may or may not have given to World Affairs.  They perhaps a bit like Canada in that respect.  Probably a World of Ned Flanders to our own versioning of Homer Simpson’s. top of the head, I think New Zealand provided the backdrop for the World of Lord of The Rings films, and who would not want to visit such beautiful and strangely untouched Landscapes and so on.

Although reality is suggested that everyone needs good neighbours, the kind of neighbours I like are quiet inconspicuous and occasional.


I will go with early thoughts that I put in the BBC Predictor Utensil.

Chelsea Win

Man Utd Win

Man City Win

Newcastle Draw

Swansea Draw

West Ham Win

West Brom Draw

Everton Draw

Southampton Win

Tottenham Win

That list for the predictor is usually altered by the time of games, though not a great deal, my record on the predictor is WORSE, than on my blog, because I have usually given a couple of changes by the time of a given match, tools and utensils such-as the predictor get the non-conscious questioning going as to whether I really BELIEVE what I am saying both CONSCIOUSLY (DIRECT) and NON-CONSCIOUSLY (INDIRECT).

Clearly the more you go through awakening like processes and so on, the more you come to see, just how entering many a debate and topic is fruitless in the extreme.

Proper write up coming soon.


The descriptive Phrase “Whinging Poms” Is Of Course Relative

Strange though true of course some “stereotypes” and slang words for various groupings have a tendency to take on a life of there own.

This is meant in the sense that they are KNOWN to the group that uses them, and indeed the recipients of the INSULT or MOCKERY.

The example within the title a favoured phrase of The Aussies when referencing English.

Another popular example is Roast Beef’s as utilised by the French toward us English.

I say English of course, because whilst I am sure many who use such words and phrases will do so in a broad all-encompassing model meaning Britain.  The Welsh, the Irish and the Scots will of course more likely choose or opt to ALIGN with the Aussies, distancing themselves from the English in the process.

In fact the same play out can be seen not only within schoolyard banter and so on, yet at all levels of society, very often people seeking to establish some superiority in not being a particular label or reference.

We also of course can demonstrate that particular groupings came up with words and thoughts and so on, that they assumed or presumed were more ALL-ENCOMPASSING as a catchment and therefore also something to be aligned with or aligned against.

Most attempts at UMBRELLA or UNIVERSAL descriptive terms and so on, often find themselves even more ALIGNED with by particular factions and wholly rejected by others.

In effect people say I am happy to be this because this favoured star or personality says they are this, or likewise I cannot be this that or the other, because a label is used by this individual or person or grouping, that I do not relate to.

If the label means or infers that, then I do not fit the CRITERIA, and simply shrug such things of as petty nonsenses of external PREDATORY types and so on.

So today we have a Rugby Fixture this evening, competitors of course seeking to establish who is third and fourth best prior to tomorrows Fixture to decide upon the recipients of the Webb Ellis trophy.

I saw a picture of the Trophy given or taken at a recent Buckingham Palace reception event for the Competitors and very impressive and SHINY it is too.

Who will I plunge for, well strangely I do find myself leaning toward the Argentine Position as a choice, though we can of course state that both Countries have long History with regard to International relations and not so favourable appeal to us Whinging Poms.  So in many ways we potentially have to many a BIAS to really get any kind of genuine CLARITY.

Is my Argentine Choice beause of signs and symbols and non-conscious indicators, or is it a shot in the dark of having less BIAS against them than I do the South African’s.

Elsewhere I have seemingly found myself getting drawn or sucked in as it were towards the STAR WARS UNIVERSE and forthcoming JJ Abrams versioning of that Universe.

He of course famously successfully rebooted the Star Trek Universe taking us into the realms of parallel Universe and time lines and threads and so on.

I do not think that possible within the Star Wars Universe, though clearly enough open ended threads and directions exist within the Star Wars Universe that you could reboot the entire franchise and indeed maintain the INTEGRITY of the realm without having to find some extreme or potentially DEBATABLE “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD”.

Yes many a death has occurred within many a fiction realm over the years, whereby the deceased has been so popular that they have been BROUGHT BACK in some fashion.

I was reminded of this through reading an article on a forthcoming Sherlock Holmes cinematic screening, a TV episode of the popular Cumberbatch “modern day” Sherlock cast, having created and crafted an old time Victorian Era episode, perhaps based in some of those classic BASIL RATHBONE styled movies that I grew up with, they themselves having kind of taken the CLASSIC CHARACTER and brought him into what was then the modern times for themselves.

Yes so Star Wars enthusiasts and film creators are suggesting/hinting that the ABSENCE of LUKE SKYWAKER from any film trailers and memorabilia and so on for the forthcoming film series is DELIBERATE and so on.

In fact HE WAS NOT ABSENT from the TRAILERS, because Mark Hammil as the character LUKE did the VOICE OVER for one trailer.

So ONLY A VISUAL of him is missing, and indeed we then of course have NEW DARK LORD, given to causing people to think perhaps Luke is Beneath the Mask.

I suspect differently actually, that is to easy and plausible, though my own instinct suggests that the NEW DARK LORD IS POTENTIALLY A FEMALE.  Yes I know it is a male actor in credits etc, though we must remember that DARTH had an actual character performer and a VOICE-OVER performer.

So lots of potential, though subtle hints and pointers suggest that the New Dark Lord character is a RELATIVE to the already well known & ESTABLISHED FAMILY GROUPING, or indeed possibly someone who was around indirectly during ORIGINAL EVENTS, and went away and redeveloped themselves and has come back etc.

Yes you can go on and on with such thoughts and explanation possibilities, so wait and see perhaps the name of the game, although in GUESSING GAME TERMS and so-called laws of 6 degrees or 5 degrees of separation, I am quite sure that anyone of us who follows particular trains of thoughts could probably get to some 2/3 (two thirds) being correct within guessing games.

What does that mean?

Well it means that you might DEMONSTRATE an ability to be able to ACCURATELY hit a BULLSEYE on the head 7 out of 10 times and so on, in a consistent fashion.  Yes Bongo down the road got a 9 and you are disappointed, though he only normally gets f as an average.

Dynamic Steering is of course INTERESTING to myself because it does suggest that when you are cut and thrust and wheeling and dealing, you are going to get as many hits and misses as each other, though clearly DECISION MAKING having FOUND or IDENTIFIED winning FORMULAS and STRATEGIES is again an interesting sequence of events or INTERACTIONS.

So Highs and Lows and Peaks and troughs can be found whever you turn your focus and concentration, though likewise overtime you can probably accelerate to being consistent at a high enough level of success to have found your MOJO so to speak.

Yes they do say find your MOJO and move on, in order to ensure a broad spectrum of MOJO’S, though likewise given how any of us is just one individual, and how we can create some personalised TOWER without ever being involved with the vast majority of all-comers, it can make you wonder as to why you would want to go through some REPEAT in areas previously FAILED.

We do see this within International Corporations and Companies, where a failure of years past, is ignored and a Company states it is plunging back into particular left behind failed market sectors.

Many a Teacher does suggest moving AWAY from INTRANSIGENT thoughts and feelings as to the dynamics of Success and Failure, because in terms of cycles and patterns and all the rest, you could follow the same sequence and get the same result a hundred times, or indeed alternate patterns according to PRESENT MOMENT needs, rather than based in history or projected futures.

Being grounded enough to SMELL THE COFFEE, identify WHEN an opponents motive is HIDDEN or indeed WHEN someone is GENUINE.

The further I have progressed, the more I have come to see benefit in being free of thoughts and feelings and paranoia as to EXTERNALS, in favouring of being GENUINE with myself and indeed having that reflected within the EXTERNAL.

Such things are perhaps the deepest soul searching regions, and indeed I have seen in recent months that particular PATTERNS are coming to the FORE that I have misgivings about.

However rather than get sucked in, I simply adopt of “other peoples stuff” attitude and indeed opt for polite and friendly and non-confrontational options.

So the Whinging Poms in the title is because within my writings I suggested at some point over the last year or two that it was time for Employer to consider British Employee’s again after going seemingly all for foreign Agency Workers.

Many Brits have been joining agencies and gaining employment, though some OLD HABITS and stereotypes such-as “Whinging Poms” do seemingly come with them.

Likewise my own INFLEUNCE is actually quite LIMITED.

So in other words, if you belong to some faction, whether British or Foreign or gay or straight or whatever the label, and you assume or presume that I had something to do with what occurred to some member within your GROUP IDENTITY you are likely WRONG.

I generally can say that over the years I have seen FOREIGN MAFIAS take over, though they MOSTLY have a get on with it attitude that is more in alignment with myself than otherwise.  However. I also see them react in somewhat FASCIST or EXTREME manner on occasion toward other GROUP LABELLINGS, and you do come to understand that subtle words here and there can perhaps carry more weight than otherwise as to where people should maintain some level of DECORUM or FOCUS.

Likewise any given working group and environment group can of course opt for staying on appropriate side of rules and regulations and HOW THINGS ARE DONE, or indeed understand that given PATTERNS & CYCLES, those who cry wolf loudest are often the one’s acting out of order, EVEN when it can appear they are HIGHLIGHTING some RULE or REGULATION.

So old models reasserting themselves and likewise knowing whether it is a positive uplifting and rewarding old model or the one that everyone worked hard to drive out or move on from is another consideration to have to take.

My position perhaps one of WATCHING and coming to conclusions based in greater big picture cycles and patterns and indeed short term philosophy that many a person adopts for success strategy.

Most short term thoughts feelings and behaviours are PREDICTABLE within the greater TAPESTRY of a BIG PICTURE OVER VIEW or LONG TERM view.

And indeed some of the influences and FACTORS that cause such things.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Lemony Snickett’s Truth & Lies

Okay so I have just watched the latest in the present serialization of “The Apprentice” and enjoyed the show very much, and then found myself thinking about  children’s film starring Jim Cary Lemony Snickett A Series of Unfortunate Events.

So first off and carrying in the tradition of write and witness feedback I can of course return to the football.

What David said and what actually happened.

League Cup

Liverpool were my choice and Liverpool Won the fixture, David = 1

Man City were my choice and Man City Won the fixture, David = 2

Aston Villa were my choice and Southampton defeated them, David remains = on 2

Man Utd were my choice and the game ended a Draw and Middlesbrough progressed on penalties.

So once again perhaps demonstrating being within some 50/50 zone or mid-point within the selections and options. 2 correct and 2 wrong uns.

Returning to the apprentice episode it was interesting that the teams candidates were mixed up once again, and indeed the task involved pet show product sales.

What was witnessed and what actually occurred

So what we saw were that both groups wanted an easy sell, draw them in low end loss leader type product and opted for balloons, though only one group could have them.  Likewise, it was suggested that for every 1 HIGH END product sold at say £1000 you required selling 200 LOW END products at £5 for an equality of income.

Some products are suggested to sell themselves, though it can of course suck you into differing PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES, in the sense that it is easy to remain HAPPY and UPBEAT and MOTIVATED with products that can sell themselves at low cost, than to maintain similar THOUGHTS and FEELINGS with HIGH VALUE high return products, that POTENTIALLY require some particular AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC.

We have heard for years and years how differing classes or groupings of moneyed people are classed in variations as to A, B, C , and associated buying habits of the respective PROFILES.

So it can of course be suggested that PRODUCT CHOICE & SELECTION was a BIG TOPIC, in the sense that I thought both teams had performed a certain level of mismatching in choices. Neither team had some SURE THING at all levels of the challenge.

So anyway all the way through it was mostly given to seeing with the High Premium stuff that CAT MAN & The Gang  were happy and rewarded selling CAT Tower things, whilst the Dogs Dinner Gang appeared to be struggling or less busy with the personalised Luxury Dog Sofa’s.  On the pile it high front of low end products, The Dog’s dinner gang had the balloons and t-shirts and appeared to be exceptionally busy with children queues buying balloons, whilst the low end cat gang went out and about seeking to stimulate some trade for their cat toys.

When it came to the boardroom we had something of a TURNABOUT in the sense that one may have assumed or presumed from the preceding 3o minutes that the Cats were going to walk it via the Best HIGH END product, whilst the pile it high balloons Dog Sofa gang was going to struggle.

In reality it was perhaps more finally balanced in the sense that a sale here or there, could have swung results either way.

The winners were chosen or selected on INCOME or REVENUE, and the balloons, t-shirts and Dog Sofa’s won out, against the modular cat towers and non-descript cat toy things.

I of course thought that the ability to mix and match in MODULAR FASHION the cat towers would create greater revenues, because you actually had a BROADER CATCHMENT of ABC demographics, though that perhaps confused SALES people used to selling to one market audience only.  So experienced as the CANDIDATES might be with one audience, there was perhaps a mismatch as to who was selling what products.

The woman who was axed, may have been better selling the balloons and T shirts, although both groups perhaps had a certain level of personnel mismatching to audience going on.

So yes perhaps one of the favourite or BEST episodes to date from the series, because there really was an element of make or break, sell what you have in front of you, from your stall.

Whilst I would not have probably chosen Dog Sofa’s I cannot know what other options were, and of course Cats & Dogs probably have the greatest number of owners to appeal to.

We can also suggest that the chap selling those, did appear to fit a particular demographic (reminded myself of some Luxury Television Branded type sales store personnel) where people go to because they already know what they want and are looking for.

So not overly disappointed with the outcome, though felt those on the LOW END product side of things, perhaps had the easier coin-side with separating peoples with coinage etc.

News wise and we have Prince Harry visiting the United States and spending time with Michelle Obama as part of his Invictus Games promotion’s for the event in Florida next years.

On the home front we have delays to something called “The Chilcott Report” into the invasion or war in Iraq and so on.  Of interest to various factions, though I do think that one side is obsessing with analysis of “The Past” whilst the other obsessing with we will deliver the report in “The Future”.

This the constant inner mental “confusion and conflict” issue that many people grow up with, whereby we are told that time exists according to this Calendar, and watch and seasons etc. And you have to consider the past and likewise plan the future, though AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT expertise is seemingly given to bringing peoples to states and realisations that those are genuinely scales and measures that you can STEP BACK FROM in order to have realisations as to being able to understand that ALL IS NOW and can only ever be NOW, and we can zoom out to not being so closely related to OUR STORIES in order to restructure our stories in perhaps more ENLIGHTENED AWARE fashions and so on.

Yes, a multitude of variations of processes exist to bring you to such awareness though likewise changing mind-sets and indeed aligning with more prosperous outlooks as to Health and Wealth and family and relations with various groupings and factions and so on is an ongoing sequence of CHOICE & OPTIONS.

So where once it may have seemed few options exist to escape some inner turmoil or failed strategy of lifestyle choices and options, we can seek to identify NEW STRATEGIES or SUCCESFULLY utilised strategies that come with greater EMPOWERMENT and improved decision tree thoughts and feelings and the actions that they lead to.

What else is going on, well some Athletics is going on somewhere about the Globe and again I have noted links and so on, in terms of feedback and return systems, so that perhaps DEMONSTRATES why it is so easy once you gain entry to some “BEING IN THE ZONE” to still find yourself being hooked and hinged and distracted in all directions like the classical “kid in a candy store”.

So I have suggested taking up assisted Meditation and also when carrying out cross realm interpretation to typically pick things you already have interest in and limit yourself in a somewhat dogmatic fashion until confidence is established and you can seek to broaden your REPERTOIRE and range of SKILLS SETS, so to speak.

All too easy to return to old mental models and constructs at various stages, though I would certainly hope that such things are done with a greater level of awareness and so on as to what may next be expected to happen or occur. It does not have to be all doom and gloom or indeed all happiness and light, though clearly identifying the ATTRIBUTES and VALUES that you personally hold or maintain against the external motivations and indoctrinations of others is an interesting aspect to consider.

We are also seeing some charity scandal high-lighted at present and indeed some school yard death up North is also making front pages and so on.

Are we in the season of “I told you so’s” or “does this subject and topic” put money on the table and food in the belly within my own World and life.

Yes, the ongoing Becky Watts Murder Trial issue is getting a hell of a lot of ongoing coverage, though strangely holds zero appeal to myself, almost in an eye rolling manner, I will not even open or click the link etc.

Maybe I should, though strangely have for the most part concluded that whilst I grew up watching and having huge taste and fascination with CRIME and DETECTIVE STORIES and so on, that such things again hold appeal to particular demographics much like the last episode of DR WHO where you had a guy awaiting to be hanged, seemingly seeking to delay his demise with incessant & GENUINE GALLOWS HUMOUR.

So much like the famous actors and actresses in the Movies, you can perhaps move on from taking note of any realm that OBSESSES with DELAYS etc.  Interestingly within the WRITE WELL course, it was suggested that having DEADLINES (for completing books and works) was a must, even as a negative motivation, because we can always be looking or seeking to IMPROVE our works and lessons and learnings in some fashion.  The never ending manner of such DELAY of course can lead us to carry out internal inquiry as to the CAUSE/EFFECT of such behaviours within our own lives.

Do we choice and option courses and paths that lead to continued growth and personal development, or do we cling to some ISSUE incessantly until we find we have missed out on so many other aspects and areas of life as a result.

What else, well we have of course heard more on this topic of SECRET AGENCIES with the MANDARINS perhaps seeking to explain or demonstrate just how quickly things/technologies and strategies of opponents are changing and why assumed and presumed INVASIVE INVESTIGATIVE POWERS are a legitimate requirement of the NATION as a whole.

Staying ahead of the extremists and the actions that they may be planning against the state can also of course be a full time occupation.

Elsewhere we are hearing that the 1 billion Chinese population is now relaxing the 1 child per family rules they have lived by for many years, and within the United Kingdom we are hearing estimates as to population growth of several millions over the next few years.

Again a somewhat STRANGE set of IDEAS being thrown into the mix, clearly it might be suggested that the MANIPULATION and INFLUENCE going on as to reporting such matters is not all it seems at SURFACE LEVEL.

So many things vying for attention, though clearly once having established some pathway and route to greater FLEXIBILITY in life, one is often seemingly led to want to SHUT UP SHOP and find a focus and maintain a focus until old HABITS are broken and NEW HABITS created and indeed maintaining some modicum of SANITY with peoples and persons within your life sphere who are also usually any given persons AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHIC.

Far too easy (for example) to think in terms of NOW NOW NOW, when it comes to financial wage negotiations and so on, though many a long term worker within some realms has had the rug pulled from beneath their feet via those voting for constant short term REWARD & GRATIFICATION over long term benefits and rights and so on.

I mention that not to critic such issues as it perhaps also links in with issues such-as PENSION PLANS, the company I work for signed myself into some pension scheme a year or two back fowling the governments recommendations and so on and in recent months I get phone calls from various (probably competing pension providers) wanting to know if I am happy with it blah blah and why have I not carried out a REVIEW.

Surely not carrying out or optioning such choices demonstrates that I am HAPPY with it as it stands.

So whatever realm you dip your toes within or take an interest in, given the opportunity, a million and one competing agents of alternate providers will rush to seek to claim some cut of your hard grafted for pound or dollar or however.

Yes I bought a new Laptop a few months back, though feel apart from Windows 10 that the amount of garbage and junk software and indeed ongoing harassing like behaviours or tactics and strategies really do annoy.

The Microsoft Surface book sales have gone well apparently, and I would have to join a waiting list were I ever to raising the funding for one. Though typically the opportunity to purchase from manufacturer and not have a million 3rd party GARBAGESOFT truly does have appeal that is weigh up there above and beyond many other factors that these 3rd party VENDORS seemingly demand that you WANT.

No thank you, seemingly is not acceptable to some folks, though clearly in terms of alignments and COMMITMENTS we have or otherwise, we have choice and options and sometimes the most APPROPRIATE CHOICE & OPTION, much like Ghandi can be non-participation.

The truth for many peoples, even as they change throughout their lives and various dimensions of life whether work, or family or social is that each and every group or AUDIENCE will have a differing set of memories and thoughts and feelings as to you as an individual and indeed how you acted towards themselves.

A parent or child may relate differently to you than a work colleague related to you or best mate or old time club member or sports fan and so on.

Anyway enough for today, though commentating is easy, taking part in life the universe and everything does of course come with more plot turns and twists and shakedowns than one can possibly keep up with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

I Wonder What They Will Look Like Now

So first of I can of course quickly run through the direct predictions for yesterday’s League Cup Fixtures, and it does appear that this David is well of track and may be better of turning DIRECT ATTENTION elsewhere.  Although once again can DEMONSTRATE INDIRECT ATTENTION clues and so on were present within his writings.

League Cup

Everton were chosen and Everton progressed via a drawn fixture and penalty shootout.

Hull were chosen and and Hull progressed via a drawn fixture and penalty shootout.

Arsenal were chosen and Sheffield Wednesday won the fixture in normal playing time.

Chelsea were chosen and Stoke progressed via a drawn fixture and penalty shootout.

So some can of course say that we are playing with semantics when we suggest that a team did not actually LOSE a fixture, though clearly most fans want the NEWS that it is their own designated team that has PROGRESSED in a given Cup competition.

In betting terms you could of course bet on just about anything including a draw and extra time and penalties, though history books, and people reading such things will simply presume/assume a given team LOST a fixture, even though the DETAIL says otherwise.  Penalties seem to be more about ending an ENTRENCHED STALEMATE in the name of progress, than necessarily deciding who is the better side and so on.

Yesterday in advance of today’s fixtures I listed the following selections.


Man City

Aston Villa

Man Utd

It would of course be easy to suggest that today will be similar to yesterday, though I think not.  Today’s team’s will potentially have heard news of some major scalps having been taken and will not want to be among them.  It could in fact act as a strong REVERSE psychology, in the sense that all players within all of today’s fixtures could well lose focus on their own game and team and so on.  From a psychological point of view, “other people’s stuff” is just that, though likewise underdogs can presume to adopt an ALL IN approach toward Cup success, that may be missing from higher ranking clubs where the battling on multiple fronts & competitions can potentially DISINCENTISE players who MENTALLY at least have accumulated FALL-BACK POSITIONS. (IE we are still in this other competition and this other competition and so on.).  when you FOLLOW that (quite common amongst fans) mental self-talk you can see that you may well be talking yourself out of working hard for anything at all, though clearly COMPARTMENTALISING occurs, the underlying truth is that such attempts at SEPARATING ROLES

Today I am a footballer in the League

Today I am a footballer in the FA Cup

Today I am a footballer in the …

Is not a wise decision quite simply because the KEYWORDS or threads that run through as the framework or mental glue are the same.

So psychologically you can see that some of these SHORT QUOTES and mantras that people adopt for themselves, can actually lead to success and indeed congruence, when you realise that any SEPARATION is an ABITRARY “STATE OF MIND” that does not genuinely fit circumstances. (Much like saying “the map is not the territory”) BORDERS appear on maps, though rarely do you necessarily see them in terms of great long walls and no-man’s lands and so on.

Historically in fact many a DESIGNATED DEMARCATION of boundaries (think line in the sand), has been carried out along the lines of GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES such-as Hills and rivers and so on, it is only those who get into the mind set to fight and squabble for every INCH of ground or space, that seemingly upset all the applecart’s, time and time again.

We typically see such things within NEIGHBOUR disputes, whereby you may buy a property with designated ON PAPER boundaries, and then find that the non-paper 10 FT FENCE of your neighbour, blocks your sunlight or the trees and bushes used as a boundary infringe heavily into your TERRITORY and so on.  Many Boundary disputes are often NEGLECTED and go unspoken of for years until some great EXPLOSION occurs, on one side, whereby some individual or family has taken the piss for many years and some non-conscious line that has been drawn is stepped over etc.

In News Media terms you often WITNESS this in terms of some HEADLINE as to some mild mannered, of good character and references individual suddenly taking a major digression into LOONY TOON land EXTREMISM.

Anyway moving on, the title of this piece or article is in fact (for myself) a reference to a news article or 2 relating to MILITARY PURCHASES and expenditure, not only in the famed GENERIC GENERALISATION but in specifics as though who continue to read will see.

So I note that Military Expenditure is being guaranteed via a 2% National GDP system, and commentators are complaining that this is too late, because of all the cuts of recent years from some review that occurred.  Complaints especially are seemingly targeting those who are opting to plough money toward so-called Ferrari Systems, when BMW systems can function and fulfil requirements just as well.

My own view is a slight VARIANT on this topic in the sense, that some financial involvement with some Countries and Companies invariably means an almost automated extension of WAITING FOR PRODUCT and expenses massively going over budget.

Sadly, the United Kingdom, does seem to get taken to the cleaners when we look at cross realm projects such-as the Euro fighter and so on.

Whilst we have had British Aerospace historically being a leading company in terms of what is achievable, we also can demonstrate that FAILURE (much like within the Historical British Automotive Industry) seemingly goes hand-in-hand with British Military & Defence Spending.

The sad truth is often one of PROJECTS not being developed and well thought through enough, and indeed SPENDING OTHER PEOPLES MONEY, without any Genuinely VIABLE product at the end of these projects.

For every successful or VIABLE British Motor Story (think Mini & Land Rover & Jaguar) there are a dozen that went by the wayside via having to please to many  INTERNALISED VESTED INTERESTS (peoples and factions often already with fingers in pies and feedback of the government drip feed etc) and taking the eye of the ball of what the real CONSUMER & AUDIENCE says it wants and needs etc.

Yes interesting of course, is that independent committees who carry out REVIEWS are sadly themselves often misguided or misled into taking the eye of the ball as to FUNCTION and PURPOSE and so on.

Does Britain want and need and require efficiently equipped Armed Service Personnel and the Tools that go hand in hand with such things, a Naval Fleet, An Air fleet, tanks and other tools of the trade.

YES, expense budgets whenever we are talking about boats, ships, cars, tanks, guns, clothes, are all TOOLS, and if you think of such things in terms of TOOLS and the function of a tool you cannot go far wrong, though clearly many do.

Yes so much EMPHASIS can be placed upon BELLS & WHISTLE Appeals that you lose sight of the CRITERIA and DECISION MAKING or TREE PROCESS, when it comes to various weights and measures of suitability & fitness for purpose.

Yes, you want people to come to you and say we have this new Tractor Beam (such-as demonstrated within UK Universities) or indeed that Hover bike I published at some point last year, though BLINKERED reality often means that people do not necessarily see the POTENTIAL for what they have created beyond hobby markets or indeed FUN RESEARCH, and likewise the STEP from RESEARCH FEASIBLITY to PRODUCT is one of a no-man’s land mountain of FAILED WHAT-IF’S.

 So the DILEMMA then as to PREDICTING what a FUTURE CORE TOOL REQUIREMENT actually is, when in fact in machines of war the same features and functions have existed all along.

Tools that carry people from A to B Horses, Boats, Cars

So reality then is often that we want the same, though faster and stronger and more manoeuvrable and higher powered weapons and stealth features etc.

Anyway the United Kingdom in recent years massively cut DIRECT budgets or framed them in terms of expenditure on INDIRECT activities for the BIGGER TOOLS (ships, airplanes etc), at the expense of a bog standard trained man and-or woman to physically operate and use the tools.

CRONISM has historically always lead to inefficient systems of Governance and Procurement, and despite the present forces having been seen to do a good job in recent years around the globe, I really do think it appropriate that we see those who are at HIGHER LEVELS coming into greater ALIGNMENT with those at the sharp end and on the ground.

So the title was a reference to America’s B-2 replacement, yes those super bombers that few others have come close to developing are 20 years old and out-of-date and America is now going of to create a NEXT GENERATION of super military craft, even though it’s now aged and ancient 20 year old fleet, would make it into service in just about every other developed and indeed non developed nation on the planet.

Timing wise of course I noted NSA (National security agency) reports appearing around the same time as these next generation stories came out so, its perhaps all gone hush hush James Bond an what will Q branch come up with next.

So anyway believe it or not returning to classical “FLYING SAUCER” theory and leaving out the Alien’s part of the stories, I do actually believe it now possible that a number of technologies already exist that can be brought together to create FLYING SAUCERS.

Yes Military DELTA WING aircraft have been demonstrated to work and when you think about it, if you positioned 4 back to back around a centerpointe you would have the outline of your average flying saucer vehicle, though clearly we generally THINK or BELIEVE the physics is WRONG, or they would at present of course burn each other to death (due to engine positions), though electromagnetics theory and indeed some of these laboratory TRACTOR BEAM implementations and indeed WIND TUNNELS (utilised within motor vehicle manufacture) as well as that chap with the hoverbike perhaps demonstrate that seemingly impossible physics (much like the vertical take off of Harrier Jets) really is coming into its own at present.

So many tech’s exist that can be brought together, and likewise building materials that come with associated budgets, though interestingly Corporation after Corporation has demonstrated that ownership throughout an entire production chain, means that you have control of the complete end-to-end model rather than being held to ransom by some grouping outside of your bubbled World of Existence.

Yes so to CLARIFY,

 no I do not think a Military would genuinely consider building a fleet of flying saucer like vehicles (beyond perhaps super drones etc.), even though technology exists.  The quest then perhaps one of multipurpose vehicles and tools and utensils with all round capabilities, and then of course deciding via a TRADE-OFF as to what capabilities are most important to any designated realm, LAND,SEA and AIR, SPACE.

Yes strange though true of course, space has always been treated via NASA like entities etc. as being separate from classical LAND SEA AIR quotes, though I think it perhaps time, in these days of satellites and explorations to include SPACE.  LAND SEA AIR SPACE, though again you perhaps find fingers in tills merchants at each and every level of Society and vested interest and if not fingers then SNOUTS.

So life continues and whilst we all may consider ourselves as separate and part of this realm and not that other, in fact most of us accumulate a quite varied set of interests as we grown and the TRICK is perhaps to look into the SIMILARITIES rather than constantly focus on DIFFERENCES. Or at least seek to ask those questions as to lessons and learnings taken from a given set of circumstance.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Does The Holistic Solution & Whole Brain Thinking Work

This is one of those questions we any of us can ponder upon as we view and make links as to events that are occurring within the local vicinity and indeed our translation or scaling and measuring of data, reports and information to the broader and deeper realm of informatics in general.

So a lot of hoo-Haa and headlines are being given NATIONALY to this issue of RED MEAT, and that for many of us who have followed some of these learnings and teachings and lifelong learning remedies can TRIGGER ideas as to the GAME

6 Degree’s of Kevin Bacon

The basic idea being that starting with Kevin Bacon you can make some linear or indeed non-linear mental pathway connecting him with any other actor or actress in Hollywood.

Yes it is quite simply 6 degrees of separation going on, though clearly I think the name BACON lends itself to those MEAT STORY’S.

I can also mention that Sam Horn within her Write Well course suggested a change to the IDEA of 5 Degrees of separation and indeed from modern technological point of view, I kind of concur (not conker) and not conquer of course that three words all given to differing interpretative meaning all using very similar sounds and spellings.

Anyway in reality it has been demonstrated that the IDEA of DEGREES of Separation actually works far better within some realms and sectors than others, again depending upon perhaps how well versed and practiced you are, though typically computing experts created an algorithm and TESTED THE HYPOTHESES & demonstrated that in many realms the CLASSICAL assumption or presumed Degree of Variance was actually in some cases less and in some cases GREATER.

Though overall I think the LESS won out.

Elsewhere we are being told or having it reported as to various events taking place, a local headline that unfortunately caught my own eye is that an alleged rape is said to have taken place of a girl of similar age to my own daughter, the fact that the guy involved was reported as only a couple of years differing in age, does not of course make any such incidences of greater or lesser harmful.

Strange though true it is quite surprising how stupid many a person becomes when offering opinions and all the rest on such matters, from women who would not mind if it were Johnny Depp (for example) to no smoke without fire claims from blokes who have had women change mind on them or quite simply

Peoples involved being at cross purposes as to what they are speaking and talking and communicating about.  This perhaps one of those excessively grey areas, where it can often be better to be thankful that you yourself or family and friends were not involved and also let the experts in dealing with such issues and matters, deal with these things.

I mention that of course, because when I look to the notes I wrote of just a day or two ago, I can in HINDSIGHT make some mental CROSS-REALM-INTERPRETATIONS and indeed decide that my own attention and focus is better placed on more rewarding thoughts and activities and so on.

However, few of us can claim to have necessarily carried out LETTING GO and RELEASING type strategies on some of those subject areas and topics, so when such things do come to your awareness or attention and IF and ONLY IF you feel triggered in some fashion, it may well be worth while, exploring where such things ORIGINATED within your own PSYCH and the accumulated LIFE STORIES and things you tell yourself and so on.

That perhaps related to the idea that very few genuine stories or indeed building blocks exist, and for each and every one of those inputs and outputs of VARIATIONS & THEMES we can usually find an opportunity to clear mental flotsam and detritus and indeed, as said above, move past some topics and subjects that are potentially acting as blocks to seeing the bigger picture or indeed fearful of zooming into the DETAIL of a given picture, scene or scenario.

Elsewhere, we have also of course been seeing a continuing court case, as to a murder that has taken place, and again it can be interesting in exploring CYCLES and PATTERNS of differing regions and Societal sectors.

I was thinking of course in terms of how I could DESCRIBE such things, and one option is to imagine that the game of monopoly is being played on a map of the UK and some regions have high soaring tower blocks, whilst others are extremely close to the raw surface ground (so to speak).  Clearly it may be that, those tower blocked built up regions and areas are some of the accumulated stories, and traumas that are potentially preventing you from getting closer to the raw surface DATA and so on.

It has of course also been demonstrated that much within those TOWER BLOCK accumulated knowledge and learnings may well be useful to you hence they being so high in the first place.  Though clearly that perhaps related to IDEAS as to BALANCE or IMBALANCE.

Do I want a broad and wide knowledge or can I simply continue in the vain of this TOWERED METHODOLOGY and what are the questions I can be asking as to positive and negative coin sides on such matters.

We all perhaps have heard of the COLLAPSE of the TWIN TOWERS, and likewise waited for the FAMED LEANING TOWER OF PISA to fall over, and we have all perhaps stacked blocks prior to seeing them tumble like a pile of Jenga Bricks with appropriate external stimulus that we failed to note or did not predict as a POTENTIALITY.

Yes metaphorical and allegorical and so on can do your head in, though meditating clearly helps with re-evaluating understanding of cycles and patterns and behaviours and MOTIVATION, INCENTIVE and INTENTION and whether some action is CONSCIOUSLY motivated or simply some non-conscious program creeping up to bite you in the PROVERBIAL DERRIERE.

Yes some things really do require greater caution and thought prior to setting the cat amongst the pigeons, and one of the genuinely most useful strategies is to pause and breath and re-evaluate what you personally know from within your own life sphere and influence to what is occurring in external herds behaviours and so on.

Some call such maneovring as dynamic steering, though clearly I would hope positive thoughts and feelings and reward or otherwise for the actioned behaviours you want to be established, are perhaps better than rewarding bad behaviours. Lots of debates to be had, though clearly meditation and lessons and learnings and courses, do not necessarily bring you to a point of PERSONAL WISDOM.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

Box Office Bomb Or Bullshit Statistics?

So time and again throughout each and every generation of film makers and creators and indeed star attraction big name actors and actresses, we hear of a Box Office FAILURE.

Strange though true of course, one does have to wonder how such things are calculated.  I have a tendency to think that something is regarded as a flop in financial terms or audience terms, though still typically exists.

So a film with X stated huge budget and big name cast fails to reclaim the manufacturing OUTLAY or INVESTMENT at the Box Office, and we have such things drummed into us over and again.

However further research often find that all those involved within the production were paid and have already moved on to the next film or 2 within their career.  Historically at least, many an ALLEGED FLOP actually went on to do rather well in Video rental and DVD sales and so on, often recouping monies BEYOND the limited short term range of BOX OFFICE AUDIENCE, especially when you take into consideration MERCHANDISING as well.

We also of course can suggest that a certain amount of influence and manipulation goes on as to the CAUSE/EFFECT side of things. Star’s personal lives and sometimes historically CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS.

So big name within some alternate realm such-as a sport or wrestling or TV has a bit part within some movie that does quite well and then is signed up on some 5 Movie Deal to work within some particular PRODUCTION COMPANY projects.  Clearly the life cycle INVOLVED within being part of some MOVIE REALM STABLE be it Disney or Fox or whomsoever is likely to be several years and the ripple effect of any one given PRODUCT or PROJECT is likely to continue before it is too late, so do you want an EARLY BOMB or FLOP or a LATE BOMB or FLOP within your career change etc.

We also see such events within the Music Industry where for example, on both Pop Idol and American Idol a few years ago and indeed more recently on X Factor, we have seen Audience disagree with Industry Expertise such as that proffered by Simon Cowell. Very often the industry knows via history what it can and cannot build peoples careers around.

Adele of course has been in the news this week with her regular sane life continuing with the occasional album release every few years.  What is interesting (from my point of view) is that she much like others before her or at the same time such-as Leona Lewis, attended the so-called British FAME Academy or Music industry college.

They perhaps due to limited places can like all other institutions only offer a limited number of spaces, so the entry requirements and competition and indeed being around like minded peoples and persons perhaps ups the ANTE as to performance and so on.

Is this important?  Well time and again much like that great footballing kid in school who we all thought would play for a big club and disappeared into obscurity, the insatiable attention and all-round amount of attention given or demanded by audience can destroy people.

Leona Lewis (for example), everyone KNEW after hearing her sing that here is a woman with a great or FANTASTIC VOICE, though ask for any other warts and all attributes and values that you and I may or may not relate to, and you begin to find yourself quickly descending into mental realms of BOREDOM and oh, almost like there is nothing else there that register CHARACTER or PERSONALITY and so on.  I am sure that others can demonstrate that I am incorrect, though I thought whilst she would probably win (purely on voice alone) that a FICKLE audience would not be HOOKED by that one quality and so on.

This of course the problem with REALMS and indeed AUDIENCE, we in the lower classes who are typically also the LARGEST AUDIENCE GROUPS, perhaps want those warts and all appeals, operated upon in some all-inclusive catchment of LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR.

Of course some folks also KNOW that someone such-as Leona could have entered a typically middle to middle-upper class career in West End Theatre and even possibly travel the World in major productions without necessarily being broadly known across all audience demographics.

So whilst POP STAR appeal can seem like the be all and end all to us as youngsters, given the way in which the insatiable media builds up and knocks down Celebrities in general, the idea of working within some NICHE sector or behind the scenes and still being successful and potentially with less stresses and strains must have an appeal all of its own.

We can in fact find many a Celebrity who had Theatre fame and then some TV fame and returned to Theatre and remained within national consciousness to varying degrees.  so many of these individuals opt for the finger in every pie choices or try a little bit of that as a taster option.

Clearly success does not have to be limited to one given realm, though likewise if the pressure or associated nonsense that comes with some realms puts you off or you feel you have not had sensible lead time or warning then you also have the right of course to carry out an about turn and go with a different direction and strategy.

Anyway the headline is one we see time and again, and when we look at typical lists for example, it almost seems strange to us as viewers that the creators and participants could not have forecast that this is what was about to occur.

Hind sight of course an easy bailout choice and option, though in fact, some famous Box Office flops were genuinely good films, whilst others perhaps akin to seeing a massive cloud in the clear blue sky preceded with an aeroplane with engines on fire coming toward yourself and wondering why no one else can see the  visual effect or TRAGEDY that is about to happen or occur or UNFOLD.

Yes this David is in need of DESCRIPTIVE TUTELAGE believe it or not.  Strange though true even when writing these blog articles, you come to see where you are weak or strong and of course some say just practice until you get better, though that then leads to realisations of VOCABULARY, and how broad or indeed limited such things can become after a few years, fed on a constant diet or “one liners” and punch lined headline snippets and so on.

Yes I opened up an article regarding some new release that is being heralded a flop in terms of investment versus initial returns, in fact we can see that some films take very differing TRAJECTORIES and the same has occurred within the MUSIC industry on occasion.

Think of those albums that sit mid table and then an appearance or performance causes people to think AH-Ha and rush out and buy, boosting sales and chart position that in turn causes other to check such things out, SNOBBERY ASIDE you really do get people who will only ever PURCHASE according to CHART POSITIONS and so on, top 5 only or top 10 only according to this MEDIA OUTLET or BROADCASTER.

Easy to CRITICISE such individuals, though they themselves may lead exceptionally busy lives and simply opt for WHATS HOT WHATS NOT, options and choices, or indeed REALISE that such tactics are in fact akin to that 80 20 RATIO spoken of from various TEACHERS and MASTERS.

Whereby working with FOCUS on the 20% can actually significantly boost your performance, because typically in an over saturated insatiable media driven World, utilising ways and means to cull and cut and reduce options, becomes an OPTIMISATION strategy for remaining at some level of EQUILIBRIUM (yes I know that such things can be ALTERED via raising THRESHOLD), though many of us lived perfectly happy non-conscious lives prior to taking up some of these courses, where we are simply being told “I know something you don’t know” much like some childhood game of I’ll tell you this secret in return for that secret of yours.

NOW RED MEAT is in the NEWS as newly designated CARCINOGEN via World Health Organisation (WHO) mandate and is potentially also cancer creating, though many of course especially within particular sporting realms have often opted for a reduction in red meat intake and so on anyway because many meats can stay within your body and gut way beyond being healthy, hence perhaps the popularity of various body FLUSHING strategies over the years.

Elsewhere we are seeing the League Cup today and as to feedback and return and percentages, these ones I have not really paid attention to so will check them out now.  I can of course go with the favourites strategy, a premier team (after all) is there often through better facilities and better performance and all the rest of those things.

Whilst everyone loves ideas of UNDERDOG Rocky Balboa getting a Title Shot and taking the opportunity with both hands, much like Eminem rapped in his 8 Mile Biography, the percentage reality is actually not all that favourable in choices.  So yes an upset can occur in 1 game of 2 leg competitive fixtures (for example) though the superior team usually rectifies or takes a REMATCH more seriously 2nd time around.  Clearly then a knockout blow is preferable for those who do not want to miss the opportunity to make headlines and a name for themselves.

Football League Cup

Day 1





Day 2


Man City

Aston Villa

Man Utd

Yes, just realised that I did perhaps mention this competition previously, Carlisle famously held Liverpool to a draw, though the previous round showed all major teams progressing with impressive INTENTION reflected within their score lines.

Yes many other sports such as GOLF and TENNIS are continuing as I type and of course even if I have not spoken in DIRECT TERMS, if your own favoured SPORT is currently taking place, why not seek to UTILISE IN-DIRECT pointers and clues and so on, not necessarily from just myself but the greater World at large and indeed those who are perhaps more ADVANCED with such things, without being hampered or distracted by other events and goings on, as I have been known to have been on some occasions.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So Why The Diversion

Now of course many a person can look at what I wrote yesterday as to prediction’s for the Premiership and BELIEVE that I have deliberately mislead them in some fashion.

In fact it does state underneath the prospect of only 1 of the results or outcomes being correct.

The POINT being that our CONSCIOUS WINDOW upon the World or life the universe and everything is TINY, and the ACCESS to the larger or massive NON-CONSCIOUS data that we all develop and accumulate through our lives is generally only accessed via allowing yourself to get CREATIVE in some fashion or manner.

So I write and write and this information from my collected DATA is kind of like a REPORT and the REPORT is effectively where STATISTICS can lead us astray or indeed be utilised or harnessed in some fashion.

So knowing that I am at present only getting 1 in 3 predictions in the premiership correct, can help others in there own choice and options and indeed writing CAPITALS for example can break up the mental must read line-by-line teachings that we had programmed into us in childhood and school.

The practice of reading up and down and left and right and diagonally and so on, is a useful habit to develop in overcoming some of those getting the PERIPHERAL or SUBTLE non-conscious information into the foreground for the conscious witness to SEE.

Further to that I can say that I decided to watch a couple of films, one was Prometheus and had a robot created by the WAYLAND CORPORATION named DAVID 8 (hmmmn), apparently the creation could perform many activities in far superior fashion than a regular human though much like predecessor droids and robots and so on within FILM & LITERATURE, the debate was somewhat interesting as to whether such CREATIONS HAVE A SOUL.

Of course creative types throughout the ages have often countered these soulless arguments, with the IDEA that anything you create is in effect imbued with your soul.

Again interesting debates to be had, though I thought the film good in its own right, as a variation on the Alien story and indeed IDEAS as to ORIGINS and so on.

I then also watched another film from the same year 2012 entitled LOOPERS, and that was again simple entertainment, though does raise the SPECTRE of time travel and paradox and attempts to change the future in the past and so on.

These things also of interest in the sense of what I spoke upon previously as to an Earth population of 7 Billion people, how can anyone among us know with any guarantee or certainty as to what any of those other peoples and persons are going to actually DO in terms of prediction and behaviour and actions and so on.

We can speculate as to someone taking the high road or indeed the low road, or indeed following some lifestyle choice or alternate lifestyle choice, though typically it could well be suggested that a million and one events such-as those butterfly flapping there wings here causing a storm over there, can occur and happen, without absolutely anyone within the larger POPULATION ever having heard or read or having knowledge of such things.

We all of course perhaps in Western Cultures and European educations have little in the way of diversion from established Schooling and predictable HERD like behaviours and patterns, though such things cannot necessarily be established for unknown tribes and peoples and persons who have not gone through such lessons and learnings and so on.

I think in fact, that in some ways multiple Science Fiction writers have sort to try to relay this kind of information within their works, think of Mowgli in the Jungle Book in comparison to real life children that have been found to have lived like animals and so on.

We also of course can demonstrate as differing cultures have been encountered and documented, that environmental factors really can and do play a part in the lifestyle choices of such peoples, in the sense of not creating and crafting timetables beyond monitoring of local seasons and variations of territorial grounds.

I listened to a TED talk where an international writer regarded herself as “multi-local”, suggesting that whilst she has a British passport and is of Ghana heritage and having lived life travelling the globe, she takes or carries he mental attitude of being local with her where ever she happens to find herself and I actually concur with much of those thoughts because it really is or does often seem that STRONG ALIGNMENT to any one given nation or country or local populace can be more detrimental than accepting and aligning in good grace with “where am I now”. She also did not disparage having Sovereign states and nationalities, as some might presume from such thinking and strategies.

So getting the non-conscious information into the foreground of a conscious state is doable and likewise not buying into INTRANSIGENT FRUSTRATIONS and so on at early mistakes and misunderstandings can also be a wise choice.

Today I see some headline referring to Belgium and in all honesty I did visit Belgium during youth many years ago and typically found the Chocolate and Knitted Jumpers stereotypes to perhaps fit the region or area that I visited, although the report was with regard to an Military base installation, we all typically are TRIGGERED into differing thoughts and feelings as to what we ourselves focus and concentrate upon.

Elsewhere continues Tax credit debates and another large Earth Quake in the Afghanistan region, as well as some Canadian Pacific Boat sinking, unsure as to why some of these reports are regarded as newsworthy whilst others are not.

Yes, in truth of course, someone somewhere or indeed some computer algorithm is working out what you may or may not want to know within your newsfeed and so on.  So given such snippets of data, we then have to perhaps constantly ask those questions as to how is this information of importance to myself and so on.

Clearly it can perhaps be demonstrated that those with Large Global Empires such-as Rupert Murdoch perhaps have more time available to have learnt knowing what people want and how to deliver such things to them, so we can of course with Corporate Bodies decide to utilise such groups as ROLE MODELS to identify lessons and learnings from or indeed go all out into some DUAL state of being the opposition to such entities.  Another reality perhaps that whilst they may have thousands of employees about the Globe, you can probably find that most interpretations of corporate policy (for example) not only deviate from continent to continent through laws and so on that have to be abided by, but from employee to employee also, and that is a very IMPORTANT DISCTINCTION in many ways.

I can of course suggest that wanting to be success in speaking directly on a given topic,(such-as Football) would be preferable though clearly can suggest that it has been demonstrated this week in particular that you can with prolonged and continued practice, come to at least see things from an INDIRECT fashion and manner, when someone takes the time to teach or demonstrate such things.

So I perhaps will now go and do some drawing instead as all this writing and writing seemingly only takes you so far.

I am reminded of a quote from Sam Horn as to not being commensurate with Shakespeare though can at least be commensurate with myself.

Yes I watched the Dr Who episode on the weekend and in some ways it reminded myself of that Madam Pompador episode as to her quotes of taking the long route through time, though of course we also had a reference to that episode of the hospital where the cat nuns were curing the rich and wealthy and so on.

Yes the idea that someone has to die in order to open a rift in time and space was not all that dissimilar from classical tales of tribes offering gifts to the Volcano and so on. And of course Society when polls are carried out, often keen to reintroduce death penalties etc.  Though the theme or arc of the series does seem at present to be strangely missing, unsure where storylines are headed, though maybe that in and of itself is the theme of the great unknown or undiscovered country and the final frontier and so on.

Expansive thoughts and feelings and options versus otherwise.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Oh That Sector

So continuing with the idea of Prediction versus Actual, and seeking to reacquaint with the idea of NOW rather than yesterday and tomorrow can in some instances of course bring you face to face with all sorts of internal debates and dilemmas and so on.

I have for example spoken of how clues over several days can be relevant within your monitoring and likewise as many people know, you can listen to some course such-as the Ultimate You course starting tomorrow , and even if you have purchased the course or further advanced with meditation, you may well discover or have realisations and ah-ha’s that you may of not previously noticed.

Those kinds of realisation’s can of course lead you potentially into fearful and negative and paranoid states, though I personally tend to think that the positive coin side is coming to realisation’s that just about everyone is running programs of one description or another and that you can work through your own inner demons and mental walls and blockages, that can often arise at any time within your life, and reacquaint yourself with some of the more subtle cross-hemispheric communications that may be happening within your body/mind and so on.

So yesterday following on from the appalling prediction results of the last week, it may well be suggested that I had said NEW ZEALAND in the RUBGY, though was now overly panicking or flapping and seemingly geared toward switching to South Africa, even though had I taken out a bet some time back on New Zealand, it would still be running or open.

So long term (I was perhaps correct) whilst short term INFORMATION caused a major decision DOUBT. We also at this point within the United Kingdom have the Clocks being put back an Hour, for daylight saving time and so on. Unsure who calculates most appropriate days for this to occur, or why it is always on a Saturday Night for example, though I could POINT to that as EXCUSE and all the rest of those things, though reality is THAT IS NONSENSE, and such thoughts are better of being let go, okay I say nonsense in the sense that AGAIN living and working and so on in Britain, I will be well adjusted to this twice yearly adjustment to clock times having occurred.

So today Rugby and Argentina really Have defeated many pundits in managing to get this far within the tournament, however the opponents are or can say they are now well aware of Argentina’s success just as many of us awoke to news of the Falkland Invasion and asking WHERE? Eva Peron will not save them against the might of the Australians, though when we look to the Football realms no one does

BAD LOSING & indeed CHEATING like South Americans, so it will surely be entertaining, irrespective of the result and interesting to see if they follow similar behaviour patterns of those Soccer greats over the years. The Austrailan’s or Cell Block H’ers as some may call them have a lot to answer for in what they have inflicted upon the rest of the World, Neighbours, Home & Away to name a couple from my youth. In fact it could well be suggested that in terms of TRADITIONAL VALUES and so on, that Australia is akin to the South Africa of old in how they treat FOREIGNERS and anyone who thinks these Southern Hemispheric Competitions are not work watching and having an opinion upon should think again.

So who then? David does not know or care though would likely stick to Australia as a TRADITIONAL KNOWN QUANTITY against the wailing diego’s.

Football, What David said and what happened

Aston Villa Draw and Swansea Won, so David gets 0

Crystal Palace Win and Leicester Won, so David gets 0

Norwich Win and West Brom Won, So David Gets 0

Watford Win and Watford Win, So David gets 1, HURRAH

Chelsea Win and Westham Won, so David gets 0

Arsenal Win and Arsenal Won, so David gets a 2nd

So clear evidence and proof of what I suggested previously that I have a pretty bad Premiership record anyway, although having said that much like within the European and International’s I always generally expected to find myself getting at least 50% or in other words just about everything has gone due south, not to be confused with Beautiful South.

So as I witnessed those games, I can see that I once again got 2 out of 6 or what might be reduced to 1/3rd

So when I compare with what went previously we can see that I was in a 2/3rd zone and have now SWITCHED seemingly into a 1/3rd zone and the questions are then perhaps those journalistic Who, What, Where, When, Why and indeed How can I IDENTIFY the reason, or logic & rational or indeed non-rational or illogical or non-linear cause/effect for this present set of results or outcomes.

I of course use such words as outcome and rainbow and other what is often regarded as la-di-da terminology in a manner and fashion whereby I do not seek to claim OWNERSHIP, that perhaps the difference in EXPLANATION between differing IDENTITIES and so on and indeed ALIGNMENTS.

I can witness a RAINBOW in the SKY, though also know that much like the INFAMOUS pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, you cannot physically grab any rainbow in the sky and claim ownership, and that is where the ATHEIST MATERIALISTIC “I am a body” only type groups go wildly WRONG, because it then is reduced to all things SEXUALITY ORIENTED etc. Yes Greenpeace I think have a ship named The Rainbow Warrior and they as a group identify or utilise Rainbows as an Emblem much like the Heterophobic groups do, though to have some IDIOTS come along and say you cannot say “I am Happy” or smile at seeing a rainbow in the sky is differing to DAFFY DUCK “its mine, mine all mine”.

So we can mentally understand and SEPARATE differing IDEAS, you can be attuned or even aligned with LIKING seeing rainbows or indeed with a group that uses such things as an EMBLEM, though claiming personal ownership is HOGWASH & BULLSHIT.

Though likewise some GROUPS seemingly do such a good job of CRYING WOLF & CLIAMING OWNERSHIP that the rest of us often adopt “Do not go there” attitudes and approaches to such matters. I would suggest that I am more than happy for you to think you own such things, though much like the life of a Mayfly, most rainbow’s are gone within the blink of an eye.

So will today be any differing? Will I reverse once again into the 2/3rd Zone or continue within the 1/3rd zone of recent week.


David says Newcastle Draw

David says Tottenham Win

David Says Man City Win

David Says Liverpool Win

Those of course interesting, because in following the STATISTIC of recent days I can only expect to get 1 result correct.

The Manchester City versus Manchester United result will also throw up some interesting mental calculations. Does a Man City win mean men can see “IT” or does a Man Utd win mean that men can not only see “IT”, they can work together in a team to perhaps Neutralise presumed, assumed issues with “IT” or indeed does a DRAW mean that is what is going to happen at some time in the future.

Unfortunately the EARLY stages of ENLIGHTENMENT very often still see’s people going to WAR on all and every topic and issue going, and much like a GRENADE or BOMB going off within some environment, few are necessarily aware enough or fast enough or WISE ENOUGH to not get caught up in the Shrapnel.

Formula 1, has of course seen Lewis Hamilton dominate over recent seasons, with Rosberg and Vettel also putting in appearances. Much like earlier generations, it can become somewhat boring apart from when weathering takes things into its own hands.

What does that mean?

Well it typically (from the view of wanting excitement as a viewer) means that all bets are off, when it comes to man seeking to overcome weather conditions, TYRE WARS bralout and change the state of races, and accurate steering ability goes out of the window, with rain and oil patches and so on.

TECHNOLOGY WISE, you do perhaps get to see that however much man wants to harness and control the power of the elements, the elements themselves often have very differing ideas.

So bad weather ruins the race, or gives alternate Manufacturers and drivers an opportunity for the odds to become more even in showing what they can do.

Still Favourites are favourites for a reason within many a sporting realm.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So Analysis Can Be Carried Out On Many A Topic & Subject Matter

So analysis can be carried out on may a topic and subject matter and of course a quick look at various Headlines tells us just that.

The problem then as to Navigation is once again then one of INFLUENCE & MOTIVATION or indeed a lack of confidence or trust in what you are thinking and feeling and potentially the actions and so on that you are in alignment with.

Classically for example I like a million and one others may have preached as to the benefit of trusting your gut instincts and intuition, though all I have achieved in seeking to separate out ideas as to Head versus Heart issues is this one of knowing WHICH FUNDAMENTAL or FOUNDATIONAL route and path is most appropriate in any given hour, minute, second or indeed day, week, month, year.

Clearly we can excuse ourselves in being somewhat wishy washy or indeed we can be intransigent in saying I am a right winger and will only adhere to the doctrines of the right wing or indeed state I am a left winger and only adhere to the doctrines of the left wing.

Clearly then it might be considered that the ambidextrous among us (people who can comfortably use both left and right body parts for activities) may well have an advantage.

I typically of course, grew up seemingly naturally left footed when it came to sports such-as Football, though still within writing type activities opted for the right hand.

I am also well versed in typing and can comfortably use both hands, and have in fact on various occasions, where difficulty has occurred with one body side, utilised or sort to train myself to utilise the opposite body side.

Sounds strange though in fact, unless you try and practice such things, you perhaps will never know that you may be far more capable than you think.  I think people in differing sports realms have demonstrated this whereby they will occasionally practice (for example) with the racket in the opposite hand at tennis, and I know that at work for example I can use the pressurized water pistol or gun with both hands comfortably.

Some might of course suggest that practicing ambidexterity is a DISTRACTION, though I actually think give the way in which body halves generally MIRROR SIDES that attention to bringing up or improving on assumed or presumed weaknesses within your capability can pay DIVIDENDS.

We hear talk within Golf (for example) as to players after suffering injury having to ADJUST SWING or STROKE or carry out any other number of CORRECTIVE PRATICE to enable them to further career.

We also see the same within SINGING, where some folks who have learned to sing in one particular fashion and style for years and years, suddenly require removal of growths within the throat or indeed simply be able to translate from occasional one of shows, to regular daily and weekly performance.

Many a star has tried many a remedy, though it has actually been demonstrated over and again that you can rob Peter to pay Paul without some likely side-effect issue occurring.

Yes, I a few years ago suggested or recommended some Learn to sing products, and within music you can find various styles or TECHNIQUES have been crafted and developed that can help prolong a successful singing career and so on.  So many on these shows such-as X Factor (for example) typically carry out daily practice and routines to enable a strengthening of vocal chords and indeed be appropriately attuned or extending your RANGE.

Not sure why I drift into music, though did of course having followed Adele note that she has a new video and song out and so on out, not to be confused with that bloke who played Glastonbury a year or two back famed for a single of similar name.

Perhaps having demonstrated that all decision making processes are in fact the same as gambling decision making processes we can of course move along to either seeking to push back the boundaries of what we believe possible or indeed move on to some other interest.

Has my success or otherwise within one market sector International Football (for example) been adversely affected by following courses that suggest attuning to Local and therefore British or English alignments.

Strange though true that really does have to be considered by myself as a possibility.

The problem for myself is of course deciding what to do next, seek to continue to work in the short terms and work through the rough patch, return to a pre-existing strategy that I know works, or indeed look to some far longer life strategy of developing or creating something a little far more encompassing and long lasting and so on.

I know and have had people demonstrate to myself that short term day-to-day gambling strategies, when it comes to sports really can work well.  I will think about tomorrows matches tomorrow and deal with what is in front of myself NOW and so on.

So anyway another RUGBY DAY today and whilst previously I genuinely considered the Rugby quite straight forward, even that has become a MAJOR HEADACHE.


Well any long term readers will know that early on I suggested New Zealand versus Ireland although that fixture or MATCH IDEA has clearly failed to materialise, and indeed it could well be that the POINTERS such as seeing colour green high-lighted could have been for the SPRINGBOKS who have also had that colour within strips and so on over the years although they are usually seen in yellow and green (I think).

So where once New Zealand confidence was fully established and indeed has been WITNESSED even in RECENT DAYS, at present I think that we could be seeing a SPRINGBOKS versus AUSTRALIA final.

Yes I know peoples can say do not cry for me Argentina though we in Britain of a certain generation do of course have long running FEUD with ARGENTINA over the FALKLANDS.

That once again causes us BIAS issues.

As someone who is known to have studied computing and so on, it could be suggested that the SOUNDS and PRONUNCIATIONS of FALKLANDS is again an interesting DIVERSION.

Much like a sorting Communications Algorythm (This is speculation), though if we are doing a World within and a World without inside/outside type studies, then it could be that JUNCTION kind of point.

So yes, we hear of Special Forces that led a Prison Break and of course Australia once known as a Prison Island.  Likewise the NATION DIVIDED by apartheid and segregation and famed PRISONER MANDELA has also been in the news this week, with rioting students and so on.

So whilst I am sure New Zealand and indeed Argentina may have ongoing History’s and international Newsworthy ness, I have not CONSCIOUSLY SEEN articles within my scanning for AH-HA’s.

So I am now untrusting of RUGBY where one I would have simply plummeted for New Zealand.

Football wise, well I have noted that the Premier Fixtures have been almost split in half this weekend, another Super Sunday or some such perhaps and whilst I could potentially try to list them all, going with the moment to moment option and choice of daily short termism, I will stick to what is on the calendar for TODAY, and consider tomorrow tomorrow.

That also has the additional benefit of POTENTIALLY being able to WITNESS the FEEDBACK and RETURN information for multiple realm events and perhaps seeing a GREATER BLEND of information’s and so on.

So I will scan the Premier fixtures and suggest the following (PLEASE NOTE, AS CAN BE SEEN WITHIN THE BLOG THIS WEEK, I HAVE MASSIVELY DEVIATED FROM ACCURACY). So anyone who uses what I write as guidance, has to perhaps first come up with some choices and options from within their own life and realm, and then potentially see how close or otherwise we are on such things.

The Football

Aston Villa Draw

Crystal Palace Win

Norwich Win

Watford Win

Chelsea Win

Arsenal Win

As always, if you have strong indicators for just one match, you could be better to plunge for that than spreading broad and wide over many and going completely of the beaten track or KNOWN COURSE etc.

We also of course seeing the Amercan Grand Prix and that is apparently under DOUBT due to heavy RAIN in TEXAS (I used to love Texan bars as a kid)  Can I turn attention to F1, well sadly I do think in WITNESSING terms I have seen many clues within my writings over the years, though typically that is why I write and write upon any old junk and then look for CLUES within a FOCUSSED REALM, however that is not the same as being COMPLETELY DEDICATED to a GIVEN REALM and so on.

In Formula One, I would probably not look outside of the top 6 within the Rankings, I think that (for example), the issue is often one of MANUFACTURERS PSYCHOLOGY over DRIVER PSYCHOLOGY and the given WEIGHTING given to such matters.

Ferrari for example recently LISTED 9 or 10 % of its shares on an AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE and will want to ensure that they have a GOOD RESULT.

Likewise we can of course suggest that LEWIS HAMILTON shares a similar surname, name route with a famed STAR WARS ACTOR, Hamill, I mention that to show just how many pitfalls and traps as to games of black and white and diversions and confusions and conflicts can arise.

I spoke on this issue of MASKS and this morning also found myself thinking about FREDDY MERCURY and QUEEN “ONE VISION”.  Mercury of course shares a root with MERCEDES.

Something my friends apparently all drive, whilst I am stuck in the HOTEL CALIFORNIA.

So yes the SEASON OF MASKS is perhaps upon us and I also noted Germaigne Greer (famed feminist fascist) being somewhat dismissive of Transgender people.  I personally Disagree of course, in the sense of thinking that all heterophobics could in this day and age have compulsory part swaps and so on, women that want to be blokes can give parts to blokes that want to be women and vice versa. Keep it simply stupid.

What else well having said that I did think I saw Tom Jones (singer) not schooldays high lighted also for commenting on those communities, though clearly most of us are more interested in not getting sucked into other peoples STUFF, beyond perhaps suggesting that far more important things are going on for most of us lower down societal pecking orders.


Anyway quite a few other sports and activities and so on are also going on and I think I am right in suggesting that a trailer for todays Dr Who,

Had the Story Teller resuscitated Viking Girl being seen as some sort of DICK TURPIN MASK WEARING “STAND & DELIVER” Highway Man or indeed HIGHWAY LADY, no not Adam Ant (you had to say it didn’t you). Is it ALL HALLOWS EVE YET, when the witches crawl out of the woodwork and we all have to know be ready for SELFIE ZONE obsessives.

Good Luck TTFN

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


Yes the sad truth is that clues within my own writing and work often point to a TRUTH that I failed to give in some PREDICTION, so PSYCHOLOGICAL NON_CONSCIOUS materials do seem to be well worthy of GREATER ATTENTION.